100+ Unique girl Name Meaning Hell

100 Unique Hell Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Hell most popular names of 2023 feature Sadaf as Number one for girls, and Seven in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Hell are Sedfi and Sadafiya and Larshell and for girls, and Trailokya and Trilok and Athamas and for boys. Here is the list for Hell baby names for boys and girls.

1. Sadaf

Meaning: Sea Shell; Seepi
Origin: Arabic
Sadaf Name Meaning By Origin: روشنی، نور
Pronunciation: SUm + DUst + Fit
How to be Write: سدف
Lucky Number: Sadaf Lucky Number Is 3

2. Sedfi

Meaning: Seashell
Origin: Arabic
Sedfi Name Meaning By Origin: سیپ
How to be Write: صدفی
Lucky Number: 4

3. Sadafiya

Meaning: Seashell

4. Larshell

Meaning: Lars Plus Shell
Origin: American

5. Sadafe

Meaning: Seashell

6. Dumelas

Meaning: Welcome; Hello
Origin: Irish

7. Sadafia

Meaning: Seashell

8. Niley

Meaning: " A Shell"
Origin: Aboriginal

9. Nichele

Meaning: Blend Of Nichole And Michelle
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Nichele, Ni-che-le
Lucky Number: Nichele Lucky Number Is 11

10. Humita

Meaning: Shelled Corn
Origin: American
Lucky Number: Humita Lucky Number Is 9

11. Cragen

Meaning: Shell
Origin: Welsh
Lucky Number: Cragen Lucky Number Is 3

12. Sadafea

Meaning: Seashell

13. Shankhmani

Meaning: Jewel Among Conch Shells
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Shankhmani, Shankh-mani, Shank-h-ma-ni
How to be Write: शंखमणि

14. Hayi

Meaning: Hello
Origin: Hindi
Hayi Name Meaning By Origin: جیتا جاگتا ; زندہ ; بَقيدِ حَيات
Pronunciation: Hayi
How to be Write: حیی

15. Annabella

Meaning: Beautiful, Graceful. LatinizeD Form Of The English Annabel; ALatin Amabel. Sometimes InterpreteD As A Latin CompounD Meaning 'hello Beautiful.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Annabel-la, An-na-bella, An-na-bel-la
Lucky Number: Annabella Lucky Number Is 8

16. Saddef

Meaning: Sea Shell
Origin: Arabic
Saddef Name Meaning By Origin: موتی، سیپی
How to be Write: صدف
Lucky Number: 3

17. Chelly

Meaning: A Form Of Shelley
Origin: American

18. Lashell

Meaning: Shell

19. Humytah

Meaning: Shelled Corn

20. Humitah

Meaning: Shelled Corn

21. Humeatah

Meaning: Shelled Corn

22. Shutimati

Meaning: A River; Having Oyster Shells
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Shuti-mati, Shu-tim-ati, Shu-ti-ma-ti
How to be Write: शुतिमती

23. Sadafah

Meaning: Conch; Shell; The Shell Of A Sea Organism That Produces Pearls
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: SUm + DUst + FUn
How to be Write: صدفہ
Lucky Number: Sadafah Lucky Number Is 2

24. Yggsdrasil

Meaning: The Tree That Binds Heaven Hell And Earth
Lucky Number: Yggsdrasil Lucky Number Is 4

25. Vishwa

Meaning: World; A Group Of Shells
Origin: Hindi
Vishwa Name Meaning By Origin: विश्वा
Pronunciation: Vish-va, Vis-hva
How to be Write: विश्व
Lucky Number: Vishwa Lucky Number Is 1

26. Namanshi

Meaning: Hello; Namaste;
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Na-man-shi, Naman-shi, Na-mans-hi
Lucky Number: Namanshi Lucky Number Is 7

27. Jhinuk

Meaning: Sea Shell; Oyster
Origin: Hindi
Jhinuk Name Meaning By Origin: झिनूक
Pronunciation: Jhinuk, Jhi-nuk
How to be Write: झिनुकी
Lucky Number: Jhinuk Lucky Number Is 1

28. Sadfi

Meaning: As Seashell
Origin: Urdu
Sadfi Name Meaning By Origin: سیپ کی مانند،صدف جیسی،طیب جیسی
How to be Write: صدفی
Lucky Number: 4

29. Humyta

Meaning: Shelled Corn

30. Humietah

Meaning: Shelled Corn

31. Humieta

Meaning: Shelled Corn

32. Humeitah

Meaning: Shelled Corn

33. Humeita

Meaning: Shelled Corn

34. Humeetah

Meaning: Shelled Corn

35. Humeeta

Meaning: Shelled Corn

36. Humeata

Meaning: Shelled Corn

37. Shankhvati

Meaning: A River Full Of Shells
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Shankhvati, Shank-h-va-ti
How to be Write: शंखवती

38. Melloney

Meaning: The Black One. Dark. Famous Bearer: A Character In Margaret Mitchell's 'Gone With The WinD'.
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Mel-loney, Mel-lo-ney
Lucky Number: Melloney Lucky Number Is 11

39. Shalley

Meaning: Art; Style; Form Of Shelly
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: शेली

40. Elloise

Meaning: Copied From The Elementswit Meaning Wide Andhellimeaning Healthyor Whole The Name Can Also Mean Warrior
Origin: German
Pronunciation: EHLowiyZ

41. Trishell

Meaning: Origin Of Trishell Is The English-American

42. Lachelle

Meaning: Prefix La Plus Michelle
Origin: American