100+ Unique girl Name Meaning Heart

100 Unique Heart Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Heart most popular names of 2023 feature Kairi as Number one for girls, and Kareem in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Heart are Analia and Nyasha and Zameera and for girls, and Gia and Alonso and Jadiel and for boys. Here is the list for Heart baby names for boys and girls.

1. Kairi

Meaning: Means A Village By The Ocean In Japanese And It Means A Melody In French Its Popularity Is Increasing Because Of The Character In The Game Kingdom Hearts
Origin: Japanese
Pronunciation: KIEree,KAHeeree

2. Analia

Meaning: Analia Means Compassionate; Kindhearted; Gracious; Forgiving
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: Ah-nah-LEE-ah

3. Nyasha

Meaning: Merciful; Kindhearted
Origin: Zimbabwe
Pronunciation: Nyasjah, Ny-asha, Nyas-ha

4. Zameera

Meaning: Internal Talk Of The Heart
Origin: Urdu
Zameera Name Meaning By Origin: دل کی اندرونی بات،دل ميں گزرنے والی بات، دل ،خیال، بھید
How to be Write: ضمیرہ
Lucky Number: Zameera Lucky Number Is 9

5. Ulecea

Meaning: Playful Heart

6. Janan

Meaning: Heart; Soul;
Origin: Arabic
Janan Name Meaning By Origin: جان ; رُوح ; دل
Pronunciation: Joy + MAnd + New + SANd
How to be Write: جنان
Lucky Number: Janan Lucky Number Is 7

7. Mahbubee

Meaning: Beloved Sweetheart
Origin: Arabic
Mahbubee Name Meaning By Origin: محبوب ; دِلرُبا ۔ ; دلدار
Pronunciation: Mah-bubee, Mah-bu-bee
How to be Write: محبوبے
Lucky Number: Mahbubee Lucky Number Is 3

8. Doa

Meaning: Pray; A Voice Of Heart; Request To All-mighty Allah; A Source Of Connection With God And Human
Origin: Arabic
Doa Name Meaning By Origin: دو
Pronunciation: Doa
How to be Write: دعا
Lucky Number: Doa Lucky Number Is 2

9. Ulician

Meaning: Playful Heart

10. Deirdra

Meaning: Melancholy Aolder Name Deirdre In Celtic Legend Deirdre Died Of A Broken Heart
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Deirdra, Deir-dra
Lucky Number: Deirdra Lucky Number Is 5

11. Uhee

Origin: Arabic
Uhee Name Meaning By Origin: روح; ایک پھول; جو دل کو چھوتی
Pronunciation: U H E E
How to be Write: أہی
Lucky Number: Uhee Lucky Number Is 7

12. Vrithvi

Meaning: Heart
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Vrithvi, Vrith-vi

13. Dagman Dagmani

Meaning: Hearty
Origin: Chechen

14. Daniya

Meaning: Near; Close; Kind Hearted; The One Who Gets Near
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: Daniya, Dan-iya, Da-ni-ya
How to be Write: ڈنمارک
Lucky Number: Daniya Lucky Number Is 8

15. Aafida

Meaning: Hearts; Consciences
Origin: Algerian

16. Dilasha

Meaning: Sympathy; Queen Of Heart
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: दिलाशा

17. Yuvragi

Meaning: Princess Of Hearts
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Yuragi

18. Janaan

Meaning: Heart; Soul
Origin: Arabic
Janaan Name Meaning By Origin: دل یا روح
Pronunciation: Janaan
How to be Write: جانان
Lucky Number: Janaan Lucky Number Is 7

19. Janan Janaan

Meaning: Heart; Soul
Lucky Number: Janan Janaan Lucky Number Is 7

20. Dayani

Meaning: Kind Hearted
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: दयानी

21. Urah

Meaning: Loved From The Heart

22. Emma Dil

Meaning: Dil Ki Khawahish; Heart' S Wish;
Origin: Persian

23. Delruba

Meaning: Heart Robber Attractor
Origin: Tajikistani

24. Dildeep

Meaning: Lamps Of Heart
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: दिलदीप

25. Zhiya

Meaning: A Piece Of Heart
Origin: Algerian

26. Anseena

Meaning: Sweet Heart
Origin: Iranian

27. Ridaya

Meaning: Heart
Origin: Nepali
Pronunciation: Ri-daya, Ri-da-ya

28. Dee Dee

Meaning: Swarthy; Broken-hearted; Sorrowful; Pleasure; Delight; Divine
Origin: Welsh
Pronunciation: De(e)-dee

