100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Pure

100 Unique Pure Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Pure most popular names of 2023 feature Sara as Number one for girls, and Casen in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Pure are Elina and Kaitlyn and Katelyn and for girls, and Zakai and Arjun and Zaki and for boys. Here is the list for Pure baby names for boys and girls.

1. Casen

Meaning: Innocent And Pure; Untouched; Son Of The Warrior
Origin: Irish
Pronunciation: KAYsin

2. Zakai

Meaning: Pure; Clear Or Blameless
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: Zah-KIE
Lucky Number: Zakai Lucky Number Is 2

3. Arjun

Meaning: Fair; Open Minded; Pure; Brilliant; A Pandava Prince; Brilliant; Bright
Origin: Hindi
Arjun Name Meaning By Origin: अर्जुन
Pronunciation: Ar-jun
How to be Write: अर्जुन
Lucky Number: Arjun Lucky Number Is 1

4. Zaki

Meaning: Intelligent; Pure; Chaste; Clean; Paak; Neik; Zakaat Denay Wala
Origin: Arabic
Zaki Name Meaning By Origin: ذہین، ہوشیار
Pronunciation: Zoom + RUn + KEY
How to be Write: ذکی
Lucky Number: Zaki Lucky Number Is 2

5. Visoth

Meaning: Heavenly; Pure
Origin: Cambodian

6. Zubaer

Meaning: One Who Is Pure

7. Vimalbir

Meaning: Pure And Brave
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Vi-mal-bir, Vim-al-bir

8. Trishukra

Meaning: Triply Pure
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Tr-ishukra, Trishukra, Tris-hu-kra
How to be Write: त्रिशुक्र

9. Sotha

Meaning: Pure
Origin: Cambodian

10. Zaki Zaky

Meaning: Pure
Origin: Algerian

11. Nechten

Meaning: One Who Is Pure; Chaste

12. Zaccai

Meaning: Pure Meat; Just
Origin: Biblical
Lucky Number: Zaccai Lucky Number Is 7

13. Amaali

Meaning: Labour; Hard Work; Pure; Hope
Origin: Finnish

14. Mayaan

Meaning: Pure One
Origin: Algerian

15. Kerron

Meaning: Pure; Maiden
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: K(er)-ron

16. Ariani

Meaning: Pure; Holy One; Variant Of Arianna
Origin: American

17. Zubaire

Meaning: One Who Is Pure

18. Ardin

Meaning: Pure Man; Virtuous Man
Origin: Persian
Ardin Name Meaning By Origin: امتحان ۔تجربہ
Pronunciation: After + PRay + DEEd + New
How to be Write: اردین

19. Abdus Subbooh

Meaning: Slave Of The Extremely Pure
Origin: Urdu
Abdus Subbooh Name Meaning By Origin: انتہائی خالص کے غلام
How to be Write: عبدوس صبوح
Lucky Number: Abdus Subbooh Lucky Number Is 7

20. Dibyaraj

Meaning: Pure; Divine Kingdom
Origin: Assamese

21. Sukaran

Meaning: Pure; Gold
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Sukaran, Su-ka-ran

22. Lovenpreet

Meaning: Pure Love
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Loven-preet, Lo-ven-preet

23. Kateryna

Meaning: Pure
Origin: Ukrainian
Pronunciation: Kat(e)-ryna

24. Arshavir

Meaning: Pure Man; Virtuous Man
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: After + PRay + SHArp + View + SEE + PRay
How to be Write: عرشویر

25. Zakiuddin

Meaning: Pure (person) Of The Religion (Islam)
Origin: Arabic
Zakiuddin Name Meaning By Origin:
Pronunciation: Zak-i-ud-din, Zaki-ud-din, Za-ki-ud-din
How to be Write: ذکی الدین
Lucky Number: Zakiuddin Lucky Number Is 5

26. Niarmal

Meaning: The One Who Is Pure; Kindness
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: निर्माली

27. Khaalis

Meaning: Pure; True; Clear
Origin: Algerian

28. Ariannah

Meaning: Pure; Holy One
Origin: American

29. Dharmedra

Meaning: Pure-souled; Righteous
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dharme-dra, Dharmedra, Dh-ar-me-dra
How to be Write: Dharmedra

30. Nakhlan

Meaning: Purified; Pure
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: NUt + KHartoum + LANd
How to be Write: نخلان
Lucky Number: 1

