100+ Unique girl Name Meaning Cat

100 Unique Cat Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Cat most popular names of 2023 feature Kaitlyn as Number one for girls, and Ezrah in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Cat are Londyn and Siena and Ellianna and for girls, and Krew and Kairo and Kayden and for boys. Here is the list for Cat baby names for boys and girls.

1. Kaitlyn

Meaning: Modern Phonetic Form Of The Irish Name Caitlin From Catherine Meaning Pure
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Kait-lyn, Kaitlyn
Lucky Number: Kaitlyn Lucky Number Is 11

2. Londyn

Meaning: This Alternative Of London; Which Is The Capital City Of England; Is A Lovely Location Name It Also Means From The Great River And Fortress Of The Moon
Origin: English
Pronunciation: LUHNdayn

3. Siena

Meaning: A Modification In Spelling Of The Name Sienna; Which Means Orange-red It Is Also The Name Of An Italian City
Origin: English
Pronunciation: See-EN-ah

4. Ellianna

Meaning: Communicator Of God; Powerful And Magnetic
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: EhLEE-ah-na

5. Makayla

Meaning: Makayla Is A Spelling Modification Of The Name Michaela; Which Is The Feminine Form Of Michael It Means Who Is Like God?
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: MAE-key-lah

6. Violeta

Meaning: Variant Of Violet; Delicate And Poised
Origin: Roman
Pronunciation: VioLETa

7. Bristol

Meaning: Location Names Can Be So Meaningful -- Or Just Fun Bristol Is A City Along The Avon River In England And Is The Name Of Several US Cities It Can Also Mean Bridge
Origin: English
Pronunciation: BRIstol

8. Lana

Meaning: Delicate; Soft
Origin: Arabic
Lana Name Meaning By Origin: نرم ہو جائے ; ملائم;
Pronunciation: LAnd + NUmber
How to be Write: لانا
Lucky Number: Lana Lucky Number Is 9

9. Marceline

Meaning: Literally Means; Dedicated To Mars; Referring To The Roman God Of War Can Also Evoke A Fascination With The Universe
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: MARsehleen

10. Aspen

Meaning: A Location And Nature Name; Aspen Is A Beautiful Town In The Mountains Of Colorado As Well As A Species Of Trees
Origin: English
Pronunciation: AHSpin

11. Isabel

Meaning: Beautiful; Attractive; And Literally Means Soft And Delicate
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: East + Zero + RUn + BEd + PLay
Lucky Number: Isabel Lucky Number Is 3

12. Isabella

Meaning: €œbeautiful”; €œattractive”; And Literally Means €œsoft And Delicate”
Origin: Italian
Pronunciation: Islam + Zero + MAn + BEd + PLay + LAmp
Lucky Number: Isabella Lucky Number Is 3

13. Zara

Meaning: Humbleness; Supplication; Splendour; Princess; Ajazi Ikhtiar Karney Wali
Origin: Arabic
Zara Name Meaning By Origin: عاجزی اختیار کرنیوالی
Pronunciation: Zoom + HUmblr + Run + SmArt
How to be Write: زارہ
Lucky Number: Zara Lucky Number Is 9

14. Raegan

Meaning: A Popular Girls Name; This Has Its Origins In Celtic And Is A Modification Of The Name Regan Meaning Descendent Of Riag
Origin: Celtic
Pronunciation: REE-gan

15. Cataleya

Meaning: A Flower Name; Cataleya Is A Type Of Orchid
Origin: English
Pronunciation: KahtahLAYah

16. Malaysia

Meaning: This Location Name Was One The Most Popular Named After A Country In 2014 In Sanskrit It Means Sandalwood Trees
Origin: Sanskrit
Pronunciation: MahLAYZia

17. Maeve

Meaning: Intoxicating Woman
Origin: Gaelic
Pronunciation: MAYV
Lucky Number: Maeve Lucky Number Is 5

18. Delilah

Meaning: Delicate Woman
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: Di-LIE-lə
Lucky Number: Delilah Lucky Number Is 3

19. Katalina

Meaning: Variant Of Catherine; Katalina Means Pure
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Ka-ta-li-na

20. Luciana

Meaning: A Modification On The Italian Name Lucia For Light
Origin: Italian
Pronunciation: LoosheeAHNeh

