100+ Unique girl Name Meaning King

100 Unique King Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. King most popular names of 2023 feature Alexandra as Number one for girls, and Jedidiah in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of King are Aleena and Emersyn and Kinslee and for girls, and Kingsley and Kinsley and Eric and for boys. Here is the list for King baby names for boys and girls.

1. Alexandra

Meaning: A Feminine Form Of Alexander Meaning Defender Of Men; Used In Britain Since Early 13th Century; It Became Popular After The Marriage Of The 1863 Marriage Of Future King Edward VII To Princess Alexandra Of Denmark
Origin: Italian
Lucky Number: Alexandra Lucky Number Is 8

2. Aleena

Meaning: Bright; Fair; Good-Looking; Achi Dikhayi Denay Wali; Haseen; Khoob Soorat
Origin: Hebrew
Aleena Name Meaning By Origin: حسین، خوبصورت ،خوش شکل،وجیہ
Pronunciation: Up + PLay + YIppee + New + CAt
Or Up + pLay + SwEEt + New + CAt
How to be Write: الینا
Lucky Number: Aleena Lucky Number Is 5

3. Emersyn

Meaning: A Alternative Of Emerson; Which Refers To The Son Of Emery And Means Brave And Hardworking Some Love This Name As Acelebration Of The American Transcendalist Poet Ralph Waldo Emerson
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Emerson

4. Kinslee

Meaning: Kinslee Means Land Of The King The Name Can Also Be Used For Boys
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Kins-lee

5. Anne

Meaning: King Henry VIII' Anne Bullen, Katharine's MaiD Of Honour, AfterwarDs Queen. 'The Merry Wives Of WinDsor' Mistress Anne Page, Daughter To Mistress ForD. 'RicharD III' LaDy Anne, WiDow Of EDwarD, AfterwarDs MarrieD To The Duke Of Gloucester.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Anne, An-ne
Lucky Number: Anne Lucky Number Is 7

6. Leilany

Meaning: Variant Of Leilani; Far Reaching Flower; Looking To God
Origin: Hawaiian
Pronunciation: LayLAHnee

7. Abby

Meaning: Father RejoiceD, Or Father's Joy. Gives Joy. The Intelligent, Beautiful Abigail Was OlD Testament King DaviD's ThirD Wife, DescribeD As 'gooD In Discretion AnD Beautiful In Form.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Aah-bee
Lucky Number: Abby Lucky Number Is 3

8. Kairi

Meaning: Means A Village By The Ocean In Japanese And It Means A Melody In French Its Popularity Is Increasing Because Of The Character In The Game Kingdom Hearts
Origin: Japanese
Pronunciation: KIEree,KAHeeree

9. Astrid

Meaning: GoDly Strength. DeriveD From Germanic CompounDs Meaning Divine Strength, Or Divine Beauty. AstriD Has Been UseD By Norway's Royal Families For HunDreDs Of Years. Famous Bearers: King Olaf I's Mother; The SweDish Wife Of King Olaf II.
Origin: Norse
Pronunciation: Astrid
Lucky Number: Astrid Lucky Number Is 8

10. Yamileth

Meaning: Yamileth Means Attractive; Good-looking; Stunning
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Yah-MEEL-eth
How to be Write: یامیلتھ

11. Alina

Meaning: Bright; Fair; Good-Looking; Achi Dikhayi Denay Wali; Haseen; Khoob Soorat
Origin: Hebrew
Alina Name Meaning By Origin: خوبصورتی لیکن نامنظور
Pronunciation: Ali-na, Alina
How to be Write: علینہ
Lucky Number: Alina Lucky Number Is 9

12. Emmalyn

Meaning: Hardworking
Origin: German
Lucky Number: Emmalyn Lucky Number Is 11

13. Emmeline

Meaning: InDustrious. HarDworking. From The OlD French Ameline, DeriveD From OlD German 'amal' Meaning Labor. Famous Bearer: British Suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst.
Origin: French
Lucky Number: Emmeline Lucky Number Is 4

