100+ Unique girl Name Meaning Full of life

100 Unique Full of life Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Full of life most popular names of 2023 feature Evelynn as Number one for girls, and Jaxxon in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Full of life are Chaya and Cielo and Chaya and for girls, and Amir and Johnathan and Jaxx and for boys. Here is the list for Full of life baby names for boys and girls.

1. Evelynn

Meaning: Form Of Evelyn: Life
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Eve-lynn, Evelynn
Lucky Number: Evelynn Lucky Number Is 7

2. Chaya

Meaning: Shadow; Life
Origin: Hindi
Chaya Name Meaning By Origin: छाया 
How to be Write: छाया

3. Cielo

Meaning: The Good Afterlife; Beyond Death
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: SeeELo

4. Chaya

Meaning: Full Of Life
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: SHAH-ya
Lucky Number: Chaya Lucky Number Is 1

5. Jordyn

Meaning: Easy-going; Relaxed; Enjoys A Slow-moving Life
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: JORdin

6. Vida

Meaning: Found; Evid; Life; Wisdom; Knowledge; Beloved
Origin: Persian
Vida Name Meaning By Origin: تھوڑا ; بین ; ملنا
Pronunciation: View + SEE + Day + MAn
How to be Write: ویدہ
Lucky Number: Vida Lucky Number Is 1

7. Zoey

Meaning: Life
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Zoey
Lucky Number: Zoey Lucky Number Is 8

8. Aisha

Meaning: Lively Woman Life; Aaram Panay Wali
Origin: Arabic
Aisha Name Meaning By Origin: عائشہ نبی محمد ﷺ کی پسندیدہ بیوی کا نام تھا ; زندہ دل عورت
Pronunciation: After + Islam + SHUn
Or After + YIppee + SHUn
How to be Write: عائشہ
Lucky Number: Aisha Lucky Number Is 1

9. Zoya

Meaning: Alive; Mohabbat; Life; God' S Gift
Origin: Persian
Zoya Name Meaning By Origin: محبت، چاہت، زندگی
Pronunciation: Zoya, Zo-ya
How to be Write: زویا
Lucky Number: Zoya Lucky Number Is 4

10. Zoe

Meaning: Life
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: ZO-ee
Lucky Number: Zoe Lucky Number Is 1

11. Ayesha

Meaning: Lively Woman Life; Aaram Panay Wali
Origin: Arabic
Ayesha Name Meaning By Origin: آرام پانے والی،راحت وسكون سے رہنے والی - آرام پانے والی، حضور سروركائنات صلی اللہ عليہ وسلم كی زوجہ
Pronunciation: Aye-sha, Ayes-ha
How to be Write: عائشہ
Lucky Number: Ayesha Lucky Number Is 4

12. Zenana

Meaning: Woman; Name; Life Of
Origin: Hebrew

13. Wivan

Meaning: Life
Origin: Swedish

14. Zoelane

Meaning: Life And Narrow Road
Origin: Greek

15. Aven

Meaning: Always Moving; Coursing Through Life
Origin: Celtic
Pronunciation: Ayvin

16. Vidalina

Meaning: Life

17. Hester

Meaning: Star Myrtle Leaf A Latinized Form Of Esther Esther Was A Young Hebrew Woman In The Bible Who Married The Persian Ruler Xerxes And Risked Her Life To Save Her People
Origin: American
Hester Name Meaning By Origin: تارہ ; نجم ; ستارہ
Pronunciation: Hester, Hes-ter
How to be Write: ہستر
Lucky Number: Hester Lucky Number Is 3

18. Yuvedha

Meaning: A Phase Of Life; Childhood
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Yuved-ha, Yuvedha, Yu-ved-ha

19. Beatrixe

Meaning: Voyager Through Life; Traveler; Blessed
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Beatrixe, Be-at-rixe, Bea-tri-xe

20. Zenayda

Meaning: Life Of Zeus
Origin: Greek

21. Amòr

Meaning: Prosperous Long Life
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: A-mr
How to be Write: امر

22. Vica

Meaning: Alive; Life; The Juniper
Origin: Hebrew

23. Qismah

Meaning: Fortune; A Person’ S Share Of The Good Things In Life
Origin: Arabic
Qismah Name Meaning By Origin: قسمت; ضَيافَت;
Pronunciation: IraQ + BIg + Sit + MUst
How to be Write: قسمہ
Lucky Number: Qismah Lucky Number Is 4

24. Zoeey

Meaning: A Life-giving Woman; Alive
Pronunciation: Zoeey, Zo-eey

25. Zoë

Meaning: Life

26. Yayoi

Meaning: Full Life
Origin: Japanese

27. Awa

Meaning: River; Life
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Awa
How to be Write: آوا
Lucky Number: Awa Lucky Number Is 6

28. Umerah

Meaning: Living A Long Life; Beautiful; Red
Origin: Algerian

29. Noum

Meaning: Easy And Luxurious Life
Origin: Algerian

30. Vitaliya

Meaning: Full Of Life
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Vee-TAH-lyah
Lucky Number: Vitaliya Lucky Number Is 8

