100+ Unique girl Name Meaning Famous

100 Unique Famous Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Famous most popular names of 2023 feature Louisa as Number one for girls, and Winston in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Famous are Lara and Clementine and Gemma and for girls, and Danny and Jeffrey and Connor and for boys. Here is the list for Famous baby names for boys and girls.

1. Louisa

Meaning: Famous Warrior Renowned Fighter
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Louisa, Loui-sa
Lucky Number: Louisa Lucky Number Is 5

2. Lara

Meaning: Laurel; Bright; Famous; Protection; Graceful
Origin: Hindi
Lara Name Meaning By Origin: लारा
How to be Write: लारास

3. Clementine

Meaning: Latin Clement. Famous Bearers Of The Name Clementine: The Heroine Of The Well-known Folk Song 'Clementine' AnD The Sir Winston Churchill's Wife.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Cle-men-tine, Cle-mentine, Cle-men-ti-ne
Lucky Number: Clementine Lucky Number Is 1

4. Gemma

Meaning: Jewel Or Gem Famous Bearer: Italian Saint Gemma Gaigani; Actress Gemma Craven
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Gem-ma, Gemma
Lucky Number: Gemma Lucky Number Is 3

5. Cecelia

Meaning: Blind Famous Bearer: The Blind St Cecilie; Patron Saint Of Music; Was A Talented Musician
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Ce-celia, Ce-ce-lia
Lucky Number: Cecelia Lucky Number Is 11

6. Estella

Meaning: DeriveD From The OlD French Form Of The Latin 'stella' Meaning Star. Famous Bearer: The Heroine Of Charles Dickens' Novel 'Great Expectations'.
Origin: Spanish
Lucky Number: Estella Lucky Number Is 2

7. Juliette

Meaning: An Italian . Famous Bearer: Juliet, Young Heroine Of Shakespeare's 'Romeo AnD Juliet'.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Juli-ette, Ju-li-et-te
Lucky Number: Juliette Lucky Number Is 3

8. Julie

Meaning: Downy. French Form Of Julia. Also Can Be A Feminine Form Of Julian: Youthful. Jove's ChilD. Famous Bearer: Actress Julie AnDrews.
Origin: American
Lucky Number: Julie Lucky Number Is 3

9. Louie

Meaning: The French Alternative Of The Name Louis; Meaning Loud Or Famous Warrior
Origin: German
Pronunciation: LuwIY

10. Andi

Meaning: Brave; ManlyFamous Bearer:Prince Andrew
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: An-di, Andi
How to be Write: एंडी
Lucky Number: Andi Lucky Number Is 1

11. Astrid

Meaning: GoDly Strength. DeriveD From Germanic CompounDs Meaning Divine Strength, Or Divine Beauty. AstriD Has Been UseD By Norway's Royal Families For HunDreDs Of Years. Famous Bearers: King Olaf I's Mother; The SweDish Wife Of King Olaf II.
Origin: Norse
Pronunciation: Astrid
Lucky Number: Astrid Lucky Number Is 8

12. Goldie

Meaning: The Precious Metal Gold Gilded Famous Bearer: American Actress Goldie Hawn
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Goldie, Gol-die
Lucky Number: Goldie Lucky Number Is 7

13. Emmeline

Meaning: InDustrious. HarDworking. From The OlD French Ameline, DeriveD From OlD German 'amal' Meaning Labor. Famous Bearer: British Suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst.
Origin: French
Lucky Number: Emmeline Lucky Number Is 4

14. Lottie

Meaning: A Feminine Form Of Charles; Meaning Man Alternate Meaning; Tiny And Feminine Famous Bearers: Princess Charlotte; Daughter Of King George IV; British Writer Charlotte Bronte
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Lot-tie
Lucky Number: Lottie Lucky Number Is 9

15. Cora

Meaning: From 'kore' Meaning Girl Or MaiDen. Famous Bearers: Persephone UseD The Title Kore.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Beast Of The Knight
Lucky Number: Cora Lucky Number Is 1

16. Kaelah

Meaning: Meaning: Keeper Of The Keys; Pure. Famous Bearer: Kayla Is A Character On Daytime TV Series 'Days Of Our Lives. '.
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Kae-lah
Lucky Number: Kaelah Lucky Number Is 2

17. Clarisa

Meaning: Bright; Shining And Gentle; Famous
Origin: English
Lucky Number: Clarisa Lucky Number Is 9

