100+ Unique girl Name Meaning Loyalty

100 Unique Loyalty Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Loyalty most popular names of 2023 feature Fidelity as Number one for girls, and Mihael in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Loyalty are Waffah and Wala and Wala Walaa and for girls, and Bond and Holbert and Ikhlas and for boys. Here is the list for Loyalty baby names for boys and girls.

1. Fidelity

Meaning: Loyalty; Devotedness
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Fi-DEL-i-tee
Lucky Number: Fidelity Lucky Number Is 9

2. Waffah

Meaning: Loyalty

3. Wala

Meaning: Loyalty
Origin: Arabic
Wala Name Meaning By Origin: نمک حلالی ۔ ; خير خواہی;
Pronunciation: Wala, Wa-la
How to be Write: ولا
Lucky Number: Wala Lucky Number Is 9

4. Wala Walaa

Meaning: Loyalty
Origin: Algerian

5. Walaa

Meaning: Loyalty
Origin: Arabic
Walaa Name Meaning By Origin: والا
Pronunciation: Walaa, Wa-laa
How to be Write: والا
Lucky Number: Walaa Lucky Number Is 9

6. Leyah

Meaning: Law; Loyalty
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Le-yah

7. Lealia

Meaning: Loyal Loyalty Faithful
Origin: French
Lucky Number: Lealia Lucky Number Is 22

8. Waphah

Meaning: Loyalty

9. Amanah

Meaning: Trust; Devotion; Guardianship; Loyalty
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Up + Moon + CAt + NUmber
How to be Write: امانہ
Lucky Number: Amanah Lucky Number Is 2

10. Sathyasri

Meaning: Loyalty And Truth
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: सत्यश्री

11. Firinne

Meaning: Loyalty; Truth
Origin: Irish

12. Pheakdei

Meaning: Loyalty; Honesty
Origin: Cambodian

13. Arundhuti

Meaning: Fidelity; A Star; Loyalty
Origin: Assamese

14. Wapha

Meaning: Loyalty

15. Leya

Meaning: Loyalty
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: Leya, Le-ya
Lucky Number: Leya Lucky Number Is 7

16. Leala

Meaning: Loyal Loyalty Faithful
Origin: French
Pronunciation: Leala, Lea-la
Lucky Number: Leala Lucky Number Is 4

17. Wafa

Meaning: Faithfulness; Loyalty
Origin: Arabic
Wafa Name Meaning By Origin: پیار و محبت میں ساتھ نبھانا،ساتھی،وفادار،عہد کا پکا
Pronunciation: Wafa
How to be Write: وفا
Lucky Number: Wafa Lucky Number Is 3

18. Amanaat

Meaning:  “trust”; €œdevotion”; €œguardianship”; €œloyalty”
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Up + MAn + New + SmArT
How to be Write: امانت
Lucky Number: 3

19. Wala Walaa

Meaning: Loyalty
Lucky Number: Wala Walaa Lucky Number Is 9

20. Izaad

Meaning: Advocacy; Loyalty; Support
Origin: Arabic
Izaad Name Meaning By Origin: اضافہ
Pronunciation: It + Zero + MAn + Day
How to be Write: ایزاد
Lucky Number: 4