100+ Unique girl Name Meaning Air

100 Unique Air Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Air most popular names of 2023 feature Aleena as Number one for girls, and Finnley in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Air are Keily and Ariel and Juliana and for girls, and Alistair and Avi and Kairo and for boys. Here is the list for Air baby names for boys and girls.

1. Aleena

Meaning: Bright; Fair; Good-Looking; Achi Dikhayi Denay Wali; Haseen; Khoob Soorat
Origin: Hebrew
Aleena Name Meaning By Origin: حسین، خوبصورت ،خوش شکل،وجیہ
Pronunciation: Up + PLay + YIppee + New + CAt
Or Up + pLay + SwEEt + New + CAt
How to be Write: الینا
Lucky Number: Aleena Lucky Number Is 5

2. Keily

Meaning: Variant Of Keely; Always Returns; Fair-minded
Origin: Irish
Pronunciation: KEElee

3. Ariel

Meaning: The Tempest' An Airy, Mischievous Spirit.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Ariel, Ari-el
Lucky Number: Ariel Lucky Number Is 9

4. Juliana

Meaning: Soft-haired
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Joo-lee-AHN-ə
Lucky Number: Juliana Lucky Number Is 4

5. Alina

Meaning: Bright; Fair; Good-Looking; Achi Dikhayi Denay Wali; Haseen; Khoob Soorat
Origin: Hebrew
Alina Name Meaning By Origin: خوبصورتی لیکن نامنظور
Pronunciation: Ali-na, Alina
How to be Write: علینہ
Lucky Number: Alina Lucky Number Is 9

6. Aurora

Meaning: Aurora Was The Mythical Roman GoDDess Of The Dawn. This Name Became Very Popular After Charles Perrault Wrote The Fairy Tale 'The Sleeping Beauty'.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Auro-ra, Aur-ora, Au-ro-ra
Lucky Number: Aurora Lucky Number Is 11

7. Julia

Meaning: Soft-haired
Origin: Latin
Julia Name Meaning By Origin: نوجوان عورت
Pronunciation: JOO-lee-ə
How to be Write: جولیا
Lucky Number: Julia Lucky Number Is 8

8. Ariah

Meaning: This Lyrical Name Has Different Origins And Pronunciations In Hebrew It Means Lion While In Italian It Means Air Or Melody
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: AREYah,aRIEyah

9. Alanna

Meaning: Meaning Harmony; Stone; Noble; Or Fair
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Alan-na, Alanna
Lucky Number: Alanna Lucky Number Is 7

10. Fiona

Meaning: Fair; White
Origin: English
Fiona Name Meaning By Origin: فیونا
Pronunciation: Fee-O-nə
Lucky Number: Fiona Lucky Number Is 9

11. Faye

Meaning: Fairy Also A; Meaning: Confidence; Trust; Belief
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Faye
Lucky Number: Faye Lucky Number Is 1

12. Juliet

Meaning: Soft-haired
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: JOO-lee-et
Lucky Number: Juliet Lucky Number Is 5

13. Rufina

Meaning: Woman With Red Hair
Origin: Italian
Pronunciation: Roo-FEE-nah
Lucky Number: Rufina Lucky Number Is 6

14. Finkeev

Meaning: Beautiful; Fair
Origin: Irish

15. Favour

Meaning: Faye; A Pet Form Of Favour Is Of Old English Origin Meaning Fay; Fairy
Origin: English
Pronunciation: FAY-vor

16. Dada

Meaning: One With Wavy Hair
Origin: African
Pronunciation: DAH-Dah
Lucky Number: Dada Lucky Number Is 5

17. Zanthe

Meaning: Yellow; Golden; Fair
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Zan-the, Zanthe

18. Eteria

Meaning: Pure Air
Origin: Greek

19. Briánna

Meaning: Little Drop Of Water; Raven Or Black-haired; Noble
Origin: Irish
Pronunciation: Br(in)-na

20. Mistique

Meaning: Air Of Mystery
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Mis-tique, Mistique, Mis-ti-que
Lucky Number: Mistique Lucky Number Is 5

21. Astride

Meaning: Fair; Beautiful Goddess
Origin: Norse
Pronunciation: As(t)-ride

22. Fayah

Meaning: Fay; Fairy
Origin: English

23. Parishay

Meaning: Face Of A Fairy ( Pari Ka Face )
Origin: Urdu
Parishay Name Meaning By Origin: پریشے
How to be Write: پریشے۔
Lucky Number: Parishay Lucky Number Is 3

24. Fraeda

Meaning: Joy; White; Fair; Blessed

25. McKinlee

Meaning: Lovely Stranger; Out-of-towner; Fair
Origin: Scottish
Pronunciation: MuhKINlee