14. Raya

Meaning: Thought; [the Act Of] Thinking
Origin: Bulgarian
Pronunciation: Run + MAn + YArn
Lucky Number: Raya Lucky Number Is 8

15. Alexandria

Meaning: A Feminine Form Of Alexander Meaning Defender Of Men; Used In Britain Since Early 13th Century; It Became Popular After The Marriage Of The 1863 Marriage Of Future King Edward VII To Princess Alexandra Of Denmark
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Alexan-dria, Al-ex-an-dria, Alex-an-dria
Lucky Number: Alexandria Lucky Number Is 8

16. Amelie

Meaning: Hard Working Industrious Striving
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Amelie, Ame-lie
Lucky Number: Amelie Lucky Number Is 9

17. Emely

Meaning: Variant Of Emily Meaning Hard Working And In Competition To Equal Or Excel Against
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: EHmehlee

18. Lottie

Meaning: A Feminine Form Of Charles; Meaning Man Alternate Meaning; Tiny And Feminine Famous Bearers: Princess Charlotte; Daughter Of King George IV; British Writer Charlotte Bronte
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Lot-tie
Lucky Number: Lottie Lucky Number Is 9

19. Emmy

Meaning: Hardworking
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Kayshanki
Lucky Number: Emmy Lucky Number Is 2

20. Alexa

Meaning: Defender Of Men; Helper Alexander The Great Was A 4th Century Macedonian King For Whom The Egyptian City Of Alexandria Is Named
Origin: American
Lucky Number: Alexa Lucky Number Is 7

21. Laylani

Meaning: Variant Of Leilani; Far Reaching Flower; Looking To God
Origin: Hawaiian
Pronunciation: LayLAHnee

22. Winnet

Meaning: " Blessed Peacemaking"
Origin: Welsh

23. Sciath

Meaning: Sprite; High King; White; Ghost
Origin: Irish

24. Farah

Meaning: Lovely; Pleasant; Beautiful; Good Looking;
Origin: Arabic
Farah Name Meaning By Origin: خوشی، سرور
Pronunciation: FUn + RUn
How to be Write: فرح
Lucky Number: Farah Lucky Number Is 6

25. Arìa

Meaning: King; Brings Rain
Origin: Armenian
Pronunciation: A-ra

26. Daiana

Meaning: Variant Of Diana; Chosen; Making An Impact
Origin: Italian
Pronunciation: DiyAHnah

27. Aría

Meaning: King; Brings Rain
Origin: Armenian
Pronunciation: A-ra

28. Dua

Meaning: Worship; Prayers; One Who Making A Call(for Some Cause)
Origin: Arabic
Dua Name Meaning By Origin: نعمتِ
Pronunciation: DO + After (standard)
Or DO + smArt
How to be Write: دعا
Lucky Number: Dua Lucky Number Is 8

29. Buhaisah

Meaning: Walking With Pride
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Buhaisah, Bu-hai-sah
How to be Write: بوہیسہ
Lucky Number: Buhaysah Buhaisah Lucky Number Is 4

30. Arïa

Meaning: King; Brings Rain
Origin: Armenian
Pronunciation: A-ra

31. Turid

Meaning: Good-looking
Origin: Danish, OlD Norse
Pronunciation: TOO-riD
Lucky Number: Turid Lucky Number Is 9

32. Laia

Meaning: " Sweet Speaking"

33. Dur E Shahwar

Meaning: Kings Worthy Pearl
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Dur-E-Shah-war, Dur-E-Shahwar
How to be Write: دور ای شہوار

34. DurreShahwar

Meaning: Kings Worthy Pearl
Origin: Pashtun
DurreShahwar Name Meaning By Origin: در شہوار
Lucky Number: DurreShahwar Lucky Number Is 7

35. Yengah

Meaning: A Hardworking Woman

36. Bipina

Meaning: Sharp; Forest Tiger King
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: बिपिन

