100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Sky

100 Unique Sky Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Sky most popular names of 2023 feature Araceli as Number one for girls, and Skye in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Sky are Kailani and Kehlani and Heaven and for girls, and Kylo and Jovanni and Colter and for boys. Here is the list for Sky baby names for boys and girls.

1. Skye

Meaning: Refers To The Scottish Isle Of Skye; A Nature Name Referring To The Sky
Origin: Arabic
Skye Name Meaning By Origin: پانی دینے والا
Pronunciation: Skye
How to be Write: اسکئے
Lucky Number: Skye Lucky Number Is 6

2. Kylo

Meaning: Sky
Pronunciation: KY-low

3. Jovanni

Meaning: Form Of Jovan 'Father Of The Sky.
Origin: American
Lucky Number: Jovanni Lucky Number Is 4

4. Colter

Meaning: Horse Herdsmanyoung Horse; Frisky
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Colter, Col-ter
Lucky Number: Colter Lucky Number Is 1

5. Celi

Meaning: Light; Moon; Heaven; Sky
Origin: Latin

6. Azureen

Meaning: Sky Blue

7. Bamdad

Meaning: Dawn (early Morning); Morning Twilight; Which Is The Time At The End Of The Night; But Before Sunrise; When The Sky Starts To Lighten Up
Origin: Persian
Bamdad Name Meaning By Origin: سَويرے، صبح
Pronunciation: BAnd + Moon + Day + MAn + Day
How to be Write: بامداد
Lucky Number: Bamdad Lucky Number Is 2

8. Abhish

Meaning: Sky; A Ray Of Light
Origin: Bengali

9. Yakecen

Meaning: Sky On Song

10. Arbaj

Meaning: Touching Sky Like Eagle
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: अरबाज

11. Yulian

Meaning: " Youthful; Downy Bearded; Sky Father"
Origin: English

12. Xitij

Meaning: The Earth And The Sky Meets
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Xi-tij, Xitij
How to be Write: ज़िटिजो

13. Ambarpreet

Meaning: Love For Sky
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Am-barpreet, Am-bar-preet

14. Falak

Meaning: The Sky; High; Sphere; The Heaven; Asman
Origin: Arabic
Falak Name Meaning By Origin: آسمان
Pronunciation: Falak
How to be Write: فلک
Lucky Number: Falak Lucky Number Is 3

15. Nilanshu

Meaning: One Who Belongs To Sky
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: नीलांशु

16. Viyat

Meaning: Sky; Brightest
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Viy-at, Viyat

17. Ka’Lani

Meaning: The Heavens; Sky; Royal One
Origin: Hawaiian
Pronunciation: K(a)-la-ni

18. Biman

Meaning: Sky
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Bi-man

19. Ekambaram

Meaning: Sky;
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ekam-baram, Ekam-ba-ram
How to be Write: एकंबरम
Lucky Number: Ekambaram Lucky Number Is 11

20. Nabhas

Meaning: Sky; Ocean; Heavenly
Origin: Hindi
Nabhas Name Meaning By Origin: नाभस
Pronunciation: Nab-has, Nabhas
How to be Write: नभासी
Lucky Number: Nabhas Lucky Number Is 9

21. Byomkesh

Meaning: Lord Of The Sky; Sun
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: ब्योमकेश

22. Sahabaz

Meaning: One Who Can Fly In The Sky
Origin: Algerian

23. Pasak

Meaning: A Sky; Strong; Brave
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Pasak, Pa-sak

24. Cyndaf

Meaning: Chief; Head; Man Of Israel; Dusky Hound
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Cyn-daf, Cyndaf

25. Asmanta

Meaning: Sky
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: As-man-ta, As-manta

26. Skyee

Meaning: From The Isle Of Skye
Origin: English

27. Dyumanee

Meaning: Jewel Of The Sky

28. Wenutu

Meaning: Clear Sky

29. Skylarr

Meaning: The Isle Of Skye
Origin: English

30. Yakecan

Meaning: Sky; Song
Origin: Hindi

31. Olimpo

Meaning: Sky; From Mount Olympus
Origin: Greek

32. Urainos

Meaning: Sky

33. Ronil

Meaning: Blue Sky
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ronil, Ro-nil
How to be Write: रोनिलो