26. Khaira

Meaning: Khaira Means Good; Better; Best; The Opposite Of Bad And Evil It Is Used In Description Of The Huris Of Paradise In Verse 70 Of Surat Ar-Rahman
Origin: Arabic
Khaira Name Meaning By Origin: بہترین; ابتدا; اوپر
Pronunciation: KHartoum + PrAY + RUn
How to be Write: خیرا
Lucky Number: Khaira Lucky Number Is 2

27. Fionee

Meaning: White; Fair
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: फियोनी

28. Jeffie

Meaning: White; Fair; Blessed
Origin: Korean
Pronunciation: Jeffie, Jef-fie

29. Ishaisa

Meaning: Fairy; Star
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ishaisa, Is-hai-sa

30. Avee

Meaning: Sun - Air
Origin: American

31. Fiora

Meaning: " White; Fair"
Origin: Scottish
Pronunciation: Fio-ra, Fi-ora

32. Aadela

Meaning: Fair; Reasonable; Just; Upright Female Of Adel
Origin: Afghan
How to be Write: عدیلہ

33. Ceri

Meaning: Fair; Blessed Poetry
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: Ce-ri
Lucky Number: Ceri Lucky Number Is 8

34. Pariza

Meaning: Light; Fairy; Flower
Origin: Persian
Pronunciation: Pariza, Par-iza, Pa-ri-za
Lucky Number: Pariza Lucky Number Is 7

35. Hamraa

Meaning: White-skinned; Fair
Origin: Arabic
Hamraa Name Meaning By Origin: لال رنگ کی لڑکی.
Pronunciation: HUMble + pRay + MAn
How to be Write: حمراء
Lucky Number: Hamraa Lucky Number Is 4

36. Swarnee

Meaning: Golden; Fair Complexioned
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: स्वर्णी

37. Tonyia

Meaning: Fairy Queen
Origin: Russian

38. Eulande

Meaning: A Fair Woman
Origin: American

39. Parihan

Meaning: A Fairy
Origin: Urdu
Parihan Name Meaning By Origin: ایک پریوں
Pronunciation: Par-i-han, Pari-han, Pa-rihan
How to be Write: پریہان
Lucky Number: Parihan Lucky Number Is 5

40. Fionola

Meaning: One With A Fair Shoulder
Origin: Irish
Pronunciation: Fee-yaw-NAW-lah
Lucky Number: Fionola Lucky Number Is 3

41. Kalah

Meaning: Slim And Fair; Beloved; Sweetheart
Origin: Irish
Pronunciation: K(a)-lah

42. Zynervah

Meaning: Light-haired

43. Zynerva

Meaning: Light-haired

44. Albína

Meaning: White; Blond; Fair One

45. Teigan

Meaning: Teigan Is A Welsh Name That Has Several Meanings Including Fair; Blessed; Holy And Pretty It Is A Modification In Spelling Of Tegan
Origin: Welsh
Pronunciation: TEE-gan

46. Feeowna

Meaning: Fair; White
Origin: Irish

47. Wisa

Meaning: Knowledge; Leadership; Fairness
Origin: English
Wisa Name Meaning By Origin: خالص
Pronunciation: Wisa, Wi-sa
How to be Write: ویژہ

48. Gwendaline

Meaning: Moon; White Circle; Fair Bow
Origin: English

49. Goldarina

Meaning: Golden-haired; Fair-haired
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Golda-ri-na, Gol-dar-ina

50. Fraede

Meaning: Joy; White; Fair; Blessed

51. Falviana

Meaning: Yellow-haired; Blond
Origin: Latin

52. Durafshan

Meaning: Moti Bikhairnay Wali
Origin: Persian
Pronunciation: Day + PUt + pRay + RUn + Fit + SHArp + New

53. Parimah

Meaning: Beautiful; Radiant; Literally Meaning Moon-like Fairy
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Pay + RUn + pRay + SEE + MAst
How to be Write: پریمہ

54. Ithina

Meaning: Knowledge; Leadership; Fairness
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ithi-na, Ith-ina
Lucky Number: Ithina Lucky Number Is 7

55. Yuliana

Meaning: Soft-haired
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Yu-lee-ON-a
Lucky Number: Yuliana Lucky Number Is 1

56. Flavia

Meaning: Golden-haired Woman
Origin: Italian
Pronunciation: FLAH-vyah
Lucky Number: Flavia Lucky Number Is 5

57. Elva

Meaning: Fair; White
Origin: Gaelic
Pronunciation: EHL-və
Lucky Number: Elva Lucky Number Is 4

58. Nasheem

Meaning: Breeze; Morning Air
Origin: Arabic
Nasheem Name Meaning By Origin:
Pronunciation: Nasheem, Nas-heem
How to be Write: نسیم
Lucky Number: Nasheem Lucky Number Is 6

59. Muktagauri

Meaning: Fair Women With Pearl; Liberated
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: मुक्तगौरी

60. Zuleqa

Meaning: The Fair One; Honest; Young Lady
Origin: Algerian

61. Busayna

Meaning: Cooperative; Travel Lover; Fairness
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Busay-na, Busayna, Bu-say-na
How to be Write: بسینہ

