100+ Unique girl Name Meaning Red

100 Unique Red Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Red most popular names of 2023 feature Julia as Number one for girls, and Titus in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Red are Elodie and Fatima and Siena and for girls, and Adan and Alfonso and Jamir and for boys. Here is the list for Red baby names for boys and girls.

1. Julia

Meaning: Soft-haired
Origin: Latin
Julia Name Meaning By Origin: نوجوان عورت
Pronunciation: JOO-lee-ə
How to be Write: جولیا
Lucky Number: Julia Lucky Number Is 8

2. Elodie

Meaning: A Name Used Predominantly In The Spanish And Italian Languages From Gothic Origin Meaning Propensity And Riches
Origin: Gothic
Pronunciation: EL-od-ee

3. Fatima

Meaning: Name Of Holy Prophet' S Youngest Daughter; Sacred; Pure
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: FAr + TIp + MUst
How to be Write: فاطمہ
Lucky Number: Fatima Lucky Number Is 4

4. Siena

Meaning: A Modification In Spelling Of The Name Sienna; Which Means Orange-red It Is Also The Name Of An Italian City
Origin: English
Pronunciation: See-EN-ah

5. Juliana

Meaning: Soft-haired
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Joo-lee-AHN-ə
Lucky Number: Juliana Lucky Number Is 4

6. Astrid

Meaning: GoDly Strength. DeriveD From Germanic CompounDs Meaning Divine Strength, Or Divine Beauty. AstriD Has Been UseD By Norway's Royal Families For HunDreDs Of Years. Famous Bearers: King Olaf I's Mother; The SweDish Wife Of King Olaf II.
Origin: Norse
Pronunciation: Astrid
Lucky Number: Astrid Lucky Number Is 8

7. Lorelai

Meaning: Variant Of Lorelei; The Name Refers To A Woman Who Lured Men To Their Downfall It Is Also The Name Of A Cliff In The Rhine River
Origin: German
Pronunciation: LOR-eh-lye

8. Kennedi

Meaning: A Alternative Of Kennedy; It Stands For Strength And Compassion With A Formal Meaning Of Armored Head
Origin: Gaelic
Pronunciation: KENnuhdee

9. Scarlett

Meaning: Red Cloth Vendor
Origin: English
Pronunciation: SKAHR-lət
Lucky Number: Scarlett Lucky Number Is 6

10. Davina

Meaning: Adored
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: Də-VEEN-ə
Lucky Number: Davina Lucky Number Is 5

11. Scarlet

Meaning: Red
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Scar-let
Lucky Number: Scarlet Lucky Number Is 6

12. Juliet

Meaning: Soft-haired
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: JOO-lee-et
Lucky Number: Juliet Lucky Number Is 5

13. Juniper

Meaning: Juniper Comes From The Name Of A Small Bush That Grows Berries Juniper Is Also The Main Ingredient In Gin
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: JOO-nih-per

14. Rufina

Meaning: Woman With Red Hair
Origin: Italian
Pronunciation: Roo-FEE-nah
Lucky Number: Rufina Lucky Number Is 6

15. Suborna

Meaning: Good Complex; Golden Coloured
Origin: Assamese

16. Sayua

Meaning: Unpredictable; Adorable; Confident
Origin: Japanese
Pronunciation: Sayua, Say-ua

17. Tiziana

Meaning: Honored
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Tiziana, Tiz-iana, Ti-zia-na

18. Sreaya

Meaning: Credit; Prosperity
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: श्रेय:

19. Briánna

Meaning: Little Drop Of Water; Raven Or Black-haired; Noble
Origin: Irish
Pronunciation: Br(in)-na

20. Kenadia

Meaning: Ugly Head; Armored Head
Origin: American

21. Mawhooba

Meaning: Gifted; Talented; Favoured; Fem Of Mawhoob
Origin: Urdu
Mawhooba Name Meaning By Origin: قابل; لائق;
How to be Write: موہوبہ
Lucky Number: Mawhooba Lucky Number Is 8

