100+ Unique girl Name Meaning New beginning

100 Unique New beginning Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. New beginning most popular names of 2023 feature Emmie as Number one for girls, and Cal in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of New beginning are Genesis and Jenesis and Lily Ella and for girls, and Jer and Bamdad and Uddyam and for boys. Here is the list for New beginning baby names for boys and girls.

1. Emmie

Meaning: Afeminine Name Beginning With Em-
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Em-mie
Lucky Number: Emmie Lucky Number Is 9

2. Genesis

Meaning: The Beginning
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: JEN-ə-sis
Lucky Number: Genesis Lucky Number Is 9

3. Jenesis

Meaning: Variant Of Genesis; The Name Jenesis Means From The Beginning; Birth Genesis Is The First Book Of The Bible
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: Jen-eh-ssis

4. Lily Ella

Meaning: Lily Is English And Is Named After The Flower That Is A Symbol Of Purity And Innocence The Name Ella Is A Short Form Of Any Name Ending In Ella Or Beginning With El It Has A Greek Meaning Of Bright One Or Shining One
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: LIH-lilyEH-lah

5. Orde

Meaning: Of The Beginning
Origin: Anglo

6. Wadduha

Meaning: Light Of Morning When Day Start
Origin: Algerian

7. Fatihah

Meaning: Opening; Start; And In This Meaning It Is The Name Of The First Chapter Of The Quran
Origin: Arabic
Fatihah Name Meaning By Origin: ۔ فراخی ; کشائش ; کھلنا
Pronunciation: FAn + TIp + HUt
How to be Write: فاتحہ
Lucky Number: Fatihah Lucky Number Is 8

8. Fathiyah

Meaning: Beginning
Origin: Hindi
Fathiyah Name Meaning By Origin: شروعات
Pronunciation: Fathiyah, Fath-iyah, Fa-thiyah
How to be Write: فاتحیہ
Lucky Number: Fathiyah Lucky Number Is 6

9. Eiti

Meaning: Ending And The New Beginning
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ei-ti, Eiti

10. Namaira

Meaning: New Beginning; Pious Women
Origin: Algerian

11. Chrissy

Meaning: Christine; Or Any Feminine Name Beginning With Chris-
Origin: Scottish
Pronunciation: Chris-sy, Chrissy
Lucky Number: Chrissy Lucky Number Is 11

12. Adyaa

Meaning: Beginning
Origin: Assamese

13. Dorrie

Meaning: Afeminine Name Beginning With Dor-
Origin: English
Lucky Number: Dorrie Lucky Number Is 6

14. Dagny

Meaning: New Day Started
Origin: OlD Norse
Pronunciation: DAG-nee
Lucky Number: Dagny Lucky Number Is 6

15. Wahuj

Meaning: First Light Of Day; Dawn; New Beginning
Origin: Arabic
Wahuj Name Meaning By Origin: دن کی پہلی روشنی; فجر;
Pronunciation: Wahuj, Wa-huj
How to be Write: وہاج
Lucky Number: Wahuj Lucky Number Is 9

16. Neomisia

Meaning: Beginning Of The Month
Origin: Greek

17. Clarrie

Meaning: Afeminine Name Beginning With Clar-
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Clar-rie
Lucky Number: Clarrie Lucky Number Is 3

18. Nysa

Meaning: New Beginning; Special (Celebrity Name: Kajol)
Origin: Hindi
Nysa Name Meaning By Origin: नय्सा
Pronunciation: Nysa, Ny-sa
How to be Write: निसा
Lucky Number: Nysa Lucky Number Is 5

19. Ethisha

Meaning: Beginning After End
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: एथिशा

20. Badaya

Meaning: Beginnings; Initiation; Inception; Genesis
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: BUt + Day + MAn + YArn
How to be Write: بدایا
Lucky Number: Badaya Lucky Number Is 5

21. Gangothry

Meaning: Starting Place Of The River Ganga
Origin: Hindi
Gangothry Name Meaning By Origin: गंगोत्री
Pronunciation: Gan-gothry, Gan-go-thry, Gan-goth-ry
How to be Write: गंगोत्री
Lucky Number: Gangothry Lucky Number Is 7

