100+ Unique girl Name Meaning Protected by god

100 Unique Protected by god Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Protected by god most popular names of 2023 feature Anaya as Number one for girls, and Darius in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Protected by god are Lara and Aniyah and Inaya and for girls, and Nasir and Nathan and Kobe and for boys. Here is the list for Protected by god baby names for boys and girls.

1. Anaya

Meaning: Caring; Guardian; Protector
Origin: Arabic
Anaya Name Meaning By Origin: تحفہ
Pronunciation: Under + NAp + YUmmy
How to be Write: عنایہ
Lucky Number: Anaya Lucky Number Is 4

2. Lara

Meaning: Laurel; Bright; Famous; Protection; Graceful
Origin: Hindi
Lara Name Meaning By Origin: लारा
How to be Write: लारास

3. Aniyah

Meaning: Caring; Guardian And Protector; Affectionate; One Who Consoles Others; One Who Helps Others
Origin: Arabic
Aniyah Name Meaning By Origin: عانیہ
Pronunciation: After + NIp + YUmmy
How to be Write: عنیہ
Lucky Number: Aniyah Lucky Number Is 9

4. Inaya

Meaning: Help; Care; Protection
Origin: Arabic
Inaya Name Meaning By Origin: اندیشہ ; فکر ; اضطراب
Pronunciation: Islam + Name + SmArt + YUmmy
How to be Write: عنایا
Lucky Number: Inaya Lucky Number Is 4

5. Kendra

Meaning: Protector Of Man
Origin: Hindi
Kendra Name Meaning By Origin: केन्द्र
How to be Write: केन्द्र

6. Sasha

Meaning: Protector Of Humanity
Origin: Russian
Sasha Name Meaning By Origin: معاون و مددگار، حمایت کرنے والی، بول چال، معاون ، مددگار
Pronunciation: SAH-shə
How to be Write: ساشا
Lucky Number: Sasha Lucky Number Is 1

7. Lexi

Meaning: Protector Of Humanity
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: LEKS-ee
Lucky Number: Lexi Lucky Number Is 5

8. Ramona

Meaning: Protective Advice
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Rə-MON-ə
Lucky Number: Ramona Lucky Number Is 7

9. Willa

Meaning: Will To Protect
Origin: German
Pronunciation: WIL-ə
Lucky Number: Willa Lucky Number Is 9

10. Samara

Meaning: Protected By Allah (SWT)
Origin: Hebrew
Samara Name Meaning By Origin: محتاط، دیکھنے والی ، احتیاط کرنے والی،دور انديش
Pronunciation: SUmmer + MUst + pRay + RUn
How to be Write: سمارا
Lucky Number: Samara Lucky Number Is 6

11. Alessandra

Meaning: Protector Of Humanity
Origin: Italian
Pronunciation: Ahl-e-SAHN-Drah
Lucky Number: Alessandra Lucky Number Is 1

12. Alejandra

Meaning: Protector Of Humanity
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Ah-le-HAHN-Drah
Lucky Number: Alejandra Lucky Number Is 1

13. Ramohna

Meaning: Well-advised Protector

14. Kinlee

Meaning: Variant Of Kinley; Survivor And Protector; Seeker Of Justice
Origin: Irish
Pronunciation: KINlee

15. Alisha

Meaning: Protected By Allah; Honesty; Truthful; Mazbooti Say Baandhna; Strong Tie
Origin: Arabic
Alisha Name Meaning By Origin: خدا کی طرف سے محفوظ
Pronunciation: Alisha, Al-isha, Alis-ha
How to be Write: علیشا
Lucky Number: Alisha Lucky Number Is 4

16. Willia

Meaning: Desire; Will; Helmet; Protection
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Wi(l)-lia

17. Aleasha

Meaning: Of A Noble Kind; Protected By God
Origin: German

18. Yurva

Meaning: Protector Of Self
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Yur-va, Yurva

19. Mastura

Meaning: Protected
Origin: Arabic
Mastura Name Meaning By Origin: پرہیزگار ; نیک ; مخفی
Pronunciation: Mas-tu-ra, Mas-tura, Ma-stu-ra
How to be Write: مصتُرا
Lucky Number: Mastura Lucky Number Is 2

20. Velma

Meaning: Stout Protector
Origin: German
Pronunciation: VEL-mə
Lucky Number: Velma Lucky Number Is 8

21. Wilhelmina

Meaning: Stout Protector
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Wil-hel-MEE-nə
Lucky Number: Wilhelmina Lucky Number Is 4

22. Wardenia

Meaning: Protector

23. Xaqueline

Meaning: Yahweh May Protect

24. Aseamah

Meaning: Protector

25. Ali J

Meaning: A Pet Name For James; An English Name Of Hebrew Origin Meaning Yahweh May Protect; Holder Of Heel; Supplanter