62. Aniause

Meaning: Knowledge; Leadership; Fairness
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Ani-ause, Ani-au-se

63. Cesaria

Meaning: The Head Of Hair
Origin: Portuguese
Pronunciation: Seh-sar-ya

64. Fiyona

Meaning: Pale; Fair; Beautiful; Lovely
Origin: Cristian

65. A’Ria

Meaning: Lionness; Air; Noble; Honorable
Origin: Italian
Pronunciation: A-ria

66. Faya

Meaning: Fairy; Fay
Origin: American

67. Zeleka

Meaning: Fair
Origin: Arabic
How to be Write: زیلیکا۔

68. Wendee

Meaning: White; Fair; Blessed
Origin: Anguillian

69. Tünde

Meaning: Fairy

70. Keighla

Meaning: Slender And Fair

71. Keighen

Meaning: Slender And Fair

72. Gueniver

Meaning: White; Fair; Blessed

73. Findabaere

Meaning: Having Fair Eyebrows

74. Keyley

Meaning: A Name That Has Many Spelling Alternatives; Meaning Slender And Fair
Origin: Celtic
Pronunciation: KIYLiy

75. Parinaz

Meaning: Sweet Fairy; Queen Of Fairies
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: PAy + pRay + SEE + NAp + Zero
How to be Write: پریناز

76. Gwenhwyfar

Meaning: Fair And Yielding
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Gwen-hwy-far, Gwen-hwyfar
Lucky Number: Gwenhwyfar Lucky Number Is 4

77. Cesara

Meaning: Long Haired
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Ce-sara, Cesara, Ce-sa-ra
Lucky Number: Cesara Lucky Number Is 2

78. Yariqa

Meaning: Bright; White; Fair; Good-looking
Origin: Arabic
Yariqa Name Meaning By Origin: روشن; سفید;
Pronunciation: Yariqa, Ya-ri-qa
How to be Write: یارقی
Lucky Number: Yariqa Lucky Number Is 7

79. Shuqra

Meaning: Fair-complexioned; Blonde
Origin: Arabic
Shuqra Name Meaning By Origin: گوری رنگت والا; گوری چمڑی کی عورت;
Pronunciation: Shuqra, Shu-qra
How to be Write: شوقرا
Lucky Number: Shuqra Lucky Number Is 3

80. Aoibheall

Meaning: Radiance; Spark; Goddess; Fairy
Origin: Irish

81. Zenifer

Meaning: Soft; Fair One; Smooth
Origin: American

82. Lara Faye

Meaning: Fairy Also A; Meaning: Confidence; Trust; Belief

83. Fioni

Meaning: Fair; Pale
Origin: English

84. Fyonie

Meaning: White; Fair
Origin: Irish

85. Guenever

Meaning: White; Fair; Blessed

86. Aural

Meaning: Golden-haired
Origin: English

87. Pariwash

Meaning: Beautiful Like A Fairy
Origin: Arabic
Pariwash Name Meaning By Origin: خوبصورت
Pronunciation: PUzzle + pRay + SEE + Wish + RUn + SHop
How to be Write: پری وش

88. Parishad

Meaning: Happy Fairy; Happy Angel
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: PUn + pRay + SEE + SHArp + D
How to be Write: پریشد

89. Parigol

Meaning: Fairy-like Flower; Figuratively Meaning Beautiful
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Pay + RUn + pRay + SEE + MAn
How to be Write: پیرگول

90. Pareesima

Meaning: Fairy-faced; One Who Has The Appearance Of A Fairy; Thus Meaning Beautiful
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Pay + RUn + pRay + SEE + SEE + MAn
How to be Write: پریسیما۔
Lucky Number: 9

91. Blondelle

Meaning: Fair-haired; BlondeSpanish Blandina Meaning Flattering
Origin: French
Pronunciation: Blon-delle, Blondelle, Blon-del-le
Lucky Number: Blondelle Lucky Number Is 9

92. Justine

Meaning: Fair; Rightful
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Jus-TEEN
Lucky Number: Justine Lucky Number Is 8

93. Gaurangna

Meaning: One With Fair Body (Beautiful)
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: गौरंगा

94. Llmatar

Meaning: Air
Origin: Finnish

95. Pareesha

Meaning: Fair
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Pa-ree-sha, Paree-sha, Pa-rees-ha
How to be Write: پریشا

96. Dayagauri

Meaning: Kindness Of Fair Woman; Goddess Parvati
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Daya-gau-ri, Day-agauri, Da-ya-gau-ri

97. Vianca

Meaning: Fair Skinned; White
Origin: American

98. Vada Snow

Meaning: Fair Complexion

99. Carwen

Meaning: Love; Fair; Blessed
Origin: Welsh
Pronunciation: Car-wen

100. Allivia

Meaning: Amazing Black Hair And Blue Eyes
Origin: English