34. Gaganachandra

Meaning: The Moon In The Sky
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ga-ganachan-dra, Gaganachandra, Ga-ga-nachandra
How to be Write: गगनचंद्र

35. Antriksa

Meaning: Space; Outer Space; Sky
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: An-trik-sa, An-triksa
How to be Write: एंत्रिकसा

36. Gaganjot

Meaning: Light Of The ' Sky' Sky , Heavens Light
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Gagi Jotu
How to be Write: गगनजोटी
Lucky Number: Gaganjot Lucky Number Is 3

37. Bahram

Meaning: A Star Of 5th Sky; A Character In Shahnameh; Also The Planet Mars
Origin: Persian
Bahram Name Meaning By Origin: اس کے علاوہ سیارے مریخ، شاہناما میں ایک کردار
Pronunciation: Bahram
How to be Write: بہرام
Lucky Number: Bahram Lucky Number Is 6

38. Gaganna

Meaning: Sky; No Limit
Origin: Kannada

39. Abhro

Meaning: Sky
Origin: Bengali

40. Bachram

Meaning: The Star Of Fifth Sky
Origin: Persian
Bachram Name Meaning By Origin: پانچویں آسمان کا ستارہ
How to be Write: بچرام
Lucky Number: 5

41. Sevaanam

Meaning: Red Morning Sky; Symbol Of Hope
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Se-vaanam, Sevaanam

42. Drapa

Meaning: Matted Hair; Mud; Heaven; Sky
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dra-pa, Drapa

43. Geth

Meaning: Dusky

44. Urtzee

Meaning: Sky

45. Sorata

Meaning: Thick Sky

46. Bhardwaj

Meaning: A Sage; A Mythical Bird; Skylark; Strong And Fast
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Bhard-waj
How to be Write: भारद्वाज

47. Aakaash

Meaning: Sky
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Aakash
How to be Write: आकाशो

48. Kong

Meaning: Sky; Heaven
Origin: Chinese
Pronunciation: KONGK
Lucky Number: Kong Lucky Number Is 2

49. Akashneel

Meaning: Blue Sky
Origin: Bengali

50. Aputsiaq

Meaning: Snow Flying From The Sky
Origin: American

51. Kewaan

Meaning: Seventh Sky
Origin: Arabic
Kewaan Name Meaning By Origin: ساتواں آسمان
How to be Write: کیوان
Lucky Number: 4

52. Somadhar

Meaning: The Sky; Heaven
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: So-mad-har, So-madhar

53. Nilagagan

Meaning: Blue Sky
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ni-la-ga-gan, Nil-agagan

54. Nil Akash

Meaning: Blue Sky
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Nil-Akash

55. Gaganharsha

Meaning: Sky Full Of Happiness
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ga-gan-har-sha, Gagan-har-sha, Ga-gan-hars-ha

56. Digbhraja

Meaning: Fire Of The Sky; The Sun
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Digbhra-ja, Digbhraja

57. Akaas

Meaning: As Vast As The Sky
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Akaas

58. Vinan

Meaning: Sky
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Vi-nan, Vin-an, Vinan

59. Sehbaz

Meaning: One Who Can Fly In The Sky
Origin: Algerian

60. Jimin

Meaning: My Wisdom Will Be Higher Than The Sky
Origin: Korean
Pronunciation: Jim-in

61. Jo’Vani

Meaning: God Is Gracious Or Father Of The Sky
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: J(o)-va-ni

62. Akas

Meaning: All Prevading As Great As Sky
Origin: Punjabi
Akas Name Meaning By Origin: آسمان ، خلا، حد نگاہ
Pronunciation: Akas
How to be Write: آکاس

63. Bharadvaja

Meaning: Skylark
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Bharad-va-ja, Bharad-vaja, Bha-r-ad-va-ja