22. Kenadea

Meaning: Ugly Head; Armored Head

23. Haleemah

Meaning: Gentle; Forgiving ; Lady Of Patience And Perseverance; Mild Tempered
Origin: Arabic
Haleemah Name Meaning By Origin: بردبار
Pronunciation: Haleemah, Ha-lee-mah
How to be Write: حلیمہ
Lucky Number: Haleemah Lucky Number Is 3

24. Najiyah

Meaning: Survivor; Rescued Person; Delivered And Saved Person
Origin: Arabic
Najiyah Name Meaning By Origin: مامون ; صحیح سالم ; محفوظ
Pronunciation: NAp + Joy + SIt + YUmmy
How to be Write: ناجیہ
Lucky Number: Najiyah Lucky Number Is 4

25. Rohanee

Meaning: Most Beloved; Sacred; Spiritual
Origin: Algerian

26. Afra

Meaning: Praise; Maple Tree; Whitish Red;
Origin: Persian
Afra Name Meaning By Origin: کورا ; چِٹّا ; سُفيد
Pronunciation: Up + Fun + pRay + SAnd
How to be Write: افراع
Lucky Number: Afra Lucky Number Is 7

27. Kenidie

Meaning: Ugly Head; Armored Head

28. Kenedey

Meaning: Ugly Head; Armored Head

29. Yasvanthi

Meaning: One Who Gets Credit
Origin: Malayali

30. Arghavan

Meaning: Reddish Purple
Origin: Persian
Pronunciation: Up + PRay + KHartoum + RUn + VAN
Lucky Number: Arghavan Lucky Number Is 7

31. Twilight

Meaning: Dusk; Dhund Laka; Shakh Inspired By The Book Series By Stephenie Meyer
Origin: English
Lucky Number: Twilight Lucky Number Is 4

32. Wyntah

Meaning: One Who Is Desired

33. Ana Lee

Meaning: Favored Grace
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: A-na-lee

34. Ahmer

Meaning: Red Coloured
Origin: Arabic
Ahmer Name Meaning By Origin: سرخ
How to be Write: احمر
Lucky Number: Ahmer Lucky Number Is 9

35. Adorabella

Meaning: Adored Beauty
Origin: Latin
Lucky Number: Adorabella Lucky Number Is 8

36. Gangi

Meaning: Sacred; Pure; Comparable To The Ganges; Another Name For Durga; ***; Another Name For Durga
Origin: Hindi
Gangi Name Meaning By Origin: गंगी
Pronunciation: Gan-gi, Gangi
How to be Write: गंगी
Lucky Number: Gangi Lucky Number Is 11

37. Zuzanna

Meaning: Largely Used In The Polish Language; Meaning Lily It Is A Modification Of The Name Susanna; Predominately Used In German And Italian
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: ZUWZAE-Nah

38. Zaheera

Meaning: Blossomed; Plant That Has Flowered
Origin: Arabic
Zaheera Name Meaning By Origin: مددگار، حمایتی
Pronunciation: Zero + RUn + HEEd + pRay + RUn
How to be Write: ظہیرہ
Lucky Number: Zaheera Lucky Number Is 4

39. Adyba

Meaning: Cultured; Polite

40. Umama

Meaning: Three Hundred Camels
Origin: Arabic
Umama Name Meaning By Origin: مناسب نام
Pronunciation: U-ma-ma
How to be Write: أمامہ
Lucky Number: Umama Lucky Number Is 8

41. Rubi

Meaning: Red Gem
Origin: Hindi
Rubi Name Meaning By Origin: रूबी
Pronunciation: Ru-bi, Rubi
How to be Write: माणिक
Lucky Number: Rubi Lucky Number Is 5