37. Idella

Meaning: Hardworking Woman
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Ie-DEL-ə
Lucky Number: Idella Lucky Number Is 4

38. Owaria

Meaning: Water Well; A Well That Provides Drinking Water
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Oops + WAnt + pRay + SIt + YUmmy
How to be Write: اویریا
Lucky Number: Owaria Lucky Number Is 3

39. Durre Shahwar

Meaning: Kings Worthy Pearl
Origin: Persian
Durre Shahwar Name Meaning By Origin: بادشاہوں کے قابل
How to be Write: درشہوار

40. Minaj

Meaning: King
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Mi-naj, Minaj

41. Quickly

Meaning: King Henry IV, Part 1 AnD 2' Mistress Quickly, Hostess Of The Boar's HeaD In Eastcheap. Later, In Henry V, She Is Pistol's Wife. 'The Merry Wives Of WinDsor' Mistress Quickly, Servant To Doctor Caius.
Lucky Number: Quickly Lucky Number Is 8

42. Aniah

Meaning: Seeking Answers From God
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: AhNYah

43. Kinaaz

Meaning: Pride Of The King; A Princess Who Makes Her Father Proud
Origin: Persian
Lucky Number: Kinaaz Lucky Number Is 5

44. Aethelflaed

Meaning: Sister Of King Edward
Origin: Anglo
Lucky Number: Aethelflaed Lucky Number Is 7

45. Vasilica

Meaning: Royal; Kingly

46. Ranah

Meaning: Nice-looking; Eye-catching
Origin: Algerian

47. Janaknandini

Meaning: Goddess Sita (daughter Of King Janak)
Origin: Hindi
Janaknandini Name Meaning By Origin: जनकनंदिनी
Pronunciation: Janaknan-di-ni, Jana-knandini
How to be Write: जनकनंदिनी
Lucky Number: Janaknandini Lucky Number Is 3

48. MacBeth

Meaning: The TrageDy Of Macbeth' Thane Of Glamis AnD CawDor, A General In The King's Army, Who MurDers King Duncan AnD Takes His Crown.
Origin: Shakespearean
Lucky Number: MacBeth Lucky Number Is 7

49. Izabelle

Meaning: Variant Of Isabel Meaning Making A Vow To God; Devoted
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: I-za-belle

50. Latah

Meaning: Nice-looking Vine

51. Yengeh

Meaning: A Hardworking Woman

52. Dhilsha

Meaning: King Of Heart
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dhilsha, Dhils-ha

53. Giocosa

Meaning: Joking
Origin: Latin

54. Fatema

Meaning: One Sucking Her Mother's Milk
Origin: Arabic
Fatema Name Meaning By Origin: فاطمہ
Pronunciation: Fatema, Fa-tha-ma
How to be Write: فاتیما
Lucky Number: Fatema Lucky Number Is 9

55. Lalaine

Meaning: A Hardworking Woman
Origin: American

56. Leontes

Meaning: The Winter's Tale' King Of Sicilia.
Lucky Number: Leontes Lucky Number Is 9

57. Zela

Meaning: " Lacking Nothing; One Who Knows The Way"
Origin: African

58. Dakini

Meaning: Walking In The Sky
Origin: Sanskrit
Pronunciation: Dah-KEE-ni
Lucky Number: Dakini Lucky Number Is 3

59. Ilisha

Meaning: King Of The Earth; Queen Of The Earth
Origin: Hindi
Ilisha Name Meaning By Origin: इलिशा
Pronunciation: Ilisha, Il-isha, Ilis-ha
How to be Write: इलीशा
Lucky Number: Ilisha Lucky Number Is 4

60. Rajwant

Meaning: Monarch; King;
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ra-jwant
How to be Write: रजवंती
Lucky Number: Rajwant Lucky Number Is 6

61. Ruya

Meaning: Dream; Vision ; Seeing; Viewing; Looking
Origin: Arabic
Ruya Name Meaning By Origin: ریا
Pronunciation: Ruya, Ru-ya
How to be Write: رویا
Lucky Number: Ruya Lucky Number Is 2

