100+ Unique girl Name Meaning Judgment

100 Unique Judgment Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Judgment most popular names of 2023 feature Yashfa as Number one for girls, and Kana in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Judgment are Dinia and Mayzah and Sadadah and for girls, and Rainhard and Qudair and Yehoshafat and for boys. Here is the list for Judgment baby names for boys and girls.

1. Yashfa

Meaning: He She Intercedes (on The Day Of Judgment) On Behalf Of Someone ( Qiyamat Ky Din Shifat Kernay Wali )
Origin: Arabic
Yashfa Name Meaning By Origin: یشفع
Pronunciation: Yashfa
How to be Write: یشفہ
Lucky Number: Yashfa Lucky Number Is 11

2. Dinia

Meaning: Jehovah' S Judgment

3. Mayzah

Meaning: One Who Has Good Judgment

4. Sadadah

Meaning: Rationality; Sense; Soundness Of Mind And Judgment
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: SUpper + DUst + DUst
How to be Write: صدادہ
Lucky Number: Sadadah Lucky Number Is 5

5. Qareha

Meaning: Judgment
Origin: Urdu
Qareha Name Meaning By Origin: قیامت، آخرت، کوٹنے والا ، ٹھونکنے والی شے
How to be Write: قاریہا
Lucky Number: 7

6. Haphza

Meaning: Good Judgment

7. Basiana

Meaning: Acute Judgment

8. Haphsa

Meaning: Good Judgment

9. Sadaad

Meaning: Sense; Rationality; Soundness Of Judgment
Origin: Arabic
Sadaad Name Meaning By Origin: درست
Pronunciation: SUpper + Day + MAn + Day
How to be Write: سداد
Lucky Number: Sadaad Lucky Number Is 6

10. Maeza

Meaning: One Who Has Good Judgment
Origin: Algerian

11. Maezah

Meaning: One Who Has Good Judgment