100+ Unique girl Name Meaning Art

100 Unique Art Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Art most popular names of 2023 feature Ila as Number one for girls, and Kareem in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Art are Kairi and Karter and Ira and for girls, and Viviana and Arturo and Jagger and for boys. Here is the list for Art baby names for boys and girls.

1. Ila

Meaning: Woman From Earth
Origin: Sanskrit
Pronunciation: EE-lah
Lucky Number: Ila Lucky Number Is 4

2. Kairi

Meaning: Means A Village By The Ocean In Japanese And It Means A Melody In French Its Popularity Is Increasing Because Of The Character In The Game Kingdom Hearts
Origin: Japanese
Pronunciation: KIEree,KAHeeree

3. Karter

Meaning: Variant Of Carter; The Name Means Someone Who Brings Things From One Place To Another
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Carter

4. Ira

Meaning: Watchful; In Hindi Yug; Earth; Muse
Origin: Hindi
Ira Name Meaning By Origin: इरा
How to be Write: ईरा

5. Kamiyah

Meaning: Lover Of Art And Music; Seeks To Understand Different Cultures
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Kah-MEE-yah

6. Noa

Meaning: A Alternative Of The Hebrew Name Noah Meaning Comfort And Rest Noah Was The Biblical Hero Who Built An Ark To Save His Family As Well As A Male And Female Representative Of Every Living Creature On The Planet So They Could Repopulate The Earth After The Grea
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: NOHah

7. Analia

Meaning: Analia Means Compassionate; Kindhearted; Gracious; Forgiving
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: Ah-nah-LEE-ah

8. Aliya

Meaning: The High; Exalted One (Buland Martaba)
Origin: Arabic
Aliya Name Meaning By Origin: عزت ماب خاتون
Pronunciation: Aliya, Ali-ya
How to be Write: علیا
Lucky Number: Aliya Lucky Number Is 3

9. Azalea

Meaning: Dry Earth; Dry A Flower Name
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Aza-lea
Lucky Number: Azalea Lucky Number Is 1

10. Nevaeh

Meaning: Nevaeh Has No Meaning Apart FromHeavenspelled Backwards
Origin: English
Nevaeh Name Meaning By Origin: جنت; امن;
Pronunciation: Neh-vay-uh
How to be Write: نوایح
Lucky Number: Nevaeh Lucky Number Is 5

11. Elijah

Meaning: Beautyful; Sweet; Smart; Loving
Origin: Hebrew
Elijah Name Meaning By Origin: خوبصورت; میٹھا; چالاک
Pronunciation: Eli-jah
How to be Write: العجہ
Lucky Number: Elijah Lucky Number Is 9

12. Avanji

Meaning: Daughter Of Earth
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Avan-ji, Avanji
How to be Write: अवंजी

13. Noor Ul Ain

Meaning: Bringer Of Happiness; Remover Of Sadness; One Who Brings Calm And Serenity To The Heart; Light Of The Eye; Aankhoon Ki Roshni
Origin: Arabic
Noor Ul Ain Name Meaning By Origin: آنکھوں کی روشنی،آنکھوں کا نور ، آنکھ کی چمک، آنکھ کی روشنی
How to be Write: نورالعین
Lucky Number: Noor Ul Ain Lucky Number Is 3

14. Zameera

Meaning: Internal Talk Of The Heart
Origin: Urdu
Zameera Name Meaning By Origin: دل کی اندرونی بات،دل ميں گزرنے والی بات، دل ،خیال، بھید
How to be Write: ضمیرہ
Lucky Number: Zameera Lucky Number Is 9

15. Janan

Meaning: Heart; Soul;
Origin: Arabic
Janan Name Meaning By Origin: جان ; رُوح ; دل
Pronunciation: Joy + MAnd + New + SANd
How to be Write: جنان
Lucky Number: Janan Lucky Number Is 7

16. Nyasha

Meaning: Merciful; Kindhearted
Origin: Zimbabwe
Pronunciation: Nyasjah, Ny-asha, Nyas-ha

17. Silpasree

Meaning: Perfectly Created; Artist
Origin: Malayali

18. Fateena

Meaning: Smart; Clever
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Fa-teena, Fateena, Fa-tee-na
How to be Write: فتینہ

19. Dhritismita

Meaning: Beauty Of Earth
Origin: Assamese

20. Rasajna

Meaning: Artistic; Knowledgeable About The Arts
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Rasaj-na, Rasa-jna, Ra-sa-j-na

21. Doa

Meaning: Pray; A Voice Of Heart; Request To All-mighty Allah; A Source Of Connection With God And Human
Origin: Arabic
Doa Name Meaning By Origin: دو
Pronunciation: Doa
How to be Write: دعا
Lucky Number: Doa Lucky Number Is 2

22. Aqsa

Meaning: Farthest; Masjid Ka Naam
Origin: Arabic
Aqsa Name Meaning By Origin: مسجد کا نام
Pronunciation: Aqsa, Aq-sa
How to be Write: اقصی
Lucky Number: Aqsa Lucky Number Is 1

