100+ Unique girl Name Meaning Jewel

100 Unique Jewel Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Jewel most popular names of 2023 feature Gemma as Number one for girls, and Joy in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Jewel are Opal and Parang and Fakhar and for girls, and Manikant and Rothanak and Jahar and for boys. Here is the list for Jewel baby names for boys and girls.

1. Gemma

Meaning: Jewel Or Gem Famous Bearer: Italian Saint Gemma Gaigani; Actress Gemma Craven
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Gem-ma, Gemma
Lucky Number: Gemma Lucky Number Is 3

2. Opal

Meaning: Jewel
Origin: Sanskrit
Pronunciation: O-pəl
Lucky Number: Opal Lucky Number Is 8

3. Parang

Meaning: Gleam Of A Sword; Gleam Of A Jewel; Figuratively Meaning Beautiful And Radiant
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Pay + RUn + pRay + RUNG
How to be Write: پرنگ

4. Fakhar

Meaning: Pride; Fame; Jewellery; Excellence; Nobility
Origin: Hindi
Fakhar Name Meaning By Origin: ناز، غرور
Pronunciation: Fakhar, Fak-har
How to be Write: فخر
Lucky Number: Fakhar Lucky Number Is 8

5. Jawharah

Meaning: Jewel
Origin: Arabic
Jawharah Name Meaning By Origin: نایاب پَتّھر ; گوہر ; جوہَر
Pronunciation: Jawharah, Ja-wha-rah
How to be Write: جوہرہ
Lucky Number: Jawharah Lucky Number Is 6

6. Rohina

Meaning: Bejeweled Steel; An Item; Such As A Sword; That’ S Made Of Steel And Is Adorned With Jewels ( Talwar Ki Aik Qisam Jo Steel Sy Banae Jati Ha )
Origin: Arabic
Rohina Name Meaning By Origin: روحینا
Pronunciation: Run + PUt + HEEd + NAp
How to be Write: روحینہ

7. Ulah

Meaning: Sea Jewel

8. Chandramani

Meaning: Moonstone; Jewel
Origin: Hindi
Chandramani Name Meaning By Origin: चंद्रमनी
Pronunciation: Chan-dra-mani, Chan-dramani, Chandra-ma-ni
How to be Write: चंद्रमणि
Lucky Number: Chandramani Lucky Number Is 5

9. Balamani

Meaning: Young Jewel; Small Jewel (1)
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Bala-mani, Bala-ma-ni
How to be Write: बालामणि
Lucky Number: Balamani Lucky Number Is 8

10. Tamako

Meaning: " Jewel Child"
Origin: Japanese

11. Firoza

Meaning: Turquoise (a Blue-green Precious Stone Used In Jewelry)
Origin: Hindi
Firoza Name Meaning By Origin: فیروزہ
Pronunciation: FEEd + pRay + BOy + Zero + SAnd OR RUn
Lucky Number: Firoza Lucky Number Is 3

12. Chudamuni

Meaning: Crest Jewel
Origin: Hindi

13. Deepmani

Meaning: Shining Jewel
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Deep-mani, Deep-ma-ni
How to be Write: दीपमणि

14. Jawahirat

Meaning: Jewel Or Jewels
Origin: Arabic
Jawahirat Name Meaning By Origin: جواہرات
How to be Write: جواہر لال نہرو
Lucky Number: Jawahirat Lucky Number Is 2

15. Johara

Meaning: Jewel
Origin: Arabic
Johara Name Meaning By Origin: گوھَر ۔ ۔ ; جوہَر; نَگ
Pronunciation: Jo-hara, Jo-ha-ra
How to be Write: جوہرہ
Lucky Number: Johara Lucky Number Is 7

16. Jawahir

Meaning: Jewels; Jewelry; Precious Stones; It Is The Plural Of Jawhar (meaning Essence; Precious Stone; A Name For Both Boys And Girls); Which Itself Is The Plural Of Jawhara
Origin: Arabic
Jawahir Name Meaning By Origin: گوہر ; جوہَر ; قیمتی پتھروں
Pronunciation: JUmp + Win + SmArt + HIm + PRay
How to be Write: جواہر
Lucky Number: Jawahir Lucky Number Is 6