29. Kalah

Meaning: Slim And Fair; Beloved; Sweetheart
Origin: Irish
Pronunciation: K(a)-lah

30. Ulicija

Meaning: Playful Heart

31. Hetalia

Meaning: Warm Hearted
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: Hetalia

32. Hetala

Meaning: Warm Hearted

33. Duleshwari

Meaning: Lion Hearted
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: दुलेश्वरी

34. Durdnah

Meaning: Heart
Origin: Arabic
Durdnah Name Meaning By Origin: دل
How to be Write: دردنہ
Lucky Number: 2

35. Dilbara

Meaning: Close To Heart
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dil-bara, Dil-ba-ra

36. Dilberjot

Meaning: Sweet Heart
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dil-ber-jot

37. Dhilsha

Meaning: King Of Heart
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dhilsha, Dhils-ha

38. Unaisa

Meaning: Sweetheart
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Ooh Nice Ah
How to be Write: انیسہ

39. Giaa

Meaning: Sweet Heart; Life
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: जिया

40. Deidree

Meaning: A Broken- Hearted Or Raging Woman
Origin: English

41. Aashana

Meaning: Friend; Sweetheart; Beloved
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: आशाना

42. Vonalla

Meaning: A Sweetheart

43. Vonala

Meaning: A Sweetheart

44. Ulicha

Meaning: Playful Heart

45. Ulicea

Meaning: Playful Heart

46. Ubalda

Meaning: Heart; Mind; Spirit

47. Derdre

Meaning: Raging; Broken-hearted

48. Dorna

Meaning: Beloved Of The Heart; Darling Of The Heart
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Day + PUt + PRay + NAp
How to be Write: ڈورنا۔

49. Deidra

Meaning: Melancholy Aolder Name Deirdre In Celtic Legend Deirdre Died Of A Broken Heart
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Dei-dra, Deidra
Lucky Number: Deidra Lucky Number Is 5

50. Haafizah

Meaning: Having A Good Memory; One Who Knows The Whole Quran By Heart
Origin: Arabic
Haafizah Name Meaning By Origin: ایک اچھا حافظہ ; جو ایک دل سے پورے قرآن کو جانتا ہے;
Pronunciation: Haafizah, Haa-fi-zah
How to be Write: حافظہ
Lucky Number: Haafizah Lucky Number Is 5

51. Umaiza

Meaning: One Having Good Qualities; Nature & Habits ; Bright; Beautiful And Soft Hearted
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Umaiza, Umai-za
How to be Write: عمائزا
Lucky Number: Umaiza Lucky Number Is 7

52. Reeday

Meaning: Heart
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: रीडे

53. Jiyanci

Meaning: Part Of Heart; Variant Of Jiyancy
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: जियानसी

54. Dileswari

Meaning: Lion Hearted; Full Of Mercy
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: दिलेश्वरी

55. Dilavya

Meaning: Heart Touched
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: दिलव्या

56. Prajamati

Meaning: Kind Hearted
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Pra-ja-mati, Pra-jam-ati, Pra-ja-ma-ti

57. Hriddha

Meaning: Heart Touching
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Hrid-dha, Hriddha

58. Jianshi

Meaning: Part Of Heart
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: Jiangshi

59. Dagman

Meaning: Hearty
Origin: Russian

60. Vonalah

Meaning: A Sweetheart

61. Aiyanna

Meaning: Sacred And Timeless Beauty; With An Open Heart
Origin: American
Pronunciation: AyeAHnah

62. Hardi

Meaning: From The Heart
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Har-di, Hardi
How to be Write: साहसी

63. Fuadah

Meaning: Heart; Spirit; Conscience
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Fit + PUt + After + DUst
How to be Write: فوادہ
Lucky Number: 4

64. Zumriya

Meaning: Beautiful; Kind Hearted
Origin: Algerian

65. Sumaina

Meaning: Flower; Good Natured; Kind Hearted
Origin: Algerian

66. Dhilshana

Meaning: Joy Of Heart
Origin: Algerian

67. Dil Kusha

Meaning: Heart Enticing
Origin: Urdu
Dil Kusha Name Meaning By Origin: دل کو لبھانے والی، خوبصورت،حسین
How to be Write: دل کشا
Lucky Number: 2

68. Jiya Ushas

Meaning: Sweet Heart
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Jiya Ushas, Ji-ya Us-has

