100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Purple

100 Unique Purple Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Purple most popular names of 2023 feature Sigalit as Number one for girls, and Porfirio in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Purple are Ianthe and Porfiiria and Viula and for girls, and Porfiro and Porphirios and Corcran and for boys. Here is the list for Purple baby names for boys and girls.

1. Porfirio

Meaning: Purple
Origin: Italian
Pronunciation: Pohr-FEE-ree-oh
Lucky Number: Porfirio Lucky Number Is 1

2. Porfiro

Meaning: Purple
Origin: Hebrew
Lucky Number: Porfiro Lucky Number Is 7

3. Porphirios

Meaning: Purple Stone
Origin: Greek

4. Corcran

Meaning: Red; Crimson; Purple
Origin: Irish

5. Phoenicia

Meaning: Red; Purple
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Phoeni-cia, Phoen-i-cia, Phoe-ni-cia
Lucky Number: Phoenicia Lucky Number Is 8

6. Dhumal

Meaning: Purple; Smoke Coloured
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dhu-mal
How to be Write: धूमल

7. Argha

Meaning: Reddish Purple
Origin: Hindi
Argha Name Meaning By Origin: अर्घा 
How to be Write: अर्घः
Lucky Number: Argha Lucky Number Is 8

8. Regemmelech

Meaning: He That Stones The King; Purple Of The King
Lucky Number: Regemmelech Lucky Number Is 4

9. Zebidiah

Meaning: Purple Panguin Cheerios
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ze-bidi-ah, Ze-bid-i-ah, Ze-bi-diah