100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Star

100 Unique Star Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Star most popular names of 2023 feature Maryam as Number one for girls, and Ryker in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Star are Estrella and Mariam and Estella and for girls, and Zoroaster and Utheman and Rakibul and for boys. Here is the list for Star baby names for boys and girls.

1. Ryker

Meaning: Commander Ryker From The TV Show Star Trek: The Next Generation
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Ryk-er, Ryker, Ry-ker
Lucky Number: Ryker Lucky Number Is 5

2. Zoroaster

Meaning: The Golden Star
Origin: Iranian

3. Utheman

Meaning: Baby Bustard

4. Rakibul

Meaning: Moon; Star
Origin: Algerian

5. Uddyam

Meaning: Start; Effort
Origin: Hindi
Uddyam Name Meaning By Origin: उद्यम 
Pronunciation: Ud-dyam, Uddyam
How to be Write: उदयम
Lucky Number: Uddyam Lucky Number Is 5

6. Dao

Meaning: Star
Origin: Thai

7. Zeeq

Meaning: Shooting Star; Spark

8. Bamdad

Meaning: Dawn (early Morning); Morning Twilight; Which Is The Time At The End Of The Night; But Before Sunrise; When The Sky Starts To Lighten Up
Origin: Persian
Bamdad Name Meaning By Origin: سَويرے، صبح
Pronunciation: BAnd + Moon + Day + MAn + Day
How to be Write: بامداد
Lucky Number: Bamdad Lucky Number Is 2

9. Emon

Meaning: Starred
Origin: Bngali
Pronunciation: Emon

10. Keid

Meaning: Broken Egg Shells (Celestial Trinary Star System In Constellation Eridanus)
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Keid
How to be Write: کیڈ

11. Prabas

Meaning: Lustrous; Rebel Star
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: प्रभास

12. Teymour

Meaning: Helper; Freedom Lover; Super Star
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Tey-mour
How to be Write: تیمور

13. Uthmann

Meaning: Baby Bustard
Origin: Algerian

14. Baradwaj

Meaning: A Star
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Barad-waj, Ba-rad-waj

15. Aveeth

Meaning: Star In A Full Moon Night
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: अवीत

16. Zarathustrah

Meaning: The Golden Star

17. Stearne

Meaning: Austere; Star

18. Udyam

Meaning: Start; Effort
Origin: Hindi
Udyam Name Meaning By Origin: उद्यम 
Pronunciation: Udyam
How to be Write: उद्यम
Lucky Number: Udyam Lucky Number Is 1

19. Tariq

Meaning: Morning Star; Night Traveller; A Night Visitor;
Origin: Arabic
Tariq Name Meaning By Origin: صبح کا تارا، رات میں آنے والا
Pronunciation: Tariq, Ta-riq
How to be Write: طارق
Lucky Number: Tariq Lucky Number Is 2

20. Astley

Meaning: Starry Field
Origin: Greek

21. Zarathust

Meaning: The Golden Star

22. Uddipan

Meaning: Rising Star
Origin: Assamese

23. Druvan

Meaning: Star;
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dru-van, Druvan
Lucky Number: Druvan Lucky Number Is 8

24. Busr

Meaning: Unripened Dates; Star; Height
Origin: Arabic
Busr Name Meaning By Origin: کچی کھجور، یہ نام تھا
Pronunciation: Busr
How to be Write: بوسر
Lucky Number: Busr Lucky Number Is 6

25. Abhinab

Meaning: Rock Star; Innovative; Creative
Origin: Bengali

26. Fuzain

Meaning: Bright Lights Stars
Origin: Algerian

27. Goughe

Meaning: Helper; Freedom Lover; Super Star
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Goughe

28. Azmath

Meaning: Respect; Star
Origin: Algerian

29. Vaasvik

Meaning: Its A Name Starts Of God Venkateshwara Swamy
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Vaasvik, Vaas-vik

30. Myrel

Meaning: Star Of The Sea; Wished-for Child
Origin: English

31. Indus

Meaning: India; Star
Origin: Hindi
Indus Name Meaning By Origin: ईन्दुस 
Pronunciation: In-dus
How to be Write: सिंधु
Lucky Number: Indus Lucky Number Is 22

32. Bahram

Meaning: A Star Of 5th Sky; A Character In Shahnameh; Also The Planet Mars
Origin: Persian
Bahram Name Meaning By Origin: اس کے علاوہ سیارے مریخ، شاہناما میں ایک کردار
Pronunciation: Bahram
How to be Write: بہرام
Lucky Number: Bahram Lucky Number Is 6

33. Shibaan

Meaning: Sparkling Star
Origin: Algerian

34. Bachram

Meaning: The Star Of Fifth Sky
Origin: Persian
Bachram Name Meaning By Origin: پانچویں آسمان کا ستارہ
How to be Write: بچرام
Lucky Number: 5