42. Fatimah

Meaning: Name Of Holy Prophet' S Youngest Daughter; Sacred; Pure;
Origin: Arabic
Fatimah Name Meaning By Origin: قرآن پاک میں ذکر چار کامل خواتین میں سے ایک. دیگر تین عائشہ، خدیجہ، مریم تھے. ; حضرت محمد ﷺ کی بیٹی
Pronunciation: Fa-timah, Fatimah, Fa-ti-mah
How to be Write: فاطمہ
Lucky Number: Fatimah Lucky Number Is 3

43. Qazla

Meaning: Red Brown
Origin: Urdu
Qazla Name Meaning By Origin: سرخ رنگت
How to be Write: قزلہ
Lucky Number: Qazla Lucky Number Is 2

44. Dur Afshan

Meaning: Scattered Pearls; Beads
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Dur-Af-shan, Dur-Afshan
How to be Write: در افشاں

45. Aaminah

Meaning: Secured; Safe
Origin: Arabic
Aaminah Name Meaning By Origin: آمنہ
Pronunciation: Aam-i-nah, Aa-mi-nah
How to be Write: آمنہ
Lucky Number: Aaminah Lucky Number Is 9

46. Ashadha

Meaning: Name Of A Sacred Brick
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: आषाढ़:

47. Umerah

Meaning: Living A Long Life; Beautiful; Red
Origin: Algerian

48. Zira

Meaning: " Hatred; Messenger; Moonlight"
Origin: African

49. Ezme

Meaning: From Spanish Origin Meaning Emerald It Is Predominantly A Dutch Name
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: EZ-mee

50. Gunreet

Meaning: People With This Name Tend To Be Very Inspired; Intuitive; And Creative They Strive To See The Big Picture And Achieve Their Dreams
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Gun-reet
Lucky Number: Gunreet Lucky Number Is 9

51. Yajnya

Meaning: Sacred Fire Ritual
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: यज्ञ:

52. Eli Anna

Meaning: God Has Answered
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: Eli(an)-na

53. Wena

Meaning: Used Predominantly In Welsh And It Is

54. Indarawati

Meaning: Desired By Indra
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: इन्दारावती

55. Eli’Anna

Meaning: God Has Answered
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: Eli(an)-na

56. Aïna

Meaning: Favored Grace
Origin: Mexican
Pronunciation: A-na

57. Lanita

Meaning: Favored Grace
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: L(a)-ni-ta

58. Aubern

Meaning: Deep Red

59. Rhiana

Meaning: Of Celtic Origin Meaning Goddess; This Name Is Predominantly Used In The English Language
Origin: Celtic
Pronunciation: REE-an-a

60. Brynhilde

Meaning: Armored Fighting Woman
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Bryn-hilde, Bryn-hil-de
Lucky Number: Brynhilde Lucky Number Is 7

61. Ana Leigh

Meaning: Favored Grace
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: An(a)-leigh

62. Whinta

Meaning: One Who Is Desired

63. Timandre

Meaning: Honored By Man

64. Adilyn

Meaning: Variant Of Madilyn; Good Natured; Sweet; Moral
Origin: American
Pronunciation: ADAHlin

65. Ramakshi

Meaning: The Redness Of Sun-rays
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: रमाक्षी

66. Aliannah

Meaning: Variant Of Eliana; The Name Means My Savior Has Answered Me
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: Al-ee-an-ah

67. Rubina

Meaning: The RedGemstone; Acquainted With; Ability To Read Someone' S Face;
Origin: Arabic
Rubina Name Meaning By Origin: چہرہ شناس،گوہر ،ایک قیمتی پَتّھر
Pronunciation: Ru-bi-na, Ru-bina
How to be Write: روبینا
Lucky Number: Rubina Lucky Number Is 2

68. Bodhbh

Meaning: Red Crow
Origin: Irish

69. Bonajoia

Meaning: Unpredictable; Adorable; Confident
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Bon-a-joia, Bona-joia, Bo-na-jo-ia

70. Eli’Ana

Meaning: God Has Answered
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: E-lia-na