17. Pavalam

Meaning: Jewel; A Type Of Luck Stone
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Pavalam, Pava-lam, Pa-valam

18. Farradah

Meaning: Jeweler; A Person Who Sells Jewelry
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: FUn + Run + Run + MAn + DUst
How to be Write: فراد
Lucky Number: 1

19. Bijou

Meaning: Jewel-like
Origin: French
Pronunciation: Bi-ZHU
Lucky Number: Bijou Lucky Number Is 3

20. Sroy

Meaning: Jewelry Chain
Origin: Thai

21. Dipamani

Meaning: Shining Jewel Diamond
Origin: Assamese

22. Zebar

Meaning: Jewellery
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ze-bar

23. Nilaan

Meaning: Blue Jewel
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ni-laan, Ni-l-aan, Nilaan

24. Suchimani

Meaning: Pure Jewel
Origin: Hindi

25. Firuze

Meaning: Turquoise (a Blue-green Stone Used In Jewelry) ( Zewaarat Main Istamal Hony Wala Neely Rang Ka Sabz Pathr )
Origin: Arabic
Firuze Name Meaning By Origin: فیروز
Pronunciation: FEEd + pRay + SOOn + Zero + RUn
How to be Write: فیروز

26. Amethyst

Meaning: Jewel. Also 'Against Intoxication.' A Purple Or Violet Gemstone. AccorDing To Ancient Greek Superstition An Amethyst ProtecteD Its Owner Against The Effects Of Strong Drink.
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Amethyst, Ame-thyst
Lucky Number: Amethyst Lucky Number Is 3

27. Cameo

Meaning: Sculptured Jewel
Origin: Italian
Pronunciation: Cameo, Ca-meo
Lucky Number: Cameo Lucky Number Is 1

28. Avizeh

Meaning: Accessories; Jewellery
Origin: Persian
Avizeh Name Meaning By Origin: لٹکن جُھمکا
Pronunciation: After + View + SEE + Zero + RED
How to be Write: آویزہ
Lucky Number: Avizeh Lucky Number Is 5

29. Chinthamani

Meaning: Philosophers Stone; A Jewel
Origin: Hindi
Chinthamani Name Meaning By Origin: चिंतामनी
Pronunciation: Chinthamani, Ch-intham-ani, Chint-ha-ma-ni
How to be Write: Chinthamani
Lucky Number: Chinthamani Lucky Number Is 1

30. Jahaira

Meaning: From A Arabian Descent And Means Jewel
Origin: Hindi
Jahaira Name Meaning By Origin: जाहीरा
Pronunciation: Ja-haira, Ja-hai-ra
How to be Write: जहैरा
Lucky Number: Jahaira Lucky Number Is 3

31. Hulyah

Meaning: Jewelry; Ornament; Finery
Origin: Arabic
Hulyah Name Meaning By Origin: زیورات; زیور;
Pronunciation: Hulyah, Hu-lyah
How to be Write: حولیہ
Lucky Number: Hulyah Lucky Number Is 4

32. Chodaani

Meaning: Jewelery
Origin: Arabic
Chodaani Name Meaning By Origin: زیور
How to be Write: چودانی
Lucky Number: 2

33. Hamsha

Meaning: Jewellery; Love; Cute
Origin: Tamil
Pronunciation: Hamsha, Ham-sha, Hams-ha

34. Piraya

Meaning: Adornment; Jewels; Jewellery; Gold
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Pay + SEE + pRay + MAn + Yet + RUn OR REd
How to be Write: پیرایا

35. Ratnajyoti

Meaning: Light From A Jewel; Lustrous Jewel
Origin: Hindi
Ratnajyoti Name Meaning By Origin: रत्नाज्योती
Pronunciation: Rat-na-jy-oti, Rat-na-jyoti, Rat-na-jyo-ti
How to be Write: रत्नज्योति
Lucky Number: Ratnajyoti Lucky Number Is 7

36. Chatmanee

Meaning: Jewel
Origin: Thai

37. Sivarathna

Meaning: Jewel Of Lord Shiva
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: शिवरत्न

