100+ Unique girl Name Meaning Romantic

100 Unique Romantic Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Romantic most popular names of 2023 feature Emberlynn as Number one for girls, and Kooper in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Romantic are Emberly and Clover and Amaya and for girls, and Conor and Leif and Gia and for boys. Here is the list for Romantic baby names for boys and girls.

1. Emberlynn

Meaning: Lovely And Rare; Hard To Find; Keeps To Herself
Origin: American
Pronunciation: EMBERlin

2. Emberly

Meaning: Contagious Enthusiasm; Lover Of Nature; Free Spirit
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Emberlee

3. Clover

Meaning: Clover
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Clover
Lucky Number: Clover Lucky Number Is 3

4. Amaya

Meaning: Night Rain
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Amaya, Amy-ya
How to be Write: امایا
Lucky Number: Amaya Lucky Number Is 3

5. ZaNiyah

Meaning: Gracious Host; Giving; Lovely; Without Compare
Origin: African
Pronunciation: ZaNEEuh

6. Zariah

Meaning: A Alternative Of Sarah Meaning Princess; Or Lovely Flower
Origin: Arabic
Zariah Name Meaning By Origin: پھول کھلنا ; روشنی ; چمکتا ہوا
Pronunciation: ZAHruah,ZahRUah
How to be Write: زیرہ

7. Londyn

Meaning: This Alternative Of London; Which Is The Capital City Of England; Is A Lovely Location Name It Also Means From The Great River And Fortress Of The Moon
Origin: English
Pronunciation: LUHNdayn

8. Amayah

Meaning: Amayah Means Near God In The Arabic Origin In The Japanese Origin It Means Night Rain
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Ah-MY-ah
How to be Write: امیہ

9. Amanda

Meaning: Lovable, Worthy Of Love. Some Scholars Believe This Name Was InventeD By 17th Century British Dramatist Colley Cibber Who Gave It To A Character In His Play 'Love's Last Shift.' Noel CowarD Later NameD A Character AmanDa In 'Private Lives'.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: UH-MAN-DUH
Lucky Number: Amanda Lucky Number Is 7

10. Halo

Meaning: Holy And Loved; Cherished By God
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: HAYlow

11. Emersyn

Meaning: A Alternative Of Emerson; Which Refers To The Son Of Emery And Means Brave And Hardworking Some Love This Name As Acelebration Of The American Transcendalist Poet Ralph Waldo Emerson
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Emerson

12. Zuri

Meaning: White And Lovely
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Zuri, Zu-ri
Lucky Number: Zuri Lucky Number Is 11

13. Iris

Meaning: Colors Of Rainbow
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: IE-ris
Lucky Number: Iris Lucky Number Is 1

14. Itzel

Meaning: Rainbow Goddess
Origin: Mayan
Pronunciation: IT-sil
Lucky Number: Itzel Lucky Number Is 9

15. Laila

Meaning: (Empress Of The) Night; Dark (complexion); Beloved
Origin: Arabic
Laila Name Meaning By Origin: رات، مجنوں کی محبوبہ
Pronunciation: LAY + LAnd
How to be Write: لیلیٰ
Lucky Number: Laila Lucky Number Is 4

16. Inaya

Meaning: Help; Care; Protection
Origin: Arabic
Inaya Name Meaning By Origin: اندیشہ ; فکر ; اضطراب
Pronunciation: Islam + Name + SmArt + YUmmy
How to be Write: عنایا
Lucky Number: Inaya Lucky Number Is 4

17. Eva

Meaning: To Provide Refuge; To Take Care Of
Origin: Hindi
Eva Name Meaning By Origin: حیات آفریں، زندگانی ،محبوب زندگی
Pronunciation: EAst + VAst
Or Enter + VAst
How to be Write: ایوا
Lucky Number: Eva Lucky Number Is 1

18. Mila

Meaning: People's Love.
Origin: Russian
Pronunciation: Mi-la, Mila
Lucky Number: Mila Lucky Number Is 8

19. Freyja

Meaning: Norse Goddess Of Love And Fertility
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Frey-ja, Freyja
Lucky Number: Freyja Lucky Number Is 11

20. Raina

Meaning: Queen; Rain
Origin: Slavic
Raina Name Meaning By Origin: خوبصورت، شہزادی جیسی
Pronunciation: Ra(i)-na
How to be Write: راعنہ
Lucky Number: Raina Lucky Number Is 6

21. Kamiyah

Meaning: Lover Of Art And Music; Seeks To Understand Different Cultures
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Kah-MEE-yah

22. Vida

Meaning: Found; Evid; Life; Wisdom; Knowledge; Beloved
Origin: Persian
Vida Name Meaning By Origin: تھوڑا ; بین ; ملنا
Pronunciation: View + SEE + Day + MAn
How to be Write: ویدہ
Lucky Number: Vida Lucky Number Is 1

23. Amy

Meaning: Beloved
Origin: French
Pronunciation: AY-mee
Lucky Number: Amy Lucky Number Is 3

24. Yaretzi

Meaning: This Aztec Name Meanswill Always Be Loved
Origin: Aztec
Pronunciation: YaRETzey

