100+ Unique girl Name Meaning Flower

100 Unique Flower Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Flower most popular names of 2023 feature Flora as Number one for girls, and Jared in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Flower are Gracie and Zariah and Marigold and for girls, and Zahir and Gul and Chogla and for boys. Here is the list for Flower baby names for boys and girls.

1. Flora

Meaning: Flower - A Nature Name
Origin: Arabic
Flora Name Meaning By Origin: کھلی ہوئی کلی
Pronunciation: Flo-ra, Flora
How to be Write: فلورا
Lucky Number: Flora Lucky Number Is 7

2. Gracie

Meaning: Favor; Blessing The Three Mythological Graces Were Nature Goddesses: Aglaia: (brilliance); Thalia: (flowering); And Euphrosyne:
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Gra-cie, Gracie
Lucky Number: Gracie Lucky Number Is 7

3. Zariah

Meaning: A Alternative Of Sarah Meaning Princess; Or Lovely Flower
Origin: Arabic
Zariah Name Meaning By Origin: پھول کھلنا ; روشنی ; چمکتا ہوا
Pronunciation: ZAHruah,ZahRUah
How to be Write: زیرہ

4. Marigold

Meaning: Marigold Flower
Origin: English
Pronunciation: MER-ə-golD/MAR-ə-golD
Lucky Number: Marigold Lucky Number Is 7

5. Dahlia

Meaning: Dahlia Flower
Origin: Swedish
Pronunciation: DAL-yə
Lucky Number: Dahlia Lucky Number Is 7

6. Leilany

Meaning: Variant Of Leilani; Far Reaching Flower; Looking To God
Origin: Hawaiian
Pronunciation: LayLAHnee

7. Leia

Meaning: Child Of Heaven; Heavenly Flowers
Origin: Hawaiian
Pronunciation: Leia
Lucky Number: Leia Lucky Number Is 9

8. Lillian

Meaning: Lily Flower
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: LIL-ee-ən
Lucky Number: Lillian Lucky Number Is 9

9. Azalea

Meaning: Dry Earth; Dry A Flower Name
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Aza-lea
Lucky Number: Azalea Lucky Number Is 1

10. Cataleya

Meaning: A Flower Name; Cataleya Is A Type Of Orchid
Origin: English
Pronunciation: KahtahLAYah

11. Lilianna

Meaning: Derived From The Flower Name Lily Symbol Of Innocence; Purity; Beauty
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Lil-ian-na, Lili-anna, Li-li-an-na
Lucky Number: Lilianna Lucky Number Is 9

12. Violet

Meaning: Violet Flower
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: VIE-lət/VIE-ə-lət
Lucky Number: Violet Lucky Number Is 2

13. Jazmin

Meaning: Jasmine Flower
Origin: Persian
Jazmin Name Meaning By Origin: چنبیلی کا پھول
Pronunciation: YAHZ-min
How to be Write: جسمین
Lucky Number: Jazmin Lucky Number Is 1

14. Yasmin

Meaning: Jasmine Flower; Chanbeli Ka Phool
Origin: Persian
Yasmin Name Meaning By Origin: چنبیلی کا پھول
Pronunciation: Persian: YArn + Sweet + MEEt + New
Arabic: YArn + Sweet + MEEt + New
How to be Write: یاسمین
Lucky Number: Yasmin Lucky Number Is 9

15. Jasmine

Meaning: Persian Flower Name
Origin: Persian
Jasmine Name Meaning By Origin: خوشبودار پھول
Pronunciation: JAZ-min
How to be Write: جسمین
Lucky Number: Jasmine Lucky Number Is 8

16. Lila

Meaning: Name Of A Flower
Origin: Hindi
Lila Name Meaning By Origin: لیل ; رات
Pronunciation: LIE-lə
How to be Write: لیلہ
Lucky Number: Lila Lucky Number Is 4

17. Jazmine

Meaning: A Flower Name From The Older Form Jessamine
Origin: French
Jazmine Name Meaning By Origin: پھولوں کی ایک پپرانی قسم کا نام چمبیلی
Pronunciation: Jazmine, Jaz-mi-ne
How to be Write: جسمین
Lucky Number: Jazmine Lucky Number Is 6

18. Zahra

Meaning: Bright; Shining; Brilliant Also Means Flower; Blossom Or Beauty
Origin: Persian
Zahra Name Meaning By Origin: مدد کرنے والی، دوست،ہمدرد
Pronunciation: Z + SUm + H + RUb
How to be Write: ظہرہ
Lucky Number: Zahra Lucky Number Is 8

