100+ Unique boy Name Meaning War

100 Unique War Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. War most popular names of 2023 feature Louisa as Number one for girls, and Ares in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of War are Anne and Deborah and Louie and for girls, and Finnley and Gunner and Winston and for boys. Here is the list for War baby names for boys and girls.

1. Ares

Meaning: Ares Means Fighter Ares Was The God Of War In Greek Mythology
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: AIReez

2. Finnley

Meaning: A Alternative Spelling Of The Name Finlay; Which Comes From The Surname Fionnlagh; Meaning White Or Fair Warrior
Origin: Irish
Pronunciation: FIHNLiy

3. Gunner

Meaning: Bold Warrior
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Gun-ner
Lucky Number: Gunner Lucky Number Is 7

4. Winston

Meaning: From Wine's Town; From A FrienD's Town. Famous Bearer: Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965), WorlD War II British Statesman.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Win-ston
Lucky Number: Winston Lucky Number Is 6

5. Kase

Meaning: Son Of The Warrior; Features Of The Bird
Origin: Celtic
Pronunciation: KAYs

6. Casen

Meaning: Innocent And Pure; Untouched; Son Of The Warrior
Origin: Irish
Pronunciation: KAYsin

7. Alonso

Meaning: Warrior; Battle-ready; Of Noble Heart And Mind
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: AhLONso

8. Sloan

Meaning: Fighter; Warrior Surname
Origin: Celtic
Pronunciation: Sloan, Slo-an
Lucky Number: Sloan Lucky Number Is 7

9. Grayson

Meaning: Son Of The Steward
Origin: English
Pronunciation: GRAY-sən
Lucky Number: Grayson Lucky Number Is 9

10. Eddie

Meaning: Rich In Friendship; Or Wealthy Friend From The Old English Name Eadwine; Meaning Rich Or Happy; And Friend Also A Diminutive Of Edward: Wealthy Guardian From The Old English Name Eadweard; Meaning Rich Or Happy; And Guardian
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Ed-die
Lucky Number: Eddie Lucky Number Is 9

11. Mark

Meaning: Rendered To Mars; Warlike
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: MAHRK
Lucky Number: Mark Lucky Number Is 7

12. Cillian

Meaning: War; Strife
Origin: Hebrew
Lucky Number: Cillian Lucky Number Is 6

13. Bailee

Meaning: Steward; Bailiff
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Bailee, Bai-lee
Lucky Number: Bailee Lucky Number Is 7

14. Cole

Meaning: A Person Of Swarthy Appearance
Origin: English
Pronunciation: KOL
Lucky Number: Cole Lucky Number Is 8

15. Marcus

Meaning: Rendered To Mars; Warlike
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: MAHR-kəs
Lucky Number: Marcus Lucky Number Is 3

16. William

Meaning: Strong-willed Warrior
Origin: English
Pronunciation: WIL-ee-əm/WIL-yəm
Lucky Number: William Lucky Number Is 4

17. Greyson

Meaning: The Son Of The Steward
Origin: English
Pronunciation: GRAY-sən
Lucky Number: Greyson Lucky Number Is 4

18. Baylee

Meaning: Steward; Bailiff
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Baylee, Bay-lee
Lucky Number: Baylee Lucky Number Is 5

19. Watson

Meaning: Great Warrior
Origin: English
Pronunciation: WAHT-sən
Lucky Number: Watson Lucky Number Is 2

20. Marco

Meaning: Rendered To Mars; Warlike
Origin: Portuguese
Pronunciation: MAHR-ko
Lucky Number: Marco Lucky Number Is 5

21. Oliver

Meaning: Elf Warrior
Origin: German
Pronunciation: AHL-ə-vər
Lucky Number: Oliver Lucky Number Is 9

22. Duncan

Meaning: Brown Warrior
Origin: Gaelic
Pronunciation: DUN-kən
Lucky Number: Duncan Lucky Number Is 7

23. Marcos

Meaning: Rendered To Mars; Warlike
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: MAHR-kos
Lucky Number: Marcos Lucky Number Is 6

24. Ghaziuddin

Meaning: Warrior Of Religion
Origin: Hindi
Ghaziuddin Name Meaning By Origin: مذہب کےسپاہی
Pronunciation: Ghaz-i-ud-din, Ghazi-ud-din, Gha-zi-ud-din
How to be Write: غازی الدین

25. Çinar

Meaning: One Warrior Or Battle Leader
Origin: Scandinavian
Pronunciation: I-nar

26. Andreu

Meaning: Masculine; Warrior
Origin: American

27. Wojciech

Meaning: A Warrior To Whom Combat Brings Joy
Origin: Slavic
Pronunciation: Woj-ciech