26. Waldhurga

Meaning: Protecting Ruler
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Wald-hur-ga, Waldhurga
Lucky Number: Waldhurga Lucky Number Is 5

27. Ranai

Meaning: Courageous Man; Protector
Origin: Portuguese
Pronunciation: Ranai, Ra-nai

28. Asima

Meaning: Virtuous; God-fearing;  guardian; Protector; Woman Who Protects Herself From Sinning
Origin: Hindi
Asima Name Meaning By Origin: نگہبان
Pronunciation: Ardent + SImple + MUst
How to be Write: عاصمہ
Lucky Number: Asima Lucky Number Is 6

29. Junette

Meaning: Young In Roman Mythology Juno Was Protectress Of Women And Of Marriage In Modern Times June Is Therefore Known As The Bridal Month
Origin: Latin
Lucky Number: Junette Lucky Number Is 5

30. Xaquelyna

Meaning: Yahweh May Protect

31. Jaquilin

Meaning: Supplanter; God May Protect
Origin: American

32. Vappe

Meaning: Protecting Ruler
Origin: Finnish

33. Rosita

Meaning: Noted Protector Also AHorse; Fame
Origin: American
Rosita Name Meaning By Origin: گلاب کے مختلف گلاب (پھول کا نام)
Pronunciation: Rosi-ta, Ros-ita, Ro-si-ta
How to be Write: روستا
Lucky Number: Rosita Lucky Number Is 1

34. Delmi

Meaning: Noble Protector
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Del-mi, Delmi
Lucky Number: Delmi Lucky Number Is 7

35. Alessa

Meaning: Variant Of Alexa Which Is Short For Alexandra; Warrior; Defender And Protector
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: AhLESSah

36. Wardeh

Meaning: Protector
Origin: Algerian

37. Rakshu

Meaning: Protection
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: रक्षु

38. Edma

Meaning: Wealthy Protector
Origin: British
Pronunciation: Ed-ma

39. Aasefa

Meaning: Guardian; Protector
Origin: Algerian

40. Eshaal

Meaning: Most Fragrant Flower Of The Jannat; Flower In The Heaven; Jannat Ka Phool; Protected By GOD
Origin: Arabic
Eshaal Name Meaning By Origin: جنت کا پھول، بہشت کا پھول
Pronunciation: Eshaal, Es-haal
How to be Write: ایشال
Lucky Number: Eshaal Lucky Number Is 9

41. Kennadi

Meaning: Variant Of Kennedy; Strong; Safe; Protected
Origin: Gaelic
Pronunciation: KennehDEE

42. Aseemah

Meaning: Protector

43. Driana

Meaning: Protector; Wealthy
Origin: English

44. Leofflead

Meaning: Genius; Wealth; Protector
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Le-of-flead, Leofflead

45. Hafthah

Meaning: Preserved; Protected
Origin: Arabic
Hafthah Name Meaning By Origin: محفوظ ; حفاظت ; حفاظت کرنا
Pronunciation: Hafthah, Haft-hah
How to be Write: حفتھاہ
Lucky Number: Hafthah Lucky Number Is 8

46. Alexys

Meaning: Variant Of Alexis; Defender; Protector; One People Look To For Help
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: AhLEXus

47. Walburgis

Meaning: To Rule; Protection

48. Wilma

Meaning: Stout Protector
Origin: German
Pronunciation: WIL-mə
Lucky Number: Wilma Lucky Number Is 4

49. Pushana

Meaning: Provider; Protector
Origin: Hindi
Pushana Name Meaning By Origin: पुशाना
Pronunciation: Pushana, Push-ana, Pus-ha-na
How to be Write: पूषाना
Lucky Number: Pushana Lucky Number Is 8

50. Mahfooza

Meaning: Safeguarded; Well-protected; Fem Of Mahfooz
Origin: Arabic
Mahfooza Name Meaning By Origin: تحفظ،; اچھی طرح محفوظ;
Pronunciation: Mah-fooza, Mah-foo-za
How to be Write: محفوظہ
Lucky Number: Mahfooza Lucky Number Is 6

51. Alexus

Meaning: Defender; Protector; One People Look To For Help
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: AhLEXus

52. Fenne

Meaning: Peace; Protection; Safety
Origin: German

53. Haafidhaat

Meaning: Protectors
Origin: Algerian

54. Hifza

Meaning: Protective Angel
Origin: Arabic
Hifza Name Meaning By Origin: حضورؐ کی زوجہ کا نام
Pronunciation: Shifa
How to be Write: حفضہ
Lucky Number: Hifza Lucky Number Is 5

55. Vilma

Meaning: Stout Protector
Origin: German
Pronunciation: VIL-mə
Lucky Number: Vilma Lucky Number Is 3