19. Laylani

Meaning: Variant Of Leilani; Far Reaching Flower; Looking To God
Origin: Hawaiian
Pronunciation: LayLAHnee

20. Lillie

Meaning: The Flower Lily Is A Symbol Of Innocence; Purity And Beauty
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Lil-lie
Lucky Number: Lillie Lucky Number Is 5

21. Magnolia

Meaning: Magnolia Flower
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Mag-NO-lee-ə
Lucky Number: Magnolia Lucky Number Is 8

22. Poppy

Meaning: Poppy (flower Name)
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Pop-py, Poppy
Lucky Number: Poppy Lucky Number Is 7

23. Lilian

Meaning: Derived From The Flower Name Lily Symbol Of Innocence; Purity; Beauty
Lilian Name Meaning By Origin: مہَربانی ; رحیم ; نرگس کا پھول
Pronunciation: Lil-ian, Lili-an, Li-li-an
How to be Write: لِلیاں
Lucky Number: Lilian Lucky Number Is 3

24. Lily

Meaning: Lily Flower
Origin: Latin
Lily Name Meaning By Origin: ایک پھول
Pronunciation: LIL-ee
How to be Write: للی
Lucky Number: Lily Lucky Number Is 1

25. Lilliana

Meaning: Derived From The Flower Name Lily Symbol Of Innocence; Purity; Beauty
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Lil-liana, Lil-lia-na
Lucky Number: Lilliana Lucky Number Is 7

26. Lilly

Meaning: A Flower
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Lil-ly, Lilly
Lucky Number: Lilly Lucky Number Is 7

27. Nola

Meaning: Magnolia Flower
Origin: English
Pronunciation: NO-lə
Lucky Number: Nola Lucky Number Is 6

28. Banafshah

Meaning: A Flower (violet)
Origin: Tajikistani
Banafshah Name Meaning By Origin: بنفشہ
Lucky Number: Banafshah Lucky Number Is 5

29. Nastaran

Meaning: A Flower Much Like A Wild Rose
Origin: Persian
Nastaran Name Meaning By Origin: ایک پھول زیادہ سے زیادہ ایک جنگلی گلاب کی طرح
Pronunciation: Nas-taran, Nastaran, Na-sta-ran
How to be Write: ناستران
Lucky Number: Nastaran Lucky Number Is 8

30. Pankhuri

Meaning: Petals Of Flowers
Origin: Hindi
Pankhuri Name Meaning By Origin: पन्खुरी
Pronunciation: Pankhuri, Pank-hu-ri
How to be Write: पंखुरी
Lucky Number: Pankhuri Lucky Number Is 8

31. Lanea

Meaning: Heavenly Flower
Origin: Hawaiian

32. Lily Ella

Meaning: Lily Is English And Is Named After The Flower That Is A Symbol Of Purity And Innocence The Name Ella Is A Short Form Of Any Name Ending In Ella Or Beginning With El It Has A Greek Meaning Of Bright One Or Shining One
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: LIH-lilyEH-lah

33. Marilis

Meaning: Abbreviation Of Amaryllis - The Flower Amaryllis; Poetic Reference To A Simple Shepherdess Or Country Girl
Origin: Greek
Lucky Number: Marilis Lucky Number Is 9

34. Areej

Meaning: Pleasant Smell ; The Fragrance Of A Flower From An Orange Tree
Origin: Arabic
Areej Name Meaning By Origin: مالٹے کے درخت سے آتی پھول کی خوشبو، خوشبو دار مہک، خوشبو
Pronunciation: Areej
How to be Write: اریج
Lucky Number: Areej Lucky Number Is 7

35. Tigerlili

Meaning: An Orange Flower With

36. Jazmyn

Meaning: Variant Of Jasmine; The Name Means Plant With Gentle; Beautiful Smelling Flowers
Origin: Persian
Pronunciation: JAZ-min

37. Shirin Gul

Meaning: Melodious Flower; Lovely Flower
Origin: Afghan
How to be Write: شیریں گل

38. Ianthe

Meaning: Flower Of Purple Color
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Iy-AN-thee
Lucky Number: Ianthe Lucky Number Is 3

39. Sigalit

Meaning: Purple Flower
Origin: French

40. Lillyan

Meaning: Variant Of Lillian; The Name Is Often Associated With The Lily Flower As Well As With Perfection & Purity
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Lil-Lee-an

41. Floora

Meaning: Flower
Origin: Finnish

42. Yasamin

Meaning: Jasmine Flower
Origin: Persian
Yasamin Name Meaning By Origin: چمبیلی پھول
Pronunciation: Yah-SAH-meen
How to be Write: یسامینہ
Lucky Number: Yasamin Lucky Number Is 9