28. Borys

Meaning: WarriorFamous Bearers:monster Movie Actor Boris Karloff And Russian President Boris Yeltsin
Origin: Slavic
Pronunciation: Bo-rys, Borys
Lucky Number: Borys Lucky Number Is 7

29. Herleif

Meaning: Warrior Descendent
Origin: Norwegian, OlD Norse
Pronunciation: HER-leef
Lucky Number: Herleif Lucky Number Is 4

30. Fyn

Meaning: Fair Haired Warrior
Origin: Scottish

31. Warrane

Meaning: Warden Of The Game
Origin: French
Lucky Number: Warrane Lucky Number Is 8

32. Borris

Meaning: WarriorFamous Bearers:monster Movie Actor Boris Karloff And Russian President Boris Yeltsin
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Bor-ris
Lucky Number: Borris Lucky Number Is 9

33. Zuya

Meaning: Warrior Woman
Origin: Algerian

34. Loránd

Meaning: Brave Warrior
Origin: Hungarian

35. Aetheldred

Meaning: Warrior; Innovative; Handsome
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Aethel-dred, Aeth-eldred, Ae-theld-red

36. Wiebe

Meaning: Fighter; Warrior
Origin: American

37. Hasaam

Meaning: Sword; Talwar
Origin: Arabic
Hasaam Name Meaning By Origin: تلور کی دھار
How to be Write: حسام
Lucky Number: Hasaam Lucky Number Is 7

38. Rajvir

Meaning: Brave King; The Hero Of The Land; Kingdoms Warrior
Origin: Hindi
Rajvir Name Meaning By Origin: राजवीर  ,राजवीर  
Pronunciation: Ra-jvir
How to be Write: राजवीर
Lucky Number: Rajvir Lucky Number Is 6

39. Chad

Meaning: War Or Soldier
Origin: English
Pronunciation: CHAD
Lucky Number: Chad Lucky Number Is 7

40. Proceso

Meaning: Moves Forward
Origin: Latin

41. Rodgers

Meaning: Famous Warrior
Origin: German
Pronunciation: R(o)-dge-rs

42. Butlor

Meaning: Wine Steward

43. Vercingetorix

Meaning: The King Of Warriors

44. Uaide

Meaning: To Rule; Army; Warrior

45. Hizan

Meaning: Warrior
Origin: Algerian

46. Vadamalai

Meaning: Lord Venkateshwara
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Vadamalai, Vadam-alai, Va-da-ma-lai

47. Riken

Meaning: Warm Hearted; Creative
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Riken, Ri-ken

48. Zunaid

Meaning: Warrior
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Zu-naid, Zun-aid, Zu-n-aid

49. Martese

Meaning: Martial; Warlike
Origin: Brazilian

50. Wakyza

Meaning: Determined Warrior

51. Syrocco

Meaning: Of The Warm Wind

52. Inderveer

Meaning: GoDs ' Warrior' Warrior , Strength Of InDra
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: इंद्रवीर
Lucky Number: Inderveer Lucky Number Is 1

53. Fazal

Meaning: Excellence; Superiority; Reward; Grace;
Origin: Arabic
Fazal Name Meaning By Origin: بخشش، بزرگی
Pronunciation: Fazal, Fa-zal
How to be Write: فضل
Lucky Number: Fazal Lucky Number Is 9

54. Vighneswar

Meaning: Lord Venkateswara Swamy
Origin: Assamese

55. Sembiyan

Meaning: Chola King; Best Warrior
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Sem-biyan, Sem-biy-an

56. Donahoe

Meaning: Dark Warrior

57. Chaad

Meaning: Battle; Warrior
Origin: English

58. Xavi

Meaning: Variant Of Xavier; Warm And Inviting; Able To Make Friends Easily
Origin: Basque
Pronunciation: ExAHvee

59. Kesava

Meaning: Name Of Lord Krishna; Lord Venkateswara; Lord Vishnu; He Who Has Beautiful Locks Of Hair; Slayer Of Keshi Demon
Origin: Hindi
Kesava Name Meaning By Origin: केसवा 
Pronunciation: Ke-sa-va, Kesava, Kes-ava
How to be Write: केशव
Lucky Number: Kesava Lucky Number Is 5

60. Buzyges

Meaning: Three-fold Warrior
Origin: Greek

61. Oleks

Meaning: Defending Men; Warrior
Origin: Finnish

62. Udbhuddha

Meaning: Warrior; Innovative; Handsome
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Udb-hud-dha, Udb-huddha

