100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Sun

100 Unique Sun Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Sun most popular names of 2023 feature Soleil as Number one for girls, and Avi in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Sun are Elianna and Kira and Elliana and for girls, and Ishaan and Ivaan and Samson and for boys. Here is the list for Sun baby names for boys and girls.

1. Avi

Meaning: The Sun And Air
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Avi
Lucky Number: Avi Lucky Number Is 5

2. Ishaan

Meaning: Lord Shiva; The Sun
Origin: Hindi
Ishaan Name Meaning By Origin: इशान 
Pronunciation: Ishaan, Is-haan
How to be Write: ईशान
Lucky Number: Ishaan Lucky Number Is 7

3. Ivaan

Meaning: Gods Gracious And Glorious Gift; Sun; Ruler; Royal
Origin: Hindi
Ivaan Name Meaning By Origin: इवान
Pronunciation: Rishit
How to be Write: इवान
Lucky Number: Ivaan Lucky Number Is 2

4. Samson

Meaning: Sun
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: SAM-sən
Lucky Number: Samson Lucky Number Is 8

5. Sunny

Meaning: Sunny; Joyful
Origin: English
Sunny Name Meaning By Origin: بلند تر٬افضل، اونچا، ذی مقام
Pronunciation: SUN-ee
How to be Write: سنی
Lucky Number: Sunny Lucky Number Is 7

6. Zayda

Meaning: Sundown; The Time Before Sunset
Origin: Arabic
Zayda Name Meaning By Origin: خوش نصیب ; کامیاب
Pronunciation: Zero + PAY + DUst
How to be Write: زائدا
Lucky Number: Zayda Lucky Number Is 3

7. Vibhansh

Meaning: Sunshine; Radiant; Moon; Light
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: विभांशु

8. Larar

Meaning: Sun Rise
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Larar, La-rar

9. Taner

Meaning: Born With Sunrise
Origin: Turkish
Pronunciation: TAH-ner
Lucky Number: Taner Lucky Number Is 4

10. Zukaurrahman

Meaning: Sun Of Rahman (Allah)
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Zukau-rRah-man, ZukaurRah-man, Zu-kaurRah-man
How to be Write: ذکا الرحمن

11. Youga

Meaning: Sun And Sprout

12. Ghurub

Meaning: Sunset
Origin: Algerian

13. Ghoroob

Meaning: Sunset
Origin: Algerian

14. Nitansh

Meaning: Morning Sun Rays; Endless
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: नितांशु

15. Dyuthin

Meaning: Sunshine
Origin: Malayali

16. Dismas

Meaning: " Sunset"
Origin: Greek

17. Bamdad

Meaning: Dawn (early Morning); Morning Twilight; Which Is The Time At The End Of The Night; But Before Sunrise; When The Sky Starts To Lighten Up
Origin: Persian
Bamdad Name Meaning By Origin: سَويرے، صبح
Pronunciation: BAnd + Moon + Day + MAn + Day
How to be Write: بامداد
Lucky Number: Bamdad Lucky Number Is 2

18. Pahir

Meaning: Sunshine
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Pahir, Pa-hir

19. Ciro

Meaning: Throne; Sun
Origin: Spanish
Ciro Name Meaning By Origin: سورج یا عرش
How to be Write: کرو
Lucky Number: Ciro Lucky Number Is 9

20. Zuka Uddin

Meaning: Sun Of The Religion (Islam)
Zuka Uddin Name Meaning By Origin: زکاالدین
Lucky Number: Zuka Uddin Lucky Number Is 5

21. Aadava

Meaning: Sun
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Aa-da-va, Aa-dava

22. Dakshinayan

Meaning: Some Movement Of The Sun
Origin: Hindi
Dakshinayan Name Meaning By Origin: दक्शिनयन
Pronunciation: Dak-shi-nayan, Dak-sh-inay-an, Daks-hina-y-an
How to be Write: दक्षिणायन
Lucky Number: Dakshinayan Lucky Number Is 8

23. Udayasooriyan

Meaning: Rising Sun
Origin: Hindi
Udayasooriyan Name Meaning By Origin: उदयसूरियाँ 
Pronunciation: Udaya-sooriyan, Udayasoor-iy-an, Uda-ya-soo-riy-an
How to be Write: उदयसूरियां
Lucky Number: Udayasooriyan Lucky Number Is 6

24. Shano

Meaning: Glory; Pride; Peak Sun
Origin: American

25. Hammon

Meaning: Heat; The Sun
Origin: Biblical
Lucky Number: Hammon Lucky Number Is 1

26. Prashit

Meaning: First Ray Of Winter Sun
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: प्रशीतो

27. Yashwin

Meaning: The Raising Of Sun; Fame
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Yash-win, Yas-hwin

28. Rijan

Meaning: Noble; Popularity; Sunshine
Origin: Algerian

29. Tafaf

Meaning: Sundown; The Time Before Sunset
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: TUb + FAn + Fit
How to be Write: طاف
Lucky Number: 9