25. Freya

Meaning: Beloved; Goddess Of Love
Origin: Hindi
Freya Name Meaning By Origin: چَہيتا
Pronunciation: Freya, Fre-ya
How to be Write: فریہ
Lucky Number: Freya Lucky Number Is 1

26. Nayeli

Meaning: I Love You
Origin: American
Nayeli Name Meaning By Origin: اظہار محبت
Pronunciation: Nah-YAY-lee
How to be Write: نیلی
Lucky Number: Nayeli Lucky Number Is 3

27. Maleah

Meaning: Variant Of Mary And Maria And Malia; This Name Has Hebrew And Hawaiian Roots And Means Uncertain As Well As Beloved
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: MahLEEah

28. Milena

Meaning: People's Love.
Origin: Polish
Pronunciation: Mile-na, Mi-lena, Mi-le-na
Lucky Number: Milena Lucky Number Is 9

29. Kara

Meaning: Dear, BeloveD. From The Feminine Form Of Italian 'cara' Or The Latin 'carus'.
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Kara, Ka-ra
Lucky Number: Kara Lucky Number Is 4

30. Jolie

Meaning: Lovely Girl
Origin: French
Pronunciation: JO-lee
Lucky Number: Jolie Lucky Number Is 6

31. Avenable

Meaning: Successful; Joyful; Freedom Lover
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Aven-able, Avena-ble

32. Miep

Meaning: Sea Of Bitterness; Rebelliousness; Wished-for Child; To Swell; Beloved Of Amun; Pregnant Mother; Sta
Origin: Hebrew

33. Mabelline

Meaning: Lovely; To Love

34. Vona

Meaning: Lover Of Nature

35. Briza

Meaning: From Briseis, The Woman Achilles LoveD In Homer's IliaD.
Origin: Greek
Lucky Number: Briza Lucky Number Is 11

36. Zumairah

Meaning: Researcher; Freedom Lover; Highly Sensitive
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Zu-mairah, Zu-mair-ah, Zu-mai-rah
How to be Write: زمیرہ

37. Shataria

Meaning: Freedom Lover; Playful; Friendly
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Shataria, Shatar-ia, Sha-ta-ria
How to be Write: شطاریہ

38. Ziazann

Meaning: Rainbow

39. Yakeera

Meaning: Beloved; Expensive

40. Mahbubee

Meaning: Beloved Sweetheart
Origin: Arabic
Mahbubee Name Meaning By Origin: محبوب ; دِلرُبا ۔ ; دلدار
Pronunciation: Mah-bubee, Mah-bu-bee
How to be Write: محبوبے
Lucky Number: Mahbubee Lucky Number Is 3

41. Witney

Meaning: Trustworthy; Travel Lover; Capable
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Wit-ney

42. Yanaak

Meaning: Successful; Joyful; Freedom Lover
Pronunciation: Yanaak

43. Syesha

Meaning: Intelligence; Great Lover; Strong
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Sye-sha, Syes-ha
Lucky Number: Syesha Lucky Number Is 5

44. Veda Varshini

Meaning: Wisdom; Who Brings Rain
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: वेद वर्षिणी

45. Upenderjeet

Meaning: Trustworthy; Travel Lover; Capable
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Upen-der-jeet, Upend-er-jeet

46. Swadha

Meaning: Lovely; White; Clearness
Origin: Hindi
Swadha Name Meaning By Origin: स्वधा
Pronunciation: Swad-ha, Swadha
How to be Write: स्वाधा
Lucky Number: Swadha Lucky Number Is 2

47. Farah

Meaning: Lovely; Pleasant; Beautiful; Good Looking;
Origin: Arabic
Farah Name Meaning By Origin: خوشی، سرور
Pronunciation: FUn + RUn
How to be Write: فرح
Lucky Number: Farah Lucky Number Is 6

48. Shirin Gul

Meaning: Melodious Flower; Lovely Flower
Origin: Afghan
How to be Write: شیریں گل

49. Ziazan

Meaning: Rainbow

50. Iride

Meaning: Rainbow
Origin: Greek

51. Fumnaya

Meaning: Give Me Love
Origin: African
Pronunciation: Foom-NAH-yah
Lucky Number: Fumnaya Lucky Number Is 8

52. Filomena

Meaning: Strong Love
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Fil-ə-MEEN-ə
Lucky Number: Filomena Lucky Number Is 3

53. McKinlee

Meaning: Lovely Stranger; Out-of-towner; Fair
Origin: Scottish
Pronunciation: MuhKINlee

54. Chiranya

Meaning: Beloved; Hope; Variant Of Sharanya
Origin: Kannada

55. Aruba

Meaning: A Woman Who Smiles Often; A Woman Who Loves Her Husband; A Woman Who Is Loved By Husband
Origin: Arabic
Aruba Name Meaning By Origin: شوہر سے محبت کرنے والی
Pronunciation: Aru-ba, Aruba
How to be Write: عروبا
Lucky Number: Aruba Lucky Number Is 6

56. Prabalika

Meaning: Successful; Joyful; Freedom Lover
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Pra-ba-li-ka, Pra-ba-lika