38. Kohar

Meaning: Gem; Jewel
Origin: Irish

39. Saysa

Meaning: Jewel; Truth Of Life
Origin: English

40. Gunamani

Meaning: A Jewel Of Knowledge
Origin: Assamese

41. Juhera

Meaning: Gem; Jewel; Beautiful
Origin: Algerian

42. Amberinah

Meaning: Name Of A Jewelery
Origin: Arabic
Amberinah Name Meaning By Origin: ایک زیور کا نام
How to be Write: عنبرینہ
Lucky Number: 9

43. Kanyaratna

Meaning: Maiden Jewel
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Kan-yarat-na, Kan-yar-at-na, Ka-nya-rat-na

44. Amathyst

Meaning: Precious Purple Jewel
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Am(a)-thyst

45. Al Johara

Meaning: Jewel

46. Ambretta

Meaning: Jewel
Origin: French

47. Ulae

Meaning: Sea Jewel

48. Oola

Meaning: Sea Jewel
Origin: Finnish

49. Cammeo

Meaning: Sculptured Jewel
Lucky Number: Cammeo Lucky Number Is 5

50. Gawahir

Meaning: Variant Of Arabic Jawahir, Meaning 'jewels.'
Origin: Arabic
Gawahir Name Meaning By Origin: جواہر کی مختلف نقل نویسی
Pronunciation: Gawahir, Ga-wa-hir
How to be Write: جواہر
Lucky Number: Gawahir Lucky Number Is 3

51. Gehena

Meaning: Jewel; Ornament
Origin: Hindi
Gehena Name Meaning By Origin: गेहेना 
Pronunciation: Ge-hena, Ge-he-na
How to be Write: नरक
Lucky Number: Gehena Lucky Number Is 4

52. Manila

Meaning: Son' S Jewel
Origin: Sanskrit
Pronunciation: Mə-NIL-ə
Lucky Number: Manila Lucky Number Is 4

53. Kamlai

Meaning: Jewelry Bracelet
Origin: Thai

54. Rathnama

Meaning: Gem; Diamond; Jewel
Origin: Kannada

55. Ratna Priya

Meaning: Lover Of Jewels; Adorned
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: रत्न प्रिया

56. Lajju

Meaning: Melodious Jewel; Modesty
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: लज्जू

57. Zaveriya

Meaning: Jewel
Origin: Algerian

58. Ramamani

Meaning: Jewel Adorned By Lord Ram
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ra-ma-mani, Ramamani, Ra-ma-ma-ni

59. Yula

Meaning: July; Sea Jewel; Jupiter' S

60. Tamaki

Meaning: Armlet; Bracelet; Jewel

61. Shrimani

Meaning: Beautiful; Jewel
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Sh-ri-mani, Shrim-ani, Shri-ma-ni
How to be Write: श्रीमणि

62. Kulamani

Meaning: Jewel Of The Family
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ku-la-mani, Ku-lamani, Ku-la-ma-ni
How to be Write: कुलमणि

63. Goharshad

Meaning: Happy Jewel; Figuratively Meaning Beautiful And Happy
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: GO + HUt + PRay + NAp + Zero
How to be Write: گوہرشاد

64. Sunishka

Meaning: Bejewelled; With Beautiful Smile
Origin: Hindi
Sunishka Name Meaning By Origin: सुनीश्का
Pronunciation: Su-n-ish-ka, Sunishka, Su-nis-h-ka
How to be Write: सुनिष्का
Lucky Number: Sunishka Lucky Number Is 3

65. Manimay

Meaning: Full Of Jewel
Origin: Hindi
Manimay Name Meaning By Origin: मांनीमय
How to be Write: मणिमय:
Lucky Number: Manimay Lucky Number Is 4

66. Opaline

Meaning: Jewel
Origin: Sanskrit
Pronunciation: O-pə-leen
Lucky Number: Opaline Lucky Number Is 9

67. Firuzeh

Meaning: Turquoise; Which Is An Blue-green Mineral Used In The Making Of Jewelries
Origin: Persian
Pronunciation: FEEd + pRay + SOOn + Zero + REd
Lucky Number: Firuzeh Lucky Number Is 3

