100+ Unique girl Name Meaning Intelligent

100 Unique Intelligent Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Intelligent most popular names of 2023 feature Elina as Number one for girls, and Houston in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Intelligent are Abby and Shaista and Amura and for girls, and Zakkae and Zaki and Kabal and for boys. Here is the list for Intelligent baby names for boys and girls.

1. Elina

Meaning: Pure; Intelligent; Brilliant
Origin: Hindi
Elina Name Meaning By Origin: एलीना
How to be Write: एलीना

2. Abby

Meaning: Father RejoiceD, Or Father's Joy. Gives Joy. The Intelligent, Beautiful Abigail Was OlD Testament King DaviD's ThirD Wife, DescribeD As 'gooD In Discretion AnD Beautiful In Form.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Aah-bee
Lucky Number: Abby Lucky Number Is 3

3. Shaista

Meaning: Intelligent; Soft Spoken;
Origin: Persian
Shaista Name Meaning By Origin: جمیل ; حسین ; خوبصورت،مہذب ،باسليقہ ، تميز والی
Pronunciation: Shaista, Shais-ta
How to be Write: شائستہ
Lucky Number: Shaista Lucky Number Is 3

4. Amura

Meaning: Wise Intelligent Sharpsighted
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: अमुरा

5. Capitah

Meaning: An Intelligent And Superior Woman
Origin: Latin

6. Haziqah

Meaning: Clever; Intelligent; Beautiful
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Haz-iqah, Haziqah, Ha-zi-qah
How to be Write: حزیقہ
Lucky Number: Haziqah Lucky Number Is 7

7. Aveera

Meaning: Intelligent
Origin: English

8. Lashirah

Meaning: Very Intelligent
Origin: Arabic
Lashirah Name Meaning By Origin: بہت سمجھدار; بہت ذہین;
Pronunciation: Lashirah, La-shi-rah
How to be Write: لشرح
Lucky Number: Lashirah Lucky Number Is 4

9. Famida

Meaning: Intelligent And Wise
Famida Name Meaning By Origin: فہمیدہ
Lucky Number: Famida Lucky Number Is 6

10. Akiela

Meaning: Wise; Intelligent; Logical
Origin: Algerian

11. Kinza

Meaning: Hidden Treasure; Intelligent; Zaheen
Origin: Arabic
Kinza Name Meaning By Origin: خزانہ رکھنے والی
Pronunciation: Kin-za, Kinza
How to be Write: کنزا
Lucky Number: Kinza Lucky Number Is 7

12. Umehra

Meaning: Living A Long Life; Intelligent
Origin: Algerian

13. Dahiyyah

Meaning: Intelligent; Wise
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: DUst + HEEd + YUmmy
How to be Write: دحیہ

14. Linisha

Meaning: Intelligent;
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Lin-isha, Li-nis-ha
How to be Write: लिनिशा
Lucky Number: Linisha Lucky Number Is 9

15. Jnanadeva

Meaning: God Of Intelligent
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Jnanade-va, Jn-anadeva, Jna-na-de-va

16. Aatiksh

Meaning: Intelligent
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Aatiksh, Aa-tiksh

17. Akielah

Meaning: Wise; Intelligent; Logical
Origin: American

18. Farzana

Meaning: Intelligent; Wise; Wisdom
Origin: Persian
Farzana Name Meaning By Origin: عاقل، دانا، ہوشیار
Pronunciation: Farzana, Far-z-ana, Far-za-na
How to be Write: فرزانہ
Lucky Number: Farzana Lucky Number Is 2

19. Olaria

Meaning: Divinely Intelligent
Origin: English

20. Tizal

Meaning: Intelligent; Precious; Peaceful
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: तिज़ाली

21. Gnanamani

Meaning: Intelligent Gem
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Gnana-mani, Gn-anamani, Gna-na-ma-ni
How to be Write: ज्ञानमणि