18. Clee

Meaning: Famous
Origin: Greek

19. Cheara

Meaning: Clear; Bright; Famous
Origin: Latin

20. Yaswanthni

Meaning: Always Famous
Origin: Kannada

21. Louisa Louise

Meaning: Famous Warrior
Origin: Filipino

22. Florance

Meaning: Of Latin Origin Meaning Blossoming; Flourishing Also The Name Of A Famous Italian City
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: FLO-rens

23. Zitomyra

Meaning: To Live Famously

24. Vikki

Meaning: Victory; Triumphant Famous Bearer: Queen Victoria
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Vik-ki, Vikki
Lucky Number: Vikki Lucky Number Is 8

25. Auberte

Meaning: Nobly Famous
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Au-berte, Auberte, Au-ber-te

26. Yasasvi

Meaning: Famous; Successful
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: यासास्विक

27. Yumena

Meaning: Famous
Origin: Japanese

28. Zitomira

Meaning: To Live Famously

29. Fawna

Meaning: Young Deer The Greek Mythological Deity Of Fertility And Nature Was Fauna She Was Famous For Her Chastity
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Faw-na, Fawna
Lucky Number: Fawna Lucky Number Is 9

30. Linda Loraine

Meaning: Made Famous In Battle

31. Yashwi

Meaning: Fame; Successful; Famous
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: यशवि

32. Lujzi

Meaning: Famous Warrior
Origin: Hebrew

33. Rudaba

Meaning: Behti Nadi; Nadi Ka Bahao; Famous Irani Pehelwan Rustam Ki Maa Ka Naam
Origin: Persian
Rudaba Name Meaning By Origin: رودابہ
Lucky Number: Rudaba Lucky Number Is 2

34. Delia Maire

Meaning: Wished-for Child; Rebellion; Bitter Famous Bearers: The Virgin Mary; Mary Magdalene; Mary; Queen Of Scots

35. Zitomeerah

Meaning: To Live Famously

36. Odandea

Meaning: Famous Land

37. Summer Louise

Meaning: A Name Which Combines Summer; Refering To The Season And Louise Meaning Famous Warrior
Origin: English
Pronunciation: SUMAHLUWIZ

38. Vickie

Meaning: Victory; Triumphant Famous Bearer: Queen Victoria
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Vick-ie, Vi-ckie
Lucky Number: Vickie Lucky Number Is 5

39. Dominica

Meaning: From Dominkus, Meaning 'of The LorD'. Famous Bearer: St Dominic FounDeD The Dominican OrDer Of Preaching Friars.
Origin: Spanish
Lucky Number: Dominica Lucky Number Is 5

40. Florinda

Meaning: The Mythological Roman GoDDess Of Flowers. From 'floris' Meaning Flower. Famous Bearers: Scottish Heroine Flora MacDonalD HelpeD Bonnie Prince Charlie.
Origin: Latin
Lucky Number: Florinda Lucky Number Is 7

41. Vladislava

Meaning: Famous Ruler
Origin: Slavic
Pronunciation: Vlah-Dee-SLAH-vah
Lucky Number: Vladislava Lucky Number Is 4

42. Yashashwini

Meaning: Famous; Blessed; Glorious
Origin: Assamese

43. Elbie

Meaning: Nobly Famous
Origin: English

44. Dot

Meaning: Gift Of GoD. AanD The Most Common Form Of The Name In English- Speaking Countries. Famous Bearer: The Young Heroine Of 'The WizarD Of Oz', PlayeD By JuDy GarlanD In The Film.
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Dot
Lucky Number: Dot Lucky Number Is 3

45. Chynna

Meaning: Based On The Country Name China Famous Bearer: Popular Singer Chynna Phillips
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Chyn-na, Chynna
Lucky Number: Chynna Lucky Number Is 11

46. Gul Makai

Meaning: A Heroine Of Famous Folk Tale
Origin: Algerian

47. Rozmonda

Meaning: Noted Protector; Famous Guardian
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Roz-mon-da, Roz-monda

48. Vladimíra

Meaning: Rule; Great; Famous

49. Margarita

Meaning: Child Of Light Famous Bearer: Margaret Thatcher; Former Prime Minister Of The United Kingdom
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: Mar-gari-ta, Mar-gar-ita, Mar-ga-ri-ta
Lucky Number: Margarita Lucky Number Is 7