35. Taradhipati

Meaning: Lord Of The Stars
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Tarad-hipati, Tarad-hip-ati, Ta-rad-hi-pa-ti

36. Sudangan

Meaning: Helper; Freedom Lover; Super Star
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Su-dan-gan

37. Lintang

Meaning: " Star"
Origin: Indonesian

38. Ipil

Meaning: Stars
Origin: Hindi
Ipil Name Meaning By Origin: इपील
Pronunciation: Ipil
How to be Write: इपिलो
Lucky Number: Ipil Lucky Number Is 1

39. Bardhyl

Meaning: White Star
Origin: Austrailian

40. Avhishek

Meaning: Starting
Origin: Assamese

41. Taqib

Meaning: Shooting Star; Glistening
Origin: Algerian

42. Aagaz

Meaning: Start; Beginning
Origin: Algerian

43. Vemuganti

Meaning: Clever; Great Humanity; Super Star
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ve-mu-gan-ti, Vemuganti

44. Lithish

Meaning: Clever; Great Humanity; Super Star
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Lithish, Lith-ish, Li-thish

45. Husaamudeen

Meaning: Clever; Great Humanity; Super Star
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: HusaamUdeen, Hu-saamU-de-en
How to be Write: حسام الدین

46. Bhena

Meaning: The Lord Of Stars
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Bhena, Bhe-na

47. Ylli

Meaning: Star
Origin: Hebrew

48. Uloryaq

Meaning: Resembling A Star

49. Buddie

Meaning: FriendFamous Bearer:American Early Rock Star Who Died Young In A Tragic Plane Crash
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Bud-die
Lucky Number: Buddie Lucky Number Is 9

50. Yachel

Meaning: To Start Or To Commence
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: Yah-KEHL
Lucky Number: Yachel Lucky Number Is 9

51. Taransh

Meaning: A Star; Intelligent
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: तरनशो

52. Zushaan

Meaning: Helper; Freedom Lover; Super Star
Pronunciation: Zushaan

53. Muhaajir

Meaning: Helper; Freedom Lover; Super Star
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Muhaa-jir, Muhaajir, Mu-haa-jir
How to be Write: مہاجر

54. Avishek

Meaning: Starting; Ritual
Origin: Assamese

55. Jacobi

Meaning: Variant Of Jacob; Always Finishes What He Starts
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: JahKOHbee

56. Tafali

Meaning: Sunup (the Time After Sunrise When The Sun Starts To Rise In The Sky)
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: TUb + FUn + pLay + SEE
How to be Write: طافلی
Lucky Number: 3

57. Zitin

Meaning: Little Shinning Spark; It Means A Brightly; Shining Star
Origin: Hindi
Zitin Name Meaning By Origin: झीतीन
Pronunciation: Zitin, Zi-tin
How to be Write: ज़िटिन
Lucky Number: Zitin Lucky Number Is 6

58. Kruthik

Meaning: It Is An Indian Star Name Krithika Nakshatra God Subramaniam Born In This Nakshatra
Origin: Hindi
Kruthik Name Meaning By Origin: कृतिक
Pronunciation: Kruthik
How to be Write: कृतिकी
Lucky Number: Kruthik Lucky Number Is 8

59. Aaranay

Meaning: Beginning; Starter
Origin: Hindi
Aaranay Name Meaning By Origin: आरानाय
Pronunciation: Aaranay, Aa-ranay
How to be Write: आरणय
Lucky Number: Aaranay Lucky Number Is 7

60. Najm

Meaning: Star
Origin: Arabic
Najm Name Meaning By Origin: جرم فلکی
Pronunciation: Na-jm, Najm
How to be Write: نجم
Lucky Number: Najm Lucky Number Is 2

61. Suhail Suhayl

Meaning: Gentle; Easy; The Name Of A Star
Origin: Algerian

62. Afsin

Meaning: Warrior; Shining Star
Origin: Algerian

63. Yonwin

Meaning: Ultimate Star
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Yon-win

64. Udgama

Meaning: Rising Star
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Udga-ma, Udgama, Ud-ga-ma

65. Marhaus

Meaning: Helper; Freedom Lover; Super Star
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Marhaus, Mar-haus

66. Arnaldus

Meaning: Helper; Freedom Lover; Super Star
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Ar-nal-dus, Arnal-dus

67. Reyhaan

Meaning: Star; Fragrant One
Origin: Algerian

68. Kayvon

Meaning: Saturn; A Star
Origin: Iranian
Lucky Number: 4

69. Hute

Meaning: Star

70. Useman

Meaning: Baby Bustard

71. Tarachande

Meaning: Star

72. Helel

Meaning: Morning Star
Origin: Biblical

73. Nujaim

Meaning: Little Star
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Nap + PUt + Joy + PAY + Man
How to be Write: نجائم
Lucky Number: 5

