100+ Unique girl Name Meaning Calm

100 Unique Calm Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Calm most popular names of 2023 feature Serena as Number one for girls, and Frederick in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Calm are Aramesh and Iqamat and Cerena and for girls, and Nakash and Yasahiro and Ashtu and for boys. Here is the list for Calm baby names for boys and girls.

1. Serena

Meaning: Tranquil; Calm; Serene
Origin: Hindi
Serena Name Meaning By Origin: सेरेना
Pronunciation: Common Pronunciation: SUpper + pRay + SEE + NUmber
Also Acceptable: SEnd + pRay + BEd + NAp
How to be Write: सेरेना
Lucky Number: Serena Lucky Number Is 3

2. Aramesh

Meaning: Calmness; Serenity ( Sakon )
Origin: Persian
Aramesh Name Meaning By Origin: آرامش
Pronunciation: After + pRay + MAn + MIst + SHop

3. Iqamat

Meaning: Calm; Peace; Staying
Origin: Arabic
Iqamat Name Meaning By Origin: سکون ; امن ; ٹھہرنا
Pronunciation: Iqa-mat, Iqamat
How to be Write: إقامت
Lucky Number: Iqamat Lucky Number Is 6

4. Cerena

Meaning: Calm
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Ce-re-na

5. Wadiah

Meaning: Calm; Peaceable
Origin: Arabic
Wadiah Name Meaning By Origin: پرسکون; پرامن;
Pronunciation: Wa-di-ah, Wa-diah
How to be Write: ودیہ
Lucky Number: Wadiah Lucky Number Is 9

6. Typi

Meaning: Calm
Origin: Finnish

7. Aveesha

Meaning: Patience; Calm; Gift Of God
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: अवीशा

8. Tyyni

Meaning: Calm
Origin: Finnish

9. Hadiyah Haadiya

Meaning: Guide To Righteousness; Calm
Lucky Number: Hadiyah Haadiya Lucky Number Is 2

10. Unaisah

Meaning: Friendly; Calm; Kind; Helpful
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Unaisah, Unai-sah
How to be Write: انیسہ

11. Pratheepa

Meaning: Calm; Peace
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Pratheepa, Prat-hee-pa
How to be Write: प्रथीपा

12. Rakidah

Meaning: Calm; Tranquil; Serene
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: RAndom + KIt + DUst
How to be Write: رکیدہ

13. Akooja

Meaning: Noiseless; Silent; Calm
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: अकूजा

14. Biveki

Meaning: Patience; Calm; True Wisdom
Origin: Assamese

15. Prashantini

Meaning: Calm And Composed
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Prashan-ti-ni, Prashantini, Pras-han-ti-ni

16. Zesha

Meaning: Unique Desire; Happiness; Calmness
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ze-sha, Zes-ha

17. Anusheeta

Meaning: Calm Mind
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Anushee-ta, Anusheeta, Anus-hee-ta
How to be Write: अनुशीता

18. Noor Ul Ain

Meaning: Bringer Of Happiness; Remover Of Sadness; One Who Brings Calm And Serenity To The Heart; Light Of The Eye; Aankhoon Ki Roshni
Origin: Arabic
Noor Ul Ain Name Meaning By Origin: آنکھوں کی روشنی،آنکھوں کا نور ، آنکھ کی چمک، آنکھ کی روشنی
How to be Write: نورالعین
Lucky Number: Noor Ul Ain Lucky Number Is 3

19. Fryderyka

Meaning: Calm Monarch
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Fri-De-RI-kah
Lucky Number: Fryderyka Lucky Number Is 7

20. Yaritza

Meaning: Fan Of The Water; Swimmer Thrives On The Calmness In Life
Origin: Brazilian
Pronunciation: YaREETzah

21. Arameh

Meaning: Calm; Serene
Origin: Persian
Arameh Name Meaning By Origin: آرامہ
Pronunciation: AFter + pRay + MAn + Man + REd

22. Vihika

Meaning: Pure; Calm; Serene
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Vi-hi-ka

23. Kshaya

Meaning: Less Energetic And Calm
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Kshaya, Ks-ha-ya

24. Mailey

Meaning: Calm
Origin: Hawaiian

25. Irhaa

Meaning: To Make Calm; To Make Serene; To Tranquilize ( Dilasa Deny Wala; Himat Deny Wala )
Origin: Arabic
Irhaa Name Meaning By Origin: ارہا
Pronunciation: Islam + PRay + HAnd
How to be Write: ارہا
Lucky Number: Irhaa Lucky Number Is 1