31. Asnud

Meaning: Khalis; Pure
Origin: Persian
Asnud Name Meaning By Origin: پاک، صاف، خالص
How to be Write: اصنُد
Lucky Number: Asnud Lucky Number Is 5

32. Vishuddh

Meaning: Pure
Origin: Hindi
Vishuddh Name Meaning By Origin: विशुद्ध
Pronunciation: Vishud-dh, Vishuddh, Vis-hud-dh
How to be Write: विशुद्ध:
Lucky Number: Vishuddh Lucky Number Is 5

33. Sothear

Meaning: Clean; Pure
Origin: Cambodian

34. Ibrees

Meaning: A Titan; Pure Gold
Origin: Algerian

35. Bimalpreet

Meaning: Pure Love
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Bi-mal-preet, Bim-al-preet

36. Kaïs

Meaning: Pure; Treasurer
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Kas

37. Kaai

Meaning: Body; Pure
Lucky Number: 5

38. Zubare

Meaning: One Who Is Pure

39. Tahear

Meaning: Pure; Chaste; Virtuous

40. Katharyn

Meaning: Pure
Origin: English
Lucky Number: Katharyn Lucky Number Is 8

41. Mutahhar

Meaning: Pure; Clean; Purified; Very Beautiful
Origin: Arabic
Mutahhar Name Meaning By Origin: مطهر
Pronunciation: Mu-tah-har, Mutahhar
How to be Write: مطہر
Lucky Number: Mutahhar Lucky Number Is 9

42. Sujaldeep

Meaning: Affectionate; Pure Water
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Su-jaldeep, Su-jal-de-ep

43. Bimaljeet

Meaning: Victory Of The Pure
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Bi-mal-jeet, Bim-aljeet

44. Reyana

Meaning: Night; Queen; Pure
Origin: American

45. Kayana

Meaning: Pure; Fire
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Kaya-na

46. Ka Ron

Meaning: Pure
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: K(a)-ron

47. Chasidy

Meaning: Pure
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Ch(a)-si-dy

48. Catalino

Meaning: Pure; Chaste
Origin: American

49. Hridit

Meaning: One With Pure Heart; Very Kind; Loving
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Hrid-it, Hri-dit

50. Naughtun

Meaning: One Who Is Pure; Chaste

51. Jing

Meaning: Pure Or Capital
Origin: Chinese
Pronunciation: JINGK
Lucky Number: Jing Lucky Number Is 4

52. Parsa

Meaning: Pure; Chaste; Devout; Holy;
Origin: Persian
Parsa Name Meaning By Origin: دین دار، پرہیزگار، خالص
Pronunciation: Parsa, Par-sa
How to be Write: پارسا
Lucky Number: Parsa Lucky Number Is 9

53. Farhad

Meaning: Suitor; Paramour; A True And Pure Lover;
Origin: Persian
Farhad Name Meaning By Origin: شاہناما میں ایک کردار
Pronunciation: FU + PRay + HAnD
How to be Write: فرہاد
Lucky Number: Farhad Lucky Number Is 1

54. Bimalesh

Meaning: Honest; Wise; Pure
Origin: Assamese

55. Safaan

Meaning: Pure; Bright; Brave
Origin: Algerian

56. Sada Shiva

Meaning: Pure; Eternally Pure
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Sa-da Shi-va, Sada Shiva

57. Ca’Ron

Meaning: Pure
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: C(a)-ron

58. Anqi

Meaning: Most Purest One Beautiful Woman
Origin: American

59. Zubarr

Meaning: One Who Is Pure

60. Mugharbal

Meaning: Chosen; Select; Pure
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Man + PUt + BaGHdad + RUn + PRay + BULay
How to be Write: مضاربل

61. Naseel

Meaning: Pure
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: NUt + Sum + SEE + PLay
How to be Write: نصیل

62. Connlaoth

Meaning: Pure Fire
Origin: Irish
Lucky Number: Connlaoth Lucky Number Is 3

63. Prasuk

Meaning: Very Pure
Origin: Hindi
Prasuk Name Meaning By Origin: प्रासुक
Pronunciation: Pra-suk, Prasuk
How to be Write: प्रसुकी
Lucky Number: Prasuk Lucky Number Is 5

64. Prasarm

Meaning: Pure; Clear; Brilliant; Peaceful
Origin: Hindi
Prasarm Name Meaning By Origin: प्रसर्म
Pronunciation: Prasarm, Pra-s-arm
How to be Write: प्रसर्म
Lucky Number: Prasarm Lucky Number Is 5