50. Francine

Meaning: From France Or 'free One.' Feminine Of Francis. Famous Bearers: British Novelist Frances Burney AnD Actress Frances Kemble.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Francine, Fran-cine, Fran-ci-ne
Lucky Number: Francine Lucky Number Is 7

51. Baroni

Meaning: Royalty; Famous Daughter
Origin: English

52. Namankita

Meaning: Famous
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Na-manki-ta, Namankita, Na-man-ki-ta

53. Lu’Ella

Meaning: Famous Elf
Origin: British
Pronunciation: Lu(el)-la

54. Bobbe

Meaning: Bright Famous One; Famously Famous
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Bobbe, Bob-be

55. Williamina

Meaning: Will-helmet Famous Bearers: Poet And Playwright William Shakespeare (1564-1616) And William Wordsworth
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Wil-liami-na, Wil-li-am-ina, Wil-lia-mi-na
Lucky Number: Williamina Lucky Number Is 4

56. Dorothea

Meaning: Gift Of God A Vision Famous Bearer: St Dorothea Was Martyred At The Beginning Of The 4th Century
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Dorothea, Do-ro-thea
Lucky Number: Dorothea Lucky Number Is 5

57. Arthuretta

Meaning: From The Roman Clan Name Artorius; Meaning Noble; Courageous Famous Bearer: Legendary Sixth Century King Arthur Of Britain And His Round Table Of Knights This Legend Dates To The Early 9th Century
Origin: English
Lucky Number: Arthuretta Lucky Number Is 6

58. Fawne

Meaning: Young Deer The Greek Mythological Deity Of Fertility And Nature Was Fauna She Was Famous For Her Chastity
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Fawne, Faw-ne
Lucky Number: Fawne Lucky Number Is 22

59. Lulabelle

Meaning: " Famous Beauty"
Origin: English

60. Kaulanne

Meaning: Famous

61. Degula

Meaning: Excellent; Famous
Origin: Hebrew

62. Ceridwen

Meaning: From 'cerDD' Meaning Poetry AnD 'gwen' Meaning Fair Or White. Famous Bearer: CeriDwen, The Welsh GoDDess Of Poetic Inspiration.
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Cerid-wen, Ce-rid-wen
Lucky Number: Ceridwen Lucky Number Is 9

63. Carnela

Meaning: Garden Or Vinyard Famous Bearer: The Name Of A Mountain In Isreal The Carmelite Order Of Mendicant Friars Was Founded In The 12th Century On Mount Carmel
Origin: Latin
Lucky Number: Carnela Lucky Number Is 9

64. Waldah

Meaning: Walda Bint-e-Muhammad; The Daughter Of Andalas’s Ruler Muhammad-I Was An Educated And Erudite Woman; She Was A Famous Poetess Of Her Time And The Kalam She Wrote Earned Much Fame In Andalas; The Natives Of Qurtaba Were Very Respectful Towards Her;
Origin: Arabic
Waldah Name Meaning By Origin: اندلس کے حکمران محمد اول کی صاحبزادی کا نام ولدہ بنت محمد جو نہایت عالمہ اور فاضلہ خاتون تھی۔ اپنے زمانے کی مشہور شاعرہ تھی اور اس کا کلام اندلس میں خوب مشہور تھا۔ اہل قرطبہ اس کی بڑی عزت کرتے تھے۔
How to be Write: ولدہ
Lucky Number: 9

65. Chaand Bibi

Meaning: Name Of A Famous Women
Origin: Arabic
Chaand Bibi Name Meaning By Origin: ایک مشہور خاتون کا نام
How to be Write: چاند بیبی
Lucky Number: 1

66. Xiamara

Meaning: " Famous In Battle"
Origin: Portuguese

67. Rudolfa

Meaning: Famous Wolf
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Ru-dol-fa, Rudolfa

68. Robbey

Meaning: Bright Famous One; Famously Famous
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Robbey, Rob-bey

69. Kaulanna

Meaning: Famous

70. Kaulanah

Meaning: Famous

71. Lindy Bell

Meaning: Snake; Lime Tree; LinDen Tree. : From The OlD German BetlinDis, Which Is DeriveD From The WorD For Snake. Famous Bearer: BelinDa Was Heroine Of 18th Century Poet AlexanDer Pope's 'The Rape Of The Lock'.
Lucky Number: Lindy Bell Lucky Number Is 5