43. Yuna

Meaning: Flower Name
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Yu-na, Yuna

44. Zaheera

Meaning: Blossomed; Plant That Has Flowered
Origin: Arabic
Zaheera Name Meaning By Origin: مددگار، حمایتی
Pronunciation: Zero + RUn + HEEd + pRay + RUn
How to be Write: ظہیرہ
Lucky Number: Zaheera Lucky Number Is 4

45. Azalee

Meaning: Singer; Flower
Origin: African
Pronunciation: A-za-lee

46. Yalanda

Meaning: Violet Flower
Origin: French

47. Pariza

Meaning: Light; Fairy; Flower
Origin: Persian
Pronunciation: Pariza, Par-iza, Pa-ri-za
Lucky Number: Pariza Lucky Number Is 7

48. Vuokko

Meaning: Anemone Flower
Origin: Finnish

49. Chantou

Meaning: Flower
Origin: Cambodian

50. Blodwinne

Meaning: White Flower

51. Vayda

Meaning: Variant Of Vada; Lovely As A Flower; But Strong Willed
Origin: German
Pronunciation: VAYdah

52. Imshall

Meaning: Phool ( Flower )
Origin: Arabic
Imshall Name Meaning By Origin: امشال
How to be Write: امشال
Lucky Number: Imshall Lucky Number Is 1

53. Uhee

Origin: Arabic
Uhee Name Meaning By Origin: روح; ایک پھول; جو دل کو چھوتی
Pronunciation: U H E E
How to be Write: أہی
Lucky Number: Uhee Lucky Number Is 7

54. Vanmalli

Meaning: Wild Flower
Origin: Hindi
Vanmalli Name Meaning By Origin: वनमल्ली
Pronunciation: Van-malli, Van-mal-li
How to be Write: वनमल्ली
Lucky Number: Vanmalli Lucky Number Is 3

55. Bussaba

Meaning: Flower
Origin: Thai

56. Paragi

Meaning: Fragrant; Pollen Of A Flower
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: परागी

57. Foolan

Meaning: Flowering; Blooming; Flower
Origin: Hindi
Foolan Name Meaning By Origin: फूलन, फूलँ
Pronunciation: Foolan, Foo-lan
How to be Write: फूलन
Lucky Number: Foolan Lucky Number Is 9

58. Eshal

Meaning: Most Fragrant Flower Of The Jannat; Flower In The Heaven; Jannat Ka Phool
Origin: Arabic
Eshal Name Meaning By Origin: جنت میں پھول کا نام
Pronunciation: Ee-sh-al
How to be Write: عشال
Lucky Number: Eshal Lucky Number Is 9

59. Hanaé

Meaning: Happiness Or Flower
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: Ha-na

60. Yolain

Meaning: Violet Flower

61. Kashni

Meaning: Flower; Special Girl; Goddess Lakshmi
Origin: Hindi
Kashni Name Meaning By Origin: कश्नी
Pronunciation: Kash-ni, Kashni, Kas-h-ni
How to be Write: काशनी
Lucky Number: Kashni Lucky Number Is 8

62. Thaalamboo

Meaning: Name Of A Fragrant Flower
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Thaalam-boo

63. Floramaria

Meaning: Flower; Blossom

64. Zuzia

Meaning: A Alternative Spelling And Pet Form Of The Name Sussanna; From The Hebrew Shoshanna Meaning Lilly Flower
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: ZUWZiyah

65. Jehan

Meaning: Beautiful Flower
Origin: Arabic
Jehan Name Meaning By Origin: دنیا
Pronunciation: Je-han, Jehan
How to be Write: جہاں
Lucky Number: Jehan Lucky Number Is 2

66. Fuleshwari

Meaning: Garden Of Flowers
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: फुलेश्वरी

67. Boglarka

Meaning: Buttercup Flower
Origin: Hungarian
Pronunciation: Bog-lark-uh

68. Yazenia

Meaning: Flower
Origin: Spanish

69. Narges

Meaning: " Narcissus Flower"
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Narges, Nar-ges

70. Irisa

Meaning: Rainbow Also A Flower Name Iris Was The Mythological Messenger-goddess Who Rode On Rainbows From Heaven To Earth To Deliver Messages From Olympus
Origin: Russian
Pronunciation: Irisa, Iri-sa
Lucky Number: Irisa Lucky Number Is 11

