100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Red

100 Unique Red Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Red most popular names of 2023 feature Julia as Number one for girls, and Titus in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Red are Elodie and Fatima and Siena and for girls, and Alonzo and Adan and Alfonso and for boys. Here is the list for Red baby names for boys and girls.

1. Titus

Meaning: Honored
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: TIE-təs
Lucky Number: Titus Lucky Number Is 6

2. Alonzo

Meaning: Noble And Prepared
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Ah-LAHN-zoh
Lucky Number: Alonzo Lucky Number Is 5

3. Adan

Meaning: Earth; FireMan Of The Red Earth
Origin: Arabic
Adan Name Meaning By Origin: جنت، بہشت، فردوس
Pronunciation: Ultimate + DONE
How to be Write: عدن
Lucky Number: Adan Lucky Number Is 1

4. Alfonso

Meaning: Prepared And Waiting; Of Nobility And Royalty
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: AlFONso

5. Jamir

Meaning: Highly Good Looking; Admired And Adored
Origin: African
Pronunciation: Jameer

6. Erick

Meaning: Ever Kingly In Scandinavian Legend The Viking Sea Rover Ericson: (son Of Eric The Red) Landed On The Shores Of America 500 Years Before Christopher Columbus
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Erick
Lucky Number: Erick Lucky Number Is 1

7. Mark

Meaning: Rendered To Mars; Warlike
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: MAHRK
Lucky Number: Mark Lucky Number Is 7

8. Titan

Meaning: Graced; Respected; Admired
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Tytun

9. Brantley

Meaning: Coming From A Land Cleared By Fire
Origin: English
Pronunciation: BRANT-lee
Lucky Number: Brantley Lucky Number Is 7

10. Jared

Meaning: Rose (flower)Also Descending A Pre-flood Biblical Name The Character Jared On The Late Sixties TV Western The Big Valley
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Jared, Jare-ed
Lucky Number: Jared Lucky Number Is 2

11. Mario

Meaning: Rendered To Mars
Origin: Italian
Pronunciation: MAH-ryo
Lucky Number: Mario Lucky Number Is 2

12. Finnegan

Meaning: A Descendent Of A Fair Haired Person
Origin: Gaelic
Pronunciation: FIN-ə-gən
Lucky Number: Finnegan Lucky Number Is 6

13. Grey

Meaning: Gray Haired Or Bearded Person
Origin: English
Pronunciation: GRAY
Lucky Number: Grey Lucky Number Is 1

14. Davis

Meaning: Adored
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: DAY-vis
Lucky Number: Davis Lucky Number Is 1

15. Marcos

Meaning: Rendered To Mars; Warlike
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: MAHR-kos
Lucky Number: Marcos Lucky Number Is 6

16. Martin

Meaning: Rendered To Mars
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: MAHR-tən
Lucky Number: Martin Lucky Number Is 3

17. Rowyn

Meaning: Red Haired
Origin: Hebrew
Lucky Number: Rowyn Lucky Number Is 5

18. Rowen

Meaning: Red Haired
Origin: English
Lucky Number: Rowen Lucky Number Is 3

19. Roselyn

Meaning: Red Haired
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Rose-lyn, Roselyn, Ro-se-lyn
Lucky Number: Roselyn Lucky Number Is 9

20. Marcus

Meaning: Rendered To Mars; Warlike
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: MAHR-kəs
Lucky Number: Marcus Lucky Number Is 3

21. Marco

Meaning: Rendered To Mars; Warlike
Origin: Portuguese
Pronunciation: MAHR-ko
Lucky Number: Marco Lucky Number Is 5

22. Myles

Meaning: Army Man; Favored
Origin: German
Pronunciation: MIELZ
Lucky Number: Myles Lucky Number Is 2

23. Vincent

Meaning: The One Who Conquered
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: VIN-sənt
Lucky Number: Vincent Lucky Number Is 1

24. Brandon

Meaning: A Hillside Covered With Broom
Origin: English
Pronunciation: BRAN-Dən
Lucky Number: Brandon Lucky Number Is 9

25. Rohan

Meaning: Ascending; Healing; Medicine; Red-haired
Origin: Hindi
Rohan Name Meaning By Origin: خوشیاں
Pronunciation: Ro-han, Rohan
How to be Write: روحان
Lucky Number: Rohan Lucky Number Is 11

26. Reed

Meaning: A Person With Red Hair
Origin: English
Pronunciation: REED
Lucky Number: Reed Lucky Number Is 9

27. Mylo

Meaning: Army Man; Favored
Origin: German
Pronunciation: MIE-lo
Lucky Number: Mylo Lucky Number Is 2