22. Itishree

Meaning: Start
Origin: Hindi
Itishree Name Meaning By Origin: इतिश्री
Pronunciation: Itishree, It-ishree
How to be Write: इतिश्री
Lucky Number: Itishree Lucky Number Is 3

23. Ohona

Meaning: The Beginning Of Day
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ohona, Oho-na

24. Ordela

Meaning: Of The Beginning

25. Kiki

Meaning: The Name Kiki Means House Owner Or Lord Of The Manor It Is Also A Shortening Of Any Name Beginning With The Letter K
Origin: German
Pronunciation: KEE-kee

26. Neelaja

Meaning: River Starting From Blue Mountain (Neel Parvat)
Origin: Hindi
Neelaja Name Meaning By Origin: नीलाजा
Pronunciation: Nee-la-ja, Neelaja
How to be Write: नीलाज
Lucky Number: Neelaja Lucky Number Is 3

27. Erjot

Meaning: A New Beginning
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Er-jot

28. Etisha

Meaning: Beginning After End
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: एतिशा

29. Ordelle

Meaning: Of The Beginning

30. Pradakshina

Meaning: Origin; Starting Point; To Round At Temple Or God
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Pradak-shi-na, Pradak-sh-ina, Pra-daks-hi-na
How to be Write: प्रदक्षिणा

31. Bismillah

Meaning: Beginning; Commencement
Origin: Arabic
Bismillah Name Meaning By Origin: خوش قسمتی
Pronunciation: Bis-mil-lah
How to be Write: بسم اللہ
Lucky Number: Bismillah Lucky Number Is 4

32. Pahel

Meaning: To Start
Origin: Hindi
Pahel Name Meaning By Origin: पहेल
Pronunciation: Pa-hel
How to be Write: पहेली
Lucky Number: Pahel Lucky Number Is 6

33. Begin

Meaning: Starting With
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Be-gin

34. Kiia

Meaning: Beginning Of The Season
Origin: Finnish

35. Ordel

Meaning: Of The Beginning

36. Parris

Meaning: This Name Often Refers To The French Capital City; SpelledParisIt Also Refers To The Trojan Prince Who Abducted Helen Of Troy; An Act Which Started The Trojan War
Origin: French
Pronunciation: PAH-riss

37. Aruhi

Meaning: Starting; Related To Music
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Aruhi, Aru-hi
How to be Write: अरुही

38. Dorothea

Meaning: Gift Of God A Vision Famous Bearer: St Dorothea Was Martyred At The Beginning Of The 4th Century
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Dorothea, Do-ro-thea
Lucky Number: Dorothea Lucky Number Is 5

39. Del

Meaning: Surname Prefix Meaning 'of The.' Also UseD As An InDepenDent Name AnD An Abbreviation Of Names Beginning With Del-.
Origin: American
Del Name Meaning By Origin: خدا کے بندے
Pronunciation: Del
How to be Write: دیل
Lucky Number: Del Lucky Number Is 3

40. Ordell

Meaning: Of The Beginning
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Ordell, Or-dell

41. Ordele

Meaning: Of The Beginning

42. Bidayah

Meaning: Beginning; Start; Inception
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: BIt + Day + MAn + YUmmy
How to be Write: بدائع
Lucky Number: Bidayah Lucky Number Is 4

43. Niss

Meaning: The Beginning; One; Lamb; Hunger
Origin: Greek

44. Vrega

Meaning: Starts From Veda
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Vre-ga, Vrega

45. Adheya

Meaning: First Power; Beginning; Brave
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: अधेय:

46. Hillah

Meaning: Beginning Of The (lunar) Month
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: HIp + PLay + LUck
How to be Write: ہللا

47. Allyn

Meaning: Fair; Handsome Also Both A(noble; Bright) And An Abbreviation Of Names Beginning With Al-
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Al-lyn, Allyn
Lucky Number: Allyn Lucky Number Is 1

48. Aadita

Meaning: First; Original; From The Beginning
Origin: Hindi
Aadita Name Meaning By Origin: आदिता
Pronunciation: Aa-di-ta, Aadita
How to be Write: आदिता
Lucky Number: Aadita Lucky Number Is 9

49. Aadyanthi

Meaning: Beginning And The End With In
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: आद्यंति

50. Kathiea

Meaning: The Beginning
Origin: Austrailian

51. Itisha

Meaning: End To Beginning; Beautiful
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: इतिशा