65. Akalin

Meaning: Pure
Origin: Hindi
Akalin Name Meaning By Origin: अकालीन
Pronunciation: Akalin, Akal-in, Aka-lin
How to be Write: अकालीनी
Lucky Number: Akalin Lucky Number Is 3

66. Sada Shiva

Meaning: Pure; Eternally Pure
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: सदा शिव

67. Sada Shiv

Meaning: Pure; Eternally Pure
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: सदा शिव

68. Pawit

Meaning: Pure; Pious; Holy Person
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: पावितो

69. Sada Shiv

Meaning: Pure; Eternally Pure
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Sa-da Shiv, Sada Shiv

70. Katee

Meaning: Pure
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: K(a)-tee

71. Carren

Meaning: Pure
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: C(ar)-ren

72. Anavil

Meaning: Clear; Pure; Not Turbid
Origin: Cristian

73. Carron

Meaning: Pure
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: C(ar)-ron

74. Nidhulan

Meaning: Pure Pearl
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Nid-hu-lan, Nidhu-lan

75. Caron

Meaning: Pure
Origin: French
Pronunciation: Caron

76. Naqiyy

Meaning: Pure

77. Catalen

Meaning: One Who Is Pure; Chaste

78. Catalan

Meaning: One Who Is Pure; Chaste

79. Deklan

Meaning: Variant Of Declan; Pure; Charming; Full Of Heart
Origin: Irish
Pronunciation: DECKlan

80. Divyam

Meaning: Divine; Spiritual; Superhuman; Unique; Pure
Origin: Hindi
Divyam Name Meaning By Origin: दिव्यम 
Pronunciation: Divyam, Di-vyam
How to be Write: दिव्यम्
Lucky Number: Divyam Lucky Number Is 11

81. Naqi

Meaning: Pure
Origin: Arabic
Naqi Name Meaning By Origin: خالص، پاک
Pronunciation: NUt + IraQ + SEE
How to be Write: نقی
Lucky Number: Naqi Lucky Number Is 5

82. Behzaad

Meaning: Pure; Well-mannered
Origin: Iranian

83. Visothirith

Meaning: Heavenly; Pure
Origin: Cambodian

84. Hoshedar

Meaning: Pure Love
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Hoshedar, Hos-he-dar

85. Katlynn

Meaning: Pure
Origin: British
Pronunciation: Kat-lynn

86. Nestah

Meaning: Pure; Holy
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Nes-tah

87. Caylen

Meaning: Pure
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Ca(y)-len

88. Lil’

Meaning: Lily Flower; Pure
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Lil

89. Kyoichi

Meaning: Pure First Son

90. Tzach

Meaning: Pure

91. Karon

Meaning: Karon Means Pure And Innocent It Is More Common For Girls
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Ka-ron

92. Dharmvardhan

Meaning: Pure Souled; Bold Man
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dhar-m-vard-han, Dharm-vard-han, Dharm-vardhan
How to be Write: Dharmvardhan

93. Saafin

Meaning: Those Who Are Pure; Those Who Are Without Blemished
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Sum + MAn + FEEd + New
How to be Write: صفین
Lucky Number: 4

94. Kailene

Meaning: AnD Kayla. 'keeper Of The Keys; Pure.
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Kai-lene, Kai-le-ne
Lucky Number: Kailene Lucky Number Is 3

95. Kelik

Meaning: Rejoiced; Happy; Pure; Clear; From Of Katherine; Virginal; Keeper Of The Keys; Elder Sister
Origin: Hindi
Kelik Name Meaning By Origin: केलिक
Pronunciation: Ke-lik
How to be Write: केलिको
Lucky Number: Kelik Lucky Number Is 3

96. Quddoos

Meaning: Holy; Most; Pure; Free From Any Defects
Origin: Arabic
Quddoos Name Meaning By Origin: فرشتے
Pronunciation: Qud-doos
How to be Write: قدوس
Lucky Number: Quddoos Lucky Number Is 4

97. Hitain

Meaning: Pure; Helping Others; Friendly
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: हितैन

98. Xeronimo

Meaning: Holy; Pure
Origin: Greek

99. Bimalinder

Meaning: Pure King
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Bi-ma-lin-der, Bim-alinder

100. Bimalprem

Meaning: Pure Love
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Bi-mal-prem, Bim-al-pr-em