31. Waajidah

Meaning: One Who Acheives Her Goals In Life; Loved; Beloved
Origin: Arabic
Waajidah Name Meaning By Origin: زندگی میں اس کے مقاصد کو حاصل کرنے والے شخص
Pronunciation: Waa-ji-dah, Waajidah
How to be Write: واجدہ
Lucky Number: Waajidah Lucky Number Is 1

32. Omisa

Meaning: Goddess Of Birth; Life And Death
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: ओमिसा

33. Umehra

Meaning: Living A Long Life; Intelligent
Origin: Algerian

34. Dibiksha

Meaning: Life For Light
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dibik-sha, Dibiksha, Di-biks-ha

35. Xenovia

Meaning: Life Of Zeus

36. Umaira

Meaning: Living A Long Life; Living Long
Origin: Arabic
Umaira Name Meaning By Origin:
Pronunciation: OOps + MAY + RUn
How to be Write: عمیرہ
Lucky Number: Umaira Lucky Number Is 8

37. Umeera

Meaning: Living A Long Life
Origin: Algerian

38. Zaura

Meaning: Life
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Zau-ra, Zaura
How to be Write: زاورہ

39. Ayushika

Meaning: Long Life
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ayushi-ka, Ay-ushi-ka, Ayus-hi-ka

40. Zoeë

Meaning: Life
Origin: French
Pronunciation: Zoe

41. Zoee’

Meaning: Life
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Zoee

42. Xenobe

Meaning: Life Of Zeus

43. Vean

Meaning: One Who Is Full Of Life; Vivacious
Origin: English

44. Evea

Meaning: From Hebrew Origin Meaning Breath Of Life; In The Bible Eve Is The Mother Of All Living
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: EVE-ee

45. Mayte

Meaning: Lover Of The Earth And Nature; Brings Life From The Earth
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: MIYteh

46. Ghareer

Meaning: Good Manners And Easy And Luxurious Life
Origin: Arabic
Ghareer Name Meaning By Origin: عادت
Pronunciation: BaGHdad +rUn + pRay + SEE + PRay
How to be Write: غریر
Lucky Number: 3

47. Qusaimah

Meaning: Fortune; One’ S Share Of Life’ S Good Things
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: IraQ + PUt + SAY + MUst
How to be Write: قسیمہ
Lucky Number: 7

48. Chethna

Meaning: Perceptive Or Consciousness Or Life Or Excellent Intelligence; Power Of Intellect Or Alert (1)
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Cheth-na, Chethna, Che-th-na
Lucky Number: Chethna Lucky Number Is 5

49. Chaithana

Meaning: Perception; Intelligence; Life; Vigour; *; Vigour; Sunflower Seed
Origin: Hindi
Chaithana Name Meaning By Origin: चैथना 
Pronunciation: Chaithana, Chaitha-na
How to be Write: चैथना
Lucky Number: Chaithana Lucky Number Is 11

50. Giaa

Meaning: Sweet Heart; Life
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: जिया

51. Beah

Meaning: Voyager (through Life)
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Beah

52. Zeeva

Meaning: " Life"
Origin: Hebrew
Zeeva Name Meaning By Origin: آب و تاب ; چَمَک دَمَک ; ذَہانَت
Pronunciation: Zee-va, Zeeva
How to be Write: زوا

53. Evie Grace

Meaning: Diminutive Of Eve; Meaning Life And Lively; And Grace From The Latin For Charm
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: EHViyGREYS

54. Jivinta

Meaning: Life
Origin: Hindi
Jivinta Name Meaning By Origin: जीवीनता 
Pronunciation: Jiv-in-ta, Jivin-ta
How to be Write: जिविंटा
Lucky Number: Jivinta Lucky Number Is 4

55. Enid

Meaning: Woman With Life And Soul
Origin: Welsh
Pronunciation: EE-nəD
Lucky Number: Enid Lucky Number Is 5

56. Rafah

Meaning: Pleasant; Luxurious Life
Origin: Arabic
Rafah Name Meaning By Origin: خوش اقبالی ; کامیابی ; فلاح وبہبود
Pronunciation: Rafah, Ra-fah
How to be Write: رفہ
Lucky Number: Rafah Lucky Number Is 6

57. Jivaa

Meaning: Life; Immortal
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: जीवा

58. Dirghakshi

Meaning: One Having A Long Life; Immortal
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: दिर्घाक्षी

59. Drishka

Meaning: Life; Soul
Origin: Arabic
Drishka Name Meaning By Origin: زندگی،روح
How to be Write: درشکا
Lucky Number: 1

60. Guljan

Meaning: Flowers Life (Phool Si Jan; Phool Ki Hayat)
Origin: Persian
Guljan Name Meaning By Origin: پھول سی جان
Pronunciation: Gul-jan
How to be Write: گل جان
Lucky Number: Guljan Lucky Number Is 2