52. Ikra

Meaning: Recite Read; Start
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Ikra

53. Saran

Meaning: Start; Beginning
Origin: Hindi
Saran Name Meaning By Origin: सरण 
Pronunciation: SAnd + pRay + MAN
How to be Write: सारा

54. Futaihah

Meaning: Beginning; Start
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Fit + PUt + Top + PAY + HUt
How to be Write: فطیحہ
Lucky Number: 2

55. Fathiyyaa

Meaning: One Who Guides Others; One Who Starts Something; One Who Conquers
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: FUn + Tip + HEEd + YArn
How to be Write: فتھیا
Lucky Number: 6

56. Sudeeksha

Meaning: Another Name For Goddess Laxmi; Good Start
Origin: Hindi
Sudeeksha Name Meaning By Origin: सुदिक्षा 
Pronunciation: Sudheek-sha, Su-de-eks-ha
How to be Write: सुदीक्षा
Lucky Number: Sudeeksha Lucky Number Is 3

57. Pracheeta

Meaning: Origin; Starting Point
Origin: Hindi
Pracheeta Name Meaning By Origin: प्रचीता
Pronunciation: Prachee-ta, Pra-cheeta, Pra-chee-ta
How to be Write: प्रचीता
Lucky Number: Pracheeta Lucky Number Is 5

58. Aadhiya

Meaning: Worship Of Goddess Amba; Beginning
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: अधिया:

59. Pehal

Meaning: Start
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Pe-hal, Pehal

60. Amahna

Meaning: Beginning Of A New Day And Needs To Be Loved
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Amah-na, Amahna
How to be Write: آمنہ

61. Hatsue

Meaning: Beginning Painting

62. Aaditi

Meaning: Beginning
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Aa-di-ti, Aa-diti
How to be Write: आदिति

63. Fathiyyaat

Meaning: Guide; Starter; Conqueror
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: FUn + Tip + HEEd +YArn
How to be Write: فتویٰ
Lucky Number: 6

64. Sudheeksha

Meaning: Another Name For Goddess Laxmi; Good Start
Origin: Hindi
Sudheeksha Name Meaning By Origin: सुधिक्षा 
Pronunciation: Sud-heek-sha, Sud-heeksha, Sud-heeks-ha
How to be Write: सुदीक्षा
Lucky Number: Sudheeksha Lucky Number Is 11

65. Sheyali

Meaning: A Beginning Of New Work
Origin: Hindi
Sheyali Name Meaning By Origin: शेयाली
Pronunciation: Sheyali, Shey-ali, Sheya-li
How to be Write: शियाली
Lucky Number: Sheyali Lucky Number Is 7

66. Anadiya

Meaning: Without A Beginning; Immortal
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: अनादिया

67. Saisahasra

Meaning: New Beginning
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Saisa-has-ra, Saisa-hasra, Sai-sa-has-ra

68. Anadita

Meaning: Startless
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ana-di-ta, An-adita

69. Fathma

Meaning: Good Beginning; Pue
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Fath-ma, Fathma
How to be Write: فاطمہ

70. Sahashra

Meaning: A New Beginning
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: सहस्त्र:

71. Aezal

Meaning: Gift Of God; The Beginning
Origin: Algerian

72. Asalie

Meaning: Starting Life At Dawn

73. Fathiyyah

Meaning: Guide; One Who Starts Something; Conqueror; Victor
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: FUn + Top + HEEd + YUmmy
How to be Write: فتحیہ
Lucky Number: 6

74. Kiah

Meaning: A New Beginning
Origin: Hindi
Kiah Name Meaning By Origin: ایک نئی شروعات
Pronunciation: Ki-ah, Kiah
How to be Write: کیہ
Lucky Number: Kiah Lucky Number Is 2

75. Sudiksha

Meaning: Another Name For Goddess Laxmi; Good Start
Origin: Hindi
Sudiksha Name Meaning By Origin: सुदिक्षा
Pronunciation: Sudik-sha, Sudiksha, Su-diks-ha
How to be Write: सुदीक्षा
Lucky Number: Sudiksha Lucky Number Is 11

76. Nilasa

Meaning: Blueness; Starting Newly
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: नीलासा