23. Ygraine

Meaning: In Arthurian Legend Igrayne Is Mother Of Arthur
Lucky Number: Ygraine Lucky Number Is 7

24. Deirdra

Meaning: Melancholy Aolder Name Deirdre In Celtic Legend Deirdre Died Of A Broken Heart
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Deirdra, Deir-dra
Lucky Number: Deirdra Lucky Number Is 5

25. Hasal

Meaning: Fine Particles Of Silver
Origin: Arabic
Hasal Name Meaning By Origin: چاندی کے باریک ذرّے
How to be Write: حسال
Lucky Number: Hasal Lucky Number Is 4

26. Tunni

Meaning: Smart
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Tun-ni, Tunni

27. Mahbubee

Meaning: Beloved Sweetheart
Origin: Arabic
Mahbubee Name Meaning By Origin: محبوب ; دِلرُبا ۔ ; دلدار
Pronunciation: Mah-bubee, Mah-bu-bee
How to be Write: محبوبے
Lucky Number: Mahbubee Lucky Number Is 3

28. Jagati

Meaning: The Earth; Of The Universe; Bestowed With Speed
Origin: Hindi
Jagati Name Meaning By Origin: जगती
Pronunciation: Ja-gati, Jag-ati, Ja-ga-ti
How to be Write: जगती
Lucky Number: Jagati Lucky Number Is 3

29. Ulecea

Meaning: Playful Heart

30. Wadduha

Meaning: Light Of Morning When Day Start
Origin: Algerian

31. Uhee

Origin: Arabic
Uhee Name Meaning By Origin: روح; ایک پھول; جو دل کو چھوتی
Pronunciation: U H E E
How to be Write: أہی
Lucky Number: Uhee Lucky Number Is 7

32. Dhra

Meaning: Earth; Mother Earth
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: Dhra

33. Dhaaruni

Meaning: Earth; Beautiful
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dhaaruni, Dhaar-uni, Dhaa-ru-ni

34. Ulician

Meaning: Playful Heart

35. Artema

Meaning: Follower Of Artemis

36. Fatin

Meaning: Wisdom; Sagacity; Smart;
Origin: Arabic
Fatin Name Meaning By Origin: جیتنے والی
Pronunciation: Fatin, Fat-in, Fa-tin
How to be Write: فاتن
Lucky Number: Fatin Lucky Number Is 5

37. Wakerilda

Meaning: Art; Knowledgeul; Freedom Lover
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Wak-er-il-da, Waker-ilda, Wa-ke-ril-da

38. Aadalarasi

Meaning: Artistic
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Aadalarasi, Aa-dalar-asi

39. Jigu

Meaning: Earth; Alertness
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: जिगु

40. Dilasha

Meaning: Sympathy; Queen Of Heart
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: दिलाशा

41. Ainoa

Meaning: Fertile Earth
Origin: Spanish

42. Teraneaka

Meaning: Victory Of The Earth

43. Daniya

Meaning: Near; Close; Kind Hearted; The One Who Gets Near
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: Daniya, Dan-iya, Da-ni-ya
How to be Write: ڈنمارک
Lucky Number: Daniya Lucky Number Is 8

44. Vrithvi

Meaning: Heart
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Vrithvi, Vrith-vi

45. Gunadevi

Meaning: Goddess Of Art
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Gu-nade-vi, Gun-adevi, Gu-n-a-de-vi

46. Urvika

Meaning: Passion; Earth
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: उर्विका

47. Dayani

Meaning: Kind Hearted
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: दयानी

48. Mayte

Meaning: Lover Of The Earth And Nature; Brings Life From The Earth
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: MIYteh

49. Irisa

Meaning: Rainbow Also A Flower Name Iris Was The Mythological Messenger-goddess Who Rode On Rainbows From Heaven To Earth To Deliver Messages From Olympus
Origin: Russian
Pronunciation: Irisa, Iri-sa
Lucky Number: Irisa Lucky Number Is 11

50. Prabhasini

Meaning: Part Of Sun Light
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: प्रभासिनी

51. Tredha

Meaning: Earth
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Tred-ha, Tredha

52. Fajyaz

Meaning: Artistic
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Fa-jyaz
How to be Write: फ़य्याज़ी

53. Aqsaa

Meaning: Utmost And Pinnacle; Farthest
Origin: Arabic
Aqsaa Name Meaning By Origin: کنارہ
How to be Write: اقصیٰ

54. Aadalalagi

Meaning: Artistic
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Aadalala-gi, Aadalalagi, Aa-da-lala-gi

55. Bhaaswatee

Meaning: Artist; Problem Avoider; Charismatic
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Bhaaswa-tee, Bhaas-wa-tee

56. Balanteena

Meaning: Artist; Careful; Influencer
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Balanteena, Balan-tee-na

57. Kalaimalar

Meaning: Artistic
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: KalaiMalar

58. Girikarnika

Meaning: Earth
Origin: Hindi

59. Dimita

Meaning: Earth Mother
Origin: Greek

60. Hetalia

Meaning: Warm Hearted
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: Hetalia

