100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Young

100 Unique Young Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Young most popular names of 2023 feature Fatima as Number one for girls, and Colter in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Young are Juliette and Julianna and Giuliana and for girls, and Junior and Colin and Kalu and for boys. Here is the list for Young baby names for boys and girls.

1. Colter

Meaning: Horse Herdsmanyoung Horse; Frisky
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Colter, Col-ter
Lucky Number: Colter Lucky Number Is 1

2. Junior

Meaning: Younger Or Younger Child
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: JOON-yər
Lucky Number: Junior Lucky Number Is 6

3. Colin

Meaning: Young Dog. A Translation Of The Gaelic 'Cailean' Also, 'victory Of The People'.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Colin, Co-lin
Lucky Number: Colin Lucky Number Is 8

4. Kalu

Meaning: Young Ruler; Black Complexion
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: K(a)-lu

5. Elihu

Meaning: My GoD Is He. Elihu Was A Young Man In The Biblical Book Of Job Who Gave Fiery Defense Of GoD's Righteousness.
Origin: Hebrew
Lucky Number: Elihu Lucky Number Is 1

6. Yuvaraju

Meaning: A Young King
Origin: Kannada

7. Haytham

Meaning: Young Hawk
Origin: Hindi
Haytham Name Meaning By Origin: جوان عقاب
Pronunciation: Haytham, Hay-tham
How to be Write: ہیتہم
Lucky Number: Haytham Lucky Number Is 4

8. Valeed

Meaning: Young
Origin: Arabic
Valeed Name Meaning By Origin: کمسن
How to be Write: ولید
Lucky Number: 5

9. Yuvaansh

Meaning: Young Generation
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Yu-vaansh

10. Vitaliano

Meaning: Young And Strong
Origin: Austrailian

11. Lait

Meaning: A Fascinating Young
Origin: Arabic
Lait Name Meaning By Origin: مشکل
How to be Write: لیت

12. Bal Krishan

Meaning: Young Krishna
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Bal Kr-is-han, Bal Krishan

13. Bal Krishna

Meaning: Young Krishna
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Bal Kr-ish-na, Bal Krishna, Bal Kris-h-na

14. Eoghann

Meaning: Young; Youth
Origin: Gaelic
Lucky Number: Eoghann Lucky Number Is 1

15. Eark

Meaning: A Red-haired Young Man

16. Baqil

Meaning: Young; Handsome
Origin: Arabic
Baqil Name Meaning By Origin: نوجوان، نو عمیر، خوبرو
How to be Write: باقل
Lucky Number: Baqil Lucky Number Is 5

17. Shaabb

Meaning: Young Man
Origin: Algerian

18. Collens

Meaning: A Young Hound
Origin: English
Pronunciation: KAHL-ənz
Lucky Number: Collens Lucky Number Is 5

19. Atsu

Meaning: Youngest Of Twins
Origin: African

20. Agidius

Meaning: " Young Goat"
Origin: Greek

21. Ilandevan

Meaning: Young Master
Origin: Hindi
Ilandevan Name Meaning By Origin: इलान्देवन
Pronunciation: Ilan-de-van, Ilandevan
How to be Write: इलैंडेवन
Lucky Number: Ilandevan Lucky Number Is 1

22. Bevin

Meaning: Young Soldier
Origin: Celtic
Lucky Number: Bevin Lucky Number Is 7

23. Vitalicio

Meaning: Young And Strong

24. Balakrishnan

Meaning: Young Krishna
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Balakr-ish-nan, Balakrish-nan, Bala-kris-hnan

25. Yuvein

Meaning: Young At Heart Lord Shivas Name
Lucky Number: 6

26. Froilan

Meaning: Rich And Beloved Young Master
Origin: German

27. Taku

Meaning: Young; Living Just For A Little Time Yet
Origin: Bhutani

28. Nanaka

Meaning: Youngest
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Nana-ka

29. Junaid Junayd

Meaning: Young Fighter
Origin: Algerian

30. Bal

Meaning: Young; Infant; Strong
Origin: Hindi
Bal Name Meaning By Origin: قلب، نفس، رُوح
Pronunciation: Bal
How to be Write: بل
Lucky Number: Bal Lucky Number Is 6

