100+ Unique girl Name Meaning Light

100 Unique Light Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Light most popular names of 2023 feature Bodhi as Number one for girls, and Ray in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Light are Alora and Ayla and Iyla and for girls, and Aron and Kenji and Joy and for boys. Here is the list for Light baby names for boys and girls.

1. Bodhi

Meaning: Enlightenment
Origin: Hindi
Bodhi Name Meaning By Origin: बोधि
Pronunciation: Bod-hi, Bodhi
How to be Write: बोधि
Lucky Number: Bodhi Lucky Number Is 11

2. Alora

Meaning: Variant Of Elora Or Eleanor; Shining Light; Guiding
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: A-LOR-ah

3. Ayla

Meaning: Moonlight; Noor Ka Hala;
Origin: Turkish
Pronunciation: EYE + LAnd
Lucky Number: Ayla Lucky Number Is 4

4. Iyla

Meaning: Moonlight
Origin: Hindi
Iyla Name Meaning By Origin: इयला
Pronunciation: Iy-la, Iyla
How to be Write: इलाह
Lucky Number: Iyla Lucky Number Is 2

5. Nyra

Meaning: " Light; Or Furrow; Plowed Field"
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: Nyra, Ny-ra

6. Lucy

Meaning: Light
Origin: Latin
Lucy Name Meaning By Origin: نور٬روشنی،چمک
Pronunciation: Loo-see
How to be Write: لوسی
Lucky Number: Lucy Lucky Number Is 7

7. Laney

Meaning: Torch Of Light
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: LAYN-ee
Lucky Number: Laney Lucky Number Is 3

8. Lucille

Meaning: Light Of The Day
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Loo-SEEL
Lucky Number: Lucille Lucky Number Is 5

9. Ayleen

Meaning: Variant Of Eileen; Meaning Light It Has Scottish; English & Irish Roots As Well As Many Other Forms
Origin: Scottish
Pronunciation: Ay-leen

10. Aliana

Meaning: A Alternative Of The French Name Elena; Which Was Derived From The Greek Name Helene Meaning Light; Torch And Bright
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: AhleeAHNAH

11. Amora

Meaning: Light Eagle
Origin: Norse
Amora Name Meaning By Origin: اپنے گھر سے جدا نہ ہونے والی
How to be Write: عمورہ
Lucky Number: Amora Lucky Number Is 3

12. Alena

Meaning: Light : Of The Nobility Noble
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Ale-na, Alena
Lucky Number: Alena Lucky Number Is 6

13. Norah

Meaning: Light
Origin: English
Norah Name Meaning By Origin: نورہ
Lucky Number: Norah Lucky Number Is 2

14. Luciana

Meaning: A Modification On The Italian Name Lucia For Light
Origin: Italian
Pronunciation: LoosheeAHNeh

15. Eleanor

Meaning: Sympathy; Compassion; Light
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Enter + LIttle + NOOn + PRay
Enter + Lemon + NUmbeR
ULtimate + NOOr + PRay
Lucky Number: Eleanor Lucky Number Is 2

16. Lenora

Meaning: Shining Light
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Leno-ra, Len-ora, Le-no-ra
Lucky Number: Lenora Lucky Number Is 11

17. Lucia

Meaning: The Light Of India
Origin: Hindi
Lucia Name Meaning By Origin: लुसिया
Pronunciation: Lu-see-a
How to be Write: लुसिया
Lucky Number: Lucia Lucky Number Is 1

18. Helen

Meaning: Torch Of Light
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: HEL-ən
Lucky Number: Helen Lucky Number Is 3

19. Elaina

Meaning: Torch Of Light
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Eh-LAY-nə
Lucky Number: Elaina Lucky Number Is 5

20. Nora

Meaning: Light
Origin: Norwegian
Nora Name Meaning By Origin: روشن مشعل
Pronunciation: No-ra, Nora
How to be Write: نورا
Lucky Number: Nora Lucky Number Is 3

21. Elina

Meaning: Torch Of Light
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Eh-LEE-nə
Lucky Number: Elina Lucky Number Is 5

22. Luz

Meaning: Filled With Light
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: LOOS
Lucky Number: Luz Lucky Number Is 5

23. Elaine

Meaning: Torch Of Light
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: I-LAYN
Lucky Number: Elaine Lucky Number Is 5

24. Helena

Meaning: Torch Of Light
Origin: Greek
Helena Name Meaning By Origin: روحانی روشنی
Pronunciation: He-LE-nah
How to be Write: حیلینا
Lucky Number: Helena Lucky Number Is 4

25. Loca

Meaning: A Pet Form Of The Name Lucia; From The Latin Lux Meaning Light
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: LowKah