22. Gazala

Meaning: Intelligent; Charming
Origin: Hindi
Gazala Name Meaning By Origin: گازالہ
Pronunciation: Gaza-la, Gazala, Ga-za-la
Lucky Number: Gazala Lucky Number Is 1

23. Fahmeedah

Meaning: (Persian); Intelligent; Wise
Origin: Arabic
Fahmeedah Name Meaning By Origin:
Pronunciation: Fah-meedah, Fah-me-e-dah
How to be Write: فہمیدہ
Lucky Number: Fahmeedah Lucky Number Is 1

24. Hazeem

Meaning: Wise; Intelligent
Origin: Urdu
Hazeem Name Meaning By Origin: نازک جسم والی،خوبصورت،حسین
Pronunciation: HUt + Zero + SEEM
How to be Write: ہضیم
Lucky Number: Hazeem Lucky Number Is 8

25. Al Adur Al Karimah

Meaning: A Pious; Righteous And Intelligent Woman Of Egypt She Respected The Ulama And Built Religious Schools (Madrasah) And Mosques; She Died In 762
Origin: Algerian
Lucky Number: AlAdur AlKarimah Lucky Number Is 7

26. Kyira

Meaning: Beautiful And Intelligent
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Kyi-ra, Kyira

27. Akile

Meaning: Wise; Intelligent; Thoughtful
Origin: Algerian

28. Capeetah

Meaning: An Intelligent And Superior Woman
Origin: Latin

29. Akilia

Meaning: Wise; Intelligent; Logical

30. Fahmedah

Meaning: Intelligent; Wise
Fahmedah Name Meaning By Origin: فہمیدہ
Lucky Number: Fahmedah Lucky Number Is 1

31. Feheema

Meaning: Intelligent; Judicious; Learned; Erudite Fem Of Faheem
Origin: Arabic
Feheema Name Meaning By Origin: فہیمہ
Pronunciation: Fe-heema, Fe-hee-ma
How to be Write: فہیمہ
Lucky Number: Feheema Lucky Number Is 6

32. Nabiha

Meaning: Eminent; Noble; Alert; Intelligent
Origin: Arabic
Nabiha Name Meaning By Origin: قابلِ احترام٬ معزز،ہوشیار،عقلمند
Pronunciation: Nabi-ha, Nabiha, Na-bi-ha
How to be Write: نبیہا
Lucky Number: Nabiha Lucky Number Is 7

33. Akilah

Meaning: Intelligent; Logical; One Who Reasons
Origin: Hindi
Akilah Name Meaning By Origin: معقول ; منطقی ; سمجھ دار
Pronunciation: Ak-i-lah, Aki-l-ah, Akilah
How to be Write: اکیلہ
Lucky Number: Akilah Lucky Number Is 5

34. Capeita

Meaning: An Intelligent And Superior Woman
Origin: Latin

35. Capeata

Meaning: An Intelligent And Superior Woman
Origin: Latin

36. Akilaih

Meaning: Wise; Intelligent; Logical

37. Aikiela

Meaning: Wise; Intelligent; Logical

38. Faahima

Meaning: Perceptive; Intelligent; Capable Of Understanding
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: FAr + HIp + MUst
How to be Write: فہیمہ
Lucky Number: Faahima Lucky Number Is 1

39. Bertine

Meaning: Intelligent Maiden
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Ber-tine, Bertine, Ber-ti-ne
Lucky Number: Bertine Lucky Number Is 1

40. Ulema

Meaning: Intelligent One
Origin: Arabic
Ulema Name Meaning By Origin: ایک عَقل مند
Pronunciation: Ule-ma, Ulema
How to be Write: علما
Lucky Number: Ulema Lucky Number Is 7