56. Sharani

Meaning: The Earth; Protector; Guardian
Origin: Hindi
Sharani Name Meaning By Origin: शारानी
Pronunciation: Sha-rani, Shar-ani, Sha-ra-ni
How to be Write: शरणी
Lucky Number: Sharani Lucky Number Is 7

57. Aseama

Meaning: Protector

58. Aseimah

Meaning: Protector

59. Darrya

Meaning: Sea; Protector; Wealthy
Origin: Iranian

60. Wereburga

Meaning: Protector Of The Army
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Were-bur-ga, Were-burga, We-re-bur-ga

61. Amparo

Meaning: Protection
Origin: Spanish

62. Ja’Mya

Meaning: Yahweh May Protect
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: Jam-ya

63. Anshala

Meaning: Protective Shelter
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: An-sha-la, An-shala, Ans-ha-la

64. Najath

Meaning: Success; Protection
Origin: Algerian

65. Skylyn

Meaning: This Modification Of The NameSkylermeans Sheltering Or Protective
Origin: Dutch
Pronunciation: SKY-len

66. Asiemah

Meaning: Protector

67. Ali`Sha

Meaning: Noble; Protected By God
Origin: German
Pronunciation: A-li-sha

68. Ja’Meshia

Meaning: Yahweh May Protect
Pronunciation: J(a)-me-shia

69. Marzuqah

Meaning: Blessed By God; One Who Is Given Provision
Origin: Urdu
Marzuqah Name Meaning By Origin: خدا کی طرف سے بابرکت; خوش قسمت;
Pronunciation: MUst + PRay + Zero + SOOn + IraQ,/b> + RUn
How to be Write: مرزوقہ
Lucky Number: Marzuqah Lucky Number Is 5

70. Xandra

Meaning: Protector Of Humanity
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: KSAHN-Drah
Lucky Number: Xandra Lucky Number Is 7

71. Sandrine

Meaning: Protector Of Man
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: San-drine, Sandrine, San-dri-ne
Lucky Number: Sandrine Lucky Number Is 3

72. Delmy

Meaning: Noble Protector
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Delmy, Del-my
Lucky Number: Delmy Lucky Number Is 5

73. Mujirah

Meaning: Rescuer; Savior; Protector
Origin: Arabic
Mujirah Name Meaning By Origin: مددگار
Pronunciation: Man + PUt + Joy + SEE + pRay + RUn
How to be Write: مجیرہ
Lucky Number: 8

74. Ava Rae

Meaning: Ava Has Many Possible Origins And Meanings It May Mean Strengh Or Alive; The Persian For Song Or Voice; The Latin For Bird And French For Juniper Tree Rae Is The Germanic For Well Advised Protector
Origin: Persian
Pronunciation: AAVAREY

75. Abreal

Meaning: Open; Secure; Protected

76. Aseima

Meaning: Protector

77. Etelburga

Meaning: Noble Protector
Origin: English

78. Ishah

Meaning: Protector
Origin: Algerian

79. Tzefaniya

Meaning: Protected By God

80. Wardine

Meaning: Protector
Origin: German
Pronunciation: War-dine, Wardine, War-di-ne

81. Xantera

Meaning: Protector Of The Earth

82. Xaquelayna

Meaning: Yahweh May Protect

83. Walberga

Meaning: Strong Protection
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Wal-ber-ga, Wal-berga

84. Guilette

Meaning: Helmet; Will; Desire; Protection
Origin: German

85. Asimah Asima

Meaning: Protector
Lucky Number: Asimah Asima Lucky Number Is 5

86. Bishnu

Meaning: The Protector; An Important Hindu God (1)
Origin: Nepali
Pronunciation: Bish-nu, Bis-h-nu
Lucky Number: Bishnu Lucky Number Is 1

87. Verene

Meaning: Protector
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Verene, Ve-re-ne
Lucky Number: Verene Lucky Number Is 6

88. Pania

Meaning: Guardian; Protector
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: PAN + YArn
How to be Write: پانیا

89. Dariana

Meaning: Variant Of Darianna; Protector; Honest; Trustworthy
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: DEHr-ee-ah-na

90. Abreale

Meaning: Open; Secure; Protected

91. Daryah

Meaning: Sea; Protector; Wealthy
Origin: Iranian

92. Lutgarda

Meaning: She Who Protects Her
Origin: German

93. Ontibyle

Meaning: Protected By God

94. Jelisa

Meaning: Protected By God
Origin: American

95. Gaelyn

Meaning: God Is My Protector
Origin: American

96. Rayona

Meaning: Ewe; Well-advised Protector
Origin: Hebrew

97. Genisa

Meaning: Genisia; The Virgin Mary Of Turin; Is A Protectress Invoked Against Drought In Catholic Tradition
Origin: Hebrew
Lucky Number: Genisa Lucky Number Is 1

98. Elburg

Meaning: Noble Protector
Origin: German

99. Walburg

Meaning: Protector On The Battlefield

100. Wardena

Meaning: Protector