61. Hayah Hayat

Meaning: Life
Origin: Algerian

62. Weeta

Meaning: Life
Origin: Arabic
Weeta Name Meaning By Origin: زندگی،حیات
How to be Write: ویتا
Lucky Number: 3

63. Dheekshanya

Meaning: Long Life
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dheek-shanya, Dheekshan-ya, Dheeks-ha-n-ya

64. Jind

Meaning: Life Is Love; Life
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Jind

65. Veean

Meaning: One Who Is Full Of Life; Vivacious

66. Ened

Meaning: Soul; Life

67. Dounia

Meaning: Terrestrial Life
Origin: Arabic
Dounia Name Meaning By Origin: ارضی زندگی
Pronunciation: Dou-nia, Dounia
How to be Write: دنیا
Lucky Number: Dounia Lucky Number Is 1

68. Chaitana

Meaning: Perception; Intelligence; Life; Vigour
Origin: Hindi
Chaitana Name Meaning By Origin: चैताना
Pronunciation: Chai-tana, Chaitana, Chai-ta-na
How to be Write: चैतना
Lucky Number: Chaitana Lucky Number Is 3

69. Jaanya

Meaning: Life; Born
Origin: Hindi
Jaanya Name Meaning By Origin: जान्य
Pronunciation: Jaanya, Jaan-ya, Jaa-n-ya
How to be Write: जान्या
Lucky Number: Jaanya Lucky Number Is 7

70. Fareess

Meaning: Life
Origin: Arabic
Fareess Name Meaning By Origin: زندگی; حیات;
Pronunciation: Fa-reess, Fareess
How to be Write: فارس
Lucky Number: Fareess Lucky Number Is 4

71. Bibina

Meaning: Full Of Light Life
Origin: Malayali

72. Zoea

Meaning: Life
Origin: Latin

73. Zeenet

Meaning: Old; Life Of Zeus; Hospitable
Origin: Algerian

74. Greena

Meaning: Life
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Greena, Gree-na

75. Nana Aisha

Meaning: Lively Woman Life; Aaram Panay Wali

76. Enida

Meaning: Soul; Life
Origin: Algerian

77. Zoe’

Meaning: Life
Origin: French
Pronunciation: Zoe

78. Vitalina

Meaning: Life
Origin: Latin

79. Enyde

Meaning: Soul; Life

80. Arjetë

Meaning: Golden Life

81. Journie

Meaning: Variant Of Journey; Traveler; Enjoys The Walk Through Life
Origin: American
Pronunciation: JurNEE

82. Beatha

Meaning: Life
Origin: Celtic
Lucky Number: Beatha Lucky Number Is 1

83. Chabah

Meaning: Life
Origin: Hebrew
Lucky Number: Chabah Lucky Number Is 5

84. Mawiyah Mawiya

Meaning: The Essence Of Life; Clear Mirror
Lucky Number: Mawiyah Mawiya Lucky Number Is 7

85. Jevanthika

Meaning: Life; Alive
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: जेवंतिका

86. Turna

Meaning: Right Path In Life
Origin: German

87. Aayeesha

Meaning: Living; Life
Origin: Algerian

88. Aisah

Meaning: Life; Woman; Lively
Origin: Algerian

89. Jiah

Meaning: Heart; Life; Lively
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: जियाहो

90. Jiaana

Meaning: God Is Gracious; Life
Origin: Algerian

91. Vitel

Meaning: Life
Origin: Latin

92. Chhayah

Meaning: One Who Loves Life
Origin: Hebrew

93. Arjeta

Meaning: Golden Life

94. Aionea

Meaning: Everlasting Life

95. Betha

Meaning: Life
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Betha, Be-tha
Lucky Number: Betha Lucky Number Is 9

96. Evacska

Meaning: Life
Origin: Hungarian
Lucky Number: Evacska Lucky Number Is 8

97. Itret

Meaning: Gaiety; Pleasure; Happy And Social Life;
Origin: Arabic
Itret Name Meaning By Origin: عزت، عصمت
How to be Write: عترت
Lucky Number: Itret Lucky Number Is 8

98. Mawiya

Meaning: Old Arabic Name; The Essence Of Life; Clear Mirror
Origin: Hindi
Mawiya Name Meaning By Origin: پرانا عربی نام
Pronunciation: Mawiya, Maw-iya, Ma-wi-ya
How to be Write: معاویہ
Lucky Number: Mawiya Lucky Number Is 8

99. Laxmitha

Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi; Prosperous Life
Origin: Hindi
Laxmitha Name Meaning By Origin: लक्ष्मीथा   
Pronunciation: Laxmitha, La-x-mi-t-ha
How to be Write: लक्ष्मी
Lucky Number: Laxmitha Lucky Number Is 7

100. Hayah

Meaning: Life
Origin: Arabic
Hayah Name Meaning By Origin: حيات ; زندگی
Pronunciation: Hayah, Ha-yah
How to be Write: حیا
Lucky Number: Hayah Lucky Number Is 7