100+ Unique girl Name Meaning Beautiful

100 Unique Beautiful Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Beautiful most popular names of 2023 feature Abby as Number one for girls, and Beau in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Beautiful are Rosalia and Cali and Alani and for girls, and Jamari and Kane and Ghaniyah and for boys. Here is the list for Beautiful baby names for boys and girls.

1. Abby

Meaning: Father RejoiceD, Or Father's Joy. Gives Joy. The Intelligent, Beautiful Abigail Was OlD Testament King DaviD's ThirD Wife, DescribeD As 'gooD In Discretion AnD Beautiful In Form.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Aah-bee
Lucky Number: Abby Lucky Number Is 3

2. Rosalia

Meaning: Beautiful Rose
Origin: Italian
Pronunciation: Ro-zah-LEE-ah
Lucky Number: Rosalia Lucky Number Is 2

3. Cali

Meaning: Most Beautiful ; Mythological Arcadian Who Transformed Into A She-bear; Then Into The Great Bear Constellation
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Cali, Ca-li
Lucky Number: Cali Lucky Number Is 7

4. Alani

Meaning: Beautiful Dear Child
Origin: Irish
Pronunciation: Alani, Ala-ni
Lucky Number: Alani Lucky Number Is 1

5. Belle

Meaning: Beautiful ; Annabel; Belinda; Or Isabel
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Belle, Bel-le
Lucky Number: Belle Lucky Number Is 9

6. Aspen

Meaning: A Location And Nature Name; Aspen Is A Beautiful Town In The Mountains Of Colorado As Well As A Species Of Trees
Origin: English
Pronunciation: AHSpin

7. Annabelle

Meaning: Beautiful; Loving; Lovable; Graceful
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Annabelle, An-na-belle, An-na-bel-le
Lucky Number: Annabelle Lucky Number Is 3

8. Isabel

Meaning: Beautiful; Attractive; And Literally Means Soft And Delicate
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: East + Zero + RUn + BEd + PLay
Lucky Number: Isabel Lucky Number Is 3

9. Isabella

Meaning: €œbeautiful”; €œattractive”; And Literally Means €œsoft And Delicate”
Origin: Italian
Pronunciation: Islam + Zero + MAn + BEd + PLay + LAmp
Lucky Number: Isabella Lucky Number Is 3

10. Zhuri

Meaning: " Good; Beautiful"
Origin: African

11. Lia

Meaning: Beautiful Rose
Origin: Italian
Pronunciation: LEE-ah
Lucky Number: Lia Lucky Number Is 4

12. Paloma

Meaning: Beautiful Dove
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: Pah-LO-mah
Lucky Number: Paloma Lucky Number Is 3

13. Amelia

Meaning: Trustworthy; Beautiful
Origin: Rat
Amelia Name Meaning By Origin: معتبر; خوبصورت;
Pronunciation: Amelia, Ame-lia
How to be Write: عملیہ
Lucky Number: Amelia Lucky Number Is 4

14. RaeLynn

Meaning: Variation Of Ray And Rae And Related To Rachel; This Name Can Mean Beautiful Lamb
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: REYlynn

15. Jemma

Meaning: Dove Little Dove In The Old Testament; Jemima Was One Of The Three Beautiful Daughters Of Job (the Other Two Were Keziah And Keren)
Origin: Italian
Pronunciation: Jem-ma, Jemma
Lucky Number: Jemma Lucky Number Is 6

16. Zonish

Meaning: Beautiful And Pretty
Origin: Persian
Pronunciation: Zon-ish, Zo-nish

17. Roopasri

Meaning: Divinely Beautiful
Origin: Assamese

18. Nerona

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Nerona, Ner-ona, Ne-ro-na
How to be Write: नेरोना

19. Nizhony

Meaning: A Beautiful Woman

20. Rizwna

Meaning: Guardian Of Heaven; Beautiful
Origin: Algerian

21. Ayrin

Meaning: Princess; Beautiful; Fiery; Soft
Origin: Malayali

22. Abeela

Meaning: Beautiful; Healthy; Sehat Mand
Origin: Arabic
Abeela Name Meaning By Origin: فربہ،موٹی
How to be Write: عبیلہ
Lucky Number: Abeela Lucky Number Is 2

23. Calliopy

Meaning: Beautiful Voice
Origin: Greek

24. Finkeev

Meaning: Beautiful; Fair
Origin: Irish

25. Parang

Meaning: Gleam Of A Sword; Gleam Of A Jewel; Figuratively Meaning Beautiful And Radiant
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Pay + RUn + pRay + RUNG
How to be Write: پرنگ

26. Jazmyn

Meaning: Variant Of Jasmine; The Name Means Plant With Gentle; Beautiful Smelling Flowers
Origin: Persian
Pronunciation: JAZ-min