77. Nameira

Meaning: Pious Women; New Beginning
Origin: Algerian

78. Bishmi

Meaning: Starting Name Of God
Origin: Algerian

79. Barshana

Meaning: Starting Monsoon
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Bar-shana, Bars-ha-na

80. Adhitha

Meaning: From The Beginning
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ad-hitha, Ad-hi-tha

81. Mikino

Meaning: Beautiful Beginning

82. Hatsumi

Meaning: Beginning Of Beauty

83. Sepida

Meaning: Morning Twilight; Dawn; The Time In The Morning Before Sunrise When The Sky Starts To Become Light
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: SEt + Pay + SEE + Day + SE
How to be Write: سیپیڈا

84. Hureaira

Meaning: Red Start Reddish
Origin: Arabic
Hureaira Name Meaning By Origin: سُرخی مائِل ; لال سا ۔ ; لال شروع
Pronunciation: Hureaira, Hur-eaira, Hu-reai-ra
How to be Write: ہریرہ
Lucky Number: Hureaira Lucky Number Is 9

85. Jeniz

Meaning: Genesis The Beginning
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: जेनिज़ो

86. Zyza

Meaning: Gods Promise Of New Beginning
Origin: Algerian

87. Sedoor

Meaning: Startup
Origin: Arabic
Sedoor Name Meaning By Origin: آغاز
How to be Write: صدور
Lucky Number: 3

88. Srichaitra

Meaning: First Month In Indian Calendar; Beginning (1)
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Srichaitra, Sri-chaitra
Lucky Number: Srichaitra Lucky Number Is 7

89. Swatika

Meaning: Auspicious Beginning
Origin: Hindi
Swatika Name Meaning By Origin: स्वतीका
Pronunciation: Swati-ka, Swatika, Swa-ti-ka
How to be Write: स्वातिका
Lucky Number: Swatika Lucky Number Is 3

90. Nilsha

Meaning: Starting Newly; Blueness
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: निल्शा

91. Sudhiksha

Meaning: Another Name For Goddess Laxmi; Good Start
Origin: Hindi
Sudhiksha Name Meaning By Origin: सुधीक्षा
Pronunciation: Sud-hik-sha, Sud-hiksha, Sud-hiks-ha
How to be Write: सुधिक्षा
Lucky Number: Sudhiksha Lucky Number Is 1

92. Kosi

Meaning: Name Of A River Starts In Bihar
Origin: Hindi
Kosi Name Meaning By Origin: कोसी
Pronunciation: Kosi, Ko-si
How to be Write: कोसी
Lucky Number: Kosi Lucky Number Is 9

93. Alfa

Meaning: Beginning
Origin: Greek
Alfa Name Meaning By Origin: نذر، تحفہ
Pronunciation: Al-fa
How to be Write: علفہ

94. Nysha

Meaning: New Beginning; Special
Origin: Hindi
Nysha Name Meaning By Origin: न्य्षा
Pronunciation: Nyshana
How to be Write: निशा
Lucky Number: Nysha Lucky Number Is 22

95. Pradhakshina

Meaning: Starting Point
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: प्रदक्षिणा

96. Nisy

Meaning: The Beginning; Hunger
Origin: Greek

97. Uttara

Meaning: Higher; North The Direction; Name Of A Start (Princess Of Virata; Pupil Of Arjuna As Brihhannala (his Disguised Identity As The Eunuch Dance Teacher During The Pandavas Final Year Of Exile))
Origin: Hindi
Uttara Name Meaning By Origin: उत्तरा
Pronunciation: Ut-tara, Ut-ta-ra
How to be Write: उत्तरा
Lucky Number: Uttara Lucky Number Is 9

98. Swathika

Meaning: Auspicious Beginning
Origin: Hindi
Swathika Name Meaning By Origin: स्वथीका
Pronunciation: Swathi-ka, Swath-i-ka, Swa-thi-ka
How to be Write: स्वाथिका
Lucky Number: Swathika Lucky Number Is 11

99. Shayona

Meaning: Starting Letters Of 3 Big Priest Of Swaminarayan Sampradai
Origin: Hindi
Shayona Name Meaning By Origin: शायोना
Pronunciation: Shay-ona, Shayo-na
How to be Write: शायोना
Lucky Number: Shayona Lucky Number Is 11

100. Motoyo

Meaning: Beginning Generation