100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Survivor

100 Unique Survivor Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Survivor most popular names of 2023 feature Tesha as Number one for girls, and Abdul Waris in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Survivor are Kinlee and Najiyah and for girls, and Zosimus and Syndile and Sindyle and for boys. Here is the list for Survivor baby names for boys and girls.

1. Abdul Waris

Meaning: Servant Of The Survivor
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Ab-dul-Waris, Ab-dul-War-is, Ab-dul-Wa-ris
How to be Write: عبدالوارث

2. Zosimus

Meaning: " Viable; Survivor"
Origin: Greek

3. Syndile

Meaning: The Survivor

4. Sindyle

Meaning: The Survivor

5. Syndyle

Meaning: The Survivor

6. Abdul Waris

Meaning: Servant Of The Survivor
Origin: Urdu
Abdul Waris Name Meaning By Origin: لواحقین کا خادم
Pronunciation: Up + B + Day + PUt + PLay + WAnt + pRay + SIt + Sit Or THing
How to be Write: عبدالوارث
Lucky Number: Abdul Waris Lucky Number Is 1

7. Sindile

Meaning: The Survivor
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Sindile, Sin-di-le

8. Naji

Meaning: Survivor; Rescued Person; Delivered And Saved Person
Origin: Hindi
Naji Name Meaning By Origin: آزاد منش
Pronunciation: NAp + Joy + SEE
How to be Write: ناجی
Lucky Number: Naji Lucky Number Is 7