100+ Unique girl Name Meaning Cold

100 Unique Cold Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Cold most popular names of 2023 feature Tund as Number one for girls, and Colbourne in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Cold are Nasseem and Himarashmi and Furaat and for girls, and Ibzan and Africanus and Caldwell and for boys. Here is the list for Cold baby names for boys and girls.

1. Tund

Meaning: Cold; Thanda
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Tund

2. Nasseem

Meaning: Soft Cold Breeze
Origin: Arabic
Nasseem Name Meaning By Origin: نرم ٹھنڈی ہوا
How to be Write: نسیم
Lucky Number: 7

3. Himarashmi

Meaning: Cold Rayed Moon
Origin: Hindi
Himarashmi Name Meaning By Origin: हिमांरश्मी
Pronunciation: Hi-marash-mi, Hi-marashmi, Hi-ma-ras-h-mi
How to be Write: हिमराश्मी
Lucky Number: Himarashmi Lucky Number Is 9

4. Furaat

Meaning: Cold - Refreshing Water
Origin: Algerian

5. Tahki

Meaning: Cold
Origin: Hebrew
Lucky Number: Tahki Lucky Number Is 22

6. Himali

Meaning: Ice; Cold Like Ice; Golden Skinned
Origin: Hindi
Himali Name Meaning By Origin: हिमाली
Pronunciation: Hi-mali, Him-ali, Hi-ma-li
How to be Write: हिमाली
Lucky Number: Himali Lucky Number Is 7

7. Caldwelle

Meaning: Of The Cold Well
Origin: English

8. Shwetal

Meaning: Cold; Cool; Pure White
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: श्वेता

9. Himasvi

Meaning: Snow; Ice; Cold
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Hi-masvi, Hi-mas-vi

10. Thaanvi

Meaning: Cold Moon
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Thaan-vi, Thaanvi

11. Caldwele

Meaning: Of The Cold Well
Origin: English

12. Heemali

Meaning: Ice; Cold Like Ice; Golden Skinned
Origin: Hindi
Heemali Name Meaning By Origin: हिमाली
Pronunciation: Heemali, Hee-ma-li
How to be Write: हीमाली
Lucky Number: Heemali Lucky Number Is 8

13. Haumea

Meaning: Cold Thing; Sacred Birth

14. Hemamrutha

Meaning: Cold Vision
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: He-mam-rutha, Hemam-rutha, He-mam-ru-tha

15. Tusara

Meaning: Cold; Frost; Snow; Mist; Dew
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Tusara, Tus-a-ra
How to be Write: तुसर

16. Naziah

Meaning: Sharpness; Cold; A Large Bowl
Origin: Arabic
Naziah Name Meaning By Origin:
Pronunciation: Nazi-ah, Na-ziah
How to be Write: نازیہ
Lucky Number: Naziah Lucky Number Is 4

17. Caldwel

Meaning: Of The Cold Well
Origin: English

18. Subuhi

Meaning: The Cold Breeze Of Morning
Origin: Arabic
Subuhi Name Meaning By Origin: صبح کی سرد ہوا کا جھونکا
Pronunciation: Subuhi, Su-bu-hi
How to be Write: صبحی
Lucky Number: Subuhi Lucky Number Is 5

19. Wintr

Meaning: The Cold Season

20. Haimini

Meaning: Golden; Winter; Cold
Origin: Assamese

21. Sitala

Meaning: Of Good Memory; Of Cold Disposition; Sand
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Si-ta-la, Sit-ala

22. Noushi

Meaning: Cold
Origin: Malayali

23. Winteria

Meaning: The Cold Season

24. Jil

Meaning: Cold
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Jil
How to be Write: जिल

25. Ushmania

Meaning: Cold Wave
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ush-ma-nia, Ush-mania, Us-h-ma-nia

26. Naizah

Meaning: Miracle Of God; Cold
Origin: Algerian

27. Frieza

Meaning: Welcoming; Cold Wind; Femaine Of Frieze
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Frieza, Frie-za

28. Sital

Meaning: Cool; Cold
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Si-tal, Sit-al

29. Vinishika

Meaning: Scolding
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Vin-ishi-ka, Vi-nis-hi-ka

30. Hemali

Meaning: Ice; Cold Like Ice; Golden Skinned
Origin: Hindi
Hemali Name Meaning By Origin: हेमाली 
Pronunciation: He-mali, Hemali, He-ma-li
How to be Write: हेमाली
Lucky Number: Hemali Lucky Number Is 3

31. Shitel

Meaning: Cold; Very Cool
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Shi-tel, Shitel

32. Wintar

Meaning: The Cold Season