100+ Unique girl Name Meaning Happy

100 Unique Happy Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Happy most popular names of 2023 feature Sara as Number one for girls, and Dakari in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Happy are Alaiya and Sarah and Nyomi and for girls, and Felix and Eddie and Ullaas and for boys. Here is the list for Happy baby names for boys and girls.

1. Sara

Meaning: Pure; Happy
Origin: Arabic
Sara Name Meaning By Origin: سرایت کرنیوالی
Pronunciation: SAnd + pRay + SAnd
How to be Write: سارا
Lucky Number: Sara Lucky Number Is 2

2. Alaiya

Meaning: An Alternate Spelling OfAlaia; This Name Means One Who Is Happy Or Cheerful
Origin: Basque
Pronunciation: Ah-LIE-uh

3. Sarah

Meaning: Pure; Happy; The Princess
Origin: Arabic
Sarah Name Meaning By Origin: شہزادی،خوشی لانے والی،خوشی کی وجہ،مسرت
Pronunciation: SmArt + RUn
How to be Write: سارہ
Lucky Number: Sarah Lucky Number Is 1

4. Nyomi

Meaning: A Alternative Of The Name Naomi; This Moniker Means Pleasant; Enjoyable To Be Around; And Happy
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: Nyohmee

5. Taytum

Meaning: Old English Last Name Meaning Grateful And Happy
Origin: English
Pronunciation: TAYtum

6. Ejsa

Meaning: Happy
Origin: Swedish

7. Zeldah

Meaning: Happy; Blessed

8. Farrukh

Meaning: Beautiful; Happy; Fortunate;
Origin: Arabic
Farrukh Name Meaning By Origin: مبارک، خوبصورت
Pronunciation: Far-rukh
How to be Write: فرخ
Lucky Number: Farrukh Lucky Number Is 2

9. Saraa

Meaning: All In One; Pure; Happy
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Saraa, Sa-raa
How to be Write: سارہ

10. Aelda

Meaning: Happy
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Ael-da, Aelda

11. A’Laia

Meaning: Joyful; Happy
Origin: Basque
Pronunciation: A-laia

12. Fariha

Meaning: Happy; Happiness; Joyful; Khush Haali
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Far-i-ha, Fariha, Fa-ri-ha
How to be Write: فریحہ
Lucky Number: Fariha Lucky Number Is 6

13. Qushi

Meaning: Happy
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: कुशी

14. Zellda

Meaning: Happy; Blessed
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Zell-da, Zellda

15. Hania

Meaning: Khush; Masroor; Happy; Joyful
Origin: Arabic
Hania Name Meaning By Origin: خوشحال، مسرور
Pronunciation: Ha-nia, Hania
How to be Write: ہانیہ
Lucky Number: Hania Lucky Number Is 5

16. Hassu

Meaning: Strong; Happy; Smile; Laugh
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Has-su, Hassu

17. Felícia

Meaning: Lucky; Happy; Successful

18. Fakeeaha

Meaning: Happy; Khush Rahny Wali
Origin: Arabic
Fakeeaha Name Meaning By Origin: شادمان
Pronunciation: Fa-keea-ha, Fa-keeaha, Fa-kee-a-ha
How to be Write: فقیہا
Lucky Number: Fakeeaha Lucky Number Is 4

19. Muskan

Meaning: Smile; Happy
Origin: Urdu
Muskan Name Meaning By Origin: مسکراہٹ،تبسم
How to be Write: مسکان
Lucky Number: Muskan Lucky Number Is 7

20. Yunamila

Meaning: Kind; Happy
Origin: Algerian

21. Ansharaah

Meaning: Happy
Origin: Arabic
Ansharaah Name Meaning By Origin: خوش
How to be Write: انشراح
Lucky Number: 2

22. Sashana

Meaning: Happy; Radiance; Prosperity; Lustrous
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Sashana, Sas-ha-na

23. Aananadini

Meaning: Happy Girl
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Aanana-di-ni, Aana-nadini, Aana-na-di-ni

24. Ramina

Meaning: Joyous; Lively; Jubilant; Happy
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: RAndom + MEEt + NAp
How to be Write: رامینہ

25. Qarirah

Meaning: Happy; Full Of Joy
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: IraQ + RUn + pRay + SEE + pRay + RUn
How to be Write: قاریرہ
Lucky Number: 8

