100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Sun and moon

100 Unique Sun and moon Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Sun and moon most popular names of 2023 feature Elliana as Number one for girls, and Amaris in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Sun and moon are Soleil and Aylin and Kira and for girls, and Amaris and Avi and Ishaan and for boys. Here is the list for Sun and moon baby names for boys and girls.

1. Amaris

Meaning: Child Of The Moon
Origin: Hindi
Amaris Name Meaning By Origin: अमरिस
How to be Write: अमारिस

2. Amaris

Meaning: Child Of The Moon
Origin: Hindi
Amaris Name Meaning By Origin: अमरिस
How to be Write: अमारिस

3. Avi

Meaning: The Sun And Air
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Avi
Lucky Number: Avi Lucky Number Is 5

4. Ishaan

Meaning: Lord Shiva; The Sun
Origin: Hindi
Ishaan Name Meaning By Origin: इशान 
Pronunciation: Ishaan, Is-haan
How to be Write: ईशान
Lucky Number: Ishaan Lucky Number Is 7

5. Ivaan

Meaning: Gods Gracious And Glorious Gift; Sun; Ruler; Royal
Origin: Hindi
Ivaan Name Meaning By Origin: इवान
Pronunciation: Rishit
How to be Write: इवान
Lucky Number: Ivaan Lucky Number Is 2

6. Samson

Meaning: Sun
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: SAM-sən
Lucky Number: Samson Lucky Number Is 8

7. Ramachandra

Meaning: As Gentle As The Moon
Origin: Hindi
Ramachandra Name Meaning By Origin: रामचंद्र
Pronunciation: Ra-machan-dra, Ramachandra, Ra-ma-chandra
How to be Write: रामचंद्र
Lucky Number: Ramachandra Lucky Number Is 1

8. Celi

Meaning: Light; Moon; Heaven; Sky
Origin: Latin

9. Vibhansh

Meaning: Sunshine; Radiant; Moon; Light
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: विभांशु

10. Nitansh

Meaning: Morning Sun Rays; Endless
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: नितांशु

11. Diptendu

Meaning: Bright Moon
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dip-ten-du, Diptendu
How to be Write: दिप्तेंदु

12. Larar

Meaning: Sun Rise
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Larar, La-rar

13. Ra

Meaning: God Of The Sun
Origin: Egyptian
Pronunciation: RAH
Lucky Number: Ra Lucky Number Is 1

14. Rakibul

Meaning: Moon; Star
Origin: Algerian

15. Shano

Meaning: Glory; Pride; Peak Sun
Origin: American

16. Zi E Qamar

Meaning: The Shadow Of The Moon
Origin: Urdu
Zi E Qamar Name Meaning By Origin: چاند کا سایہ،چاند کا عکس
How to be Write: ظی قمر
Lucky Number: 1

17. Zukaurrahman

Meaning: Sun Of Rahman (Allah)
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Zukau-rRah-man, ZukaurRah-man, Zu-kaurRah-man
How to be Write: ذکا الرحمن

18. Youga

Meaning: Sun And Sprout

19. Sharadendu

Meaning: Moon Of Autumn; Autumn Moon
Origin: Hindi
Sharadendu Name Meaning By Origin: शरादेंदु
Pronunciation: Sha-raden-du, Sharadendu, Sha-ra-den-du
How to be Write: शरदेंदु

20. Tapabrata

Meaning: Son Of The Mighty Sun; Worshipper
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: तपब्रत

21. Ciro

Meaning: Throne; Sun
Origin: Spanish
Ciro Name Meaning By Origin: سورج یا عرش
How to be Write: کرو
Lucky Number: Ciro Lucky Number Is 9

22. Zuka Uddin

Meaning: Sun Of The Religion (Islam)
Zuka Uddin Name Meaning By Origin: زکاالدین
Lucky Number: Zuka Uddin Lucky Number Is 5

23. Mehrdaad

Meaning: Gift Of The Sun
Origin: Persian
Lucky Number: Mehrdaad Lucky Number Is 5

24. Chaaruchandra

Meaning: Beautiful Moon
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Chaaruchan-dra, Chaaruchandra, Chaa-ruchandra

25. Arthit

Meaning: Man Of The Sun
Origin: Thai
Pronunciation: AH-thit
Lucky Number: Arthit Lucky Number Is 2

26. Hilal

Meaning: Crescent Moon
Origin: Persian
Hilal Name Meaning By Origin: ترقی پذیر، بڑھنے والا
Pronunciation: HIp + LAnd + PLay
How to be Write: ہلیل
Lucky Number: Hilal Lucky Number Is 3

27. Kiranchandra

Meaning: Beam Light Of Moon; Divine
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ki-ran-chan-dra, Kir-an-chandra, Ki-ran-chandra