71. Alvart

Meaning: Red Rose

72. Haidyn

Meaning: Unrestrained; Wild; Unpredictable
Origin: English
Pronunciation: HAYdin

73. Elyana

Meaning: Variant Of Eliana; The Name Means My Savior Has Answered Me
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: El-ee-an-ah

74. Neske

Meaning: Sacred; Chaste
Origin: Dutch
Pronunciation: NES-kə
Lucky Number: Neske Lucky Number Is 4

75. Safia

Meaning: Best Friend; Pure; Untroubled; Holy; Sacred;
Origin: Arabic
Safia Name Meaning By Origin: پاکدامن عورت
Pronunciation: Safia, Sa-fia
How to be Write: صفیہ
Lucky Number: Safia Lucky Number Is 8

76. Quddusiyyah

Meaning: Sacred; Pious
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Qud-dusiyyah, Qud-du-siyyah
How to be Write: قدوسیہ
Lucky Number: Quddusiyyah Lucky Number Is 5

77. Tribeni

Meaning: Confluence Of Three Sacred Rivers
Origin: Assamese

78. Satabdi

Meaning: One Hundred Years
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Satab-di, Sat-abdi, Sa-tab-di

79. Zaharina

Meaning: Yahweh Has Remembered

80. Adeabah

Meaning: Cultured; Polite

81. Adeaba

Meaning: Cultured; Polite

82. Poppie

Meaning: Refering To The Red Flower Of The Same Name
Origin: English
Pronunciation: PAAPiy

83. Yuvagna

Meaning: Young Sacred Fire
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: युवग्ना

84. Aveepsita

Meaning: Desired
Origin: Assamese

85. Onania

Meaning: A Glow Of Red Diamond; Ruby
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ona-nia, On-ania

86. Alyanna

Meaning: Variant Of Eliana; The Name Means My Savior Has Answered Me
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: Al-ee-an-ah

87. Gaangi

Meaning: Sacred; Pure; Comparable To The Ganges; Another Name For Durga; ***; Another Name For Durga
Origin: Hindi
Gaangi Name Meaning By Origin: गांगी
Pronunciation: Gaan-gi, Gaangi
How to be Write: गांगी
Lucky Number: Gaangi Lucky Number Is 3

88. UmmeRooman

Meaning: Name Of The Sacred Wife Of First Khalifa Abu Bakr (RA) Mother Of Hazrat Ayesha (RA)
Origin: Arabic
UmmeRooman Name Meaning By Origin:
Pronunciation: Um-mERooman, Um-mERoo-man
How to be Write: ام رومن
Lucky Number: UmmeRooman Lucky Number Is 6

89. Halimah Haleema

Meaning: Gentle; Patient; Mild Tempered; Name Of The Prophets Nursing Mother
Lucky Number: Halimah Haleema Lucky Number Is 3

90. Sreaa

Meaning: Prosperity; Credit
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: श्रेया

91. Dyumanhuti

Meaning: Inspired
Origin: Hindi

92. Kenadie

Meaning: Kennedy Kennedyarmored Head; Helmeted Chief
Origin: Gaelic

93. Zitkalasa

Meaning: Red Bird
Origin: American

94. Nis

Meaning: A Remembered Loved One; Friendly; Hunger; Lamb; One
Origin: German

95. Shafaq

Meaning: Redness In The Horizon; Evening And Morning Twilight; Subh Aur Shaam Ki Shurkhi;
Origin: Arabic
Shafaq Name Meaning By Origin: صبح و شام کی سرخی
Pronunciation: Shafaq
How to be Write: شفق
Lucky Number: Shafaq Lucky Number Is 6

96. Sinchita

Meaning: Pepper; Showered
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: सिंचिता

97. Whintah

Meaning: One Who Is Desired

98. Ticiana

Meaning: Honored
Origin: Latin

99. Procopia

Meaning: Declared Leader

100. Avicia

Meaning: Bird; Desired; Strength
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Avi-cia