26. Qurratul Ain

Meaning: Joy And Tranquility To The Eye; A Child Who Makes Her Parents Happy And Prevents Them From Becoming Sad
Origin: Arabic
Qurratul Ain Name Meaning By Origin: رودابہ
How to be Write: قرۃ العین
Lucky Number: Qurratul Ain Lucky Number Is 2

27. Delisha

Meaning: Happy & Make Others Happy
Origin: Hindi
Delisha Name Meaning By Origin: ڈیلیشا
Pronunciation: Del-isha, De-lis-ha
Lucky Number: Delisha Lucky Number Is 4

28. Fazaie

Meaning: Happy; Happiness
Origin: American

29. Farihat

Meaning: Happy; Joyful
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: FUn + pRay + SEE + HUT
How to be Write: فریحت
Lucky Number: 8

30. Furaihaat

Meaning: Happy; Joyous
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Fit + PUt + pRAY + HAT
How to be Write: فرحیات
Lucky Number: 2

31. Hanita

Meaning: Happy; Joyous
Origin: Hindi
Hanita Name Meaning By Origin: हनीता 
Pronunciation: HAnd + NEEd + TAsk
How to be Write: हनीता
Lucky Number: Hanita Lucky Number Is 8

32. Hillevi

Meaning: Happy In War
Origin: Finnish
Pronunciation: Hi-LEH-vi
Lucky Number: Hillevi Lucky Number Is 2

33. Farha

Meaning: A Happy Occasion
Origin: Arabic
Farha Name Meaning By Origin: حسین و جمیل جوان لڑکی،خوبصورت لڑکی
Pronunciation: FUn + PRay + HUmble
How to be Write: فارہہ
Lucky Number: Farha Lucky Number Is 6

34. Kushika

Meaning: Happy
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Kushi-ka, Kus-hi-ka

35. Halana

Meaning: Beautiful Star; Joyful Noise; Happy Spirit
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Halana, Hala-na

36. Fatmir

Meaning: Lucky; Happy
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Fat-mir

37. Arizona

Meaning: Helpful And Nurturing; Bright; Happy
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: AYRizOHnah

38. Muditha

Meaning: Happy; Delight
Origin: Hindi
Muditha Name Meaning By Origin: मुदिता
Pronunciation: Mu-ditha, Muditha, Mu-di-tha
How to be Write: मुदिथा
Lucky Number: Muditha Lucky Number Is 4

39. Tuleqa

Meaning: Stay Happy
Origin: Urdu
Tuleqa Name Meaning By Origin: خوش رہنے والی،ہنس مکھ،آزاد
How to be Write: طلیقہ
Lucky Number: Tuleqa Lucky Number Is 4

40. Khundan

Meaning: Happy Mood
Origin: Urdu
Khundan Name Meaning By Origin: خوش مزاج، وضع دار ، زندہ دل
How to be Write: خنداں
Lucky Number: Khundan Lucky Number Is 5

41. Farhana

Meaning: Happy; Joyful; Cheerful
Origin: Arabic
Farhana Name Meaning By Origin: فرحت بخش ; شادمان ; شاداں
Pronunciation: FUn + PRay + HAnd + NUmber
How to be Write: فرحانہ
Lucky Number: Farhana Lucky Number Is 2

42. Buhthah

Meaning: Happy; Delighted When Seeing Others
Origin: Arabic
Buhthah Name Meaning By Origin: مَسرُور
Pronunciation: Buhthah, Buh-thah, Buht-hah
How to be Write: بہتان
Lucky Number: Buhthah Lucky Number Is 7

43. Simpa

Meaning: Feeling Happy And Pride
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Sim-pa, Simpa

44. Qia

Meaning: Singer; Love; To Flow; Earth; River; Happy
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Qia

45. Cuss

Meaning: Happy
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Cuss

46. Yoconda

Meaning: Happy And Jovial
Origin: Latin

47. Happee

Meaning: Happy

48. Qurratulain

Meaning: Delights Of An Eye; Darling; Solace; Joy And Tranquility To The Eye; A Child Who Makes Her Parents Happy And Prevents Them From Becoming Sad
Origin: Arabic
Qurratulain Name Meaning By Origin: قرۃالعین
How to be Write: قرۃ العین

49. Itret

Meaning: Gaiety; Pleasure; Happy And Social Life;
Origin: Arabic
Itret Name Meaning By Origin: عزت، عصمت
How to be Write: عترت
Lucky Number: Itret Lucky Number Is 8