74. Starveling

Meaning: A MiDsummer Night's Dream' Starveling, A Tailor, Acts As Moonshine In The Play Within The Play.
Lucky Number: Starveling Lucky Number Is 1

75. Daveed

Meaning: CherishedFamous Bearers:British Pop Star David Bowie; American Talk-show Host David Letterman
Origin: Hebrew
Lucky Number: Daveed Lucky Number Is 5

76. Codei

Meaning: Rockstar
Origin: Arabic
Codei Name Meaning By Origin: کودی
Pronunciation: Codei, Co-dei
How to be Write: کوڈی
Lucky Number: Codei Lucky Number Is 9

77. Buruj

Meaning: Star; Signs Of The Zodiac
Origin: Arabic
Buruj Name Meaning By Origin: مُنطَقَۃُ البَرُوج کی علامات
Pronunciation: Bu-ruj, Bur-uj
How to be Write: بُرج
Lucky Number: Buruj Lucky Number Is 4

78. Bharani

Meaning: Accomplished; High Achiever; Celestial Star
Origin: Hindi
Bharani Name Meaning By Origin: भरनी
Pronunciation: Bha-rani, Bhar-ani, Bha-ra-ni
How to be Write: भरणी
Lucky Number: Bharani Lucky Number Is 8

79. Pennant

Meaning: Head Or Starting Of A Stream
Origin: Welsh
Pronunciation: PEN-ənt
Lucky Number: Pennant Lucky Number Is 2

80. Kealohi

Meaning: Brightness Of A Star
Origin: Hawaiian
Pronunciation: Kay-LAW-hi
Lucky Number: Kealohi Lucky Number Is 7

81. Koakab

Meaning: Stars
Origin: Urdu
Koakab Name Meaning By Origin: ستارے، تارے
How to be Write: کواکب
Lucky Number: Koakab Lucky Number Is 2

82. Shihab

Meaning: Shooting Star; Meteor
Origin: Bngali
Shihab Name Meaning By Origin: شعلہ ; لپٹ ; آنچ
Pronunciation: SHIp + HArd + Boy
How to be Write: شیہاب
Lucky Number: Shihab Lucky Number Is 3

83. Bakri

Meaning: One Who Starts Work Early
Origin: Arabic
Bakri Name Meaning By Origin: جو ایک جلدی کام شروع کرتا ہے
Pronunciation: Bakri, Ba-kri
How to be Write: بکری
Lucky Number: Bakri Lucky Number Is 5

84. Shratik

Meaning: Starting; Lord Shiva
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: श्रातिको

85. Druvit

Meaning: Name Of Star; To Observe
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: ड्रुविटा

86. Usaf

Meaning: Star
Origin: Algerian

87. Suhal

Meaning: Moon Light; Star
Origin: Algerian

88. Nazmil

Meaning: Star; Good
Origin: Algerian

89. Tokma

Meaning: Silver Star
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Tok-ma, Tokma

90. Tirich

Meaning: Clever; Great Humanity; Super Star
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Tirich, Ti-rich, Tear-rich
How to be Write: تریچ

91. Kruthin

Meaning: Star; One Of The Lord Ganapathi Names
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: N

92. Kiritsh

Meaning: Clever; Great Humanity; Super Star
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Kir-itsh, Kir-it-sh, Ki-ritsh

93. Gayadutt

Meaning: Helper; Freedom Lover; Super Star
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Gayadutt, Ga-ya-dutt

94. Guinemains

Meaning: Clever; Great Humanity; Super Star
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Guine-mains, Gui-ne-mains

95. Feolomaer

Meaning: Helper; Freedom Lover; Super Star
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Fe-olo-maer, Feolo-maer, Feo-lo-ma-er

96. Asian

Meaning: Like A Star
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Asian, Asi-an
How to be Write: ایشیائی

97. Arca

Meaning: Sun; Moon Star; Moon
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ar-ca, Arca

98. Braxley

Meaning: Golden Star; Keeper Of Light
Origin: American

99. Rajchandra

Meaning: King Of Star
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ra-jchan-dra, Ra-jchandra
How to be Write: राजचंद्र

100. Satishchandra

Meaning: Strong Feelings; Starter; Magnetic; Attracts Money; Energetic
Origin: Hindi
Satishchandra Name Meaning By Origin: सतीशचन्द्र
Pronunciation: Satishchan-dra, Sat-ishchandra, Sa-tis-h-chandra
How to be Write: सतीशचंद्र