30. Mehrdaad

Meaning: Gift Of The Sun
Origin: Persian
Lucky Number: Mehrdaad Lucky Number Is 5

31. Pavan Adithya

Meaning: Wind & The Sun
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: पवन आदित्य

32. Zukaur Rahman

Meaning: Sun Of Rahman; Ie Allah
Origin: Algerian

33. Vivant

Meaning: Raise Of Sun; Full Of Life
Origin: Kannada

34. Duddu

Meaning: Milk; Love Of Sun
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dud-du, Duddu

35. Ramses

Meaning: Son Of Ra; The Sun God
Origin: Egyptian
Pronunciation: RAM-seez
Lucky Number: Ramses Lucky Number Is 2

36. Prabash

Meaning: The Sun; Ray Of Light
Origin: Assamese

37. Pavan Adithya

Meaning: Wind & Sun
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Pa-van Adithya, Pavan Adithya, Pa-van Adi-th-ya

38. Eshank

Meaning: The Sun; Lord Shiva
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: ईशांकी

39. Xu

Meaning: Brilliant Rising Sun
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Xu

40. Rameses

Meaning: The Sun God
Origin: Egyptian
Pronunciation: R(a)-me-ses

41. Areg

Meaning: Sun
Origin: Armenian
Pronunciation: Ar-ehg

42. Eshaan

Meaning: Lord Shiva; Lord Sun Or North-east Direction; Desiring And Wishing (1)
Origin: Telugu
Eshaan Name Meaning By Origin: خواہش اور خواہش رکھتے ہیں
Pronunciation: Es-haan
How to be Write: عشان
Lucky Number: Eshaan Lucky Number Is 3

43. Arthit

Meaning: Man Of The Sun
Origin: Thai
Pronunciation: AH-thit
Lucky Number: Arthit Lucky Number Is 2

44. Agradeep

Meaning: The Sun; First Ray Of Sunlight
Origin: Bengali

45. Aryaditya

Meaning: Sun Like Person In Aryans
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Arya-ditya, Ary-aditya, Arya-di-t-ya

46. Arpiar

Meaning: Sunny
Origin: Armenian

47. Rehans

Meaning: Part Of Sun; Part Of Lord Vishnu
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: रेहान्स

48. Prattush

Meaning: Rising Sun; Confident
Origin: Assamese

49. Dibakara

Meaning: Ray Of Light; The Sun
Origin: Assamese

50. Eliàn

Meaning: Sunbeam
Origin: Dutch
Pronunciation: E-lin

51. Ramsis

Meaning: Sun Born
Origin: Egyptian

52. Cyress

Meaning: " Sun"
Origin: Persian

53. Tapish

Meaning: Strong Warmth Of Sun
Origin: Hindi
Tapish Name Meaning By Origin: तपीश
Pronunciation: Tapish, Tap-ish, Ta-pish
How to be Write: तपिश
Lucky Number: Tapish Lucky Number Is 1

54. Jagadheesh

Meaning: The Sun Light Of The World
Origin: Kannada

55. Sonak

Meaning: Full Of Gold; Son Of Sun; Golden
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: सोनाकी

56. Prodyut

Meaning: First Ray Of Sun
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Prodyut, Prody-ut, Pro-dyut

57. Ekacakra

Meaning: One Wheel; The Chariot Of The Sun
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Eka-cakra, Eka-ca-kra

58. Eishan

Meaning: Supreme Ruler; Sun
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: ईशान:

59. Kai El

Meaning: Sun Ray

60. Cyrie

Meaning: Sun; Lord
Origin: Persian

61. Ra

Meaning: God Of The Sun
Origin: Egyptian
Pronunciation: RAH
Lucky Number: Ra Lucky Number Is 1

62. Fara

Meaning: Sunset
Origin: Hindi
Fara Name Meaning By Origin: سَردار، ایک خاندان کا سر براہ
Pronunciation: Fara, Fa-ra
How to be Write: فرعا
Lucky Number: Fara Lucky Number Is 7

63. Udayanand

Meaning: Smile Of Sun
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Udayanand, Uday-anand, Uda-yanand

64. Tejeshwin

Meaning: Sun
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Te-jesh-win, Tejesh-win, Te-jes-hwin

65. Akosua

Meaning: Born On Sunday
Origin: Ghanaian
Pronunciation: A-ko-sua

66. Tawa

Meaning: Born Beneath The Sun
Origin: Algerian

67. Bhasker

Meaning: Lord Surya (Sun)
Origin: Hindi
Bhasker Name Meaning By Origin: भास्केर
Pronunciation: Bhasker, Bhask-er, Bhas-ker
How to be Write: भास्कर
Lucky Number: Bhasker Lucky Number Is 1

