100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Protected by god

100 Unique Protected by god Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Protected by god most popular names of 2023 feature Lara as Number one for girls, and Guillermo in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Protected by god are Anaya and Aniyah and Inaya and for girls, and Kobe and Darius and Nasir and for boys. Here is the list for Protected by god baby names for boys and girls.

1. Guillermo

Meaning: Strong Mind And Protection
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Gee-YER-mo
Lucky Number: Guillermo Lucky Number Is 1

2. Kobe

Meaning: Copied From The Hebrew Yakov (Jacon) Meaning Yahweh (God) May Protect; Koby Is A Pet Form Of The English Name Jacob
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: KOWBiy

3. Darius

Meaning: A Good And Wealthy Protector
Origin: Persian
Pronunciation: DER-ee-əs
Lucky Number: Darius Lucky Number Is 9

4. Nasir

Meaning: Protector Granting Victory Madad-gar
Origin: Arabic
Nasir Name Meaning By Origin: مددگار
Pronunciation: NAp + SIp + PRay
How to be Write: ناصر
Lucky Number: Nasir Lucky Number Is 7

5. Salem

Meaning: Safe Or Protected
Origin: Arabic
Salem Name Meaning By Origin: امن سکون ; سکون.
Pronunciation: SAY-ləm
How to be Write: سلیم
Lucky Number: Salem Lucky Number Is 5

6. Liam

Meaning: Strong Mind And Protection
Origin: German
Pronunciation: LEE-əm
Lucky Number: Liam Lucky Number Is 8

7. Alvaro

Meaning: Sets Out To Defend The Weak; A Protector Of The People
Origin: German
Pronunciation: AlVAHroh

8. Nathan

Meaning: Desire; Protector; Lord; Another Name For Krishna; Controller
Origin: Hindi
Nathan Name Meaning By Origin: नातन
How to be Write: नाथन

9. Ramon

Meaning: Protected Counsel
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Rah-MON
How to be Write: रमोन
Lucky Number: Ramon Lucky Number Is 7

10. Castiel

Meaning: Protected By God; Consistent Worshipper
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: KASteel

11. Raylan

Meaning: Variant Of Ray; The Name Means Hands That Protect And Shelter
Origin: English
Pronunciation: RAY-len

12. Raymond

Meaning: Protected Counsel
Origin: German
Pronunciation: RAY-mənD
Lucky Number: Raymond Lucky Number Is 9

13. JaKari

Meaning: This Name Is A Modification OfJacorey; Which Combines The NamesJacob; Meaning God Will Protect; AndCorey
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Jah-CORE-ee

14. Zarek

Meaning: God Protects
Origin: Polish
Pronunciation: Zarek, Za-rek
Lucky Number: Zarek Lucky Number Is 7

15. Ghamandpal

Meaning: Protector Of ' PriDe' PriDe
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ghamand-pal, Gham-an-d-pal, Gha-mandpal
Lucky Number: Ghamandpal Lucky Number Is 5

16. Vilho

Meaning: Strong Mind And Protection
Origin: Finnish
Pronunciation: VIL-ho
Lucky Number: Vilho Lucky Number Is 3

17. Wynefrith

Meaning: Friend; Peace; Protection

18. Williams

Meaning: Resolute Protector; Will Surname
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Wil-liams, Wil-li-ams
Lucky Number: Williams Lucky Number Is 8

19. Willy

Meaning: Strong Mind And Protection
Origin: German
Pronunciation: WIL-ee
Lucky Number: Willy Lucky Number Is 6

20. Willis

Meaning: Strong Mind And Protection
Origin: German
Pronunciation: WIL-is
Lucky Number: Willis Lucky Number Is 9

21. Ramrakshit

Meaning: Protected By Lord Ram
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ram-rak-shit, Ram-raks-hit

22. Viljam

Meaning: Protection
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Vil-jam

23. Yaak

Meaning: Yahweh May Protect

24. Zar Wali

Meaning: Wali Means Governor; Protector
Origin: Algerian

25. Vilhelms

Meaning: Strong Mind And Protection
Origin: German
Pronunciation: VIL-helmz
Lucky Number: Vilhelms Lucky Number Is 7

26. Osmanek

Meaning: A Divine Protector
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Os-man-ek, Os-manek, Os-ma-n-ek
How to be Write: عثمانک

27. Zarede

Meaning: Protector Against Enemies

28. Uhdawi

Meaning: Guardian; Protector; The One In Charge
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Oops + Hot + DUst + WEEk
How to be Write: احدوی
Lucky Number: 3