64. Uranas

Meaning: Sky

65. Selestine

Meaning: Heavenly; Of Sky
Origin: Cristian

66. Jeovani

Meaning: Form Of Jovan 'Father Of The Sky.
Lucky Number: Jeovani Lucky Number Is 4

67. Akshdeep

Meaning: The ' Lamp' Lamp Of Light In The ' Sky' Sky
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ak-shdeep, Ak-sh-deep, Aks-h-de-ep
Lucky Number: Akshdeep Lucky Number Is 6

68. Himlen

Meaning: Sky
Origin: Swedish

69. Dyu Mani

Meaning: Lord Shiva; Sky Jewel; Another Name For Shiva And Sun
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: द्यु मणि

70. Viyon

Meaning: Sky
Origin: English

71. Byoma

Meaning: One Who Lives In Sky
Origin: Assamese

72. Goku

Meaning: Sky
Lucky Number: 9

73. Ekdhu

Meaning: Sky
Origin: Hindi

74. Tafali

Meaning: Sunup (the Time After Sunrise When The Sun Starts To Rise In The Sky)
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: TUb + FUn + pLay + SEE
How to be Write: طافلی
Lucky Number: 3

75. Jovi

Meaning: Form Of Jovan 'Father Of The Sky.
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Jovi, Jo-vi
Lucky Number: Jovi Lucky Number Is 2

76. Indra

Meaning: Excellent; First; God Of The Sky
Origin: Hindi
Indra Name Meaning By Origin: इंद्रा
Pronunciation: In-dra, Indra
How to be Write: इंद्र
Lucky Number: Indra Lucky Number Is 1

77. Ambarish

Meaning: King Of The Sky; An Angel From The Heavens; The Sky
Origin: Hindi
Ambarish Name Meaning By Origin: अम्बरीश
Pronunciation: Am-bar-ish, Am-ba-rish
How to be Write: अंबरीश
Lucky Number: Ambarish Lucky Number Is 8

78. Neelim

Meaning: Blueness; Blue Sky
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: नीलिम

79. Taivas

Meaning: Heaven; Sky
Origin: Finnish

80. Shyamol

Meaning: Dark Blue; Dusky
Origin: Assamese

81. Nil Akash

Meaning: Blue Sky
Origin: Assamese

82. Naboneel

Meaning: Sun; A New Clear Blue Sky
Origin: Assamese

83. Vafid

Meaning: Sky
Origin: Algerian

84. Vaanavan

Meaning: From The Sky; Godly
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Vaana-van, Vaanavan, Vaa-na-van

85. Vimnish

Meaning: Lord Of The Sky
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Vimnish, Vim-nish

86. Puvanan

Meaning: Flowered Sky
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Pu-vanan, Puvanan

87. Khechra

Meaning: Visit In Sky Anywhere
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Khechra, Khe-chra, Khech-ra

88. O’Rion

Meaning: Rising In The Sky; Dawning
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: O-rion

89. Shranav

Meaning: Broad Like Sky
Origin: Sanskrit
Pronunciation: Shranav, Shra-nav

90. Caelus

Meaning: " Sky; Heavens"
Origin: Latin

91. Gethon

Meaning: Dusky

92. Dyumanea

Meaning: Jewel Of The Sky

93. Azurie

Meaning: Sky Blue

94. Azurey

Meaning: Sky Blue

95. Othin

Meaning: God Of The Sky
Origin: Norse
Lucky Number: Othin Lucky Number Is 3

96. Nelish

Meaning: Blue Sky
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: नेलिशो

97. Nabanil

Meaning: A New; Clear Blue Sky
Origin: Assamese

98. Vyoneesh

Meaning: Lord Of Sky (Vyon)
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Vy-oneesh, Vy-on-eesh, Vyo-neesh

99. Dyuratna

Meaning: Sky Jewel; Sun
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dyu-rat-na, Dy-ur-at-na

100. Divavasu

Meaning: Treasure Of The Sky
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Di-vava-su, Divavasu, Di-va-va-su