41. Fikriyyah

Meaning: Thoughtful; Intelligent
Origin: Arabic
Fikriyyah Name Meaning By Origin: فِکر انگیز ; ۔ راجع بہ تفکّر;
Pronunciation: FIt + Key + pRay + SEE + YUmmy
How to be Write: فکریہ
Lucky Number: Fikriyyah Lucky Number Is 6

42. Kushagri

Meaning: Intelligent
Origin: Hindi
Kushagri Name Meaning By Origin: कुशाग्री
Pronunciation: Kusha-gri, Kush-agri, Kus-ha-gri
How to be Write: कुशाग्रि
Lucky Number: Kushagri Lucky Number Is 4

43. Fateenah

Meaning: Intelligent
Origin: Arabic
Fateenah Name Meaning By Origin: فہیم ۔ ; ذہین;
Pronunciation: Fa-teenah, Fatee-nah, Fa-tee-nah
How to be Write: فاتنہ
Lucky Number: Fateenah Lucky Number Is 9

44. Rashida

Meaning: Intelligent; Sober
Origin: Arabic
Rashida Name Meaning By Origin: ہدایت یافتہ، ہدایت والی،ہدایت یافتہ
Pronunciation: Rashi-da, Rashida, Ra-shi-da
How to be Write: راشدہ
Lucky Number: Rashida Lucky Number Is 5

45. Batrisyia

Meaning: Intelligent
Origin: Arabic
Batrisyia Name Meaning By Origin: عَقل مند ; عاقِل; فہیم
Pronunciation: Ba-trisyia, Bat-risyia, Ba-tri-syia
How to be Write: باتریسیا
Lucky Number: Batrisyia Lucky Number Is 4

46. Nabihah Nabeeha

Meaning: Intelligent
Origin: Algerian

47. Kynaaz

Meaning: Intelligent; Pride
Origin: Algerian

48. Foumida

Meaning: Wise; Intelligent
Origin: Algerian

49. Polita

Meaning: Intelligent
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Poli-ta, Pol-ita, Po-li-ta
How to be Write: پولیس

50. Al Adur

Meaning: Intelligent; Righteous; A Pious
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Al-Adur
How to be Write: الادور

51. Rif

Meaning: Intelligent; Wise; Knowledgeable
Origin: American

52. Johaira

Meaning: Intelligent; Dignified
Origin: Algerian

53. Huleane

Meaning: An Intelligent Woman

54. Capeeta

Meaning: An Intelligent And Superior Woman

55. Capeatah

Meaning: An Intelligent And Superior Woman
Origin: Latin

56. Udaramati

Meaning: Noble Minded; Highly Intelligent
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Udara-mati, Udara-m-ati, Udar-ama-ti
How to be Write: उदारामती

57. Yasharah

Meaning: Intelligent; Precious Stone
Origin: Arabic
Yasharah Name Meaning By Origin: عقلمند; قیمتی پتھر;
Pronunciation: Yasharah, Yas-ha-rah
How to be Write: یشرح
Lucky Number: Yasharah Lucky Number Is 8

58. Labeeba

Meaning: Eloquent; Intelligent
Origin: Arabic
Labeeba Name Meaning By Origin: عاقِل ; ہوشيار ; عقلمند
Pronunciation: Labee-ba, La-beeba, La-bee-ba
How to be Write: لبیبا
Lucky Number: Labeeba Lucky Number Is 2

59. Aqlimah

Meaning: Intelligent; Wise; Daughter Of Prophet Adam; Sister Of Qabeel
Origin: Arabic
Aqlimah Name Meaning By Origin: ذہین ; عقلمند;
Pronunciation: Aqlimah, Aq-li-mah
How to be Write: قلمہ
Lucky Number: Aqlimah Lucky Number Is 6

60. Chinthana

Meaning: Meditation; Intelligent Or Thoughtful (1)
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Chinthana, Ch-inthana, Chint-ha-na
Lucky Number: Chinthana Lucky Number Is 6

