100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Water

100 Unique Water Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Water most popular names of 2023 feature Maryam as Number one for girls, and Dilan in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Water are Kailani and Autumn and Mariam and for girls, and Moses and Morgan and Erick and for boys. Here is the list for Water baby names for boys and girls.

1. Dilan

Meaning: Born Near The Sea
Origin: Irish
Pronunciation: Di-lan, Dil-an, Dilan
Lucky Number: Dilan Lucky Number Is 22

2. Moses

Meaning: Saved From The Water
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Mos-es, Moses, Mo-ses
Lucky Number: Moses Lucky Number Is 8

3. Morgan

Meaning: Bright Seadwells Near The Sea
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Morgan
Lucky Number: Morgan Lucky Number Is 5

4. Erick

Meaning: Ever Kingly In Scandinavian Legend The Viking Sea Rover Ericson: (son Of Eric The Red) Landed On The Shores Of America 500 Years Before Christopher Columbus
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Erick
Lucky Number: Erick Lucky Number Is 1

5. Musa

Meaning: Saved From The Water
Origin: Arabic
Musa Name Meaning By Origin: حضرت موسیٰ ،مشہور پیغمبر
Pronunciation: MOOn + SAnd
How to be Write: موسیٰ
Lucky Number: Musa Lucky Number Is 9

6. Ronan

Meaning: Little Seal
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Ro-nan, Ron-an
Lucky Number: Ronan Lucky Number Is 8

7. Wesson

Meaning: From A Town West Of The Sea
Origin: English
Pronunciation: WES-ən
Lucky Number: Wesson Lucky Number Is 4

8. Meredith

Meaning: Guardian Of The SeaGreat ChiefThis Name Can Be Given To Children Of Either Gender; But Is More Common Among Girls
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Mered-ith, Meredith, Me-re-dith
Lucky Number: Meredith Lucky Number Is 1

9. Ocean

Meaning: Sea Titan
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: O-shən
Lucky Number: Ocean Lucky Number Is 2

10. Caspian

Meaning: Caspian Sea
Origin: English
Pronunciation: KAS-pee-ən
Lucky Number: Caspian Lucky Number Is 8

11. Douglas

Meaning: The Dark Waters
Origin: Gaelic
Pronunciation: DUG-ləs
Lucky Number: Douglas Lucky Number Is 7

12. Murphy

Meaning: Seaman Or Mariner
Origin: Gaelic
Pronunciation: MUR-fee
Lucky Number: Murphy Lucky Number Is 2

13. Brody

Meaning: Waterway
Origin: Gaelic
Pronunciation: BRO-Dee
Lucky Number: Brody Lucky Number Is 1

14. Layton

Meaning: A Settlement With A Water Course
Origin: English
Pronunciation: LAY-tən
Lucky Number: Layton Lucky Number Is 6

15. Ergin

Meaning: Ripe; Matured Or Seasoned;
Origin: Turkish

16. Basanth

Meaning: Season Of Spring; Happy
Origin: Kannada

17. Phaalgun

Meaning: Name Of A Month In Spring Season
Origin: Hindi
Phaalgun Name Meaning By Origin: फाल्गुन
Pronunciation: Phaal-gun
How to be Write: फाल्गुन
Lucky Number: Phaalgun Lucky Number Is 8

18. Rasem

Meaning: Mirror Image; Running Water
Origin: Turkish
Rasem Name Meaning By Origin: عکس تصویر۔ جاری پانی
How to be Write: راسم
Lucky Number: Rasem Lucky Number Is 2

19. Tushar

Meaning: Ice Snow; Fine Drops Of Water
Origin: Hindi
Tushar Name Meaning By Origin: तुषार
Pronunciation: Tushar, Tush-ar, Tus-har
How to be Write: तुषारी
Lucky Number: Tushar Lucky Number Is 6

20. Urv

Meaning: Clouds; Sea
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: उर्वी

21. Zaden

Meaning: Variant Of Zaid; Thrives In The World; Always Searching For More To Do
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: ZAYden
How to be Write: زادن

22. Irving

Meaning: Water Of Green
Origin: English
Pronunciation: UR-ving
Lucky Number: Irving Lucky Number Is 7

23. Dyland

Meaning: A Alternative Of Dylan; A Welsh Name Meaningson Of The SeaThe Name Grew In Popularity Because Of The Iconic Singer-songwriter Bob Dylan
Origin: Welsh
Pronunciation: DIH-land

24. Caldwell

Meaning: Cold Water Source
Origin: English
Pronunciation: CAWLD-wel
Lucky Number: Caldwell Lucky Number Is 3