21. Lina

Meaning: Tender; Delicate; Compassionate
Origin: Hindi
Lina Name Meaning By Origin: लीना
Pronunciation: Li-na, Lina
How to be Write: लीना
Lucky Number: Lina Lucky Number Is 9

22. Katie

Meaning: Katie Is A Modification Of The Names Katherine And Kate And Means Pure
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: KAY-tee

23. Olivia

Meaning: Olivia Is Taken From The Latin Word Meaning Olive And Was First Popularized In Shakespeares Twelfth Night It Is A Modification Of The Name Oliver
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: OW-lih-VIY-ah

24. Kataleya

Meaning: Variant Of Cattleya; Referring To A Type Of Orchids
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Cat-ah-LAY-ah

25. Rosalyn

Meaning: Delicate Horse
Origin: German
Pronunciation: ROZ-ə-lin
Lucky Number: Rosalyn Lucky Number Is 5

26. Leah

Meaning: Delicate Woman
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: LEE-ə
Lucky Number: Leah Lucky Number Is 8

27. Marlee

Meaning: Marlee Has The Meaning Of Pleasant Wood The Name Is A Modification Of Marley Which Used To Be Used As A Surname Can Be A Name For Boys Or Girls
Origin: English
Pronunciation: MAAR-liy

28. Tazkiyah

Meaning: Growth; Purification
Origin: Algerian

29. Cliodhna

Meaning: Copied From The Name Of The River In Ireland Clodagh; Also An Irish Modification Of The Name Claudia Meaninglimping
Origin: Irish
Pronunciation: KLOWDahNAH

30. Viekki

Meaning: Delicate; Soft; Gentle
Origin: Finnish

31. Zakat

Meaning: Purification
Origin: Algerian

32. Zoral

Meaning: A Heavenly And Delicate

33. Alaw

Meaning: Alaw Is Probably A Modification Of The Name Alaula Which Means Light Of Early Dawn Or Sunset Glow
Origin: Hawaiian
Pronunciation: AH-law

34. Zenadia

Meaning: She Who Is Dedicated
Origin: Greek

35. Baraneh

Meaning: Creative; Educated; Confidence
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Baraneh, Ba-ra-neh

36. Zabina

Meaning: Sabine Woman; Catlike

37. Ghazeerah

Meaning: Soft & Delicate
Origin: Arabic
Ghazeerah Name Meaning By Origin: نرم و نازک
How to be Write: غضیرہ
Lucky Number: 8

38. Dur Afshan

Meaning: Scattered Pearls; Beads
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Dur-Af-shan, Dur-Afshan
How to be Write: در افشاں

39. Falina

Meaning: Cat Like; Latin Origin
Origin: Arabic
Falina Name Meaning By Origin: بلی جیسے; لاطینی نژاد;
Pronunciation: Fali-na, Falina, Fa-li-na
How to be Write: فالعینہ
Lucky Number: Falina Lucky Number Is 6

40. Kanagavathi

Meaning: Communicator; Logical; Energetic
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Kana-ga-vathi, Kanagavathi, Ka-na-ga-va-thi

41. Amabil

Meaning: Friendly; Dedicator; Elegant
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Ama-bil, Am-ab-il

42. Araadhya

Meaning: Communicator; Logical; Energetic
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Araad-hya, Araad-h-ya

43. Falace

Meaning: A Delicate And Beautiful
Origin: French

44. Idonie

Meaning: Powerful; Dedicator; Noble
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Idonie, Ido-nie

45. Amsi

Meaning: Personification Of Reproduction
Origin: Egyptian

46. Falean

Meaning: Cat-like
Origin: English

47. Zuzanna

Meaning: Largely Used In The Polish Language; Meaning Lily It Is A Modification Of The Name Susanna; Predominately Used In German And Italian
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: ZUWZAE-Nah

48. Martyna

Meaning: Copied From The Latin Meaning War-like; Dedicated To Mars; It Is Used Mainly In The Polish Language
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: MAARTIHNah

49. Amicabilis

Meaning: Loving; Dedicator; Respectability
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Ami-ca-bilis, Am-ic-ab-il-is, Ami-ca-bi-lis