26. Noor Ul Ain

Meaning: Bringer Of Happiness; Remover Of Sadness; One Who Brings Calm And Serenity To The Heart; Light Of The Eye; Aankhoon Ki Roshni
Origin: Arabic
Noor Ul Ain Name Meaning By Origin: آنکھوں کی روشنی،آنکھوں کا نور ، آنکھ کی چمک، آنکھ کی روشنی
How to be Write: نورالعین
Lucky Number: Noor Ul Ain Lucky Number Is 3

27. Ujala

Meaning: Light; Sunshine
Origin: Hindi
Ujala Name Meaning By Origin: روشنی،صبح کی روشنی،سحر
Pronunciation: Ujala, Uja-la
How to be Write: اجالا
Lucky Number: Ujala Lucky Number Is 8

28. Sri Varshini

Meaning: Sun Rays; Bright Light
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: श्री वार्शिनी

29. Tabsirah

Meaning: Enlightenment
Origin: Algerian

30. Alaw

Meaning: Alaw Is Probably A Modification Of The Name Alaula Which Means Light Of Early Dawn Or Sunset Glow
Origin: Hawaiian
Pronunciation: AH-law

31. Vibbha

Meaning: Radiance; Night; Light
Origin: Malayali

32. Chaandanee

Meaning: Moonlight
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Chaan-da-nee, Chaandanee

33. Chantrea

Meaning: Moonlight; Moon-faced
Origin: Cambodian

34. Farisha

Meaning: Light; Roshni; Noor
Origin: Arabic
How to be Write: فریشہ
Lucky Number: Farisha Lucky Number Is 7

35. Ujavala

Meaning: Full Of Light; Brightness
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: उज्ज्वला

36. Ferial

Meaning: Beauty Of Light; Lion
Origin: Iranian

37. Xandrea

Meaning: Light Element
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Xan-drea, Xandrea

38. Chaandni

Meaning: Moonlight
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Chaand-ni, Chaandni

39. Deliciae

Meaning: Delightful
Origin: Latin
Lucky Number: Deliciae Lucky Number Is 3

40. Yarelea

Meaning: He Enlightens; He Shines

41. Alokya

Meaning: Brightness; Light; Incomparable
Origin: Bengali

42. Xalinah

Meaning: Moon; Light; Shine

43. Faryat

Meaning: Delightful Sun-shine
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Fa-ryat
How to be Write: فریات
Lucky Number: Faryat Lucky Number Is 7

44. Yogananda

Meaning: Delighted With Meditation
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: योगानंद

45. Wadduha

Meaning: Light Of Morning When Day Start
Origin: Algerian

46. Yaanvi

Meaning: Light In The Dark
Origin: Kannada

47. Parakasa

Meaning: Light
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Parakasa, Pa-ra-ka-sa

48. Zira

Meaning: " Hatred; Messenger; Moonlight"
Origin: African

49. Pariza

Meaning: Light; Fairy; Flower
Origin: Persian
Pronunciation: Pariza, Par-iza, Pa-ri-za
Lucky Number: Pariza Lucky Number Is 7

50. Jaahanvi

Meaning: Moon Light; Ganga River
Origin: Hindi
Jaahanvi Name Meaning By Origin: जाहनवी 
Pronunciation: Jaa-han-vi, Jaa-hanvi
How to be Write: जाह्नवी
Lucky Number: Jaahanvi Lucky Number Is 3

51. Ziyanshi

Meaning: Source Of Light; Radiance; Body
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: ज़ियांशी

52. Jagadeesha

Meaning: The Sun Light Of The World
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: जगदीश:

53. Urey

Meaning: My Light

54. Yammini

Meaning: Light In The Dark; Nocturnal
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: यामिनी

55. Prabhasini

Meaning: Part Of Sun Light
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: प्रभासिनी

56. Helana

Meaning: Sun Ray; Shining Light
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: He-la-na

57. Deeane

Meaning: Light; Deity

58. Clelea

Meaning: Moon; Light; Shine
Origin: Latin

59. Urit

Meaning: Light
Origin: English
Lucky Number: Urit Lucky Number Is 5

60. Jay Prakash

Meaning: Light; A Victorious Person Who Gives Light To Everyone; Ray Of Victory
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: जय प्रकाश

61. Feba

Meaning: Source Of Light
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Fe-ba, Feba

62. Elèna

Meaning: Ray Of Sunlight
Origin: Danish
Pronunciation: El-nuh

63. Chia

Meaning: " Light"
Origin: Italian

64. Eraj

Meaning: Morning Light
Origin: Arabic
Eraj Name Meaning By Origin: پھول، خشبو، نرم
How to be Write: ایرج

65. Zunaira

Meaning: Guiding Light; Flower In Paradise ( Janat Main Phool )
Origin: Persian
Zunaira Name Meaning By Origin: جنت میں ملنے والا پھول،جنت کا ایک پھول،بہشت کا ایک پھول
Pronunciation: Zu-naira, Zun-aira, Zun-ai-ra
How to be Write: زنیرہ
Lucky Number: Zunaira Lucky Number Is 4