50. Dilshaad

Meaning: Happy
Origin: Arabic
Dilshaad Name Meaning By Origin: خوش; شاداں;
Pronunciation: Dil-shaad, Dilshaad, Dils-haad
How to be Write: دلشاد
Lucky Number: Dilshaad Lucky Number Is 8

51. Forhana

Meaning: Happy; Ecstatic
Origin: Algerian
Forhana Name Meaning By Origin: فوڑھانا
Lucky Number: Forhana Lucky Number Is 8

52. Vinodhini

Meaning: Happy Girl
Origin: Hindi
Vinodhini Name Meaning By Origin: विनोदिनी
Pronunciation: Vin-od-hi-ni, Vinod-hini, Vi-nod-hi-ni
How to be Write: विनोदिनी
Lucky Number: Vinodhini Lucky Number Is 5

53. Gwyneth

Meaning: Happy Woman
Origin: Welsh
Pronunciation: GWIN-eth
Lucky Number: Gwyneth Lucky Number Is 3

54. Oshika

Meaning: Limitless; Successful; Happy
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: ओशिका

55. Umhaani

Meaning: Happy
Origin: Arabic
Umhaani Name Meaning By Origin: خوش
How to be Write: اُمہانی
Lucky Number: 8

56. Tumpa

Meaning: Happy
Origin: Bengali
Pronunciation: Tumpa, Tum-pa

57. NiEma

Meaning: Happy
Origin: Austrailian

58. Nihasvi

Meaning: Happy; Always With Happy
Origin: Telugu
Pronunciation: Ni-hasvi, Ni-has-vi

59. Luanda

Meaning: Joyous; Happy; Contented

60. Lou Ann

Meaning: Joyous; Happy; Contented

61. Felica

Meaning: Meaninghappy Or Lucky; The Latin Root Of The Name Can Be Found In The Vocabulary In Words Such As Felicitous
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: FahLihKah

62. Parishad

Meaning: Happy Fairy; Happy Angel
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: PUn + pRay + SEE + SHArp + D
How to be Write: پریشد

63. Halona

Meaning: Of Happy Fortune
Origin: American
Lucky Number: Halona Lucky Number Is 6

64. Hurrem

Meaning: Meri Hoor; Blooming; Fresh; Green; Merry; Pleasant; Happy
Origin: Persian
Hurrem Name Meaning By Origin: حورم
Lucky Number: Hurrem Lucky Number Is 4

65. Kaamisha

Meaning: Happy
Origin: Persian
Lucky Number: Kaamisha Lucky Number Is 5

66. Waseema

Meaning: Making A Person Happy; Bringing Joy And Delight
Origin: Arabic
Waseema Name Meaning By Origin: حسین عورت،بے نظیر،خوبصورت
Pronunciation: Islam + Fun + pRay + MAn + Hot
How to be Write: وسیمہ
Lucky Number: Waseema Lucky Number Is 7

67. Farhi

Meaning: Happy; Joyous; Content
Origin: Arabic
Farhi Name Meaning By Origin: مَسرُور; خوش;
Pronunciation: FUn + PRay + HEEd
How to be Write: فارہی
Lucky Number: Farhi Lucky Number Is 6

68. Prasanya

Meaning: Happy;
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Prasanya, Prasan-ya, Pra-sa-n-ya
Lucky Number: Prasanya Lucky Number Is 5

69. Qurrat

Meaning: €œcause Of The Removal Of Sadness”; A Child Who Brings Joy To His Or Her Parents And Prevents Them From Becoming Unhappy
Origin: Arabic
Qurrat Name Meaning By Origin: آنکھ
Pronunciation: IraQ + MUslim + PRay + RUn + Toy
How to be Write: قرت
Lucky Number: Qurrat Lucky Number Is 5

70. Felcita

Meaning: Fortunate; Happy
Origin: English

71. Emuille

Meaning: Happy
Origin: American

72. Joshni

Meaning: Win; Happy
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Josh-ni, Joshni, Jos-h-ni

73. Flicka

Meaning: Lucky; Happy; Successful
Origin: English

74. Emylinda

Meaning: One Who Is Happy And
Origin: American

75. Rosha

Meaning: Happy; Cheerful
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Run + PUt + SHArp
How to be Write: روشہ

76. Saadaa

Meaning: Happy; Joyful
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: SUpper
How to be Write: سعدا
Lucky Number: Saadaa Lucky Number Is 6

