100+ Unique girl Name Meaning Blessing

100 Unique Blessing Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Blessing most popular names of 2023 feature Gracie as Number one for girls, and Jedidiah in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Blessing are Zaiyana and Inaayah and Barakah and for girls, and Binay and Aaraadhya and Barake and for boys. Here is the list for Blessing baby names for boys and girls.

1. Gracie

Meaning: Favor; Blessing The Three Mythological Graces Were Nature Goddesses: Aglaia: (brilliance); Thalia: (flowering); And Euphrosyne:
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Gra-cie, Gracie
Lucky Number: Gracie Lucky Number Is 7

2. Zaiyana

Meaning: Blessing From Heaven
Origin: Algerian

3. Inaayah

Meaning: Gift; Reward; Blessings
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Inaayah
How to be Write: عنایہ
Lucky Number: Inaayah Lucky Number Is 2

4. Barakah

Meaning: Blessing; White One
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Barakah, Ba-ra-kah
Lucky Number: Barakah Baraka Lucky Number Is 4

5. Vara Lakshmi

Meaning: Blessing; Goddess Parvati
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Vara Lak-sh-mi, Vara Lak-shmi, Va-ra Laks-h-mi

6. Ziyanah

Meaning: Radiant; Blessing From Heaven
Origin: Algerian

7. Tomoe

Meaning: Friend And Blessing
Origin: Bhutani

8. Anum

Meaning: Benefit; Blessings And Profit; Blessings Of Allah; Allah' S Favors Upon Humans
Origin: Arabic
Anum Name Meaning By Origin: ﷲ کی رحمت،اللہ کا انعام،خدا کی نعمت،خدا کا تحفہ
How to be Write: انعم
Lucky Number: Anum Lucky Number Is 4

9. Bracha

Meaning: A Blessing
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: Bracha

10. Blesy

Meaning: Blessing
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: ब्लेससी

11. Bracka

Meaning: Blessing
Origin: Hebrew

12. Dikshika

Meaning: Blessing Giver;
Origin: Nepali
Pronunciation: Dik-shi-ka, Dikshi-ka, Diks-hi-ka
Lucky Number: Dikshika Lucky Number Is 9

13. Zaitra

Meaning: Blessings
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Zaithra

14. Chriki

Meaning: Blessing

15. Blerung

Meaning: Blessing
Origin: Anglo
Lucky Number: Blerung Lucky Number Is 7

16. Bito

Meaning: Gods Blessings
Origin: Austrailian

17. Aala

Meaning: Bounties; Blessings
Origin: Arabic
Aala Name Meaning By Origin: مُستَفِيض ; فيض پانے والا;
Pronunciation: Up Or Arm + LAmp
How to be Write: أَعْلى
Lucky Number: Aala Lucky Number Is 4

18. Fazzilet

Meaning: Blessings Of Allah
Origin: Arabic
Fazzilet Name Meaning By Origin: اللہ کی نعمتوں
Pronunciation: Fazz-ilet, Fazzi-let, Faz-zi-let
How to be Write: فظلت
Lucky Number: Fazzilet Lucky Number Is 7

19. Braca

Meaning: Blessing
Origin: Hebrew

20. Barakka

Meaning: Blessing

21. Shravanika

Meaning: Blessings From Lord Shiva
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: श्रवणिका

22. Nimah Naeema

Meaning: Blessing; Loan
Origin: Algerian

23. Varadha

Meaning: Generous One; Giver Of Blessings
Origin: Malayali

24. Bracca

Meaning: Blessing
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Brac-ca, Bracca

25. Azma

Meaning: Blessing Of Allah
Origin: Arabic
Azma Name Meaning By Origin: طاقت،حوصلہ
Pronunciation: Az-ma, Azma
How to be Write: عزما
Lucky Number: Azma Lucky Number Is 4

26. Minha

Meaning: Something That Has Been Given By Allah; Gift From Allah; A Blessing From Allah
Origin: Arabic
Minha Name Meaning By Origin: دینا; عطا کرنا;
Pronunciation: Min-ha, Minha
How to be Write: منہا
Lucky Number: Minha Lucky Number Is 9

27. Nimat Nimaat

Meaning: Blessings; Loans
Origin: Algerian

28. Burayka

Meaning: Blessing
Origin: Algerian

29. Jefrina

Meaning: Blessing Of God
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Je-f-rina, Je-frina, Je-fri-na
How to be Write: جیفرینا

30. Zol

Meaning: Blessings Of God; Beautiful
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Zol

31. Anmolvir

Meaning: Blessing
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: An-molvir, An-mol-vir

32. Sisay

Meaning: Blessing From God; Omen Of Good Things To Come
Origin: African

33. Baracca

Meaning: Blessing

34. Deveena

Meaning: Blessing; Eye Of God; Resembling A Goddess; Blessing
Origin: Hindi
Deveena Name Meaning By Origin: देवीना 
Pronunciation: Deveena, De-vee-na
How to be Write: दीवीना
Lucky Number: Deveena Lucky Number Is 11