29. Vilmos

Meaning: Strong Mind And Protection
Origin: German
Pronunciation: VEEL-mosh
Lucky Number: Vilmos Lucky Number Is 9

30. Sigberth

Meaning: Victory Protection
Origin: Swedish

31. Vilhe

Meaning: Desire; Protection; Will
Origin: Finnish

32. Nisarudeen

Meaning: Protector Of The Faith
Origin: Algerian

33. Zuhaf

Meaning: Great Leader; Discipline; Protector
Pronunciation: Zuhaf

34. Hairaz

Meaning: Guardian; Protector ( Hifazat Kerny Wala )
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: HAY + pRay + RUn + Zero
How to be Write: ہیراز

35. Hariman

Meaning: Protective
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Ha-ri-man, Har-i-m-an
Lucky Number: Hariman Lucky Number Is 1

36. Haarisah

Meaning: Guard; Protector
Origin: Arabic
Haarisah Name Meaning By Origin: نگہبان، سرپرست ۔، حامی
Pronunciation: Haarisah, Haar-isah, Haa-ri-sah
How to be Write: حارثہ
Lucky Number: Haarisah Lucky Number Is 1

37. Hami

Meaning: Protector; Defender
Origin: Persian
Hami Name Meaning By Origin: ناصر، حامی۔، نگہبان
Pronunciation: Ha-mi, Hami
How to be Write: حامی
Lucky Number: Hami Lucky Number Is 4

38. Edorta

Meaning: Wealth Protector
Origin: Euskara (Basque)
Pronunciation: E-dor-ta, Edorta

39. Ramee

Meaning: Protecting Hands
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: R(a)-mee

40. Burcardo

Meaning: Daring Protector

41. Shealds

Meaning: A Faithful Protector

42. Maninderpal

Meaning: ' Soul' Soul ' ProtecteD' ProtecteD By GoD Of ' Heaven' Heaven
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Manin-der-pal, Maninder-pal, Man-in-der-pal
How to be Write: मनिंदरपाल
Lucky Number: Maninderpal Lucky Number Is 8

43. Dina Nath

Meaning: Lord Of The Poor; Protector
Origin: Assamese

44. Sig

Meaning: Victory Protection
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Sig

45. Xande

Meaning: Protector Of Men
Origin: Greek

46. Tegeen

Meaning: My Protector

47. Eamonn

Meaning: Wealthy Protector
Origin: French
Pronunciation: Ea-monn
Lucky Number: Eamonn Lucky Number Is 8

48. Masruq

Meaning: Great Leader; Discipline; Protector
Origin: Hindi
Masruq Name Meaning By Origin: مسروق
Pronunciation: Mas-ruq
Lucky Number: Masruq Lucky Number Is 8

49. Rakhwinder

Meaning: Braveprotector
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Rakhwinder, Rakh-winder, Rak-hwin-der
Lucky Number: Rakhwinder Lucky Number Is 3

50. Allissandre

Meaning: Defender; Protector Of Mankind
Origin: Greek

51. Alistir

Meaning: Variant Of Alexander: Defender; Protector Of Mankind Famous Bearer: Alexander The Great
Origin: Greek

52. Moiez

Meaning: Protected
Origin: Algerian

53. Ancell

Meaning: Protected By God

54. Wylfred

Meaning: Friend; Peace; Protection

55. Vegarde

Meaning: Fence; Enclosure; Protection

56. Martez

Meaning: Variant Of Martinez; A Warrior; Protector; Prepared For Battle
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: MARtez

57. Yadullah

Meaning: Allah' S Hand; Assistance; Protection
Origin: Arabic
Yadullah Name Meaning By Origin: ﷲ کریم کا ہاتھ، اللہ تعالی کا ہاتھ،
How to be Write: ید ﷲ
Lucky Number: Yadullah Lucky Number Is 5

58. Isharpal

Meaning: ' ProtecteD' ProtecteD By GoD
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Isharpal, Is-har-pal
Lucky Number: Isharpal Lucky Number Is 3

59. Ekewaka

Meaning: The Protector Or Guardian Of Riches Or Wealth
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Eh-keh-WAH-kah
Lucky Number: Ekewaka Lucky Number Is 4

60. Ville

Meaning: Strong Mind And Protection
Origin: Finnish
Pronunciation: VIL-leh
Lucky Number: Ville Lucky Number Is 3

61. Alhafeez

Meaning: Defender; To Protect
Origin: Urdu
Alhafeez Name Meaning By Origin: محافظ٬ حفاظت کرنے والا، رکھولا
How to be Write: الحفیظ
Lucky Number: Alhafeez Lucky Number Is 4