77. Felisha

Meaning: Happy Feminine Of Felix
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Fel-isha, Fe-lis-ha
Lucky Number: Felisha Lucky Number Is 6

78. Anandi

Meaning: Happy
Origin: Sanskrit
Pronunciation: Ah-NAHN-Dee
Lucky Number: Anandi Lucky Number Is 1

79. Turneem

Meaning: Sound Happy
Origin: Urdu
Turneem Name Meaning By Origin: خوش آواز،سریلی آواز،خوش الحافی
How to be Write: ترنیم
Lucky Number: Turneem Lucky Number Is 1

80. Ferhana

Meaning: Happy; Cheerful; Leading A Comfortable Life;
Origin: Persian
Ferhana Name Meaning By Origin: خوش و خرم
How to be Write: فرہانہ
Lucky Number: Ferhana Lucky Number Is 7

81. Farhanah

Meaning: Happy
Origin: Arabic
Farhanah Name Meaning By Origin: خُوش ; مَسرُور ; فرحاں
Pronunciation: Farhanah, Far-ha-nah
How to be Write: فرحانہ
Lucky Number: Farhanah Lucky Number Is 2

82. Saraksha

Meaning: Happy; Versatile; Expressive Nature
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: सुरक्षा

83. Neelasha

Meaning: Blue Sky; The Happy Sapphire
Origin: Assamese

84. Hania Bano

Meaning: Happy Woman
Origin: Urdu
Hania Bano Name Meaning By Origin: خوش و خرم خاتون،پرمسرت عورت ،مسرور
How to be Write: ہانیہ بانو
Lucky Number: 4

85. Bajlaa

Meaning: Happy
Origin: Arabic
Bajlaa Name Meaning By Origin: خوش
How to be Write: بجلہ
Lucky Number: 4

86. Kathambari

Meaning: Pure; Clean; Happy
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Katham-bari, Kath-am-bari, Ka-tham-ba-ri

87. Chehal

Meaning: Happy
Origin: Arabic
Chehal Name Meaning By Origin: خوش
How to be Write: چہل

88. Gadah

Meaning: Happy; Graceful Lady; Lucky
Origin: Hebrew

89. Raafa

Meaning: Happy Or Prosperous
Origin: Algerian

90. Luannah

Meaning: Joyous; Happy; Contented

91. Geoconda

Meaning: Jovial; Happy

92. Felcia

Meaning: Lucky; Happy; Successful
Origin: Cristian

93. Falecia

Meaning: Lucky; Happy; Successful
Origin: Latin

94. Furaihat

Meaning: Happy; Joyous
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Fit + PUt + pRAY + HUT
How to be Write: فرائیحت
Lucky Number: 2

95. Felita

Meaning: Happy Feminine Of Felix
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Feli-ta, Fel-ita, Fe-li-ta
Lucky Number: Felita Lucky Number Is 8

96. Wajna

Meaning: Happy; Jolly; Pleasant
Origin: Arabic
Wajna Name Meaning By Origin: رخسار،گال، غدار
Pronunciation: Wa-j-na, Wa-jna
How to be Write: وجنہ
Lucky Number: Wajna Lucky Number Is 3

97. Farkhondah

Meaning: Happy; Joyous
Farkhondah Name Meaning By Origin: فرخوندہ
Lucky Number: Farkhondah Lucky Number Is 5

98. Faariha

Meaning: Happy; Glad; Delighted; Cheerful; Joyful Fem Of Farih
Origin: Arabic
Faariha Name Meaning By Origin: فریحہ
Pronunciation: Faar-i-ha, Faariha, Faa-ri-ha
How to be Write: فریحہ
Lucky Number: Faariha Lucky Number Is 6

99. Hrithvi

Meaning: Right Guidance; Happy; Scholar; Lady Indian Priest Who Full Fill Particularly Completing The Vedic Haven
Origin: Hindi
Hrithvi Name Meaning By Origin: ह्रीतवी
Pronunciation: Hrithvi, Hrith-vi
How to be Write: Hrithvi
Lucky Number: Hrithvi Lucky Number Is 4

100. Shadman

Meaning: Happy; Joyous; Jubilant
Origin: Urdu
Shadman Name Meaning By Origin: خوش و خرم
Pronunciation: SHArp + Day + MAN
OR SHArp + Day + SEt + MAN
How to be Write: شادماں
Lucky Number: Shadman Lucky Number Is 5