50. Ranah

Meaning: Nice-looking; Eye-catching
Origin: Algerian

51. Zorall

Meaning: A Heavenly And Delicate

52. Charlott

Meaning: A Modification Of The Name Charlotte; Charlott Means Man Or Free Man; And Is Largely Used Across The World
Origin: German
Pronunciation: SHAR-lot

53. Katalaya

Meaning: Copied From The NameCatalia; This Name Means One Who Is Pure
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: Ka-ta-LIE-uh

54. Aliesha

Meaning: The Name Aliesha Means Of A Noble Kind It Is A Modification Of The Name Alice
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Aa-LEY-shah

55. Dinora

Meaning: Form Of Hebrew Dinah. JuDgeD AnD VinDicateD. In The Bible Dinah Was Jacob's Only Daughter.
Origin: Spanish
Lucky Number: Dinora Lucky Number Is 7

56. Yasna

Meaning: Prayer; Supplication; Worship In Avestan; An Ancient Language Of Persia
Origin: Persian
Yasna Name Meaning By Origin: اس کا مطلب عربی میں سفید گلاب
Pronunciation: YUmmy + Sit + NAp
How to be Write: یثنہ
Lucky Number: Yasna Lucky Number Is 5

57. Tahaseen

Meaning: Pure; Beautification
Origin: Algerian

58. Riba

Meaning: Fish; Cattle Stall
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Ri-ba, Riba
How to be Write: ربا

59. Inogen

Meaning: Inogen Is Probably A Modification Of The Name Imogen It Means Daughter; Girl Or Innocnce
Origin: Celtic
Pronunciation: IHN-ah-gahn

60. Alissia

Meaning: Copied From Old German Meaning Of Noble Birth A Modification Of Alice
Origin: German
Pronunciation: AL-iss-EA

61. Alexie

Meaning: Of Old Greek Origin Meaning Defender Of Men; A German Modification Of Alice
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: AL-ex-EE

62. Teigan

Meaning: Teigan Is A Welsh Name That Has Several Meanings Including Fair; Blessed; Holy And Pretty It Is A Modification In Spelling Of Tegan
Origin: Welsh
Pronunciation: TEE-gan

63. Nafisa

Meaning: Refined; Pure; Precious; Delicate; Choice; Exquisite
Origin: Arabic
Nafisa Name Meaning By Origin: بہترین، عمدہ
Pronunciation: Nafisa, Na-fi-sa
How to be Write: نفیسہ
Lucky Number: Nafisa Lucky Number Is 4

64. Arpitaa

Meaning: Dedicated; Tribute
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: अर्पिता

65. Tomazin

Meaning: Master; Educated; Cheerful
Origin: English
Pronunciation: To-mazin, To-ma-zin

66. Vradhika

Meaning: Powerful; Dedicator; Noble
Pronunciation: VRADHIKA

67. Adeana

Meaning: Delicate And Slender
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: A-dea-na

68. Beanie

Meaning: Sabine Woman; Catlike
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Beanie, Bean-ie, Bea-nie

69. Alarna

Meaning: A Modification Of The Name Alana Which Means Little Rock; Harmony Or Peace
Origin: Celtic
Pronunciation: Aa-LAE-nah

70. Jazleen

Meaning: This Name Combines A Modification Of The NameJasmine; Which Is A Floral Name Meaning Fragrant Or Sweet; With The NameLynn; Which Means A Waterfall It Is Also Sometimes Derived From The English WordJazz; A Soulful Type Of Music
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Jazz-LEAN

71. Zumurruda

Meaning: Beautification; Adornment If Spelled زونة
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: viSion + MAn + LEg
How to be Write: زمرودہ
Lucky Number: Zumurruda Lucky Number Is 2

72. Leena

Meaning: Young Palm Tree; Soft And Delicate
Origin: Arabic
Leena Name Meaning By Origin: کھجور کا پودا; نرم;
Pronunciation: sLEEp + NUmber
How to be Write: لینا
Lucky Number: Leena Lucky Number Is 5

73. Vidaya

Meaning: Learning; Education; Wisdom
Origin: Kannada

74. Viddya

Meaning: Education; Knowledge
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: विद्या

75. Dionycia

Meaning: Master; Educated; Cheerful
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Diony-cia, Dio-nycia

76. Jnanadatta

Meaning: Communicator; Logical; Energetic
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Jnana-dat-ta, Jn-anadatta, Jna-na-dat-ta