25. Calder

Meaning: Harsh And Cold Waters
Origin: Gaelic
Pronunciation: KAHL-Der
Lucky Number: Calder Lucky Number Is 7

26. Seeburt

Meaning: Shining Sea

27. Raynaldus

Meaning: Researcher; Freedom Lover; Highly Sensitive
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Ray-nal-dus, Raynal-dus

28. Vendusetlus

Meaning: Helpful; Researcher; Comfortable
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Ven-dusetlus, Ven-d-u-setlus, Ven-du-set-lus

29. Worta

Meaning: Skill; Researcher; Mysterious
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Wor-ta, Worta

30. Cetus

Meaning: Sea Monster Of Poseidon
Origin: Greek
Lucky Number: Cetus Lucky Number Is 5

31. Zurl

Meaning: Child Of The Sea And
Origin: Hebrew

32. Hali

Meaning: Sea
Origin: Greek
Hali Name Meaning By Origin: وقتی، موجودہ
Pronunciation: Hali, Ha-li
How to be Write: حالی
Lucky Number: Hali Lucky Number Is 3

33. Dev Saagar

Meaning: Divine Power Of Ocean
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: देव सागर

34. Nabhas

Meaning: Sky; Ocean; Heavenly
Origin: Hindi
Nabhas Name Meaning By Origin: नाभस
Pronunciation: Nab-has, Nabhas
How to be Write: नभासी
Lucky Number: Nabhas Lucky Number Is 9

35. Taylen

Meaning: This Unisex Name Combines Spelling Alternatives Of The Occupational Name Tailor With The Popular Ending Lyn Meaninglake; Son Of The Sea And Salvation
Origin: French
Pronunciation: TAY-len

36. Zale

Meaning: Power Of The Sea
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Zale, Za-le
Lucky Number: Zale Lucky Number Is 8

37. Udadhea

Meaning: Ocean

38. Sawanpreet

Meaning: Love For The Rainy Season
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Sawan-preet, Sa-wan-preet

39. Ahima

Meaning: Not Cold; Hot; Cloud; Water; Traveller
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ahi-ma

40. Kai Kai

Meaning: From The Sea

41. Zael

Meaning: Sea Strength
Origin: Greek
Lucky Number: 7

42. Fatash

Meaning: Searcher
Origin: Arabic
Fatash Name Meaning By Origin: متلاشی
How to be Write: فتاش
Lucky Number: Fatash Lucky Number Is 9

43. Zarab

Meaning: Golden Water
Origin: Arabic
Zarab Name Meaning By Origin: سنہرا پانی
How to be Write: زراب
Lucky Number: 3

44. Waeba

Meaning: Skill; Researcher; Mysterious
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Wae-ba, Waeba

45. Zurlee

Meaning: Child Of The Sea And

46. Youhei

Meaning: Flat Sea

47. Vidyasagara

Meaning: Sea Of Knowledge
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Vidyasagara, Vidy-as-agara, Vi-dya-sa-ga-ra

48. Kaiholo

Meaning: Moving Sea
Origin: Hawaiian
Pronunciation: Kie-HO-lo
Lucky Number: Kaiholo Lucky Number Is 2

49. Dinogad

Meaning: Helpful; Researcher; Comfortable
Origin: Celtic
Pronunciation: Dino-gad, Dinogad, Di-no-gad

50. Pelagius

Meaning: Of The Sea

51. Seabrok

Meaning: Brook Near The Sea

52. Bhavjeet

Meaning: One Who Swims Across The DreaDful ' WorlD' WorlD ' Ocean' Ocean
Origin: Sikh
Pronunciation: Bhav-jeet, Bhavjeet, Bha-vjeet
Lucky Number: Bhavjeet Lucky Number Is 1

53. Dev Saagar

Meaning: Divine Power Of Ocean
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dev-Saa-gar, Dev-Saagar

54. Ahmad Zulkifli

Meaning: Researcher; Freedom Lover; Highly Sensitive
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Ah-madZulk-i-fli, Ah-madZulkifli, Ah-ma-dZul-ki-f-li
How to be Write: احمد ذوالکفلی

55. Casey Dylan

Meaning: From A Large Sea

56. Paio

Meaning: Belonging To The Sea
Origin: Latin

57. Udadhie

Meaning: Ocean

58. Seabrock

Meaning: Brook Near The Sea

59. Wayde

Meaning: Medieval Given Name From Scandinavian Mythology Also English Surname Referring To A Water Crossing
Origin: ScanDinavian
Pronunciation: Wayde, Way-de
Lucky Number: Wayde Lucky Number Is 22