68. Fairuza

Meaning: Turquoise (a Blue-green Precious Stone Used In Jewelry)
Origin: Persian
Pronunciation: Fun + PAY + pRay + SOOn + Zero + RUn
Lucky Number: Fairuza Lucky Number Is 9

69. Ratnisha

Meaning: Diamond; Lord Of Jewels
Origin: Assamese

70. Zaveria

Meaning: Jewel
Origin: Algerian

71. Ratna Prabha

Meaning: Lustrous Jewel
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Rat-na Prab-ha, Rat-na Pr-abha

72. Yadanar

Meaning: Jewel
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Yada-nar, Yadanar, Ya-da-nar

73. Janvitha

Meaning: Jewel; Noble; Valentine; Treasure; Accepting
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Jan-vitha, Jan-vi-tha

74. Ambrelle

Meaning: Jewel
Origin: French

75. Azman

Meaning: Beautiful Jewel; Infinite
Origin: Chechen

76. Tamaka

Meaning: Jewel Scent

77. Glain

Meaning: Jewel

78. Sharadamani

Meaning: Jewel Among The Lutes
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: शारदामणि

79. Shankhmani

Meaning: Jewel Among Conch Shells
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Shankhmani, Shankh-mani, Shank-h-ma-ni
How to be Write: शंखमणि

80. Manibhu

Meaning: A Precious Jewel
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: मणिभु

81. Jauhera

Meaning: Jewel Gem
Origin: Arabic
Jauhera Name Meaning By Origin: گوہر ; ، جواہر ; نَگينَہ
Pronunciation: Jauhera, Jau-he-ra
How to be Write: جوہرہ
Lucky Number: Jauhera Lucky Number Is 1

82. Upala

Meaning: Rock; Jewel; A Gemstone
Origin: Hindi
Upala Name Meaning By Origin: उपाला
Pronunciation: Upala, Upa-la
How to be Write: उपला
Lucky Number: Upala Lucky Number Is 6

83. Mena

Meaning: Precious Blue Stone; Fish; Jewel (Wife Of The Himalayas)
Origin: Hindi
Mena Name Meaning By Origin: मीना
Pronunciation: Me-na, Mena
How to be Write: मेना
Lucky Number: Mena Lucky Number Is 6

84. Shromani

Meaning: Crest Superb Jewel
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: Shromani

85. Ratna Bala

Meaning: Jewelled
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: रत्न बाल

86. Jossey

Meaning: Jewel; Character Full Woman
Origin: Cristian

87. Sukhomoni

Meaning: Jewel Of Happiness
Origin: Assamese

88. Manima

Meaning: Jewelled
Origin: Assamese

89. Rajaveni

Meaning: Ruby Jewel
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ra-javeni, Ra-ja-ve-ni

90. Laju

Meaning: Melodious Jewel
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: लाजू

91. Manycka

Meaning: Of Jewels

92. Jokha

Meaning: Jeweled Robe

93. Glaina

Meaning: Jewel
Origin: Cristian

94. Pranmani

Meaning: Jewel Among The Leader
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Pran-mani, Pran-ma-ni
How to be Write: प्राणमणि

95. Pearlie

Meaning: Pearl (after The Name Of The Semi-precious Jewel)
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Pear-lie, Pearlie
Lucky Number: Pearlie Lucky Number Is 3

96. Jule

Meaning: Jewel
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Jule, Ju-le
Lucky Number: Jule Lucky Number Is 3

97. Gemmalynn

Meaning: Gem; A Jewel
Origin: Latin
Lucky Number: Gemmalynn Lucky Number Is 5

98. Nageen

Meaning: A Precious Stone On A Ring Or Other Jewellery
Origin: Persian
Nageen Name Meaning By Origin: انگوٹھی کا پتھر،ایک قیمتی پتھر ،نگ
How to be Write: نگین
Lucky Number: Nageen Lucky Number Is 9

99. Hilya

Meaning: Jewel ; Trinket ; Any Item Used For Adornment
Origin: Quranic

100. Berina

Meaning: The Princess Of Lovely Jewels
Origin: Austrailian