26. Sathvika

Meaning: Goddess Durga; Calm
Origin: Hindi
Sathvika Name Meaning By Origin: साथ्वीका 
Pronunciation: Sathvi-ka, Sathvika, Sa-th-vi-ka
How to be Write: सात्विक:
Lucky Number: Sathvika Lucky Number Is 1

27. Moulana

Meaning: Silent; Calm;
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Moulana, Mou-la-na
How to be Write: मौलाना
Lucky Number: Moulana Lucky Number Is 5

28. Saqina

Meaning: Tranquillity Calm; Devout; Friend
Origin: Algerian

29. Feeya

Meaning: Calm; Relaxed
Origin: Algerian

30. Ruzanna

Meaning: Composed; Calm
Origin: American

31. Delnia

Meaning: Calm; Serene; Tranquil; One Whose Heart Is At Peace
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: DIp + BaLL + NImble + YArn
How to be Write: ڈیلنیا

32. Onsiyah

Meaning: One Who Brings Calm And Gladness To The Heart
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Oops + New + SEE + YUmmy
How to be Write: اونسیہ
Lucky Number: Onsiyah Lucky Number Is 1

33. Razaanah

Meaning: One Who Is Calm
Origin: Arabic
Razaanah Name Meaning By Origin: جو ایک پرسکون ہے
Pronunciation: Raza-anah, Razaa-nah, Ra-zaa-nah
How to be Write: رزانہ
Lucky Number: Razaanah Lucky Number Is 4

34. Maunika

Meaning: Silent; Calm
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: मौनिका

35. Tyssy

Meaning: Calm
Origin: Finnish

36. Urusa

Meaning: Bright; Calm
Origin: Algerian

37. Salmee

Meaning: Calm; Freedom
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Salmee, Sal-mee

38. Placidea

Meaning: Calm; Untroubled

39. Placeda

Meaning: Calm; Untroubled

40. Galyne

Meaning: Calm

41. Aeris

Meaning: This Name Offers A Breath Of Fresh Air It Means Light; Calm And Easy-going
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: AYRis

42. Amberly

Meaning: Variant Of The Amber Stone; Sweet And Precious; Calming
Origin: English
Amberly Name Meaning By Origin: گرم شہد کے رنگ جیسا
Pronunciation: Amberlee
How to be Write: عمبریلی

43. Zyla

Meaning: A Follower; Quiet And Calm; A Reflection Of Ones Self
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: Zylah

44. Smitakshi

Meaning: The Girl Who Possess Calmness In Her Eyesand Has The Capacity To Express Her Feelings Through Her Eyes
Origin: Hindi
Smitakshi Name Meaning By Origin: स्मिताक्षी
Pronunciation: Smi-tak-shi, Smitak-shi, Smi-taks-hi
How to be Write: स्मिताक्षी
Lucky Number: Smitakshi Lucky Number Is 1

45. Shameeta

Meaning: Peacemaker; Who Is Calm And Disciplined
Origin: Hindi
Shameeta Name Meaning By Origin: शमिता
Pronunciation: Shamee-ta, Shameeta, Sha-mee-ta
How to be Write: शमिता
Lucky Number: Shameeta Lucky Number Is 9

46. Rica

Meaning: Calm Monarch
Origin: German
Pronunciation: REEK-ə
Lucky Number: Rica Lucky Number Is 4

47. Fredrika

Meaning: Calm Monarch
Origin: Finnish
Pronunciation: FreD-REE-kah
Lucky Number: Fredrika Lucky Number Is 9

48. Frederica

Meaning: Calm Monarch
Origin: German
Pronunciation: FreD-REE-ka
Lucky Number: Frederica Lucky Number Is 1

49. Sukaynah

Meaning: Calm; Quietude
Origin: Arabic
Sukaynah Name Meaning By Origin: آرام ; قرار ; پرسکون
Pronunciation: Sukay-nah, Su-kay-nah
How to be Write: سکینہ
Lucky Number: Sukaynah Lucky Number Is 9

50. Viveki

Meaning: True Wisdom; Patience; Calm
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: विवेकी

51. Sejol

Meaning: Pure Water; Flowing Calm Water
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: सेजोल

52. Saijel

Meaning: Flowing Calm Water
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: सैजेली