27. Farah

Meaning: Lovely; Pleasant; Beautiful; Good Looking;
Origin: Arabic
Farah Name Meaning By Origin: خوشی، سرور
Pronunciation: FUn + RUn
How to be Write: فرح
Lucky Number: Farah Lucky Number Is 6

28. Munmi

Meaning: Beautiful; Ocean
Origin: Assamese

29. Yuvakshi

Meaning: Beautiful Eyes
Origin: Hindi
Yuvakshi Name Meaning By Origin: युवाक्षी
Pronunciation: Yu-vak-shi, Yuvak-shi, Yu-vaks-hi
How to be Write: युवाक्षी
Lucky Number: Yuvakshi Lucky Number Is 8

30. Astride

Meaning: Fair; Beautiful Goddess
Origin: Norse
Pronunciation: As(t)-ride

31. Haziqah

Meaning: Clever; Intelligent; Beautiful
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Haz-iqah, Haziqah, Ha-zi-qah
How to be Write: حزیقہ
Lucky Number: Haziqah Lucky Number Is 7

32. Tizaviya

Meaning: Beautiful; Strong
Origin: American

33. Privinya

Meaning: Beautiful Angel
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Privinya, Priv-inya, Pri-vi-n-ya

34. Fiyanshi

Meaning: A Beautiful Angle
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Fiyan-shi, Fiy-an-shi, Fiyans-hi

35. Zepeleana

Meaning: Born During A Beautiful

36. Yurika

Meaning: Beautiful Lily

37. Shahanas

Meaning: Beautiful; Bright
Origin: Iranian

38. Corrys

Meaning: A Beautiful Singer
Origin: English

39. Subaha

Meaning: Beautiful; A Beautiful And Joyous Face
Origin: Arabic
Subaha Name Meaning By Origin: خوبصورت، ; حسین;
Pronunciation: Suba-ha, Su-baha, Su-ba-ha
How to be Write: صباحا
Lucky Number: Subaha Lucky Number Is 6

40. Yuvishka

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Yu-vish-ka, Yuvishka, Yu-vis-h-ka

41. Ferah

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: Algerian

42. Lavisha

Meaning: Beautiful; Love Of God
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Nisar

43. Tygon

Meaning: Beautiful; Creative
Origin: Welsh

44. Zweanah

Meaning: A Beautiful Woman

45. Wainany

Meaning: Beautiful Water

46. Halfrid

Meaning: Half Beautiful
Origin: Norse
Pronunciation: Hal-frid
Lucky Number: Halfrid Lucky Number Is 4

47. Husnaa

Meaning: Most Pious; Most Beautiful; Most Precious
Origin: Arabic
Husnaa Name Meaning By Origin: نیک نام خاتون،بہت حسین و جمیل
Pronunciation: Hus-naa, Husnaa
How to be Write: حسنیٰ
Lucky Number: Husnaa Lucky Number Is 9

48. Farrukh

Meaning: Beautiful; Happy; Fortunate;
Origin: Arabic
Farrukh Name Meaning By Origin: مبارک، خوبصورت
Pronunciation: Far-rukh
How to be Write: فرخ
Lucky Number: Farrukh Lucky Number Is 2

49. Rupalee

Meaning: Beautiful; Made Of Silver; Pretty
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: रुपाली

50. Zohrin

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: Algerian

51. Chaandvika

Meaning: Beautiful Moon
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Chaand-vi-ka, Chaand-vika

52. Dhaaruni

Meaning: Earth; Beautiful
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dhaaruni, Dhaar-uni, Dhaa-ru-ni

53. Zaheea

Meaning: Brilliant And Beautiful

54. Alohanani

Meaning: Beautiful Love

55. Urvashi

Meaning: A Celestial Maiden; An Angel; Most Beautiful Of Apsaras
Origin: Hindi
Urvashi Name Meaning By Origin: उर्वशी
Pronunciation: Ur-vashi, Ur-va-shi
How to be Write: उर्वशी
Lucky Number: Urvashi Lucky Number Is 8

56. Rizwana

Meaning: Beautiful; Guardian Of Heaven
Origin: Arabic
Rizwana Name Meaning By Origin: رضا مندی، بہشت کا دربار
Pronunciation: Rizwana, Riz-wa-na
How to be Write: رضوانہ
Lucky Number: Rizwana Lucky Number Is 1

57. Jehan

Meaning: Beautiful Flower
Origin: Arabic
Jehan Name Meaning By Origin: دنیا
Pronunciation: Je-han, Jehan
How to be Write: جہاں
Lucky Number: Jehan Lucky Number Is 2

58. Revanti

Meaning: Beautiful; Lord Sun (Surya)
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: रेवंती