62. Ghayoor

Meaning: Fiercely Protective; Intolerant Of Disloyalty; Fiery; Fervent
Origin: Arabic
Ghayoor Name Meaning By Origin: بہت غیر والا
Pronunciation: BaGHdad + RUn + YOU + PRay
How to be Write: غیور
Lucky Number: Ghayoor Lucky Number Is 2

63. Haafidheen

Meaning: Protector; Guardian
Origin: Algerian

64. Rumesh

Meaning: Genius; Wealth; Protector
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Rumesh, Ru-mesh

65. Ruzaini

Meaning: Achiever; Intelligence; Protector
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Ruzai-ni, Ruzaini
How to be Write: روزینی

66. Akeeva

Meaning: Protect
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: A-kee-va

67. Monai

Meaning: Descendant Of The Protector
Origin: French

68. Seifert

Meaning: Victory; Peace; Protection
Origin: German

69. AbdulMuhaymin

Meaning: Slave Of The Protector; Hifazat Karnay Valay Ka Banda
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Ab-dul-muhaymin, Ab-dul-muhay-m-in, Ab-dulm-u-hay-min
How to be Write: عبدالمحیمین

70. Ekualo

Meaning: Wealthy Protector
Lucky Number: Ekualo Lucky Number Is 2

71. Thurman

Meaning: Protection Of Thor
Origin: OlD Norse
Pronunciation: THER-mən
Lucky Number: Thurman Lucky Number Is 5

72. Thurmond

Meaning: Protection Of Thor
Origin: OlD Norse
Pronunciation: THUR-mont
Lucky Number: Thurmond Lucky Number Is 5

73. Hafizah

Meaning: Protector
Origin: Arabic
Hafizah Name Meaning By Origin: سر پرست، منتظم
Pronunciation: HUt + FEEd + Zero + RUn
How to be Write: حفیظہ
Lucky Number: Hafizah Lucky Number Is 5

74. Kube

Meaning: Yahweh May Protect; Holder Of Heel
Origin: German

75. Razaak

Meaning: Protector; Devotee
Origin: Algerian

76. Mohaimin

Meaning: Protector; Forgiving
Origin: Algerian

77. Deddy

Meaning: Wealthy Protector; Gift Of God
Origin: American

78. Dishapaul

Meaning: Protector Of Direction
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Disha-paul, Dis-ha-paul

79. Schalk Willem

Meaning: Resolute Protector; Will

80. Ray J

Meaning: A Pet Name For James; An English Name Of Hebrew Origin Meaning Yahweh May Protect; Holder Of Heel; Supplanter

81. Liam Joseph

Meaning: Strong Mind And Protection

82. Darío

Meaning: Protector; Wealthy

83. Barakel

Meaning: Blessed By God

84. Barachiah

Meaning: Blessed By God

85. Barachia

Meaning: Blessed By God

86. Yakeev

Meaning: Yahweh May Protect

87. Varak

Meaning: Protector And Ruler

88. Samuel Jacob

Meaning: Samuel Means God Has Heard Or Asked Of God Samuel Was The Name Of A Prophet In The Old Testament Jacob Means Yahweh Will Protect; Heel Or Supplanter
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: SAEM-yuwlJHEY-kahb

89. William Andrew

Meaning: Borne By William The Conqueror Meaning Will; Desire; Helmet; Protection And Andrew Meaning Male; Manly; Brave; Virility
Origin: German
Pronunciation: WIHLYahM-AENDRuw

90. Garmund

Meaning: Spear Protector
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Gar-mund
Lucky Number: Garmund Lucky Number Is 6

91. Indudar

Meaning: Great Leader; Discipline; Protector
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: In-du-dar, In-dudar
Lucky Number: Indudar Lucky Number Is 8

92. Bhutapala

Meaning: Protector Of The Ghosts
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Bhuta-pala, Bhutap-ala, Bhuta-pa-la
Lucky Number: Bhutapala Lucky Number Is 1

93. Zsigmund

Meaning: Victorious Protection
Origin: Hebrew

94. Hafees

Meaning: Guardian; Protector
Origin: Algerian

95. Rai Kumar

Meaning: Mighty Protector
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Rai Ku-mar

96. Sigbert

Meaning: Victory Protection
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Sig-bert

97. Reigh

Meaning: Wise Protector
Origin: British
Pronunciation: Re(i)-gh

98. Huraiz

Meaning: Protector
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Hu-raiz, Hura-iz
How to be Write: ہوریز

99. Gwillym

Meaning: Protector
Origin: French

100. Zigfried

Meaning: Victory; Peace; Protection