68. Adithiya

Meaning: Thesun; Lord Of Sun; Newly Risen Sun; Lord Surya; The Sun
Origin: Hindi
Adithiya Name Meaning By Origin: आदितिय
Pronunciation: Adithiya, Adith-iya, Adi-thi-ya
How to be Write: आदित्य:
Lucky Number: Adithiya Lucky Number Is 5

69. Kosuke

Meaning: Rising Sun
Origin: Japanese
Pronunciation: KOH-soo-keh
Lucky Number: Kosuke Lucky Number Is 8

70. Khawer

Meaning: The East; A Place Of Sun Rise;
Origin: Arabic
Khawer Name Meaning By Origin: شرق
How to be Write: خاور
Lucky Number: Khawer Lucky Number Is 3

71. Byomkesh

Meaning: Lord Of The Sky; Sun
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: ब्योमकेश

72. Vibhakhar

Meaning: Sun
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Vib-hakhar, Vibhakhar, Vib-hak-har

73. Probhakor

Meaning: Sun
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Prob-hakor, Probhakor, Prob-ha-kor

74. Baskara

Meaning: " Sun"
Origin: Indonesian

75. Sondo

Meaning: Born On A Sunday

76. Aditiya

Meaning: Thesun; Lord Of Sun; Newly Risen Sun; Lord Surya; The Sun
Origin: Hindi
Aditiya Name Meaning By Origin: अदीतीया
Pronunciation: Adi-tiya, Aditiya, Adi-ti-ya
How to be Write: आदित्य
Lucky Number: Aditiya Lucky Number Is 6

77. Prabaker

Meaning: The Sun; One Who Gives Light
Origin: Kannada

78. Somaditya

Meaning: The Sun And The Moon Conjoined
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: So-ma-ditya, So-maditya, So-ma-di-t-ya

79. Vivandh

Meaning: Moon; Raise Of Sun
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Vi-vandh, Vivandh

80. Dinadhisa

Meaning: Sun
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Di-nad-hisa, Din-ad-hisa, Dinad-hi-sa

81. Antolin

Meaning: Sunrise
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: An-tolin

82. Baladhitya

Meaning: Young Sun; Young Man; The Newly Risen Sun
Origin: Hindi
Baladhitya Name Meaning By Origin: बालाधित्य
Pronunciation: Bal-ad-hitya, Balad-hitya, Balad-hi-t-ya
How to be Write: बालादित्य:
Lucky Number: Baladhitya Lucky Number Is 11

83. Grian

Meaning: Sun
Origin: Irish

84. Ahon

Meaning: Sunrise; Morning
Origin: Bengali

85. Ahaan Uddin

Meaning: Dawn; Sunrise; Morning Glory; First Ray Of Light; One Who Is Of The Nature Of Time Itself

86. Ilow

Meaning: Of The Sunshine; Filled

87. Anatolii

Meaning: Sunrise; East
Origin: Russian

88. Shamsan

Meaning: Bright; Brilliant; Sunlit
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: SHUn + Man + SANd
How to be Write: شمسان
Lucky Number: 1

89. Ajneesh

Meaning: The Suns Glory; Sunshine
Origin: Hindi
Ajneesh Name Meaning By Origin: अजनीश
Pronunciation: Ajneesh, Aj-neesh
How to be Write: अजनीश
Lucky Number: Ajneesh Lucky Number Is 8

90. Adviteeya

Meaning: Unique; The First One No Second; The Sun Or One Which Has No End
Origin: Hindi
Adviteeya Name Meaning By Origin: अद्वितिय
Pronunciation: Ad-vi-teeya, Ad-vit-eeya, Ad-vi-tee-ya
How to be Write: अद्वितेया
Lucky Number: Adviteeya Lucky Number Is 11

91. Abhyudaya

Meaning: Sunrise; Elevation; Increase; Prosperity
Origin: Hindi
Abhyudaya Name Meaning By Origin: अभ्युदया 
Pronunciation: Ab-hyu-daya, Ab-hy-udaya, Ab-hyu-da-ya
How to be Write: अभ्युदय:
Lucky Number: Abhyudaya Lucky Number Is 7

92. Raj Kiran

Meaning: King Of Sunrays
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: राज किरण

93. Nutesh

Meaning: Sunshine
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: नुतेश

94. Nitanshu

Meaning: Endless; Morning Sun
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: नितांशु

95. Dyu Mani

Meaning: Lord Shiva; Sky Jewel; Another Name For Shiva And Sun
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: द्यु मणि

96. Deedhyan

Meaning: Shining; Brilliant; The Sun
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: दीध्यान

97. Prajalit

Meaning: Illuminated; Brightness; Sunshine
Origin: Assamese

98. Nooraiz

Meaning: First Sunlight Reaching Earth
Origin: Algerian

99. Raj Kiran

Meaning: King Of Sun Rays
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Raj Ki-ran, Raj Kir-an

100. Randitya

Meaning: Sun; Powerful
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ran-ditya, Ran-d-itya, Ran-di-t-ya