69. Larysa

Meaning: Protection; Light-hearted
Origin: Russian

70. Whynesha

Meaning: A Kindhearted Woman

71. Vonallah

Meaning: A Sweetheart

72. Hughina

Meaning: Heart; Mind; Spirit

73. Deidrie

Meaning: Raging; Broken-hearted
Origin: Irish

74. Savanah

Meaning: Variant Of Savannah; Of Open Heart And Mind
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: SuhVAHnuh

75. Adilynn

Meaning: Variant Of Adalyn; Adalynn; Adelyn; Adelynn; Of Noble Heart And Mind; Compassionate
Origin: American
Pronunciation: AD-eh-lyn

76. Henriette

Meaning: Keeper Of The Hearth
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Hen-ri-ette, Hen-ri-et-te
Lucky Number: Henriette Lucky Number Is 5

77. Noor Ul Ain

Meaning: Bringer Of Happiness; Remover Of Sadness; One Who Brings Calm And Serenity To The Heart; Light Of The Eye; Aankhoon Ki Roshni
Origin: Arabic
Noor Ul Ain Name Meaning By Origin: آنکھوں کی روشنی،آنکھوں کا نور ، آنکھ کی چمک، آنکھ کی روشنی
How to be Write: نورالعین
Lucky Number: Noor Ul Ain Lucky Number Is 3

78. Hassana

Meaning: Most Beautiful Woman; Most Sweetheart
Origin: Arabic
Hassana Name Meaning By Origin: جُڑواں لڑکی
Pronunciation: Has-sana, Hassa-na
How to be Write: حسانا
Lucky Number: Hassana Lucky Number Is 6

79. Shu

Meaning: Warmhearted
Origin: Chinese
Pronunciation: SHOO
Lucky Number: Shu Lucky Number Is 3

80. Sudhman

Meaning: Pure Of Heart; Mind; And Soul
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Sudhman, Sudh-man, Sud-h-man

81. Hiyasha

Meaning: Hope Of My Heart
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Hiyasha, Hiy-asha, Hiyas-ha

82. Giya

Meaning: A Piece Of Heart; Sweet Heart
Origin: Malayali

83. Hetalea

Meaning: Warm Hearted

84. Diedra

Meaning: Raging; Broken-hearted
Origin: American

85. Cumahley

Meaning: One With An Open Heart
Origin: Anguillian

86. Cordulla

Meaning: Little Heart
Origin: Latin

87. Deidre

Meaning: Melancholy Aolder Name Deirdre In Celtic Legend Deirdre Died Of A Broken Heart
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Dei-dre, Deidre, Deid-re
Lucky Number: Deidre Lucky Number Is 9

88. Obioma

Meaning: Kind Hearted
Origin: Persian
Lucky Number: Obioma Lucky Number Is 5

89. Lelah

Meaning: Beautiful; Sweet Hearted; Night Beauty
Origin: Arabic
Lelah Name Meaning By Origin: سوہن کا پھول،سوہن کا پھول
Pronunciation: Le-lah
How to be Write: لیلہ
Lucky Number: Lelah Lucky Number Is 3

90. Khalila

Meaning: Sweetheart; Beloved
Origin: Arabic
Khalila Name Meaning By Origin: خلیلا
Pronunciation: Khalila, Kha-li-la
How to be Write: خلیلہ
Lucky Number: Khalila Lucky Number Is 5

91. Mahboobah

Meaning: Mistress; Sweetheart
Origin: Algerian
Mahboobah Name Meaning By Origin: محبوبہ
Lucky Number: Mahboobah Lucky Number Is 3

92. Ura

Meaning: The Heart
Origin: Hindi
Ura Name Meaning By Origin: यूरा
Pronunciation: Ura
How to be Write: हुर्रे
Lucky Number: Ura Lucky Number Is 4

93. Kwanjai

Meaning: Sweetheart
Origin: Thai
Pronunciation: KHWAN-chie
Lucky Number: Kwanjai Lucky Number Is 5

94. Corliss

Meaning: Heartfelt
Origin: English
Pronunciation: KOR-lees
Lucky Number: Corliss Lucky Number Is 4

95. Agata

Meaning: Good-hearted
Origin: Italian
Pronunciation: AH-gah-tah
Lucky Number: Agata Lucky Number Is 1

96. Ridhani

Meaning: Great Heart; Wealthy; Richness
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: Ridhani

97. Jiyaara

Meaning: Heart
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: जियारा

98. Muhjah Muhja

Meaning: Hearts Blood; Soul
Origin: Algerian

99. Haidha

Meaning: Heart
Origin: Algerian

100. Afida

Meaning: Consciences; Hearts
Origin: Algerian