100+ Unique girl Name Meaning Hero

100 Unique Hero Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Hero most popular names of 2023 feature Clementine as Number one for girls, and Jiraiya in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Hero are Juliette and Estella and Arabella and for girls, and Kavah and Zorriyo and Ulises and for boys. Here is the list for Hero baby names for boys and girls.

1. Clementine

Meaning: Latin Clement. Famous Bearers Of The Name Clementine: The Heroine Of The Well-known Folk Song 'Clementine' AnD The Sir Winston Churchill's Wife.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Cle-men-tine, Cle-mentine, Cle-men-ti-ne
Lucky Number: Clementine Lucky Number Is 1

2. Juliette

Meaning: An Italian . Famous Bearer: Juliet, Young Heroine Of Shakespeare's 'Romeo AnD Juliet'.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Juli-ette, Ju-li-et-te
Lucky Number: Juliette Lucky Number Is 3

3. Estella

Meaning: DeriveD From The OlD French Form Of The Latin 'stella' Meaning Star. Famous Bearer: The Heroine Of Charles Dickens' Novel 'Great Expectations'.
Origin: Spanish
Lucky Number: Estella Lucky Number Is 2

4. Arabella

Meaning: Eagle Or Heroine
Origin: American
Lucky Number: Arabella Lucky Number Is 7

5. Noa

Meaning: A Alternative Of The Hebrew Name Noah Meaning Comfort And Rest Noah Was The Biblical Hero Who Built An Ark To Save His Family As Well As A Male And Female Representative Of Every Living Creature On The Planet So They Could Repopulate The Earth After The Grea
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: NOHah

6. Odette

Meaning: Of The Fatherland; Fortunate Heroine Can Also Be A Feminine: Wealthy
Origin: Anglo-Saxon
Pronunciation: Odette, Odet-te
Lucky Number: Odette Lucky Number Is 6

7. Otylia

Meaning: Lucky Heroine
Origin: Polish
Pronunciation: Otylia, Otyl-ia, Oty-lia
Lucky Number: Otylia Lucky Number Is 1

8. Florinda

Meaning: The Mythological Roman GoDDess Of Flowers. From 'floris' Meaning Flower. Famous Bearers: Scottish Heroine Flora MacDonalD HelpeD Bonnie Prince Charlie.
Origin: Latin
Lucky Number: Florinda Lucky Number Is 7

9. Uroosa

Meaning: Bride; Heroine
Origin: Arabic
Uroosa Name Meaning By Origin: دلہن، ووہٹی ۔،عروس، جِس کی شادی ہونے والی ہو
Pronunciation: Uroosa
How to be Write: عروسہ
Lucky Number: Uroosa Lucky Number Is 2

10. Fflur

Meaning: Flower (legendary Heroine)
Origin: Welsh

11. Gul Makai

Meaning: A Heroine Of Famous Folk Tale
Origin: Algerian

12. Blenda

Meaning: Heroine
Origin: Swedish
Lucky Number: Blenda Lucky Number Is 2

13. Alviina

Meaning: Noble Hero
Origin: Finnish

14. Teanna

Meaning: Of Latin Origin Meaning Christian Woman It Is A Modification Of The English; German Christina And The Cherokee Name Tiana
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: TEE-an-a

15. Violette

Meaning: Violet. Viola Was One Of The Heroine's In Shakespeare's Play 'Twelfth Night'.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Vi-o-lette, Vi-olette, Vio-let-te
Lucky Number: Violette Lucky Number Is 9

16. Lindy Bell

Meaning: Snake; Lime Tree; LinDen Tree. : From The OlD German BetlinDis, Which Is DeriveD From The WorD For Snake. Famous Bearer: BelinDa Was Heroine Of 18th Century Poet AlexanDer Pope's 'The Rape Of The Lock'.
Lucky Number: Lindy Bell Lucky Number Is 5

17. Dot

Meaning: Gift Of GoD. AanD The Most Common Form Of The Name In English- Speaking Countries. Famous Bearer: The Young Heroine Of 'The WizarD Of Oz', PlayeD By JuDy GarlanD In The Film.
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Dot
Lucky Number: Dot Lucky Number Is 3

18. Botilda

Meaning: Directing Heroine
Origin: Norse
Pronunciation: Botil-da, Botilda, Bo-til-da
Lucky Number: Botilda Lucky Number Is 9