31. Ilavalagan

Meaning: Young And Handsome
Origin: Hindi
Ilavalagan Name Meaning By Origin: इलावलगन
Pronunciation: Ilavala-gan, Ilava-lagan, Ila-vala-gan
How to be Write: इलावलगन
Lucky Number: Ilavalagan Lucky Number Is 8

32. Naaran

Meaning: Young Man
Origin: Hebrew

33. Lamarion

Meaning: Young Challenger Of The Future
Lucky Number: 6

34. Yovani

Meaning: Young Lady
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Yo-vani, Yovani, Yo-va-ni

35. Tarunjay

Meaning: Beautiful Young Victory
Origin: Assamese

36. Tareer

Meaning: Young And Handsome MAN
Origin: Arabic
Tareer Name Meaning By Origin: جوان و خوبصورت مرد
How to be Write: طریر
Lucky Number: Tareer Lucky Number Is 8

37. Qaswar

Meaning: Strong Young Man
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: IraQ + RUn + Sit + sWUng + PRay
How to be Write: قصوار
Lucky Number: 6

38. Bachur

Meaning: Young Man
Origin: Hebrew
Lucky Number: Bachur Lucky Number Is 8

39. Guilio

Meaning: Young
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Guilio, Gui-lio
Lucky Number: Guilio Lucky Number Is 1

40. Eoghan

Meaning: Young; Youth
Origin: Greek
Lucky Number: Eoghan Lucky Number Is 5

41. Wakato

Meaning: Young One

42. Aitalas

Meaning: Eternally Young

43. Hatham

Meaning: Young Eagle
Origin: Algerian

44. Keral

Meaning: Young Man

45. Yuba

Meaning: Young
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Yu-ba, Yuba

46. Csepel

Meaning: Young Forest
Origin: Hungarian

47. Waleed

Meaning: New Born Baby; Young; Of Tender Age;
Origin: Arabic
Waleed Name Meaning By Origin: بچہ، کم سن بچہ
Pronunciation: sWUng + pLay + SEED
How to be Write: ولید
Lucky Number: Waleed Lucky Number Is 9

48. Bevan

Meaning: Young Soldier
Origin: Celtic
Pronunciation: Be-van, Bevan
Lucky Number: Bevan Lucky Number Is 8

49. Wakaki

Meaning: Young Tree

50. Earck

Meaning: A Red-haired Young Man

51. Gide

Meaning: Young Goat; Goat Skin

52. Uthmaan

Meaning: The Young Of A Lark
Origin: Algerian

53. Dimbha

Meaning: Newborn; A Boy; Young
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dimb-ha, Dimbha

54. Elamurugu

Meaning: Young And Beautiful
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ela-mu-rugu, El-amur-ugu, Ela-mu-ru-gu

55. Eelamynthan

Meaning: Young Son; Song Of Eelam
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ee-lamyn-than, Eelamyn-than, Ee-la-myn-than

56. Uvanesh

Meaning: Young Generation; Youth
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: उवनेश

57. Navakumar

Meaning: Young; Youthful
Origin: Kannada

58. Ghaida

Meaning: Young And Delicate; Soft
Origin: Arabic
Ghaida Name Meaning By Origin: جوان
Pronunciation: Ghai-da, Ghaida
How to be Write: غیدہ
Lucky Number: Ghaida Lucky Number Is 2

59. Donalbain

Meaning: The TrageDy Of Macbeth' Younger Son Of King Duncan.
Lucky Number: Donalbain Lucky Number Is 9

60. Aaidyn

Meaning: A Fiery Young Man
Pronunciation: Aai-dyn

61. Bala Chandra

Meaning: Young Moon; Moon Crested Lord
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Bala Chan-dra, Bala Chandra, Ba-la Chandra

62. Owes

Meaning: Young Little Wolf
Origin: Algerian

63. Vesukka

Meaning: Young Plant
Origin: Finnish

64. Balkisan

Meaning: Young Lord Krishna
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: बालकिसान

65. Shaban

Meaning: Jawan Mard Young Man
Origin: Arabic
Shaban Name Meaning By Origin: جواں مرد
Pronunciation: SHUn + BANd
How to be Write: شابان
Lucky Number: Shaban Lucky Number Is 8

66. Kumaril

Meaning: Young; Clever
Origin: Hindi
Kumaril Name Meaning By Origin: कुमारिल
Pronunciation: Ku-mar-il, Ku-maril, Ku-ma-ril
How to be Write: कुमारिलो
Lucky Number: Kumaril Lucky Number Is 4

