100+ Unique girl Name Meaning Brother

100 Unique Brother Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Brother most popular names of 2023 feature Yania as Number one for girls, and Cohen in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Brother are Dahma and Urmil and Ujamaa and for girls, and Wemeten and Filademo and Filadelfo and for boys. Here is the list for Brother baby names for boys and girls.

1. Yania

Meaning: Good Brother
Origin: Maldivian
Pronunciation: Ya-nia, Yania

2. Dahma

Meaning: She Was A Scholar Of Religion And Had Learnt From Her Brother Al-Imam Al-Mahdi
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Dah-ma, Dahma
How to be Write: دھما۔
Lucky Number: Dahma Lucky Number Is 8

3. Urmil

Meaning: ' Meaning Having Humble' Humble , Enchantress (Wife Of Lakshman (LorD Rama's Brother))
Origin: Hindi
Urmil Name Meaning By Origin: उर्मिल
Pronunciation: Ur-mil, Urmil
How to be Write: उर्मिला
Lucky Number: Urmil Lucky Number Is 1

4. Ujamaa

Meaning: Fellowship; Brotherhood
Origin: African

5. Aemilia

Meaning: The ComeDy Of Errors' Wife To Aegeon, An Abbess At Ephesus, AnD Mother To The Twin Brothers Antipholus Of Ephesus, AnD Antipholus Of Syracuse.
Origin: Shakespearean
Pronunciation: Ae-mil-ia, Aemil-ia, Ae-mi-lia
Lucky Number: Aemilia Lucky Number Is 5

6. Nishumbhashumbhahanani

Meaning: Slayer Of The Demon-brothers Shumbha Nishumbha
Origin: Hindi
Nishumbhashumbhahanani Name Meaning By Origin: नीशुम्भाशुम्भाहानानी
How to be Write: निशुंभशुंभहनानी
Lucky Number: Nishumbhashumbhahanani Lucky Number Is 7

7. Rakhee

Meaning: Thread Of Brother Sister Bonding
Origin: Hindi
Rakhee Name Meaning By Origin: राखि
Pronunciation: Rakhee, Rak-hee
How to be Write: राखी
Lucky Number: Rakhee Lucky Number Is 3

8. Ikha

Meaning: Brotherhood And Sisterhood; For People To Love One Another Like Brothers; Or Like Sisters
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Islam + KHartoum (capital Of Sudan) + SmArt
How to be Write: اکھا
Lucky Number: 2

9. Asija

Meaning: A Great Sage; Brother Of Brihaspati
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Asi-ja, Asija

10. Rajanna

Meaning: The King; South Indians Add Anna As A Mark Of Respect Which Literally Means Brother Or Elder One
Origin: Hindi
Rajanna Name Meaning By Origin: राजनना
Pronunciation: Ra-jan-na, Ra-janna
How to be Write: राजन्ना
Lucky Number: Rajanna Lucky Number Is 5

11. Amba

Meaning: GoDDess ' Meaning Having Durga' Durga (The King Of Kashi's ElDest Daughter. Bhishma AbDucteD Her From Her Swayamvara Along With Her Two Sisters To Be His Brother's BriDe.)
Origin: Hindi
Amba Name Meaning By Origin: अंबा
Pronunciation: Am-ba, Amba
How to be Write: अंबा
Lucky Number: Amba Lucky Number Is 8

12. Germayne

Meaning: Brother
Origin: French

13. Germayn

Meaning: Brother
Origin: French

14. Phanessa

Meaning: The Mystic Goddess Of An Ancient Greek Brotherhood
Origin: Greek
Lucky Number: Phanessa Lucky Number Is 11

15. Germine

Meaning: Brother
Origin: Latin

16. Vanny

Meaning: Butterfly Also; From Phanessa; The Mystic Goddess Of An Ancient Greek Brotherhood
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Van-ny, Vanny
Lucky Number: Vanny Lucky Number Is 22

17. Rajannya

Meaning: The King; South Indians Add Anna As A Mark Of Respect Which Literally Means Brother Or Elder One
Origin: Hindi
Rajannya Name Meaning By Origin: राजान्न्य 
Pronunciation: Ra-jan-nya, Ra-jannya, Ra-jan-n-ya
How to be Write: राजन्या
Lucky Number: Rajannya Lucky Number Is 3

18. Agraja

Meaning: Leader; Senior; First Born; Eldest Brother
Origin: Hindi
Agraja Name Meaning By Origin: अग्राजा
Pronunciation: Agra-ja, Agraja
How to be Write: अग्रजा
Lucky Number: Agraja Lucky Number Is 2

19. Germani

Meaning: Brother
Origin: French

20. Jermayn

Meaning: Brother

21. Germayna

Meaning: Brother

22. Germanicus

Meaning: Brother

23. Germaina

Meaning: Brother

24. Germaena

Meaning: Brother

25. Achinoam

Meaning: My Brother Is A Delight

26. Germin

Meaning: Brother
Origin: Latin

27. Germaya

Meaning: Brother

28. Germanna

Meaning: Brother

29. Bratislava

Meaning: Brother; Fame; Glory
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: ब्रैटिस्लावा

30. Mandvi

Meaning: (Wife Of Bharat (LorD Rama's Brother))
Origin: Hindi
Mandvi Name Meaning By Origin: मांडवी 
Pronunciation: Mand-vi, Mandvi
How to be Write: मांडवी
Lucky Number: Mandvi Lucky Number Is 9

31. Germaene

Meaning: Brother

32. Sharitye

Meaning: Brotherly Love
Origin: Latin

33. Ujma

Meaning: Brotherhood; Fellowship
Origin: Algerian

34. Germanus

Meaning: Brother
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Ger-manus, Ger-ma-nus

35. Sharitey

Meaning: Brotherly Love
Origin: Latin