61. Hetala

Meaning: Warm Hearted

62. Derdre

Meaning: Raging; Broken-hearted

63. Ainakea

Meaning: White Earth

64. Samaaraa

Meaning: Ear Of Wheat; Ear Of Corn (the Part Of The Cereal Plant That Holds The Seeds; See
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: SUmmer + MAp + pRay + SAnd
How to be Write: سمارا
Lucky Number: 6

65. Tierra

Meaning: Land; Soil; Earth
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: Tee-EHR-ə
Lucky Number: Tierra Lucky Number Is 8

66. Janan Janaan

Meaning: Heart; Soul
Lucky Number: Janan Janaan Lucky Number Is 7

67. Gitakshi

Meaning: A Part Of Gita
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Gi-tak-shi, Gi-taks-hi

68. Kalaa

Meaning: The Fine Arts; Most Beautiful
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: कला

69. Jara

Meaning: " Rock Rose Or Earthen Water Jug"
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: Jara, Ja-ra
How to be Write: जरास

70. Petel

Meaning: A Part Of A Flower' S

71. Rifah

Meaning: (Rifa'at) Highness, Elevation, Dignity. Name Of A Sahabi Who Took Part In The Battle Of BaDr.
Origin: Hindi
Rifah Name Meaning By Origin: محمد ﷺ کے صحابہ کے نام
Pronunciation: Ri-fah
How to be Write: ریفاہ
Lucky Number: Rifah Lucky Number Is 6

72. Jiyanci

Meaning: Part Of Heart; Variant Of Jiyancy
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: जियानसी

73. Aafida

Meaning: Hearts; Consciences
Origin: Algerian

74. Dilberjot

Meaning: Sweet Heart
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dil-ber-jot

75. Dha

Meaning: Earth
Origin: Tamil
Pronunciation: Dha

76. Yuvragi

Meaning: Princess Of Hearts
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Yuragi

77. Kalah

Meaning: Slim And Fair; Beloved; Sweetheart
Origin: Irish
Pronunciation: K(a)-lah

78. Teraneeka

Meaning: Victory Of The Earth

79. Gardea

Meaning: One Who Works The Earth

80. Mrinmayi

Meaning: Deers Eye; Of The Earth
Origin: Hindi
Mrinmayi Name Meaning By Origin: म्रिन्मायी
How to be Write: मृण्मयी
Lucky Number: Mrinmayi Lucky Number Is 3

81. Reyansi

Meaning: Ray Of Light; Part Of Sun
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: रेयांसी

82. Reeday

Meaning: Heart
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: रीडे

83. Merait

Meaning: The Earth
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: मेरिटो

84. Duleshwari

Meaning: Lion Hearted
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: दुलेश्वरी

85. Dilavya

Meaning: Heart Touched
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: दिलव्या

86. Ridaya

Meaning: Heart
Origin: Nepali
Pronunciation: Ri-daya, Ri-da-ya

87. Amphelisia

Meaning: Art; Knowledgeul; Freedom Lover
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Am-phe-lisia, Amphelisia, Am-pheli-sia

88. Jiya Ushas

Meaning: Sweet Heart
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Jiya Ushas, Ji-ya Us-has

89. Dee Dee

Meaning: Swarthy; Broken-hearted; Sorrowful; Pleasure; Delight; Divine
Origin: Welsh
Pronunciation: De(e)-dee

90. Emma Dil

Meaning: Dil Ki Khawahish; Heart' S Wish;
Origin: Persian

91. Demeter

Meaning: Earth-lover Demeter Is The Mythological Greek Goddess Of Corn And Harvest She Withdraws For The Part Of The Year Her Daughter Persephone Must Spend With The God Of The Underworld - The Reason For Winter
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Deme-ter, De-meter, De-me-ter
Lucky Number: Demeter Lucky Number Is 7

92. Durmisha

Meaning: Artist; Careful; Influencer
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dur-misha, Dur-mis-ha
Lucky Number: Durmisha Lucky Number Is 3

93. Karuka

Meaning: Heavenly Piece Of Art
Origin: Hindi
Karuka Name Meaning By Origin: कारूका
Pronunciation: Karu-ka, Karuka, Ka-ru-ka
How to be Write: कारुका
Lucky Number: Karuka Lucky Number Is 9

94. Fatihah

Meaning: Opening; Start; And In This Meaning It Is The Name Of The First Chapter Of The Quran
Origin: Arabic
Fatihah Name Meaning By Origin: ۔ فراخی ; کشائش ; کھلنا
Pronunciation: FAn + TIp + HUt
How to be Write: فاتحہ
Lucky Number: Fatihah Lucky Number Is 8

95. Delruba

Meaning: Heart Robber Attractor
Origin: Tajikistani

96. Urvita

Meaning: Earth
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: उर्विता

97. Ruhaanika

Meaning: Part Of The Spirit Soul
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: रूहानिका

98. Anseena

Meaning: Sweet Heart
Origin: Iranian

99. Dildeep

Meaning: Lamps Of Heart
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: दिलदीप

100. Aitimaa

Meaning: Mother Earth
Origin: Finnish