62. Gal•La

Meaning: Merrymaking; Festivity; Gaul
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: G(al)-la

63. Qaisery

Meaning: King
Origin: Hindi
Qaisery Name Meaning By Origin: بادشاہ سے متعلق
How to be Write: قیصری
Lucky Number: 4

64. Buhaysah Buhaisah

Meaning: Walking With Pride
Origin: Algerian

65. Rajdipa

Meaning: Kingdom Of Candles Lamps
Origin: Assamese

66. Yariqa

Meaning: Bright; White; Fair; Good-looking
Origin: Arabic
Yariqa Name Meaning By Origin: روشن; سفید;
Pronunciation: Yariqa, Ya-ri-qa
How to be Write: یارقی
Lucky Number: Yariqa Lucky Number Is 7

67. Dot

Meaning: Gift Of GoD. AanD The Most Common Form Of The Name In English- Speaking Countries. Famous Bearer: The Young Heroine Of 'The WizarD Of Oz', PlayeD By JuDy GarlanD In The Film.
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Dot
Lucky Number: Dot Lucky Number Is 3

68. Waverleah

Meaning: Quaking Aspen Tree

69. Balian

Meaning: It Mens Master Or Lord; It Was The Name Of A Noble Crusader In The Kingdom Of Jerusalem In The 12th Century;
Origin: Turkish

70. Tegwyn

Meaning: King
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Teg-wyn

71. Chakshani

Meaning: Good Looking; Brilliant
Origin: Hindi
Chakshani Name Meaning By Origin: चक्शानी
Pronunciation: Chak-shani, Chak-sh-ani, Chaksha-ni
How to be Write: चक्षानी
Lucky Number: Chakshani Lucky Number Is 11

72. Waseema

Meaning: Making A Person Happy; Bringing Joy And Delight
Origin: Arabic
Waseema Name Meaning By Origin: حسین عورت،بے نظیر،خوبصورت
Pronunciation: Islam + Fun + pRay + MAn + Hot
How to be Write: وسیمہ
Lucky Number: Waseema Lucky Number Is 7

73. Bona

Meaning: King Henry The Sixth, Part III' Sister To The French Queen.
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Bona, Bo-na
Lucky Number: Bona Lucky Number Is 5

74. Margarita

Meaning: Child Of Light Famous Bearer: Margaret Thatcher; Former Prime Minister Of The United Kingdom
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: Mar-gari-ta, Mar-gar-ita, Mar-ga-ri-ta
Lucky Number: Margarita Lucky Number Is 7

75. Lalaina

Meaning: A Hardworking Woman

76. Mylei

Meaning: Hard Working
Origin: German

77. Ulalia

Meaning: " Sweetly Speaking"
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Ulalia, Ula-lia

78. Taajdaar

Meaning: King
Origin: Arabic
Taajdaar Name Meaning By Origin: بادشاہ
How to be Write: تاجدار
Lucky Number: 6

79. Hasinah

Meaning: Beautiful; Good-looking
Origin: Arabic
Hasinah Name Meaning By Origin: خوبصورت
Pronunciation: HAnd + SIt + NUmber
How to be Write: حسینہ
Lucky Number: Hasinah Lucky Number Is 6

80. Raghibah

Meaning: Aspiring; Desirous; Seeking
Origin: Arabic
Raghibah Name Meaning By Origin: خواہش; شائق;
Pronunciation: RAndom + BaGHdad + SIt + BUt
How to be Write: رغیبہ
Lucky Number: Raghibah Lucky Number Is 9

81. Kripa

Meaning: ' Meaning Having Mercy' Mercy (The Two ChilDren Were FounD AnD Brought To King Shantanu. Kripa Was Taught DhanurveDa, The Martial Arts, By His Father, AnD He Became One Of The Kurus' Martial Teachers.)
Origin: Hindi
Kripa Name Meaning By Origin: कृपा
Pronunciation: Kri-pa
How to be Write: कृपा
Lucky Number: Kripa Lucky Number Is 1