28. Yashwin

Meaning: The Raising Of Sun; Fame
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Yash-win, Yas-hwin

29. Zaharia

Meaning: Moon
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Za-haria, Za-ha-ria

30. Veevan

Meaning: Moon; Full Of Life
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: वीवन

31. Hammon

Meaning: Heat; The Sun
Origin: Biblical
Lucky Number: Hammon Lucky Number Is 1

32. Udayasooriyan

Meaning: Rising Sun
Origin: Hindi
Udayasooriyan Name Meaning By Origin: उदयसूरियाँ 
Pronunciation: Udaya-sooriyan, Udayasoor-iy-an, Uda-ya-soo-riy-an
How to be Write: उदयसूरियां
Lucky Number: Udayasooriyan Lucky Number Is 6

33. Ramses

Meaning: Son Of Ra; The Sun God
Origin: Egyptian
Pronunciation: RAM-seez
Lucky Number: Ramses Lucky Number Is 2

34. Pavan Adithya

Meaning: Wind & The Sun
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: पवन आदित्य

35. Prabash

Meaning: The Sun; Ray Of Light
Origin: Assamese

36. Zukaur Rahman

Meaning: Sun Of Rahman; Ie Allah
Origin: Algerian

37. Jagacandra

Meaning: Universal Moon
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ja-ga-can-dra, Jagacandra

38. Qamrani

Meaning: Moonlit; White Like The Moon
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: IraQ + RUn + Man + pRay + MAn + NEEd
How to be Write: قمرانی
Lucky Number: 9

39. Dakshinayan

Meaning: Some Movement Of The Sun
Origin: Hindi
Dakshinayan Name Meaning By Origin: दक्शिनयन
Pronunciation: Dak-shi-nayan, Dak-sh-inay-an, Daks-hina-y-an
How to be Write: दक्षिणायन
Lucky Number: Dakshinayan Lucky Number Is 8

40. Ehan

Meaning: Full Moon
Origin: Hindi
Ehan Name Meaning By Origin: پورا چاند، مکمل چاند
Pronunciation: Ehan
How to be Write: احان
Lucky Number: Ehan Lucky Number Is 1

41. Agradeep

Meaning: The Sun; First Ray Of Sunlight
Origin: Bengali

42. Dibakara

Meaning: Ray Of Light; The Sun
Origin: Assamese

43. Aadava

Meaning: Sun
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Aa-da-va, Aa-dava

44. Vivant

Meaning: Raise Of Sun; Full Of Life
Origin: Kannada

45. Xu

Meaning: Brilliant Rising Sun
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Xu

46. Areg

Meaning: Sun
Origin: Armenian
Pronunciation: Ar-ehg

47. Murako

Meaning: White Moon

48. Prashit

Meaning: First Ray Of Winter Sun
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: प्रशीतो

49. Prattush

Meaning: Rising Sun; Confident
Origin: Assamese

50. Somachandra

Meaning: The Tranquil Moon
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: So-machan-dra, Somachandra, So-ma-chandra

51. Eshank

Meaning: The Sun; Lord Shiva
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: ईशांकी

52. Qamari

Meaning: Moon Like
Origin: Algerian
Lucky Number: 1

53. Cyress

Meaning: " Sun"
Origin: Persian

54. Prabaker

Meaning: The Sun; One Who Gives Light
Origin: Kannada

55. Sonak

Meaning: Full Of Gold; Son Of Sun; Golden
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: सोनाकी

56. Byomkesh

Meaning: Lord Of The Sky; Sun
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: ब्योमकेश

57. Somaditya

Meaning: The Sun And The Moon Conjoined
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: So-ma-ditya, So-maditya, So-ma-di-t-ya

58. Pavan Adithya

Meaning: Wind & Sun
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Pa-van Adithya, Pavan Adithya, Pa-van Adi-th-ya

59. Cyrie

Meaning: Sun; Lord
Origin: Persian

60. Tsukiya

Meaning: Moon And To Be
Origin: Japanese
Pronunciation: TSOO-ki-yah
Lucky Number: Tsukiya Lucky Number Is 7

61. Aehzaan

Meaning: Soul Of The Moon
Origin: Algerian

62. Aryaditya

Meaning: Sun Like Person In Aryans
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Arya-ditya, Ary-aditya, Arya-di-t-ya

63. Duddu

Meaning: Milk; Love Of Sun
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dud-du, Duddu

64. Aizan

Meaning: Fire; Soul Of The Moon
Origin: Algerian
Lucky Number: 6

65. Tapish

Meaning: Strong Warmth Of Sun
Origin: Hindi
Tapish Name Meaning By Origin: तपीश
Pronunciation: Tapish, Tap-ish, Ta-pish
How to be Write: तपिश
Lucky Number: Tapish Lucky Number Is 1