28. Monroe

Meaning: Bald; Red
Origin: Gaelic
Pronunciation: Mən-RO
Lucky Number: Monroe Lucky Number Is 2

29. Vicente

Meaning: The One Who Conquered
Origin: Portuguese
Pronunciation: Bee-SEN-te
Lucky Number: Vicente Lucky Number Is 1

30. Reid

Meaning: A Person With Red Hair
Origin: English
Pronunciation: REED
Lucky Number: Reid Lucky Number Is 9

31. Flynn

Meaning: Red Haired Or Red Complexioned
Origin: Gaelic
Pronunciation: FLIN
Lucky Number: Flynn Lucky Number Is 3

32. David

Meaning: Adored
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: DAY-viD
Lucky Number: David Lucky Number Is 9

33. Miles

Meaning: Army Man; Favored
Origin: German
Pronunciation: MIELZ
Lucky Number: Miles Lucky Number Is 4

34. Russell

Meaning: Form Of Rufus: Red-haired
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Rus-sell
Lucky Number: Russell Lucky Number Is 7

35. Zachariah

Meaning: Remembered By The Lord
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: Zak-ə-RIE-ə
Lucky Number: Zachariah Lucky Number Is 2

36. Davian

Meaning: Adored
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: DAYV-yən
Lucky Number: Davian Lucky Number Is 5

37. Ergin

Meaning: Ripe; Matured Or Seasoned;
Origin: Turkish

38. Rufino

Meaning: Ruddy; Red-haired
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Rufi-no, Rufino, Ru-fi-no

39. Waposha

Meaning: Resembling The Red Leaf

40. Flabio

Meaning: Yellow-haired; Blond

41. Haluk

Meaning: Good-natured
Origin: Turkish
Pronunciation: HAL-uk
Lucky Number: Haluk Lucky Number Is 8

42. Yajnaday

Meaning: Risen From The Sacred Fire
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ya-j-na-day, Ya-jn-aday, Ya-jna-day
How to be Write: यज्ञदय

43. Ruuhvus

Meaning: Red-haired
Origin: Finnish

44. Reiji

Meaning: A Well Mannered Baby
Origin: Japanese
Pronunciation: RAY-ji
Lucky Number: Reiji Lucky Number Is 6

45. Waposhah

Meaning: Resembling The Red Leaf

46. Rowney

Meaning: Red Haired
Origin: Irish

47. Yigyl

Meaning: He Shall Be Redeemed

48. Wapashah

Meaning: Resembling The Red Leaf

49. Emon

Meaning: Starred
Origin: Bngali
Pronunciation: Emon

50. Corbyn

Meaning: Raven-haired
Origin: French
Pronunciation: Cor-byn, Corbyn
Lucky Number: Corbyn Lucky Number Is 5

51. Thong Daeng

Meaning: Red Gold
Origin: Thai

52. Cassair

Meaning: Variant Of Cass (Curly Haired)
Origin: Irish

53. Phoenicia

Meaning: Red; Purple
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Phoeni-cia, Phoen-i-cia, Phoe-ni-cia
Lucky Number: Phoenicia Lucky Number Is 8

54. Corcran

Meaning: Red; Crimson; Purple
Origin: Irish

55. Oleh

Meaning: Holy; Sacred
Origin: Norse
Pronunciation: Oh-leh

56. Yigole

Meaning: He Shall Be Redeemed

57. Vismit

Meaning: Amazed; Surprised; Wondered
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: विस्मितो

58. Toufie

Meaning: Unpredictable; Adorable; Confident
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Toufie, Tou-f-ie
How to be Write: توفی

59. Fyn

Meaning: Fair Haired Warrior
Origin: Scottish

60. Qazalbash

Meaning: Red Leader
Origin: Turkish
Qazalbash Name Meaning By Origin: لال سردار
How to be Write: قزلباش
Lucky Number: Qazalbash Lucky Number Is 4

61. Azrudeen

Meaning: Honoured Person Of The Religion
Origin: Algerian

62. Titian

Meaning: Honored
Origin: Greek

63. Ruffeo

Meaning: Redhead

64. Ruaridh

Meaning: This Is A Scottish Name That Means Red King The German Meaning Of The Name Is Famously Powerful
Origin: Celtic
Pronunciation: RAOR-iy

65. Rufeo

Meaning: Red Haired
Origin: Latin
Lucky Number: Rufeo Lucky Number Is 11

66. Vedvik

Meaning: One Who Spread Sacred Knowledge
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: वेदविक

67. Navada

Meaning: " Covered In Snow"
Origin: Spanish

68. Keran

Meaning: Keran Is A Form Of The Name Kieran And Means Little Dark One Or Dark-haired One
Origin: Celtic
Pronunciation: KIY-rahn

