100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Virgin

100 Unique Virgin Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Virgin most popular names of 2023 feature Ainhoa as Number one for girls, and Virginius in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Virgin are Artemis and Virginia and Ginnie and for girls, and Kaniz and Asencion and Carrell and for boys. Here is the list for Virgin baby names for boys and girls.

1. Virginius

Meaning: Virgin

2. Kaniz

Meaning: Maid Servant; Female Servant; Virgin
Origin: Arabic
Kaniz Name Meaning By Origin: نوکرانی، باندی
Pronunciation: Kaniz, Kan-iz, Ka-niz
How to be Write: کنیز
Lucky Number: Kaniz Lucky Number Is 7

3. Asencion

Meaning: Assumption (of The Virgin Mary Into Heaven)
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: As(e)-ncion

4. Carrell

Meaning: Coral; Maiden; Virgin; Carol
Origin: Anguillian

5. Gillmore

Meaning: Servant To The Virgin
Origin: Irish

6. Gilmore

Meaning: Servant Of The Virgin Mary
Origin: Gaelic
Pronunciation: GIL-mawr
Lucky Number: Gilmore Lucky Number Is 7

7. Gilmor

Meaning: Servant To The Virgin
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Gil-mor, Gilmor

8. Virgo

Meaning: Virgin; Maiden
Origin: Latin

9. Beli Mawr

Meaning: Legendary Brother In Law Of The Virgin Mary
Origin: Welsh
Lucky Number: Beli Mawr Lucky Number Is 11

10. Bikr

Meaning: Virgin
Origin: Arabic
Bikr Name Meaning By Origin: سب سے پہلے پیدا ہوا، سب سے بڑے
Pronunciation: BIt + Kitten + PRay
How to be Write: بِکر
Lucky Number: 4

11. Verginius

Meaning: Virgin

12. Virgino

Meaning: Virgin

13. Gilmour

Meaning: Servant To The Virgin
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Gil-mour, Gilmour

14. Virginio

Meaning: Virgin
Origin: Austrailian

15. Gillmour

Meaning: Servant To The Virgin
Origin: Irish

16. Partemio

Meaning: Having A Pure And Virginal
Origin: Greek

17. Kelik

Meaning: Rejoiced; Happy; Pure; Clear; From Of Katherine; Virginal; Keeper Of The Keys; Elder Sister
Origin: Hindi
Kelik Name Meaning By Origin: केलिक
Pronunciation: Ke-lik
How to be Write: केलिको
Lucky Number: Kelik Lucky Number Is 3

18. Virgena

Meaning: Chaste; Virginal
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Vir-ge-na, Vir-gena
Lucky Number: Virgena Lucky Number Is 4

19. Parthenios

Meaning: Virgin
Origin: Greek
Lucky Number: Parthenios Lucky Number Is 8

20. Gabrial

Meaning: Of Hebrew Origin Meaning Strong Man Of God The Name Of The Archangel Who Told The Virgin Mary She Would Be The Mother Of Jesus
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: GAY-bree-AL

21. Maolmhuire

Meaning: Servant Of The Virgin Mary
Origin: Irish

22. Carlea

Meaning: Coral; Virgin; Maiden
Origin: American

23. Gillmor

Meaning: Servant To The Virgin

24. Sharmon

Meaning: Delight; Charm; Virgin; Maiden
Origin: English