100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Sister

100 Unique Sister Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Sister most popular names of 2023 feature Aane as Number one for girls, and Moinudeen in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Sister are Kaya and Umm E Kulsum and Nsera and for girls, and Subaru and Moinuddeen and Kifeda and for boys. Here is the list for Sister baby names for boys and girls.

1. Moinudeen

Meaning: Assister Of The Faith
Origin: Algerian

2. Subaru

Meaning: Pleiades Or The Seven Sisters
Origin: Japanese
Pronunciation: SOO-bə-roo
Lucky Number: Subaru Lucky Number Is 7

3. Moinuddeen

Meaning: Assister Of The Faith
Origin: Algerian

4. Kifeda

Meaning: Only Boy Among Sisters
Origin: African

5. Moinuddin

Meaning: Assister Of The Faith
Origin: Arabic
Moinuddin Name Meaning By Origin: دین کا مددگار
Pronunciation: Moin-ud-din, Moi-nud-din
How to be Write: معین الدین
Lucky Number: Moinuddin Lucky Number Is 4

6. Tamryn

Meaning: Palm Tree Biblical Tamara Was Daughter Of King David And Sister To Absalom
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Tam-ryn, Tamryn
Lucky Number: Tamryn Lucky Number Is 1

7. Moinudheen

Meaning: Assister Of The Faith
Origin: Algerian

8. Mynuddiin

Meaning: Assister Of The Faith
Origin: Algerian

9. Didhi

Meaning: Sister In Hindi
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Did-hi, Didhi
How to be Write: दीदी

10. Kelik

Meaning: Rejoiced; Happy; Pure; Clear; From Of Katherine; Virginal; Keeper Of The Keys; Elder Sister
Origin: Hindi
Kelik Name Meaning By Origin: केलिक
Pronunciation: Ke-lik
How to be Write: केलिको
Lucky Number: Kelik Lucky Number Is 3

11. Absyrtus

Meaning: Murdered By His Sister Medea
Origin: Latin
Lucky Number: Absyrtus Lucky Number Is 8

12. Awaan

Meaning: Helper Assister
Origin: Arabic
Awaan Name Meaning By Origin: مدد، معاون
Pronunciation: Awaan
How to be Write: اعوان
Lucky Number: Awaan Lucky Number Is 4

13. Maynuddin

Meaning: Assister Of The Faith
Origin: Algerian

14. Jayadratha

Meaning: (Son-in-law Of Dhritarastra And King Of Sindhu Kingdom; Married To Dushala; Sister Of The Kauravas)
Origin: Hindi
Jayadratha Name Meaning By Origin: जयाद्राता
Pronunciation: Jayadratha, Jay-ad-ratha, Ja-ya-dra-tha
How to be Write: जयद्रथ
Lucky Number: Jayadratha Lucky Number Is 8

15. Moinudin

Meaning: Assister Of The Faith
Origin: Algerian

16. Subhadra

Meaning: (Krishna's Sister, (Daughter Of Devaki AnD VasuDeva). She MarrieD Arjuna AnD They HaD A Son NameD Abhimanyu.)
Origin: Hindi
Subhadra Name Meaning By Origin: सुभद्रा
Pronunciation: Sub-hadra, Subhadra, Sub-ha-dra
How to be Write: सुभद्रा
Lucky Number: Subhadra Lucky Number Is 11

17. Rakhi

Meaning: Thread Of Brother Sister Bonding
Origin: Hindi
Rakhi Name Meaning By Origin: خوشگوار
Pronunciation: Rakhi, Rak-hi
How to be Write: راخی
Lucky Number: Rakhi Lucky Number Is 11