19. Alfiina

Meaning: Noble Hero
Origin: Finnish

20. Con Con

Meaning: Hero

21. Eluned

Meaning: Arthurian Heroine
Origin: Welsh

22. Faryl

Meaning: Copied From The Name Farrell; Faryl Means Superior Man Or Heroic
Origin: Gaelic
Pronunciation: FEHR-ehl

23. Ingria

Meaning: Hero's Daughter.
Origin: Teutonic
Lucky Number: Ingria Lucky Number Is 4

24. Hildagarde

Meaning: Battle Glorious; Warfare In Scandinavian Mythology Hildegard Was A Valkyrie Sent By Odin To Escort Battle Heroes To Valhalla
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Hilda-garde, Hild-agarde, Hilda-gar-de
Lucky Number: Hildagarde Lucky Number Is 6

25. Gavryla

Meaning: Heroine Of God
Origin: Hebrew

26. Atohviina

Meaning: Noble Hero
Origin: Finnish

27. Cura

Meaning: Heroine
Origin: Irish

28. Bathilde

Meaning: Heroine
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Bathilde, Bath-ilde, Bat-hil-de
Lucky Number: Bathilde Lucky Number Is 7

29. Griseldis

Meaning: Gray Haired Heroine
Origin: Teutonic
Pronunciation: Griseld-is, Griseldis, Gri-sel-dis
Lucky Number: Griseldis Lucky Number Is 3

30. Gordania

Meaning: Heroic
Lucky Number: Gordania Lucky Number Is 6

31. Cinderella

Meaning: Little Cinder Girl The Name Of A Fairy-tale Heroine
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Cin-derel-la, Cinder-ella, Cin-de-rel-la
Lucky Number: Cinderella Lucky Number Is 11

32. Atofiina

Meaning: Noble Hero
Origin: Finnish

33. Finlea

Meaning: Fair-haired Hero
Origin: Irish

34. Phynley

Meaning: " Fair Haired Hero"

35. Heraclia

Meaning: Hero; Fighter

36. Otilie

Meaning: Fortunate Heroine
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Otilie, Oti-lie
Lucky Number: Otilie Lucky Number Is 7

37. Hylda

Meaning: Battle Glorious; Warfare In Scandinavian Mythology Hildegard Was A Valkyrie Sent By Odin To Escort Battle Heroes To Valhalla
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Hyl-da, Hylda
Lucky Number: Hylda Lucky Number Is 5

38. Fadwa

Meaning: Self-sacrifice; Gallantry; Heroism
Origin: Hindi
Fadwa Name Meaning By Origin: خود قربانی سے حاصل کردہ نام
Pronunciation: FUn + Day + WAnt
How to be Write: فدوا
Lucky Number: Fadwa Lucky Number Is 7

39. Gavrylla

Meaning: Heroine Of God
Origin: Hebrew

40. Ottelia

Meaning: Wealthy; Heroine
Origin: Finnish

41. Haleigha

Meaning: Hero; House Of The Rising Sun
Origin: Irish

42. Herah

Meaning: Hero; Fighter
Origin: Greek

43. Curin

Meaning: Heroine
Origin: Irish

44. Anapha

Meaning: Resembling The Heron

45. Immy

Meaning: Innocent. Last Born. The Name Of The Heroine Of Shakespeare's Play Cymbehoe As A Result Of A Printing Error In The Folio EDition Of The Play.
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Im-my, Immy
Lucky Number: Immy Lucky Number Is 6

46. Doria

Meaning: Of The Sea Also Feminine Form Of Dorian: Of Doris; A District Of Greece; Or Of Doros; A Legendary Greek Hero
Origin: American
Lucky Number: Doria Lucky Number Is 11

47. Bathilda

Meaning: Heroine
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Bathil-da, Bath-ilda, Bat-hil-da
Lucky Number: Bathilda Lucky Number Is 3

48. Jeannett

Meaning: A Feminine Form Of John: GoD Is Gracious. Famous Bearer: 15th-century French Heroine Jeanne D'Arc (Joan Of Arc).
Origin: French
Lucky Number: Jeannett Lucky Number Is 8