59. Pianka

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: पियानका

60. Modhusmita

Meaning: Sweet Beautiful Smile
Origin: Assamese

61. Umerah

Meaning: Living A Long Life; Beautiful; Red
Origin: Algerian

62. Ghaidah

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: Arabic
Ghaidah Name Meaning By Origin: خوبصورت
How to be Write: غیدا
Lucky Number: 7

63. Pirai

Meaning: Crescent; Beautiful
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Pi-rai, Pirai

64. Ainaaz

Meaning: Beautiful Like The Moon; Gorgeous
Origin: Algerian

65. Adamma

Meaning: Beautiful Child
Origin: African
Pronunciation: Ad(am)-ma

66. Zarahlynda

Meaning: Of The Beautiful Dawn

67. Vapusha

Meaning: Beautiful; Embodied; Nature
Origin: Hindi
Vapusha Name Meaning By Origin: वपुषा
Pronunciation: Va-pusha, Vapusha, Va-pu-sha
How to be Write: वपुषः
Lucky Number: Vapusha Lucky Number Is 7

68. Roopashri

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: Hindi
Roopashri Name Meaning By Origin: रूपश्री, रूपश्री, रूपश्री 
Pronunciation: Roopashri, Roo-pashri
How to be Write: रूपश्री
Lucky Number: Roopashri Lucky Number Is 11

69. Banaz

Meaning: Most Beautiful
Origin: Iranian

70. Jaital

Meaning: Beautiful; Winner
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: जैताल

71. Ahelika

Meaning: Breath; Beautiful
Origin: Bengali

72. Rupalima

Meaning: Beautiful; Pretty
Origin: Assamese

73. Sanairah

Meaning: Beautiful Kind Soul
Origin: Algerian

74. Kalaa

Meaning: The Fine Arts; Most Beautiful
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: कला

75. Kai Ara

Meaning: Opinions; Beautiful Alter

76. Bellis

Meaning: God Promise; Beautiful
Origin: Swedish

77. A’Ni

Meaning: Very Beautiful
Origin: Slavic
Pronunciation: Ah-nee

78. Zepeliena

Meaning: Born During A Beautiful

79. Falace

Meaning: A Delicate And Beautiful
Origin: French

80. Aliyana

Meaning: Lovely; Beautiful; Stunning; Precious And Rare
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: AhleeYAHnah

81. Yaffit

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: Hebrew
Lucky Number: Yaffit Lucky Number Is 4

82. Brashna

Meaning: Beautiful; Khobsoorat
Origin: Pashtun
Lucky Number: Brashna Lucky Number Is 1

83. Shinat

Meaning: Beautiful Lady
Origin: Hindi
Shinat Name Meaning By Origin: شانت
Pronunciation: Shi-nat, Sh-in-at
Lucky Number: Shinat Lucky Number Is 8

84. Lamya

Meaning: Having Beautiful Dark Lips; Possessing Brown Lips
Origin: Arabic
Lamya Name Meaning By Origin: تاریک لب
Pronunciation: Lamya, La-m-ya
How to be Write: لمیا
Lucky Number: Lamya Lucky Number Is 6

85. Nihanshi

Meaning: Never Ending; Joyful; Beautiful
Origin: Kannada

86. Husan Sabeeh

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: Arabic
Husan Sabeeh Name Meaning By Origin: دلکش
How to be Write: حسن صبیح
Lucky Number: 3

87. Perazhagu

Meaning: Very Beautiful
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Per-azh-agu, Perazhagu, Peraz-ha-gu

88. Ulia

Meaning: Philosopher; Careful; Beautiful
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Ulia

89. Aivana

Meaning: Beautiful Flower
Origin: Swahili
Pronunciation: A(i)-va-na

90. Wainanee

Meaning: Beautiful Water

91. Rylynn

Meaning: Rylnn Is Royalty At Its Best; Meaning Beautiful Little Queen It Is Also Spelled Rylnn
Origin: English
Pronunciation: RIE-lyn

92. Ubayaat

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Oops + BAY + YArn + Toy
How to be Write: ابیات

93. Wazzaa

Meaning: Radiant; Beautiful; Clean
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: sWUng + Zero + Zero + MAn
How to be Write: وازہ

94. Eiliyah

Meaning: The Beautiful One To Grow In Peace And Love With God
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Eiliyah, Ei-liyah
How to be Write: ایلیا
Lucky Number: Eiliyah Lucky Number Is 6

95. Lawanya

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: लवन्या

96. Phulmti

Meaning: Beautiful Like Flower
Origin: Assamese

97. Zuniya

Meaning: Beautiful; Wise; Wisdom
Origin: Algerian

98. Mah Jabin

Meaning: Beautiful; Brow Like The Moon
Origin: Algerian

99. Femal

Meaning: Young Beautiful
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Fe-mal, Femal

100. A’Yonna

Meaning: Beautiful Flower
Origin: Swahili
Pronunciation: Ayo(n)-na