66. Jagadheesh

Meaning: The Sun Light Of The World
Origin: Kannada

67. Aveeth

Meaning: Star In A Full Moon Night
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: अवीत

68. Qamrun

Meaning: Moon; Being A Pet Form Of Qamar
Origin: Algerian

69. Probhakor

Meaning: Sun
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Prob-hakor, Probhakor, Prob-ha-kor

70. Badrudduja

Meaning: Full Moon Of The Dark
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Badrud-du-ja, Bad-rud-duja, Ba-drud-du-ja
How to be Write: بدردوجہ

71. Rameses

Meaning: The Sun God
Origin: Egyptian
Pronunciation: R(a)-me-ses

72. Baskara

Meaning: " Sun"
Origin: Indonesian

73. Badir

Meaning: Moon; MoonLight
Origin: Arabic
Badir Name Meaning By Origin: چمکتا ہُوا، روشَن، بہت عُمدہ
Pronunciation: Badir, Ba-dir
How to be Write: بادیر
Lucky Number: Badir Lucky Number Is 5

74. Kosuke

Meaning: Rising Sun
Origin: Japanese
Pronunciation: KOH-soo-keh
Lucky Number: Kosuke Lucky Number Is 8

75. Rehans

Meaning: Part Of Sun; Part Of Lord Vishnu
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: रेहान्स

76. Metab

Meaning: Light Of Moon
Origin: Algerian

77. Vivandh

Meaning: Moon; Raise Of Sun
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Vi-vandh, Vivandh

78. Ravdeep

Meaning: Light Of Sun
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ravdeep, Rav-de-ep

79. Bade

Meaning: Full Moon; Bather
Origin: Austrailian

80. Eshaan

Meaning: Lord Shiva; Lord Sun Or North-east Direction; Desiring And Wishing (1)
Origin: Telugu
Eshaan Name Meaning By Origin: خواہش اور خواہش رکھتے ہیں
Pronunciation: Es-haan
How to be Write: عشان
Lucky Number: Eshaan Lucky Number Is 3

81. Adithiya

Meaning: Thesun; Lord Of Sun; Newly Risen Sun; Lord Surya; The Sun
Origin: Hindi
Adithiya Name Meaning By Origin: आदितिय
Pronunciation: Adithiya, Adith-iya, Adi-thi-ya
How to be Write: आदित्य:
Lucky Number: Adithiya Lucky Number Is 5

82. Aehzan

Meaning: Soul Of The Moon; Fire
Origin: Algerian

83. Chand Khan

Meaning: Moon' S Owner
Origin: Arabic
Chand Khan Name Meaning By Origin: چاند کا مالک
How to be Write: چاند خان
Lucky Number: 7

84. Kai El

Meaning: Sun Ray

85. Ramsis

Meaning: Sun Born
Origin: Egyptian

86. Naranbaatar

Meaning: Sun Hero

87. Muracko

Meaning: White Moon

88. Bader

Meaning: Full Moon
Origin: Arabic
Bader Name Meaning By Origin: چودھویں رات کا چاند
Pronunciation: B(a)-der
How to be Write: بدر
Lucky Number: Bader Lucky Number Is 3

89. Grian

Meaning: Sun
Origin: Irish

90. Mriganka Mouli

Meaning: Lord Shiva; Mriganka - The Moon; Mauli - The Head; Diadem; Foremost; Crown; Hair Ornamented And Braided Around The Head; The Earth; A Chain Made Of Rows Of Pearls Separated By Gold Studs
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: मृगांका मौलिक

91. Badree

Meaning: Fullness Of The Moon
Origin: Assamese

92. Somadatta

Meaning: Given By The Moon
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: So-ma-dat-ta, Somad-atta

93. Prodyut

Meaning: First Ray Of Sun
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Prodyut, Prody-ut, Pro-dyut

94. Raj Kiran

Meaning: King Of Sun Rays
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Raj Ki-ran, Raj Kir-an

95. Ekacakra

Meaning: One Wheel; The Chariot Of The Sun
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Eka-cakra, Eka-ca-kra

96. Eishan

Meaning: Supreme Ruler; Sun
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: ईशान:

97. Ka`Mari

Meaning: Moon
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: K(a)-ma-ri
How to be Write: کا ماری۔

98. Tawa

Meaning: Born Beneath The Sun
Origin: Algerian

99. Quamar

Meaning: The Moon
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Qua-mar, Quamar
How to be Write: क्वामारी

100. Bhasker

Meaning: Lord Surya (Sun)
Origin: Hindi
Bhasker Name Meaning By Origin: भास्केर
Pronunciation: Bhasker, Bhask-er, Bhas-ker
How to be Write: भास्कर
Lucky Number: Bhasker Lucky Number Is 1