61. Hazira

Meaning: Wise; Intelligent
Origin: Arabic
Hazira Name Meaning By Origin: عقل والی
Pronunciation: Hazi-ra, Hazira, Ha-zi-ra
How to be Write: ہزیرہ
Lucky Number: Hazira Lucky Number Is 8

62. Najbeen

Meaning: Beautiful; Intelligent
Origin: Algerian

63. Fizva

Meaning: Valuable With Intelligent
Origin: Algerian

64. Aafila

Meaning: Intelligent
Origin: Algerian

65. Al Karimah

Meaning: Righteous; Intelligent; A Pious
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Al-Karimah, Al-Kar-imah, Al-Ka-ri-mah
How to be Write: الکریمہ

66. Binisha

Meaning: Clever; Intelligent; Gentle
Origin: Assamese

67. Farzane

Meaning: Intelligent
Origin: Iranian

68. Cokee

Meaning: An Intelligent Woman
Origin: Anguillian

69. Capietah

Meaning: An Intelligent And Superior Woman
Origin: Latin

70. Aikilah

Meaning: Wise; Intelligent; Logical

71. Prachita

Meaning: Pure; Intelligent; The Soul
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Pra-chi-ta, Prachita
How to be Write: प्राचीता

72. Vaneet

Meaning: Slender; Intelligent; Loving Beauty; Desired
Origin: Hindi
Vaneet Name Meaning By Origin: वनीत
Pronunciation: Va-neet, Vaneet
How to be Write: वनीत
Lucky Number: Vaneet Lucky Number Is 22

73. Fahemah

Meaning: Intelligent; Aqal Mand
Origin: Arabic
Fahemah Name Meaning By Origin: ذہین; عالِم;
Pronunciation: Fa-hemah, Fa-he-mah
How to be Write: فاہمہ
Lucky Number: Fahemah Lucky Number Is 6

74. Dhakiyyah

Meaning: A Lady With A Sharp Mind And Keen Perception; Intelligent
Origin: Arabic
Dhakiyyah Name Meaning By Origin: ایک تیز دماغ اور گہری خیال کے ساتھ ایک عورت
Pronunciation: Dhakiyyah, Dha-kiyyah
How to be Write: دھکیہ
Lucky Number: Dhakiyyah Lucky Number Is 4

75. Fahimah

Meaning: Intelligent
Origin: Arabic
Fahimah Name Meaning By Origin: عَقل مند ; ذہین ; عالم
Pronunciation: Fahimah, Fahi-mah, Fa-hi-mah
How to be Write: فہیمہ
Lucky Number: Fahimah Lucky Number Is 1

76. Krishna Priya

Meaning: By Birth U R So Talented And Intelligent What Ever U Think About U Will Be Succeeded
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Krishna Priya

77. Akyla

Meaning: " Intelligent; Logical"
Origin: Arabic
How to be Write: اکیلا

78. Akkila

Meaning: Wise; Intelligent; Logical
Origin: Algerian

79. Amshumati

Meaning: Intelligent; River Yamuna
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Amshu-mati, Amshumati, Ams-hu-ma-ti
How to be Write: अम्शुमती

80. KrishnaPriya

Meaning: So Talented And Intelligent
Origin: Hindi
KrishnaPriya Name Meaning By Origin: कृष्ण प्रिय 
How to be Write: कृष्णाप्रिया

81. Shahmah

Meaning: Intelligent; Sensible; Rational; Enduring
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: SHUn + Hot + MUst
How to be Write: شاہمہ

82. Fikriyaa

Meaning: Thoughtful; Perceptive; Intelligent
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: FIt + Kit + pRay + SIt + YArn
How to be Write: فکریہ
Lucky Number: 7

83. Galenia

Meaning: Small Intelligent One
Origin: Greek
Lucky Number: Galenia Lucky Number Is 4