63. Keraja

Meaning: Warrior; Innovative; Handsome
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Ker-a-ja, Keraja, Kera-ja
How to be Write: کیراجہ

64. Avicati

Meaning: Aware; Sentimental; Noble
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Avi-cati, Avicati, Avi-ca-ti

65. Lew

Meaning: " Renowned Warrior"
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Lew

66. Yishachar

Meaning: There Is Reward

67. Vitéz

Meaning: A Courageous Warrior

68. Ulfer

Meaning: Warrior Fierce As A
Origin: German

69. Martez

Meaning: Variant Of Martinez; A Warrior; Protector; Prepared For Battle
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: MARtez

70. DeMari

Meaning: This Strong Name Means Manly Or Verile; And It Is Derived From Mars; The Roman God Of War
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Dee-MAH-ree

71. Mawrth

Meaning: God Of War
Origin: Welsh
Lucky Number: Mawrth Lucky Number Is 11

72. Chlodwig

Meaning: Famous Warrior
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Chlod-wig
Lucky Number: Chlodwig Lucky Number Is 9

73. Chatwyn

Meaning: Warring Friend
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Chatwyn, Chat-wyn
Lucky Number: Chatwyn Lucky Number Is 4

74. Tapish

Meaning: Strong Warmth Of Sun
Origin: Hindi
Tapish Name Meaning By Origin: तपीश
Pronunciation: Tapish, Tap-ish, Ta-pish
How to be Write: तपिश
Lucky Number: Tapish Lucky Number Is 1

75. Viik

Meaning: Famous In War
Origin: Finnish

76. Sabariesh

Meaning: Warrior; Innovative; Handsome
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Sabariesh, Sabar-iesh, Sa-ba-ri-esh

77. Soldier

Meaning: Warrior
Origin: American

78. Kabali

Meaning: Lord Shiva; Short Form Of Kabaleeshwar
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ka-bali, Kabali, Ka-ba-li

79. Zandro

Meaning: Man&#x; S Defender Or Warrior
Origin: Slavic
Pronunciation: Zan-dro

80. Marky

Meaning: " Warlike"
Origin: Latin

81. Kerbasie

Meaning: Warrior

82. Donahugh

Meaning: Dark Warrior

83. Dimario

Meaning: Mars; Male; Manly; Virile; Sea; War-like; Dedicated To Mars; Gleaming

84. Cadbee

Meaning: Warrior' S Settlement

85. Marcelino

Meaning: This Boys Name Is An Italian Surname And A Alternative Of Mark And MarcelIt Means War-like And Is Related To Mars; The God Of War
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: MARsehleeno

86. Vaughan

Meaning: Henry IV' Duke Of Clarence. Thomas Wart, Country SolDier. 'Henry VI' Thomas Horner, Armourer. 'Henry VIII' Sir Thomas Lovell. 'Measure For Measure' A Friar. 'King Henry VI, III', 'Henry VIII' Duke Of Norfolk. 'King RicharD III' Sir Thomas Vaughan.
Origin: Shakespearean
Pronunciation: Vaugh-an, Vaughan
Lucky Number: Vaughan Lucky Number Is 11

87. Balin

Meaning: Mighty Warrior
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Balin, Bal-in, Ba-lin
How to be Write: बालिन
Lucky Number: Balin Lucky Number Is 2

88. Abisali

Meaning: Warrior In Islam
Origin: Arabic
Abisali Name Meaning By Origin: اسلام کے مجاہد
Pronunciation: Abisali, Abis-ali, Abi-sa-li
How to be Write: ابیصیلی
Lucky Number: Abisali Lucky Number Is 7

89. Marousek

Meaning: Warlike
Origin: Czech

90. Abidugun

Meaning: Born Before The War
Origin: African

91. Akalchetan

Meaning: Aware Of Eternal Love
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Akalchetan, Akal-chet-an, Akal-che-tan

92. Rigobert

Meaning: Illustrious Warrior
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: Rig(o)-bert

93. Kerbasee

Meaning: Warrior

94. Junaed

Meaning: A Warrior
Origin: Algerian

95. Chadborn

Meaning: From The Warrior' S Stream

96. Brocardo

Meaning: Armed Warrior

97. Apo

Meaning: He Who Moves Forward
Origin: Finnish

98. Yishacharr

Meaning: There Is Reward

99. Fin

Meaning: Copied From The Irish Meaning White Or Fair Fin Is A Form Of The Name Finnley Meaning Fair Warrior
Origin: Celtic
Pronunciation: FIHN

100. Aydenn

Meaning: Variant Of Aiden; The Name Means Small & Fiery And Warm
Origin: Gaelic
Pronunciation: Ay-den