49. Gordana

Meaning: Heroic
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Gor-dana, Gord-ana, Gor-da-na
Lucky Number: Gordana Lucky Number Is 6

50. Branwen

Meaning: Beautiful Raven Branwen Was Heroine Of One Of The Tales Of The Mabinogion
Origin: Celtic
Lucky Number: Branwen Lucky Number Is 5

51. Mukai

Meaning: Heroine Of Famous Folk Legend (Gul Makai)
Origin: Arabic
Mukai Name Meaning By Origin: مکی
Pronunciation: Mukai, Mu-kai
How to be Write: چلو
Lucky Number: Mukai Lucky Number Is 1

52. Herya

Meaning: Hero; Fighter
Origin: Greek

53. Gabryelle

Meaning: Heroine Of God
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: Gab-ryelle

54. Onaitarah

Meaning: Brave; Hero-like
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Oops + Nap + PAY + pRay + RUn
How to be Write: اونیتارہ

55. Otthilde

Meaning: Fortunate Heroine
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Otthilde, Ot-thilde, Ott-hil-de
Lucky Number: Otthilde Lucky Number Is 3

56. Bathild

Meaning: Heroine
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Bathild, Bath-ild, Bat-hild
Lucky Number: Bathild Lucky Number Is 11

57. Evadne

Meaning: In Greek Mythology, EvaDne Was The Wife Of Capaneus, One Of The Heroes Of Aeschylus' Play 'Seven Against Thcbes'.
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Evadne, Evad-ne
Lucky Number: Evadne Lucky Number Is 6

58. Shakuntla

Meaning: Brought Up By Birds; The Heroine Of Shakunthalam
Origin: Hindi
Shakuntla Name Meaning By Origin: शकुंतला 
Pronunciation: Shakunt-la, Shak-untla, Sha-kunt-la
How to be Write: शकुंतला
Lucky Number: Shakuntla Lucky Number Is 8

59. Adolfina

Meaning: Noble Hero
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Adol-fi-na, Adolfina

60. Gabbriella

Meaning: Heroine Of God
Origin: English

61. Ahyanna

Meaning: Cherokee: This Child Is Of The Creek
Pronunciation: Ahyan-na, Ahy-anna

62. Gabie

Meaning: God&#x; S Able-bodied One Or Hero Of God
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: G(a)-bie

63. Iro

Meaning: " Hero; Color; Peace"
Origin: Finnish
Pronunciation: Iro

64. Gabrina

Meaning: Hero Of God; My Strength

65. Anaphah

Meaning: Resembling The Heron

66. Anafah

Meaning: Resembling The Heron
Origin: Algerian

67. Ottilia

Meaning: Of The Fatherland; Fortunate Heroine
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Ot-til-ia, Ot-ti-lia
Lucky Number: Ottilia Lucky Number Is 5

68. Shahay

Meaning: Beautiful; Heroine Of Folk Tale (dalay Aw Shahay; A Love Story At The Times Of Mughal Emperor Akbar)
Origin: Arabic
Shahay Name Meaning By Origin: شہے
Pronunciation: Sha-hay, Shahay
How to be Write: شاہے
Lucky Number: Shahay Lucky Number Is 8

69. Sumeshnee

Meaning: Heroic Girl
Origin: Hindi
Sumeshnee Name Meaning By Origin: सुमेषनी
Pronunciation: Sumesh-nee, Su-mes-hnee
How to be Write: सुमेशनी
Lucky Number: Sumeshnee Lucky Number Is 1

70. Naishadha

Meaning: King Nala; A Hero From The Mahabharata Who Was King Of Nishadha; A Open
Origin: Hindi
Naishadha Name Meaning By Origin: नैशाधा
Pronunciation: Naishad-ha, Naishadha, Nais-had-ha
How to be Write: नैषाध:
Lucky Number: Naishadha Lucky Number Is 11

71. Jasbir

Meaning: Victorious Hero; Powerful
Origin: Hindi
Jasbir Name Meaning By Origin: जसबीर
Pronunciation: Jas-bir
How to be Write: जसबीर
Lucky Number: Jasbir Lucky Number Is 5

72. Fadwah

Meaning: Self-sacrifice; Heroism
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: FUn + Day + sWUng
How to be Write: فدوہ
Lucky Number: Fadwah Lucky Number Is 6