84. Al Adur Al Karimah

Meaning: A Pious; Righteous And Intelligent Woman Of Egypt She Respected The Ulama And Built Religious Schools Madrasah And Mosques; She Died In 762
Al Adur Al Karimah Name Meaning By Origin: ال ادر ال کریمہ
Lucky Number: Al Adur Al Karimah Lucky Number Is 7

85. Shalvee

Meaning: Beautiful; Intelligent
Origin: Hindi
Shalvee Name Meaning By Origin: शाल्वी
Pronunciation: Shalvee, Shal-vee
How to be Write: शाल्वी
Lucky Number: Shalvee Lucky Number Is 9

86. Manasvi

Meaning: Intelligent
Origin: Hindi
Manasvi Name Meaning By Origin: मनस्वी
Pronunciation: Tuisha
How to be Write: मनस्विक
Lucky Number: Manasvi Lucky Number Is 7

87. Zareefa

Meaning:  intelligent; Eloquent; Elegant; Creative
Origin: Hindi
Zareefa Name Meaning By Origin: خوش اخلاق
Pronunciation: Zero + RUn + pRay + SEE + FUn
How to be Write: ظریفہ
Lucky Number: Zareefa Lucky Number Is 2

88. Zahin

Meaning: Sagacious; Intelligent
Origin: Hindi
Zahin Name Meaning By Origin: عقلمند
Pronunciation: Zahin, Zah-in, Za-hin
How to be Write: ذہین
Lucky Number: Zahin Lucky Number Is 4

89. Fahima

Meaning: Intelligent
Origin: Hindi
Fahima Name Meaning By Origin: سمجھنا ; مطلب ; فاضِل
Pronunciation: Fahi-ma, Fa-hi-ma
How to be Write: فہیما
Lucky Number: Fahima Lucky Number Is 1

90. Faheemah

Meaning: Intelligent (Aqalmand; Zaheen)
Origin: Arabic
Faheemah Name Meaning By Origin: عَقل مند ; ذہین ; فہیم
Pronunciation: Fa-heemah, Fa-hee-mah
How to be Write: فہیمہ
Lucky Number: Faheemah Lucky Number Is 6

91. Wazna

Meaning: Petite; Intelligent
Origin: Algerian

92. Shu Ying

Meaning: Intelligent; Clever
Origin: American

93. Yathree

Meaning: Traveler; Intelligent
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Yathree, Yath-ree, Ya-three

94. Shaalini

Meaning: Intelligent; Talented; Modesty
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: शालिनी

95. Galena

Meaning: Small Intelligent One
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: Gale-na, Galena, Ga-le-na
Lucky Number: Galena Lucky Number Is 22

96. Alvy

Meaning: Intelligent Or Noble Friend
Origin: Cristian
Lucky Number: Alvy Lucky Number Is 6

97. Viviktha

Meaning: Distinguished; Pure; Deep; Logically Intelligent
Origin: Hindi
Viviktha Name Meaning By Origin: विवीक्था 
Pronunciation: Vivik-tha, Viviktha, Vi-vik-t-ha
How to be Write: विविक्त:
Lucky Number: Viviktha Lucky Number Is 3

98. Ilina

Meaning: Very Intelligent
Origin: Hindi
Ilina Name Meaning By Origin: ईलीना
Pronunciation: Ili-na, Ilina
How to be Write: इलिना
Lucky Number: Ilina Lucky Number Is 9

99. Dhakiyah

Meaning: Bright; Intelligent
Origin: Arabic
Dhakiyah Name Meaning By Origin: عقلمند ; ذہین ; روشن
Pronunciation: Aliya
How to be Write: دھاکیا
Lucky Number: Dhakiyah Lucky Number Is 4

100. Binish

Meaning: Clever; Intelligent
Origin: Arabic
Binish Name Meaning By Origin: ہوشیار; سمجھ دار ; ذہین
Pronunciation: Bin-ish, Bi-nish
How to be Write: بینش
Lucky Number: Binish Lucky Number Is 7