66. Belaku

Meaning: Light; Blaze; Reflect
Origin: Kannada

67. Prodipa

Meaning: Lamp; Light; Full Of Brightness
Origin: Assamese

68. Dipshi

Meaning: Lighting
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dip-shi, Dips-hi

69. Deea

Meaning: A Lamp; A Light
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: दीया

70. Yeira

Meaning: Light; He Enlightens
Origin: Hebrew

71. Deeanne

Meaning: Light; Deity
Origin: American

72. Qamirah

Meaning: Moonlit (something That Has Moonlight On It); White And Radiant Like The Moon
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: IraQ + RUn + MIst + pRay + RUn
How to be Write: قمرہ
Lucky Number: 3

73. Eiravati

Meaning: Lightening; Ravi River
Origin: Hindi
Eiravati Name Meaning By Origin: एईरावती
Pronunciation: Ei-ra-vati, Eiravati, Ei-ra-va-ti
How to be Write: इरावती
Lucky Number: Eiravati Lucky Number Is 4

74. Bergljot

Meaning: Light Will Save
Origin: Norwegian, OlD Norse
Pronunciation: BEHRG-lyawt
Lucky Number: Bergljot Lucky Number Is 8

75. Reyansi

Meaning: Ray Of Light; Part Of Sun
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: रेयांसी

76. Jena Ellen

Meaning: Torch Of Light

77. Jun Kiarra

Meaning: " Light; Clear"

78. Dee Dee

Meaning: Swarthy; Broken-hearted; Sorrowful; Pleasure; Delight; Divine
Origin: Welsh
Pronunciation: De(e)-dee

79. Elea

Meaning: " Bright; Shining Light"
Origin: English

80. Fanah

Meaning: One Who Provides Light
Origin: Algerian

81. Dimah

Meaning: Rain That Falls Without Lightning Or Thunder
Origin: Arabic
Dimah Name Meaning By Origin: رخسار
Pronunciation: DEE + MUst
How to be Write: دیمہ
Lucky Number: Dimah Lucky Number Is 8

82. Qurratul Ayn

Meaning: Darling; Delightful
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Qur-rat-ul-ayn, Qur-ratul-ayn, Qur-ra-tul-ayn
How to be Write: قرۃ العین

83. Teia

Meaning: Deity; Happiness; Light; Joy
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Teia

84. Lumen

Meaning: Light
Origin: Latin
Lucky Number: 5

85. Yitta

Meaning: One Who Emanates Light
Origin: English

86. Cleliah

Meaning: Moon; Light; Shine
Origin: Latin

87. Amial

Meaning: Lighthouses
Origin: Arabic
Amial Name Meaning By Origin: اميال
How to be Write: امیل

88. Musfira

Meaning: Glowing With Happiness; Beautiful And Radiant; Happiness; Laughter; Joy And Delight
Origin: Arabic
Musfira Name Meaning By Origin: چمکتا چہرہ،منور ، روشن ، سفید
Pronunciation: MUSlim + FIrm + RUn
How to be Write: مصفرہ
Lucky Number: Musfira Lucky Number Is 3

89. Noorjahan

Meaning: Light Of The World
Origin: Arabic
Noorjahan Name Meaning By Origin: نورجہاں
Pronunciation: Noor-ja-han, Noor-jahan
How to be Write: نورجہاں
Lucky Number: Noorjahan Lucky Number Is 3

90. Vidyutprabha

Meaning: Lightening Flash
Origin: Hindi
Vidyutprabha Name Meaning By Origin: विद्युतप्रभा
Pronunciation: Vidyut-prab-ha, Vidy-ut-prabha, Vi-dyut-prab-ha
How to be Write: विद्युतप्रभा
Lucky Number: Vidyutprabha Lucky Number Is 3

91. Qindeel

Meaning: Light
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Qin-deel, Qindeel, Qin-de-el
How to be Write: قندیل
Lucky Number: Qindeel Lucky Number Is 7

92. Ujavla

Meaning: Full Of Light Brightness
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: उज्ज्वला

93. Rusani

Meaning: Bright; Lighting
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: रुसानी

94. Dipaa

Meaning: Enlightens; Illuminated; Light
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: दीपा

95. Yeleena

Meaning: Bright; Light
Origin: Greek

96. Jutika

Meaning: A Kind Of Camphor; Light
Origin: Assamese

97. Dibyandita

Meaning: Possessor Of Lights
Origin: Assamese

98. Zoha Fathima

Meaning: Morning Light Sunrise
Origin: Algerian

99. Manaara

Meaning: Light House; Guiding Light
Origin: Algerian

100. Dibiksha

Meaning: Life For Light
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dibik-sha, Dibiksha, Di-biks-ha