100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Rose

100 Unique Rose Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Rose most popular names of 2023 feature Rosalia as Number one for girls, and Jared in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Rose are Rosalie and Rosalina and Rose and for girls, and Gul and Velte and Rishaf and for boys. Here is the list for Rose baby names for boys and girls.

1. Jared

Meaning: Rose (flower)Also Descending A Pre-flood Biblical Name The Character Jared On The Late Sixties TV Western The Big Valley
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Jared, Jare-ed
Lucky Number: Jared Lucky Number Is 2

2. Gul

Meaning: Rose; Flower;
Origin: Persian
Gul Name Meaning By Origin: پھول، گلاب کا پھول
Pronunciation: Gul
How to be Write: گل
Lucky Number: Gul Lucky Number Is 4

3. Velte

Meaning: Rose Field

4. Rishaf

Meaning: Rose; Superior
Origin: Algerian

5. Dah

Meaning: Rose
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Dah
How to be Write: ڈاہ

6. Emma Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

7. Mila Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

8. Risay

Meaning: The Risk; Black Rose; Lovest One; The One
Origin: Arabic
Risay Name Meaning By Origin: ريسى
Pronunciation: Risay, Ri-say
How to be Write: Risay
Lucky Number: Risay Lucky Number Is 9

9. Raihan

Meaning: A Sweet Smelling Plant; Any Flower Besides Rose; Comfort
Origin: Arabic
Raihan Name Meaning By Origin: میٹھی تلسی
Pronunciation: Rai-han, Raihan
How to be Write: ریحان
Lucky Number: Raihan Lucky Number Is 5

10. Rayhaan

Meaning: Sweet Smelling Plant; Any Flower Except Rose; Comfort
Origin: Arabic
Rayhaan Name Meaning By Origin: ریحان
Pronunciation: Ray-haan
How to be Write: ریحان
Lucky Number: Rayhaan Lucky Number Is 3

11. Roosevelt

Meaning: A Field Filled With Roses
Origin: Dutch
Pronunciation: ROZ-ə-velt
Lucky Number: Roosevelt Lucky Number Is 3

12. Gulfam

Meaning: Rose Faced
Origin: Hindi
Gulfam Name Meaning By Origin: پھول جیسا
How to be Write: گلفام
Lucky Number: Gulfam Lucky Number Is 6

13. Rosalio

Meaning: Rose
Origin: French

14. Eva Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

15. Brya

Meaning: Thorny Bush Of Wild Roses; Brambles
Origin: British
Pronunciation: Br-ya

16. Goolab

Meaning: Rose
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Goolab, Goo-lab
How to be Write: गुलाबी

17. Ella Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

18. Isla Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

19. Amsden

Meaning: From The Ambroses Valley
Origin: English

20. Basset

Meaning: Henry VI, Part 1' Member Of The ReD Rose Or Lancaster Faction.
Origin: Shakespearean
Pronunciation: Bas-set
Lucky Number: Basset Lucky Number Is 3

21. Gulfaam

Meaning: Rose Faced
Origin: Persian
Gulfaam Name Meaning By Origin: پھول جیسا خوبصورت
How to be Write: گلفام
Lucky Number: Gulfaam Lucky Number Is 3

22. Vered

Meaning: Rose Victor - Winner
Origin: English
Pronunciation: V(e)-red

23. Eshmaal

Meaning: Bunch Of Red Roses
Origin: Arabic
Eshmaal Name Meaning By Origin: اشمال
How to be Write: ایشمال

24. Emrys

Meaning: The Welsh Form Of The Greek Ambrose; Meaning Immortal
Origin: Welsh
Pronunciation: Em-rys, Emrys
Lucky Number: Emrys Lucky Number Is 8

25. Gulshanjot

Meaning: Light Of The ' Rose' Rose ' GarDen' GarDen
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Gul-shan-jot, Gulshan-jot, Guls-han-jot
Lucky Number: Gulshanjot Lucky Number Is 1

26. Rhodas

Meaning: Where Roses Grow
Origin: Greek

27. Gullbargh

Meaning: Rose Pellets
Origin: Arabic
Gullbargh Name Meaning By Origin: گلاب کی پنکھڑی
How to be Write: گل برگ
Lucky Number: 2

28. Rhoads

Meaning: Where Roses Grow
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Rho(a)-ds

29. Axle

Meaning: A Biblical Name Derived From The Hebrew Name Absalom; The Son Of King DavidIt Means Father Of PeaceThis Name Became Popular; Mainly In The USA; Due To Rock Star Axl Rose
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: AX-el

30. Gulshanbir

Meaning: Brave In The ' Rose' Rose ' GarDen' GarDen
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Gul-shan-bir, Gulshan-bir, Guls-han-bir
Lucky Number: Gulshanbir Lucky Number Is 3

31. Awrad

Meaning: Rose-colored; Rosy; Meaning One Who Has Healthy And Youthful Looking Skin
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Up + Win + pRay + RUn + Day
How to be Write: اوراد
Lucky Number: 1

32. Guldeep

Meaning: ' Rose' Rose ' Lamp' Lamp
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Guldeep, Gul-de-ep
Lucky Number: Guldeep Lucky Number Is 7

33. Harley Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

34. Shushan

Meaning: Lily; Rose; Joy
Origin: Biblical
Lucky Number: Shushan Lucky Number Is 9

35. Vartan

Meaning: Giver Of Roses
Origin: Armenian
Pronunciation: Var-tan, Vartan
Lucky Number: Vartan Lucky Number Is 22