82. Alethea

Meaning: Truth. Alethea Became Popular In The Early 17th Century When The Future King Charles I CourteD Spanish Maria Aletea. Sometimes ConfuseD With The UnrelateD Althea.'Truthful.' Mythological GoDDess Of Truth.
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Alethea, Ale-thea
Lucky Number: Alethea Lucky Number Is 7

83. Arthuretta

Meaning: From The Roman Clan Name Artorius; Meaning Noble; Courageous Famous Bearer: Legendary Sixth Century King Arthur Of Britain And His Round Table Of Knights This Legend Dates To The Early 9th Century
Origin: English
Lucky Number: Arthuretta Lucky Number Is 6

84. Anaiah

Meaning: Variant Of Anaia; Asking Of God; A Truth-finder
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: Ah-nah-YAH

85. Mahogany

Meaning: Evoking The Wood Or The Tree Of The Same Name; This Sumptuous Name Means Dark; Rich; Luxurious; Tempting And Enticing
Origin: English
Pronunciation: MaHOGunee

86. Rajabala

Meaning: Kings Daughter
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ra-ja-bala, Ra-jabala, Ra-ja-ba-la

87. Ruwaidah Ruwaydah

Meaning: Walking Gently
Origin: Algerian

88. Douga

Meaning: Viking; Dark; Foreigner
Origin: Irish

89. Kinsey

Meaning: Victory Of The King
Origin: English
Pronunciation: KIN-zee
Lucky Number: Kinsey Lucky Number Is 2

90. Lailani

Meaning: Variant Of Leilani; Far Reaching Flower; Looking To God
Origin: Hawaiian
Pronunciation: LayLAHnee

91. Mylee

Meaning: This Name May Be A Alternative Spelling Of Miley; Or The Hawaiian Name Maile Refering To A Type Of Vine Used In Making Leis Popularised By The Teen Singer Miley Cyrus
Origin: Hawaiian
Pronunciation: MIYLIY

92. Edaline

Meaning: Noble; King
Origin: Austrailian

93. Bolavi

Meaning: Speaking
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Bolavi, Bo-la-vi

94. Widisha

Meaning: Wife Of King Ashoka
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Widishas

95. Fadila

Meaning: Good Looking; Attractive
Origin: Hindi
Fadila Name Meaning By Origin: اچھی لگ رہی; پرکشش;
Pronunciation: Fadi-la, Fadila, Fa-di-la
How to be Write: فضیلہ
Lucky Number: Fadila Lucky Number Is 5

96. Ambalika

Meaning: Mother, One Who Is Sensitive (The King Of Kashi's Youngest Daughter. She Was AbDucteD By Bhishma Along With Her Sisters AnD MarrieD Vichitravirya.)
Origin: Hindi
Ambalika Name Meaning By Origin: अंबालिका
Pronunciation: Am-ba-li-ka, Am-ba-lika
How to be Write: अंबालिका
Lucky Number: Ambalika Lucky Number Is 5

97. Sheba

Meaning: Kingdom In Arabia
Origin: Arabic
Sheba Name Meaning By Origin: سَويرے ; صُبح
Pronunciation: She-ba, Sheba
How to be Write: شیبا
Lucky Number: Sheba Lucky Number Is 8

98. Arthurina

Meaning: From The Roman Clan Name Artorius; Meaning Noble; Courageous Famous Bearer: Legendary Sixth Century King Arthur Of Britain And His Round Table Of Knights This Legend Dates To The Early 9th Century
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Arthu-ri-na, Ar-thur-ina, Ar-thu-ri-na
Lucky Number: Arthurina Lucky Number Is 11

99. Damayantee

Meaning: Making Others Submissive
Origin: Assamese

100. Vasiliya

Meaning: " Royal; Kingly"
Origin: Greek