53. Shizko

Meaning: Child Of Calmness
Origin: Hebrew

54. Janoa

Meaning: A Quiet - Calm Child
Origin: Hebrew

55. Tyyra

Meaning: Calm
Origin: Finnish

56. Akrodhini

Meaning: Wrathful; Calm Lady
Origin: Bengali

57. Jibriya

Meaning: Beauty With Calm
Origin: Algerian

58. Haleemath

Meaning: Calm; Patient
Origin: Algerian

59. Minika

Meaning: Calmness
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Mini-ka, Minika, Mi-ni-ka

60. Gaelen

Meaning: Calm; Tranquility
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Gae-len, Gaelen

61. Placidah

Meaning: Calm; Untroubled

62. Payson

Meaning: One Who Seeks Calm Above Anything Else
Origin: English
Pronunciation: PAYsun

63. Docilla

Meaning: Calm
Origin: Latin
Lucky Number: Docilla Lucky Number Is 11

64. Razina

Meaning: Calm; Composed; Self-possessed; Fem Of Razin
Origin: Arabic
Razina Name Meaning By Origin: سکون; مشتمل;
Pronunciation: Raz-i-na, Razina, Ra-zi-na
How to be Write: رزینہ
Lucky Number: Razina Lucky Number Is 5

65. Rikke

Meaning: Calm Monarch
Origin: German
Pronunciation: REE-ke
Lucky Number: Rikke Lucky Number Is 7

66. Sowmaya

Meaning: Beauty; Calm; Good Character
Origin: Kannada

67. Praneeti

Meaning: Requested; Calmness; Dear One
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: प्रणीत

68. Chaithvika

Meaning: Calmness; Meditative
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: चैतविक

69. Tysse

Meaning: Calm
Origin: Finnish

70. Typy

Meaning: Calm
Origin: Finnish

71. Sumoni

Meaning: Obedient; With Good Heart; Calm
Origin: Assamese

72. Tawaqur

Meaning: Calm; Composure; Solemnity; Poise
Origin: Algerian

73. Saloomi

Meaning: Calm
Origin: Urdu
Saloomi Name Meaning By Origin: پرسکون، پر امن
How to be Write: سلومی
Lucky Number: 2

74. Chulin

Meaning: Crisp; Calm; Reserved
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Chulin, Chu-lin

75. Ruzana

Meaning: Smell Of Flower; Calm; Composed
Origin: Algerian

76. Glena

Meaning: Happy; Calm; Healer
Origin: American
Pronunciation: G-le-na

77. Galene

Meaning: " Calm"
Origin: Greek

78. Nalanie

Meaning: " Calm Skies"
Origin: Hawaiian

79. Placide

Meaning: Calm; Untroubled

80. Placeyda

Meaning: Calm; Untroubled

81. Placeeda

Meaning: Calm; Untroubled

82. Huwayda

Meaning: Dead Calm

83. Frythe

Meaning: One Who Is Calm And

84. Frithe

Meaning: One Who Is Calm And

85. Satvika

Meaning: Goddess Durga; Calm
Origin: Hindi
Satvika Name Meaning By Origin: सत्विका
Pronunciation: Satvi-ka, Satvika, Sat-vi-ka
How to be Write: सात्विक:
Lucky Number: Satvika Lucky Number Is 2

86. Shanta

Meaning: Tranquil; Calm
Origin: Hindi
Shanta Name Meaning By Origin: शांता
Pronunciation: SHAHN-tə
How to be Write: शांता
Lucky Number: Shanta Lucky Number Is 8

87. Saadwika

Meaning: Polite; Calm
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: सादविका

88. Sekkina

Meaning: Peaceful; Calm
Origin: Algerian

89. Rinsa

Meaning: Ray Of Light; Calm
Origin: Algerian

90. Sulasa

Meaning: Calm
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Su-lasa

91. Sajwa

Meaning: Calm; Polite
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Sa-jwa
How to be Write: سجاوہ

92. Halinka

Meaning: Calm
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Halin-ka, Halinka, Ha-lin-ka

93. Ruzaina

Meaning: Calm; Composed
Origin: Algerian

94. Placeada

Meaning: Calm; Untroubled

95. Galeane

Meaning: Calm

96. Gailya

Meaning: Calm

97. Frytha

Meaning: One Who Is Calm And

98. Fryth

Meaning: One Who Is Calm And
Origin: English

99. Sethuramani

Meaning: Quiet; Calm
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: सेतुरमणि

100. Onaysa

Meaning: Good Friend; One Who Brings Peace And Calm To The Heart
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Oops + New + PAY + Sit + RUn
How to be Write: اونیسا
Lucky Number: Onaysa Lucky Number Is 2