35. Minnah

Meaning: Kindness; Grace; Blessing
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Min-nah
How to be Write: مننہ
Lucky Number: Minnah Lucky Number Is 9

36. Duaasree

Meaning: Blessing Of Goddess Lakshmi
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Duaas-ree

37. Arulasi

Meaning: Blessings
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Aru-lasi, Arulasi, Aru-la-si

38. Tinaye

Meaning: A Unisex Name Meaning Gift Or Blessing
Origin: African
Pronunciation: TEENAY

39. Mirha

Meaning: Allah Ka Noor ( Lite Of Blessing)
Origin: Arabic
Mirha Name Meaning By Origin: اللہ کا نور
How to be Write: مرحا
Lucky Number: Mirha Lucky Number Is 5

40. Mavisha

Meaning: Blessing Of Life
Origin: Algerian
Mavisha Name Meaning By Origin: مویشا
Lucky Number: Mavisha Lucky Number Is 9

41. Yashashvi

Meaning: Blessing;
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Yashashvi, Yas-has-h-vi
Lucky Number: Yashashvi Lucky Number Is 4

42. Inaam

Meaning: Benefit; Blessings And Profit
Origin: Arabic
Inaam Name Meaning By Origin: بخشش عطیہ ; اِنعام ; رحمدلی کاعمل
Pronunciation: Inaam, In-aam
How to be Write: انعام
Lucky Number: Inaam Lucky Number Is 1

43. Nimah

Meaning: Blessing; Loan; Favour
Origin: Arabic
Nimah Name Meaning By Origin: قرض ; رحمت
Pronunciation: Nimah, Ni-mah
How to be Write: نیمہ
Lucky Number: Nimah Lucky Number Is 9

44. Zuweyna

Meaning: Blessing
Origin: Algerian

45. Ashidha

Meaning: Sky; Love; Blessings
Origin: Algerian

46. Hartika

Meaning: Blessing
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Har-ti-ka, Hartika

47. Heewon

Meaning: Blessing
Origin: Korean
Pronunciation: Hee-won

48. Grace Lynn

Meaning: Favor; Blessing
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Gr(a)-ce-lynn

49. Taeko

Meaning: Child Of Many Blessings

50. Iverem

Meaning: Blessings
Origin: African

51. Irie

Meaning: Irie Means Kindness; Blessing; Favor
Origin: Japanese
Pronunciation: Ee-ree-eh

52. Yumnaat

Meaning: Blessings; Blessedness
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Yes + PUt + Man + NAp + Toy
How to be Write: یومنات
Lucky Number: Yumnaat Lucky Number Is 4

53. Robina

Meaning: Blessing With Love; Waterfall
Origin: English
Robina Name Meaning By Origin: روبینہ
Pronunciation: Robi-na, Ro-bina, Ro-bi-na
Lucky Number: Robina Lucky Number Is 5

54. Aashka

Meaning: Aartis Best Wishes; Blessing
Origin: Hindi
Aashka Name Meaning By Origin: आश्का
Pronunciation: Aash-ka, Aashka, Aas-h-ka
How to be Write: आशका
Lucky Number: Aashka Lucky Number Is 5

55. Logeshwari

Meaning: Love Blessing
Origin: Hindi
Logeshwari Name Meaning By Origin: लोगेश्वारी
Pronunciation: Lo-gesh-wari, Lo-ges-hwa-ri
How to be Write: लोगेश्वरी
Lucky Number: Logeshwari Lucky Number Is 9

56. Shanum

Meaning: Allahs Blessing; Dignity
Origin: Urdu
Shanum Name Meaning By Origin: اللہ کی نعمت; وقار;
How to be Write: شانوم
Lucky Number: Shanum Lucky Number Is 4

57. Anaum

Meaning: The Blessing Of Allah
Origin: Arabic
Anaum Name Meaning By Origin: اللہ کی نعمت
Pronunciation: Anaum, Ana-um
How to be Write: انام
Lucky Number: Anaum Lucky Number Is 4

58. Shrayansha

Meaning: Blessing Of Goddess Lakshmi
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: श्रेयांश:

59. Zuwaina

Meaning: Blessing
Origin: Algerian

60. Netranjali

Meaning: Blessing With Eyes
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ne-tran-jali, Netran-jali, Ne-tran-ja-li

61. Aksatha

Meaning: Permanent; Whole; Blessing
Origin: Kannada

62. Chinue

Meaning: Blessing Of Chi
Origin: African

63. Brakka

Meaning: Blessing
Origin: Hebrew

64. Khasabah

Meaning: Blessed; Filled With Blessings
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: KHartoum + RUn + Sit + SAnd + BUt
How to be Write: خاصہ

65. Anooshay

Meaning: Eternal Life; Immortality; Ggoodness And Happiness; Bravo; And Blessings Of Allah ( Allah Ki Rahmat; Abdi Zindgi ; Nakhatam Hony Wali Zindgi )
Origin: Persian
Anooshay Name Meaning By Origin: انوشہ
Lucky Number: Anooshay Lucky Number Is 7

66. Anjusha

Meaning: Blessing
Origin: Hindi
Anjusha Name Meaning By Origin: अंजुशा
How to be Write: अंजुषा
Lucky Number: Anjusha Lucky Number Is 2