60. Gaidon

Meaning: Skill; Researcher; Mysterious
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Gaidon, Gai-don

61. Damakesin

Meaning: Skill; Researcher; Mysterious
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Da-makesin, Da-ma-ke-sin

62. Cetarka

Meaning: Skill; Researcher; Mysterious
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ce-tar-ka, Cetarka, Cetar-ka

63. Lamaar

Meaning: From The Renowned Land Of The Sea
Origin: English

64. Warayn

Meaning: One Who Belongs To The Sea

65. Wainani

Meaning: Beautiful Water

66. Udadhy

Meaning: Ocean

67. Sagarjit

Meaning: One Who Have Won Over Ocean
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: सागरजीतो

68. Maoileachlainn

Meaning: Servant Of Saint Seachnall
Origin: Irish

69. Qamis

Meaning: The Sea
Origin: Arabic
Qamis Name Meaning By Origin: سمندر
How to be Write: قمیس
Lucky Number: 3

70. Vagor

Meaning: Helpful; Researcher; Comfortable
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Vagor, Va-gor

71. Jaladhee

Meaning: Sea

72. Briartach

Meaning: Seaman; Mariner
Origin: Irish

73. Waraine

Meaning: One Who Belongs To The Sea

74. Varil

Meaning: Water
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Var-il, Va-ril

75. Shishir

Meaning: Winter; Name Of A Season; Cold
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Shishir, Shis-hir
How to be Write: शिशिरो

76. Qirwah

Meaning: Cold Water
Origin: Arabic
Qirwah Name Meaning By Origin: ٹھنڈا پانی
How to be Write: قروہ
Lucky Number: 5

77. See

Meaning: From By The Sea
Origin: British
Pronunciation: See

78. Minik

Meaning: " Oil Used To Seal Skins"
Origin: Greenlandic

79. Thron

Meaning: Throne; Seat Of Royalty
Origin: American

80. Ronen

Meaning: Little Seal
Origin: Irish

81. Masd

Meaning: Highland; Plateau; A Cold Area Of Land That Is High Above Sea Level
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: MUSt + Day
How to be Write: مسد

82. Nun

Meaning: God Of The Ocean
Origin: Egyptian
Lucky Number: Nun Lucky Number Is 4

83. Bahr

Meaning: Sea; Ocean; River
Origin: Arabic
Bahr Name Meaning By Origin: سمندر، بحر
Pronunciation: Bahr
How to be Write: بحر
Lucky Number: Bahr Lucky Number Is 5

84. Naseem

Meaning: Gentle Breeze; Cool Fresh Air That Blows From The Sea
Origin: Hindi
Naseem Name Meaning By Origin: نرم ٹھنڈی
Pronunciation: NUt + SEEM
How to be Write: نسیم
Lucky Number: Naseem Lucky Number Is 7

85. Ronain

Meaning: Little Seal
Origin: Irish

86. Poncio

Meaning: Come From The Sea
Origin: Greek

87. Nereo

Meaning: The Captain At Sea
Origin: Austrailian

88. Sujaldeep

Meaning: Affectionate; Pure Water
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Su-jaldeep, Su-jal-de-ep

89. Qarin

Meaning: The Ocean
Origin: Hindi
Qarin Name Meaning By Origin: دوست
Pronunciation: Qarin, Qar-in, Qa-rin
How to be Write: قرین

90. Jalada

Meaning: Giving Water; Rain Cloud; Ocean
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Jal-a-da, Jalada, Jala-da

91. Himambu

Meaning: Water Of Snow
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Hi-mam-bu, Him-ambu

92. Craeda

Meaning: Skill; Researcher; Mysterious
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Crae-da, Craeda, Cra-eda

93. Miraç

Meaning: Admirable; Peace; Female Ruler; Ocean
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: M(i)-ra

94. Pelagus

Meaning: Of The Sea

95. Mufidee

Meaning: A Man Of The Sea

96. Waraene

Meaning: One Who Belongs To The Sea

97. Lochlain

Meaning: Derives From The Gaelic Name Loch Meaining Lake Or Arm Of The Sea
Origin: Gaelic
Pronunciation: LOK-lain

98. Taralah

Meaning: Searching Out Slander; Or Strength
Origin: Assamese
Lucky Number: Taralah Lucky Number Is 7

99. Murthuile

Meaning: Sea Tide
Origin: Gaelic
Lucky Number: Murthuile Lucky Number Is 1

100. Doogie

Meaning: Dark WaterIn The Seventeenth Century; This Name Was As Popular For Girls As For Boys
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Doo-gie
Lucky Number: Doogie Lucky Number Is 1