73. Ottiilia

Meaning: Fatherland; Fortunate Heroine
Origin: Finnish

74. Agshaya

Meaning: Goddess Of Heroes And Heroines Of Movies
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Agshaya, Ag-shaya, Ags-ha-ya

75. Romelia

Meaning: Glorious Heroine
Origin: Italian
Pronunciation: R(o)-me-lia

76. Brielle’

Meaning: Heroine Of God
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: Bree-ell

77. Essyllt

Meaning: Gazed Upon (Arthurian Heroine)
Origin: Welsh

78. Jella

Meaning: Woman Of God; Heroine
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Jel-la, Jella

79. Finnlea

Meaning: Fair-haired Hero
Origin: Irish

80. Curinna

Meaning: Heroine
Origin: Irish

81. Pollyanna

Meaning: CompounD Of The Names Polly AnD Anna. Writer Eleanor Porter InventeD This Name For The Heroine Of Her Novel 'Pollyanna'.
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Pollyan-na, Pol-ly-anna, Pol-lyan-na
Lucky Number: Pollyanna Lucky Number Is 11

82. Otthilda

Meaning: Fortunate Heroine
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Otthil-da, Ot-thilda, Ott-hil-da
Lucky Number: Otthilda Lucky Number Is 8

83. Odile

Meaning: Elfin Spear Can Also Be A FeminineWealthy; Or Of Ottilia: Of The Fatherland; Fortunate Heroine
Origin: Teutonic
Pronunciation: Odile, Odi-le
Lucky Number: Odile Lucky Number Is 9

84. Ingunna

Meaning: Hero's Daughter.
Lucky Number: Ingunna Lucky Number Is 8

85. Ing

Meaning: Hero's Daughter.
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Ing
Lucky Number: Ing Lucky Number Is 3

86. Grissel

Meaning: Gray Haired Heroine
Lucky Number: Grissel Lucky Number Is 8

87. Claudine

Meaning: A Feminine Form Of Claud; ALatin Claudius Meaning LameFamous Bearer: Claudine Was The Heroine Of A Series Of Novels By 20th-century French Author Colette Lame
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Clau-dine, Claud-ine, Clau-di-ne
Lucky Number: Claudine Lucky Number Is 6

88. Malalai

Meaning: Sad; Melancholic; Heroine Of Famous Maiwand Battle Against British
Origin: Arabic
Malalai Name Meaning By Origin: اُداس; سودا زدہ;
Pronunciation: Malalai, Ma-lalai
How to be Write: ملالی
Lucky Number: Malalai Lucky Number Is 8

89. Shakuntala

Meaning: Brought Up By Birds; The Heroine Of Shakunthalam
Origin: Hindi
Shakuntala Name Meaning By Origin: शाकुंतला
Pronunciation: Shakun-ta-la, Shak-un-t-ala, Sha-kun-ta-la
How to be Write: शकुंतला
Lucky Number: Shakuntala Lucky Number Is 9

90. Findchoem

Meaning: Goddess; Name Of Irish Heroine
Origin: Irish

91. Soora

Meaning: Hero
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Soo-ra, Soora

92. Tarnvir

Meaning: Heroic Saviour
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Tarn-vir

93. Leahy

Meaning: Warrior; Hero
Origin: Irish

94. Lovinia

Meaning: Wife Of Trojan Hero Aeneas
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: L(o)-vi-nia

95. Heron

Meaning: Heron Bird; Simple
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Heron, Her-on, He-ron

96. Botild

Meaning: A Commanding Heroine
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Botild, Bo-tild

97. Otthild

Meaning: Fortunate Heroine
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Otthild, Ot-thild, Ott-hild
Lucky Number: Otthild Lucky Number Is 7

98. Olwen

Meaning: White Footprint. In 'Culhwch AnD Olwen', One Of The Welsh Stories From The 'Maginogion', The Olwen Were White Flowers Growing In The Heroine's Footprints.
Origin: Welsh
Lucky Number: Olwen Lucky Number Is 6

99. Halifrid

Meaning: Peaceful Heroine
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Hal-ifrid, Hal-i-frid, Ha-lifrid
Lucky Number: Halifrid Lucky Number Is 4

100. Finnchaem

Meaning: Irish Heroine Goddess
Origin: Irish