100+ Unique girl Name Meaning Darkness

100 Unique Darkness Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Darkness most popular names of 2023 feature Zelda as Number one for girls, and Colby in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Darkness are Hirah and Lokani and Griselda and for girls, and Nisant and Yemin and Orfeo and for boys. Here is the list for Darkness baby names for boys and girls.

1. Zelda

Meaning: Fighting In Darkness
Origin: German
Pronunciation: ZEL-Də
Lucky Number: Zelda Lucky Number Is 3

2. Hirah

Meaning: Darkness ; The Mountain And Cave Or Grotto Where Muhammad (PBUH)began To Receive The Qur' An
Origin: Arabic
Hirah Name Meaning By Origin: غار حیرا قرآن کریم حضرت محمد صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کے حوالے کیا گیا تھا جہاں پہاڑ کے نام سے منسوب
Pronunciation: Hi-rah, Hirah
How to be Write: حیره
Lucky Number: Hirah Lucky Number Is 9

3. Lokani

Meaning: Darkness
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Lokani, Lo-ka-ni

4. Griselda

Meaning: Fighting In Darkness
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Gri-ZEL-Də
Lucky Number: Griselda Lucky Number Is 3

5. Duana

Meaning: Coming From Darkness
Origin: Gaelic
Pronunciation: DWAYN-ə
Lucky Number: Duana Lucky Number Is 4

6. Layal

Meaning: Darkness Of Beauty
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Lay-al, La-yal
How to be Write: لیل

7. Tahila

Meaning: Darkness
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Tahi-la, Tahila, Ta-hi-la
How to be Write: तहिला

8. Hira

Meaning: Darkness
Origin: Hindi
Hira Name Meaning By Origin: پہاڑی کا نام جہاں قرآن پاک نازل ہوا نبی کریم پر،ایک مقدس جگہ کا نام
Pronunciation: Hi-ra, Hira
How to be Write: حرا
Lucky Number: Hira Lucky Number Is 9

9. Dalmah

Meaning: Darkness; Blackness
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: DUst + PLay + MUst
How to be Write: دلمہ

10. Tamasvi

Meaning: Darkness;
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ta-masvi, Tamasvi, Ta-mas-vi
Lucky Number: Tamasvi Lucky Number Is 22

11. Annesha

Meaning: Pure; Grace; Continuous; Day; No Darkness
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: An-nesha, An-nes-ha
How to be Write: انیشہ

12. Rajhni

Meaning: Darkness; Night; Peaceful
Origin: Kannada

13. Grizel

Meaning: Fighting In Darkness
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Gri-ZEL
Lucky Number: Grizel Lucky Number Is 5

14. Tihara

Meaning: Remover Of Darkness
Origin: Algerian

15. Nura

Meaning: Light (the Opposite Of Darkness); Radiant (something That Gives Off Light On Its Own; Such As A Star); Light (as In €˜ray Of Light’)
Origin: Arabic
Nura Name Meaning By Origin: روشنی ; نور
Pronunciation: NOOn + RUn
Or NOOn + pRay + SmArt
How to be Write: نورا
Lucky Number: Nura Lucky Number Is 9

16. Anishaa

Meaning: One Who Has No Darkness
Origin: Hindi
Anishaa Name Meaning By Origin: अनीषा
Pronunciation: Anishaa, An-ishaa, Anis-haa
How to be Write: अनीषा:
Lucky Number: Anishaa Lucky Number Is 8

17. Tamisra

Meaning: Darkness
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Tamis-ra, Tam-isra, Ta-mis-ra

18. Hir

Meaning: Powerful; Power; Diamond; Darkness
Origin: Hindi
Hir Name Meaning By Origin: हीर 
Pronunciation: Hir
How to be Write: हीर
Lucky Number: Hir Lucky Number Is 8

19. Juhainah

Meaning: Darkness At The End Of The Night
Origin: Arabic
Juhainah Name Meaning By Origin: ایک عرب قبیلہ کا نام
Pronunciation: Joy + PUt + HAY + NUmber
How to be Write: جہینہ
Lucky Number: Juhainah Lucky Number Is 9

20. Lisha

Meaning: Darkness Before Midnight;
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: LISH-ə
How to be Write: لیشا
Lucky Number: Lisha Lucky Number Is 4

21. Deepthi

Meaning: Bring Light In The Darkness (She Is The Wife Of Sekhar)
Origin: Hindi
Deepthi Name Meaning By Origin: दीपथी 
Pronunciation: Deepthi, Deep-thi
How to be Write: दीप्ति
Lucky Number: Deepthi Lucky Number Is 4

22. Anaishaa

Meaning: One Whose Life Has No Darkness
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: अनायशा:

23. Aazo

Meaning: Sunlight Away From Darkness
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Aa-zo, Aazo

24. Tamojita

Meaning: Conquer Of Darkness
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Tamo-ji-ta, Tamojita, Ta-mo-ji-ta

25. Thahaliya

Meaning: Darkness
Origin: Algerian

26. Thamasvi

Meaning: Night; Darkness
Origin: Kannada

27. Tamasa

Meaning: A River; Darkness
Origin: Hindi
Tamasa Name Meaning By Origin: غصہ
Pronunciation: Ta-masa, Tamasa, Ta-ma-sa
How to be Write: تماصہ
Lucky Number: Tamasa Lucky Number Is 1

28. Tamoharini

Meaning: One Who Dispells Darkness
Origin: Hindi

29. Nisu

Meaning: Night; Darkness
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: निसु

30. Lishara

Meaning: Darkness Before Midnight
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Lishara, Lis-hara, Lis-ha-ra

31. Tasfiah

Meaning: Solver; Light In Darkness
Origin: Algerian

32. Tarlay

Meaning: Holder Of Darkness
Origin: German