36. Gulshanroop

Meaning: EmboDiment Of The ' Rose' Rose ' GarDen' GarDen
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Gul-shan-roop, Gulshan-roop, Guls-h-an-roop
Lucky Number: Gulshanroop Lucky Number Is 11

37. Gulshanmeet

Meaning: FrienDly With The ' Rose' Rose ' GarDen' GarDen
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Gul-shan-meet, Gulshan-meet, Guls-han-meet
Lucky Number: Gulshanmeet Lucky Number Is 8

38. Vartik

Meaning: Prose
Origin: Hindi
Vartik Name Meaning By Origin: वर्टीक
Pronunciation: Var-tik, Vartik
How to be Write: वर्टिको
Lucky Number: Vartik Lucky Number Is 9

39. Rosito

Meaning: Masculine Form Of Rose
Origin: Filipino

40. Gulban

Meaning: Rose Plant
Origin: Arabic
Gulban Name Meaning By Origin: گلاب کا پودا
How to be Write: گلبن
Lucky Number: 3

41. Gulshandeep

Meaning: Lamp Of The Rose Garden
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Gul-shan-deep, Gulshandeep, Guls-han-de-ep

42. Gulabrai

Meaning: Rose; Flower; Similar To Gulab
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Gu-la-brai, Gu-lab-rai

43. Campu

Meaning: An Elaborate And Literary Form Of Presenting A Story In Verse And Prose
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Cam-pu

44. Olivia Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

45. Vartann

Meaning: Rose

46. Vardimon

Meaning: Essence Of Roses

47. Vadhir

Meaning: Resembling A Rose

48. Rodas

Meaning: Roses
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ro-das
How to be Write: रोड्स
Lucky Number: Rodas Lucky Number Is 3

49. Sheshan

Meaning: Lily; Rose; Joy; Flax
Origin: Hindi
Sheshan Name Meaning By Origin: शेशन
Pronunciation: She-shan, Sheshan
How to be Write: शेशान
Lucky Number: Sheshan Lucky Number Is 11

50. Gulshanpreet

Meaning: ' Love' Love Of The ' Rose' Rose ' GarDen' GarDen
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Gul-shan-preet, Gulshan-preet, Guls-han-preet
Lucky Number: Gulshanpreet Lucky Number Is 11

51. Gulshanjeet

Meaning: ' Victory' Victory Of The ' Rose' Rose ' GarDen' GarDen
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Gul-shan-jeet, Gulshan-jeet, Guls-han-jeet
Lucky Number: Gulshanjeet Lucky Number Is 5

52. Raishaf

Meaning: Rose
Origin: Malayali

53. Rosswell

Meaning: Springtime Of Roses
Origin: Cristian

54. Warood

Meaning: Enter; Rose Flower
Origin: Arabic
Warood Name Meaning By Origin: داخل،گلاب کا پھول
How to be Write: ورود
Lucky Number: 9

55. Ayaal

Meaning: Rose
Origin: Arabic
Ayaal Name Meaning By Origin: گلاب
How to be Write: عیال

56. Mia Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

57. Shehroz

Meaning: Bright Face; King Of Roses
Origin: Algerian

58. Caitlin Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

59. Hannah Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

60. Aleeha

Meaning: A Beautiful Rose
Origin: Arabic
How to be Write: علیحہ

61. Wardi

Meaning: Rose-like; Rose-colored; Rosy
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: sWUng + PRy + DEEd
How to be Write: وردی
Lucky Number: 1

62. Shahrose

Meaning: King Of Roses
Origin: Algerian

63. Wird

Meaning: Rose
Origin: Arabic
Wird Name Meaning By Origin: گلاب
How to be Write: ورد
Lucky Number: 3

64. Abbal

Meaning: Rose Plant
Origin: Arabic
Abbal Name Meaning By Origin: گلاب کا پودا
How to be Write: عبال
Lucky Number: 4

65. Raise

Meaning: Rose; Adaptable; Easy-going
Origin: Arabic
Raise Name Meaning By Origin: آنسو
How to be Write: ریز

66. Varten

Meaning: Rose

67. Vadhyr

Meaning: Resembling A Rose

68. Vadheer

Meaning: Resembling A Rose

69. Raysel

Meaning: Rose
Lucky Number: Raysel Lucky Number Is 8

70. Nasaar

Meaning: Prose Writer
Origin: Arabic
Nasaar Name Meaning By Origin: مددگار،معاون
Pronunciation: Nasaar, Nas-aar, Na-saar
How to be Write: نصار
Lucky Number: Nasaar Lucky Number Is 7

71. Shehroze

Meaning: King Of Roses
Origin: Arabic
Shehroze Name Meaning By Origin: شہروز
Pronunciation: Shehroze, Shehro-ze
How to be Write: شیرروز
Lucky Number: Shehroze Lucky Number Is 1

72. Werdet

Meaning: Rose Flower
Origin: Arabic
Werdet Name Meaning By Origin: گلاب کا پھول،گلگوں رنگ
How to be Write: وردت
Lucky Number: 7

73. Naashaad

Meaning: Variant Of Nashad: Unhappy; Morose
Origin: Arabic
Naashaad Name Meaning By Origin: چڑچڑا، زُو درنج، ناخوش
How to be Write: نشاد
Lucky Number: 4

74. Nashad

Meaning: Unhappy; Morose
Origin: Arabic
Nashad Name Meaning By Origin: ناخوش، ; اداس
Pronunciation: Nashad, Nas-had
How to be Write: نشاد

75. Gulrej

Meaning: Red Rose
Origin: Algerian

76. Vartin

Meaning: Rose