77. Marcille

Meaning: War-like; Dedicated
Origin: French

78. Aoibhe

Meaning: The Meaning Of Aoibhe Is Beauty It Is An Irish Modification Of Eve
Origin: Celtic
Pronunciation: EE-vah

79. Aislyn

Meaning: A Modification OfAshlyn; This Name Means Natural
Origin: Irish
Pronunciation: ACE-lin

80. Seinna

Meaning: Probably A Modification Of The Name Sienna; Refering To The Italian City And The Orange-red Color Of The Brick Work There
Origin: German
Pronunciation: SEE-in-a

81. Ghadah

Meaning: Gentle; Soft; Delicate
Origin: Hindi
Ghadah Name Meaning By Origin: خوبصورت
Pronunciation: BaGHdad + MAn + DUst
How to be Write: غدہ
Lucky Number: Ghadah Lucky Number Is 2

82. Satyarupa

Meaning: Dedicated To Truth; Personified
Origin: Hindi
Satyarupa Name Meaning By Origin: सत्यारूपा
Pronunciation: Sat-yaru-pa, Sat-yarupa, Sa-tya-ru-pa
How to be Write: सत्यरूप:
Lucky Number: Satyarupa Lucky Number Is 5

83. Tazima

Meaning: Glorification; Exaltation; Honour; Fem Of Tazim
Origin: Arabic
Tazima Name Meaning By Origin: تمجید; رَفعت ; اوج
Pronunciation: Taz-i-ma, Tazi-ma, Ta-zi-ma
How to be Write: تعظیما
Lucky Number: Tazima Lucky Number Is 6

84. Ghayda

Meaning: Young And Delicate
Origin: Hindi
Ghayda Name Meaning By Origin: نوجوان اور نازک
Pronunciation: Ghay-da, Ghayda
How to be Write: غیدہ
Lucky Number: Ghayda Lucky Number Is 9

85. Plesancia

Meaning: Master; Educated; Cheerful
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Ple-san-cia, Ples-an-cia, Ple-sancia

86. Thakshitha

Meaning: Loving; Dedicator; Respectability
Origin: Puranas In Kannada
Pronunciation: Thanvika

87. Kodimani

Meaning: Creative; Educated; Confidence
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Kodi-mani, Ko-di-ma-ni

88. Bahair

Meaning: Delicate Woman
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Ba-hair
How to be Write: بہیر

89. Daleah

Meaning: Chief; Educated; Good Understanding
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Daleah, Da-le-ah

90. Rivah

Meaning: Shore; Riverbank; Cattle
Origin: Hebrew

91. Reveca

Meaning: Cattle Stall; To Tie
Origin: Austrailian

92. Falase

Meaning: A Delicate And Beautiful
Origin: French

93. Leeah

Meaning: A Modification Of The NameLeah; This Name Means One Who Is Weary
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: LEE-ah

94. Kamile

Meaning: Of African-Shona Origin Meaning Spirit There Are 19 Modifications Of This Name
Origin: African
Pronunciation: CAM-eel

95. Jenessa

Meaning: This Name; A Modification OfJenisa; Is A Combination Of The NameJennifer; Which Means A White Wave; And The NameNisa; Which Is The Arabic Word For Woman
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Je-NESS-uh

96. Makynzie

Meaning: Variant Of Mackenzie; Wise And Dedicated To Education
Origin: Gaelic
Pronunciation: MahKENZee

97. Ghazaala

Meaning: A Young Deer (fawn; Gazelle); Beloved; Delicate Young Person
Origin: Arabic
Ghazaala Name Meaning By Origin: ہرن ; غزال
Pronunciation: Ghaz-a-ala, Ghazaala, Gha-zaa-la
How to be Write: غزالہ
Lucky Number: Ghazaala Lucky Number Is 9

98. Ghaydaa

Meaning: Young And Delicate
Ghaydaa Name Meaning By Origin: غیدا
Lucky Number: Ghaydaa Lucky Number Is 9

99. Uthisha

Meaning: Communicator; Logical; Energetic
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Uthisha, Uthis-ha
Lucky Number: Uthisha Lucky Number Is 5

100. Rosalind

Meaning: Delicate Horse
Origin: German
Pronunciation: ROZ-ə-linD
Lucky Number: Rosalind Lucky Number Is 2