71. Zunerah

Meaning: A Flower Of Paradise
Origin: Algerian

72. Aivana

Meaning: Beautiful Flower
Origin: Swahili
Pronunciation: A(i)-va-na

73. Blodwin

Meaning: White Flower

74. Abeadah

Meaning: Flower; Worshiper Of

75. Zunaira

Meaning: Guiding Light; Flower In Paradise ( Janat Main Phool )
Origin: Persian
Zunaira Name Meaning By Origin: جنت میں ملنے والا پھول،جنت کا ایک پھول،بہشت کا ایک پھول
Pronunciation: Zu-naira, Zun-aira, Zun-ai-ra
How to be Write: زنیرہ
Lucky Number: Zunaira Lucky Number Is 4

76. Nasarin

Meaning: Flower
Origin: Algerian

77. Floarea

Meaning: Flower
Origin: Roman
Pronunciation: Floarea, Floa-rea

78. Nanmalar

Meaning: Admirable Flower; Excellent Flower
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Nan-malar, Nan-ma-lar

79. Petel

Meaning: A Part Of A Flower' S

80. Juhee

Meaning: Flower
Origin: Korean
Pronunciation: Ju-hi

81. Anecky

Meaning: Sweetness Of Face; Friendly; Flowery; Blossom; Hunger; Lamb; One; Wood; Clearing; Meadow; One; Only;

82. Yaasmeen

Meaning: A Sweet-smelling Flower Called Jasmin
Origin: Arabic
Yaasmeen Name Meaning By Origin: چنبیلی کا پھول
Pronunciation: Yaas-meen
How to be Write: یاسمین
Lucky Number: Yaasmeen Lucky Number Is 5

83. Beena

Meaning: Season Of Flowers; Clear; Sighted
Origin: Hindi
Beena Name Meaning By Origin: پھولوں کا موسم
Pronunciation: BEE + NAp
How to be Write: بینا
Lucky Number: Beena Lucky Number Is 4

84. Kukkamaria

Meaning: Mary Flower
Origin: Finnish

85. Malabika

Meaning: A Beautiful Flower
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Mal-abi-ka, Malabika, Mala-bi-ka

86. Tunie

Meaning: Flower

87. Floralia

Meaning: Flower; Blossom
Origin: Greek

88. Poppie

Meaning: Refering To The Red Flower Of The Same Name
Origin: English
Pronunciation: PAAPiy

89. Chaithana

Meaning: Perception; Intelligence; Life; Vigour; *; Vigour; Sunflower Seed
Origin: Hindi
Chaithana Name Meaning By Origin: चैथना 
Pronunciation: Chaithana, Chaitha-na
How to be Write: चैथना
Lucky Number: Chaithana Lucky Number Is 11

90. Yasmeenah

Meaning: Sweet-smelling Flower Among Er Work Is A Commentry On Surah Al-Baqarah; She Is Mentioned By Salahuddin Al-Safdi In His Book As One Of The Distinguished People Of Egypt
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Yas-meenah, Yas-mee-nah
How to be Write: یاسمینہ
Lucky Number: Yasmeenah Lucky Number Is 4

91. Gul Bano

Meaning: Princess Of Flowers
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Gul-Bano, Gul-Ba-no
How to be Write: گل بانو

92. Zakit

Meaning: " To Shine; Flower"
Origin: Hebrew

93. Zahera

Meaning: Flower
Origin: Arabic
Zahera Name Meaning By Origin: کھلا ہوا
Pronunciation: Za-hera, Za-he-ra
How to be Write: ظاہرہ

94. Yalonda

Meaning: Violet Flower
Origin: French

95. Lorabelle

Meaning: Laurel; Bay; Flower

96. Daisy Mae

Meaning: Daisy Is Derived From The Flower Daisy And Means Days Eye; Due To The Traits Of The Flowers Opening And Closing Petals Mae Derives From The Name Of The Month
Origin: English
Pronunciation: DEYZiyMEY

97. Kalina

Meaning: A Flower Name And Place Name
Origin: Czechoslovakian
Pronunciation: Kali-na, Kalina, Ka-li-na
Lucky Number: Kalina Lucky Number Is 3

98. Eshaal

Meaning: Most Fragrant Flower Of The Jannat; Flower In The Heaven; Jannat Ka Phool; Protected By GOD
Origin: Arabic
Eshaal Name Meaning By Origin: جنت کا پھول، بہشت کا پھول
Pronunciation: Eshaal, Es-haal
How to be Write: ایشال
Lucky Number: Eshaal Lucky Number Is 9

99. Latadevi

Meaning: Sweet Like A Flower; Divine Wine
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: लतादेवी

100. Phulmti

Meaning: Beautiful Like Flower
Origin: Assamese