67. Hirva

Meaning: One Of The Four Vedas; Blessing
Origin: Hindi
Hirva Name Meaning By Origin: हिरवा 
Pronunciation: Hir-va, Hirva
How to be Write: हिर्वा
Lucky Number: Hirva Lucky Number Is 4

68. Heba

Meaning: Gift; Especially A Gift And Blessing From Allah
Origin: Arabic
Heba Name Meaning By Origin: خدا کی طرف سے تحفہ
Pronunciation: Class="S">HImself + Beautiful + HUmble
Or HImself + BAshful
Or HEr + BAshful
How to be Write: حبا
Lucky Number: Heba Lucky Number Is 7

69. Saikrupa

Meaning: Blessing Of Lord Sai
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: सैकृपा

70. Debashishya

Meaning: Blessing Of God
Origin: Assamese

71. Jahisha

Meaning: Blessing Of God
Origin: Algerian

72. Tabaarakah

Meaning: Blessing
Origin: Arabic
Tabaarakah Name Meaning By Origin: برکت
How to be Write: تبارکہ
Lucky Number: 5

73. Bhuanya

Meaning: Earth Blessing Girl
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Bhuanya, Bhuan-ya, Bhua-n-ya

74. Neimat

Meaning: Blessing
Origin: Algerian

75. Jozee

Meaning: Blessing
Origin: Arabic
Jozee Name Meaning By Origin: برکت
Pronunciation: J(o)-zee
How to be Write: جوزی

76. Yamen

Meaning: Blessing
Origin: Urdu
Yamen Name Meaning By Origin: برکت،فضل، کرم ، رحمت ، بخشِش ، خُوش قِسمتی،نعمتِ خداداد
How to be Write: یمن

77. Anamta

Meaning: Nematon Wali ( Blessing )
Origin: Arabic
Anamta Name Meaning By Origin: انعمت
How to be Write: انامتا
Lucky Number: Anamta Lucky Number Is 1

78. Siriporn

Meaning: Blessing Of Glory
Origin: Thai
Pronunciation: Si-ri-PAWN
Lucky Number: Siriporn Lucky Number Is 1

79. Saisagun

Meaning: Blessings Of Sai
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: सैसगुन

80. Arashna

Meaning: Blessing; Not Inclined To Anger
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: अराशन

81. Mylle

Meaning: Blessing
Origin: English

82. Akshintha

Meaning: Blessings
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ak-shintha, Ak-sh-intha, Aks-hin-t-ha

83. Aaishi

Meaning: God Blessings
Origin: Bengali

84. Niyamat

Meaning: Devine Blessing
Origin: Algerian

85. Jozette

Meaning: God Will Add Blessings
Origin: British
Pronunciation: Joz(et)-te

86. Megumi

Meaning: " Blessing"
Origin: Japanese

87. Dhruveena

Meaning: Blessings Of Dhruva
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dhru-veena, Dhruveena, Dhru-vee-na
How to be Write: ध्रुववीना

88. Anuragha

Meaning: Blessing; Love
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Anuragha, Anur-agha, Anurag-ha
How to be Write: अनुराग:

89. Nawlaa

Meaning: Gift; Present; Bestowal; Blessing
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: NUt + Win + LAnd
How to be Write: نوالہ
Lucky Number: Nawlaa Lucky Number Is 5

90. Gracella

Meaning: Favor; Blessing The Three Mythological Graces Were Nature Goddesses: Aglaia: (brilliance); Thalia: (flowering); And Euphrosyne:
Origin: Latin
Lucky Number: Gracella Lucky Number Is 5

91. Annum

Meaning: Allah's Blessing, A Blessing
Origin: Arabic
Annum Name Meaning By Origin: انّم
Pronunciation: An-num
How to be Write: سالانہ
Lucky Number: Annum Lucky Number Is 4

92. Annam

Meaning: Gods Blessing
Origin: Hindi
Annam Name Meaning By Origin: انّم
How to be Write: अन्नाम
Lucky Number: Annam Lucky Number Is 1

93. Gurditta

Meaning: One Born With Gurus ' Meaning Having Blessing' Blessing
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: गुरदित्त
Lucky Number: Gurditta Lucky Number Is 1

94. Anji

Meaning: One Who Blesses; Blessing
Origin: Hindi
Anji Name Meaning By Origin: अंजी
Pronunciation: An-ji, Anji
How to be Write: अंजी
Lucky Number: Anji Lucky Number Is 7

95. Rayra

Meaning: Blessing
Origin: Algerian

96. Meheru

Meaning: Benevolence; Blessings
Origin: Algerian

97. Maymanat

Meaning: Blessing; Victory
Origin: Algerian

98. Fayisha

Meaning: A Blessing To All
Origin: Algerian

99. Sisaye

Meaning: Blessing From God; Omen Of Good Things To Come

100. Neimaat

Meaning: Blessings; The Good Things Bestowed On Humans By God
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: NEEd + MAT
How to be Write: نعمت
Lucky Number: Neimaat Lucky Number Is 8