72. Arthurina

Meaning: From The Roman Clan Name Artorius; Meaning Noble; Courageous Famous Bearer: Legendary Sixth Century King Arthur Of Britain And His Round Table Of Knights This Legend Dates To The Early 9th Century
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Arthu-ri-na, Ar-thur-ina, Ar-thu-ri-na
Lucky Number: Arthurina Lucky Number Is 11

73. Roldana

Meaning: Famous
Origin: Hebrew
Lucky Number: Roldana Lucky Number Is 11

74. Prasidhi

Meaning: Famous
Origin: Hindi
Prasidhi Name Meaning By Origin: प्रसीधी
Pronunciation: Prasid-hi, Prasidhi, Pra-sid-hi
How to be Write: प्रसिधि
Lucky Number: Prasidhi Lucky Number Is 3

75. Yaddua

Meaning: Famous One
Origin: Hebrew

76. Yasvi

Meaning: Famous; Victorious; Fame; Glory
Origin: English

77. Robbina

Meaning: Bright Famous One; Famously Famous

78. Elmah

Meaning: Nobly Famous
Origin: English

79. Bobbet

Meaning: Bright Famous One; Famously Famous
Origin: German

80. Clarisse

Meaning: Bright; Shining And Gentle; Famous
Origin: French
Pronunciation: Clarisse, Cla-ris-se
Lucky Number: Clarisse Lucky Number Is 5

81. Fabiana

Meaning: From The Roman Clan Name Fabius; Meaning Bean-grower Or Bean-seller Famous Bearer: Popular American Singer Fabian; St Fabian - 3rd-century Pope And Martyr
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Fabi-ana, Fa-bi-ana, Fa-bia-na
Lucky Number: Fabiana Lucky Number Is 7

82. Alcinia

Meaning: Famous Bearer: Alcine Is Mistress Of Alluring Enchantments And Sensual Pleasures In The Orlando Poems
Origin: French
Lucky Number: Alcinia Lucky Number Is 4

83. Yugalika

Meaning: Famous Poetry
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Yu-ga-li-ka, Yuga-lika

84. Robbyn

Meaning: Bright Famous One; Famously Famous
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Rob-byn, Robbyn

85. Roba

Meaning: Bright Famous One; Famously Famous
Origin: Algerian

86. Orlinda

Meaning: Famous Landowner; Female
Origin: American

87. Orlandia

Meaning: Famous Landowner

88. Orlandea

Meaning: Famous Landowner

89. Orlain

Meaning: One Who Is Famous
Origin: American

90. Wyoh

Meaning: From The US State Name Wyoming. Famous Bearer: Wyoming Knott, Character In Robert Heinlein's "The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress".
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Wy-oh, Wyoh
Lucky Number: Wyoh Lucky Number Is 8

91. Dynah

Meaning: AvengeD. JuDgeD AnD VinDicateD. Famous Bearer: Biblical Dinah, Jacob's Only Daughter.
Origin: Hebrew
Lucky Number: Dynah Lucky Number Is 7

92. Basilia

Meaning: Royal Kingly Regal Derived From The Same Greek Word As The Plant Name Basil Famous Bearer: St Basil The Great Was Bishop Of Caesarea In The Latter Half Of The 4th Century
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Basil-ia, Ba-sil-ia, Ba-si-lia
Lucky Number: Basilia Lucky Number Is 8

93. Frieda

Meaning: A Feminine Form Of Frederick Famous Bearer: The Twentieth Century German Wife Of British Writer D H Lawrence
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Frie-da, Frieda
Lucky Number: Frieda Lucky Number Is 7

94. Herb

Meaning: Illustrious WarriorArmy Bright Introduced Into Britain During The Norman ConquestFamous Bearer: American President Herbert C Hoover
Origin: American
Herb Name Meaning By Origin: جنگ
Pronunciation: Herb
How to be Write: حرب
Lucky Number: Herb Lucky Number Is 6

95. Bette Betty

Meaning: A Diminutive The Hebrew Elizabeth: My God Is Plentiful Also Used As An Alternate Spelling Of Betty Famous References - American Actress Bette Davis
Origin: Hebrew

96. Zitomeera

Meaning: To Live Famously

97. Rolene

Meaning: From The Famous Land
Origin: German

98. Robbyetta

Meaning: Bright Famous One; Famously Famous

99. Orlaena

Meaning: One Who Is Famous

100. Kaulannah

Meaning: Famous