69. Zachery

Meaning: From The Hebrew Meaning Yahweh (God) Is Remembered; (zacher - To Remember) It Is Predominantly Used In English And Is A Spelling Alternative Of Zachary
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: ZAEKeriy

70. Aizen

Meaning: From Japanese Origins; Aizen Is The Name Of A Buddhist Deity Considered The God Of Love
Origin: Japanese
Pronunciation: Eye-ZEN

71. Zachely

Meaning: Remembered By God
Origin: Hebrew
Lucky Number: Zachely Lucky Number Is 8

72. Flavian

Meaning: Golden-haired
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: FLAYV-yən
Lucky Number: Flavian Lucky Number Is 1

73. Gannon

Meaning: Fair Haired; White Haired
Origin: Gaelic
Pronunciation: GA-nən
Lucky Number: Gannon Lucky Number Is 1

74. Tymothy

Meaning: Honoring God; Honored
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Ty-mothy, Ty-mo-thy

75. Wajih

Meaning: Respect; Esteem; Credit; Handsome; Noble;
Origin: Arabic
Wajih Name Meaning By Origin: خوش رو، حسین
Pronunciation: Wa-jih, Wajih
How to be Write: وجیح
Lucky Number: Wajih Lucky Number Is 6

76. Deagin

Meaning: Black-haired

77. Xantow

Meaning: A Blonde-haired Man

78. Zatheon

Meaning: Very Sacred
Origin: Greek

79. Zachory

Meaning: Yahweh Has Remembered
Origin: Austrailian
Pronunciation: Z(a)-cho-ry

80. Aindra

Meaning: Belonging To Sacred Indra
Origin: Hindi

81. Adão

Meaning: " Son Of The Red Earth"
Origin: Hebrew

82. Martez

Meaning: Variant Of Martinez; A Warrior; Protector; Prepared For Battle
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: MARtez

83. Barra

Meaning: Fair-haired; Fair Head
Origin: Celtic
Lucky Number: Barra Lucky Number Is 22

84. Haraam

Meaning: Sacred; A Companion Of The Prophet PBUH Had This Name
Origin: Arabic
Haraam Name Meaning By Origin: حرام
Pronunciation: Haraam, Ha-raam
How to be Write: حرام
Lucky Number: Haraam Lucky Number Is 4

85. Ahmar

Meaning: Red-colored; Laal
Origin: Persian
Ahmar Name Meaning By Origin: لال٬ سرخ رو، سرخی مائل، سرخ رنگ کا
Pronunciation: Up + Hot + MUst + Run
How to be Write: احمر
Lucky Number: Ahmar Lucky Number Is 4

86. Ghulamrasool

Meaning: Red Flower
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Ghu-lam-ra-sool
How to be Write: غلام رسول

87. Cataka

Meaning: A Mythical Indian Bird Consisdered To Live On Rain Drops
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Cata-ka, Cataka, Ca-ta-ka

88. A’Jay

Meaning: Unconquered
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: A-jay

89. Deladem

Meaning: Redeemed By A Savior
Origin: Ghanaian
Pronunciation: Dell-uh-dem

90. Zhachory

Meaning: " The Lord Has Remembered"
Origin: Hebrew

91. Tite

Meaning: Honored
Origin: French

92. Ruffino

Meaning: Ruddy; Red-haired

93. Douglass

Meaning: From The Dark River. The Scottish Douglas Clan HaD Two Historical Branches: (Black Douglases AnD ReD Douglases.) The LorDs Of These Clans Figure In Sir Walter Scott's Novels.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Dou-glass, Douglass
Lucky Number: Douglass Lucky Number Is 8

94. Iniyavan

Meaning: Pleasant Natured
Origin: Hindi
Iniyavan Name Meaning By Origin: ईनियवन
Pronunciation: Iniya-van, In-iyavan
How to be Write: इनियावणु
Lucky Number: Iniyavan Lucky Number Is 5

95. Aste

Meaning: Revered; Sacred
Origin: Greek

96. Gokarna

Meaning: Cow Eared
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Gokar-na, Gokarna, Go-kar-na

97. Cirajusa

Meaning: Favoured With A Long Life
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ci-ra-jusa, Cirajusa, Ci-ra-ju-sa

98. Rheo

Meaning: Sacred Stream
Origin: Greek

99. Osian

Meaning: Copied From Celtic Meaning Little Deer Used Predominantly In The English And Irish Languages
Origin: Celtic
Pronunciation: OS-i-an

100. Kyrese

Meaning: A Modern Name Made Up Of Random Familiar Name Elements ; Most Likely Inspired By The Popular; Invented Name Tyrese
Origin: English
Pronunciation: KAYREYZ