67. Baladhitya

Meaning: Young Sun; Young Man; The Newly Risen Sun
Origin: Hindi
Baladhitya Name Meaning By Origin: बालाधित्य
Pronunciation: Bal-ad-hitya, Balad-hitya, Balad-hi-t-ya
How to be Write: बालादित्य:
Lucky Number: Baladhitya Lucky Number Is 11

68. Ramanuja

Meaning: Born After Rama Ie Lakshman (Younger Brother Of Rama)
Origin: Hindi
Ramanuja Name Meaning By Origin: रामानुज
Pronunciation: Ra-manu-ja, Ramanuja, Ra-ma-nu-ja
How to be Write: रामानुजः
Lucky Number: Ramanuja Lucky Number Is 7

69. Eleyaraja

Meaning: Young Prince
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ele-yara-ja, Ele-ya-raja, Eleya-ra-ja
How to be Write: एलेराजा

70. Joko

Meaning: Young Man
Origin: American

71. Alerion

Meaning: Young Eagle
Origin: French

72. Gilbert

Meaning: Bright Young Man
Origin: German
Pronunciation: GIL-bərt
Lucky Number: Gilbert Lucky Number Is 1

73. Ilanthirayan

Meaning: Young Man Whose Influence Extends Beyond The Seas
Origin: Hindi
Ilanthirayan Name Meaning By Origin: इलान्थिरायण
Pronunciation: Ilan-thi-rayan, Ilanthirayan, Ilanthi-ra-y-an
How to be Write: इलान्थिरायण
Lucky Number: Ilanthirayan Lucky Number Is 6

74. Bevyn

Meaning: Young Soldier
Origin: Celtic
Lucky Number: Bevyn Lucky Number Is 5

75. Yuli

Meaning: Young
Origin: Latin
Lucky Number: Yuli Lucky Number Is 22

76. Owein

Meaning: Young Warrior
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Owein
Lucky Number: Owein Lucky Number Is 3

77. Voltaire

Meaning: The Younger Arouet
Origin: American

78. Ieuaf

Meaning: Youngest
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Ieuaf, Ieu-af

79. Nouhad

Meaning: A Brave Young Man
Origin: Algerian

80. Aaidan

Meaning: A Fiery Young Man
Pronunciation: Aaidan, Aai-dan

81. Aidann

Meaning: A Fiery Young Man
Pronunciation: Ai-dann, Aid-ann

82. Illaiyon

Meaning: Youngest Child
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Il-laiy-on

83. Akwtee

Meaning: Younger Of Twins
Origin: African

84. Poeu

Meaning: Youngest One
Origin: Cambodian

85. Owin

Meaning: Young Warrior
Origin: Welsh
Pronunciation: Owin
Lucky Number: Owin Lucky Number Is 7

86. Tuari

Meaning: Young Eagle
Origin: Hebrew

87. Lyonel

Meaning: Young Lion; Lion; Lion
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Ly-onel, Lyo-nel

88. Ladd

Meaning: " Manservant; Young Man"
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Ladd

89. Taegan

Meaning: Little Poet; Young Poet
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Tay-gan

90. Kijana

Meaning: Youth; Strong Young Man; Teenager
Origin: American

91. Javaan

Meaning: Young
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Javaan, Ja-vaan

92. Revanta

Meaning: Youngest Son Of Surya
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Re-van-ta, Revanta

93. Buddie

Meaning: FriendFamous Bearer:American Early Rock Star Who Died Young In A Tragic Plane Crash
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Bud-die
Lucky Number: Buddie Lucky Number Is 9

94. Tuarey

Meaning: Young Eagle

95. Lowe

Meaning: " Young Wolf"

96. Ilankannan

Meaning: Young Lord Krishna
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ilankan-nan, Ilan-kan-nan

97. Gillett

Meaning: Young Gilbert
Origin: French

98. Balendu

Meaning: Young Moon
Origin: Hindi
Balendu Name Meaning By Origin: बालेन्दु
Pronunciation: Bal-en-du, Balendu, Ba-len-du
How to be Write: बालेन्दु
Lucky Number: Balendu Lucky Number Is 5

99. Anuj

Meaning: Younger Brother
Origin: Hindi
Anuj Name Meaning By Origin: अनुज 
How to be Write: अनुज

100. Svenbjorn

Meaning: Resembling A Young Bear