57. Valu

Meaning: Loved One
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Valu, Va-lu

58. Lavisha

Meaning: Beautiful; Love Of God
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Nisar

59. Marrilin

Meaning: Sea Of Bitterness; Rebelliousness; Wished-for Child; To Swell; Beloved Of Amun; Pregnant Mother; Sta

60. Zaniya

Meaning: Lovely; Charming; One People Look To For Answers
Origin: African
Pronunciation: ZuhNYah

61. Fareefta

Meaning: Devotee; Lover
Origin: Arabic
Fareefta Name Meaning By Origin: عابد; عاشق;
Pronunciation: Fa-reef-ta, Fareefta, Fa-reefta
How to be Write: فریفت
Lucky Number: Fareefta Lucky Number Is 5

62. Srey Mom

Meaning: Beloved Girl
Origin: Cambodian

63. Wakerilda

Meaning: Art; Knowledgeul; Freedom Lover
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Wak-er-il-da, Waker-ilda, Wa-ke-ril-da

64. Earcongota

Meaning: Change Lover; Intelligence; Confident
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Ear-con-go-ta, Ear-con-gota

65. Leofgifu

Meaning: Helper; Freedom Lover; Super Star
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Le-ofgi-fu, Leofgifu, Leof-gi-fu

66. Veja

Meaning: Brain
Origin: Kannada

67. Arìa

Meaning: King; Brings Rain
Origin: Armenian
Pronunciation: A-ra

68. Zurafah

Meaning: Lovely

69. Yajara

Meaning: Beloved; Expensive

70. Alohanani

Meaning: Beautiful Love

71. Ffion

Meaning: Means Foxglove It Was The 6th Most Popular Girls Name In Wales During 2007 People Confuse It With Fiona
Origin: Welsh
Pronunciation: Eff-ee-on

72. Vayda

Meaning: Variant Of Vada; Lovely As A Flower; But Strong Willed
Origin: German
Pronunciation: VAYdah

73. Reham

Meaning: Little Rain; Rain Drops
Origin: Arabic
Reham Name Meaning By Origin: بارش کے قطرے
Pronunciation: Re-ham
How to be Write: ریحام
Lucky Number: Reham Lucky Number Is 9

74. Vedapriya

Meaning: Beloved To Vedas
Origin: Kannada

75. Omnavi

Meaning: Love
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: ओमनीनाविक

76. Barakha

Meaning: Rainy Season
Origin: Assamese

77. Olume

Meaning: Love
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Olume, Olu-me

78. Zharous

Meaning: Change Lover; Intelligence; Confident
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Zharous, Zhar-ous, Zha-rous
How to be Write: زھروس

79. Balanteena

Meaning: Artist; Careful; Influencer
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Balanteena, Balan-tee-na

80. Gurmanpreet

Meaning: Gurus Soul Of Love
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Gur-man-preet

81. Hajeera

Meaning: Joy Love Beauty
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Ha-jeera, Ha-jee-ra
How to be Write: حاجرہ

82. A`Mora

Meaning: Love
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: A-mo-ra

83. Mara Lyn

Meaning: Sea Of Bitterness; Rebelliousness; Wished-for Child; To Swell; Beloved Of Amun; Pregnant Mother; Sta

84. Davean

Meaning: Beloved; Favorite; Darling; Friend
Origin: Hebrew

85. Fraya

Meaning: Fraya; Meaning Of Lady Or Mistress It Was Also The Name Of The Mythological Norse Goddess Of Love And Beauty
Origin: Norse
Pronunciation: FREY-ah

86. Yoki

Meaning: Rain
Origin: American
Lucky Number: Yoki Lucky Number Is 6

87. Waajidah

Meaning: One Who Acheives Her Goals In Life; Loved; Beloved
Origin: Arabic
Waajidah Name Meaning By Origin: زندگی میں اس کے مقاصد کو حاصل کرنے والے شخص
Pronunciation: Waa-ji-dah, Waajidah
How to be Write: واجدہ
Lucky Number: Waajidah Lucky Number Is 1

88. Chaahna

Meaning: Love
Origin: Assamese

89. Zar Mina

Meaning: Lovely And Precious Gold
Origin: Algerian

90. Yagnapriya

Meaning: Love Of Fire
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Yag-naPriya, Ya-gnaPri-ya

91. Ysmeina

Meaning: Intelligence; Great Lover; Strong
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Ys-meina, Ys-mei-na

92. Nesamalar

Meaning: Lovely
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ne-samalar, Nes-amalar, Ne-sa-ma-lar

93. Arïa

Meaning: King; Brings Rain
Origin: Armenian
Pronunciation: A-ra

94. Nis

Meaning: A Remembered Loved One; Friendly; Hunger; Lamb; One
Origin: German

95. Asthora

Meaning: One Who Is Dearly Loved

96. Delylah

Meaning: Variant Of Delilah; Sweet And Demure; Careful
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: DehLYlah

97. Aliyana

Meaning: Lovely; Beautiful; Stunning; Precious And Rare
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: AhleeYAHnah

98. Sree Priya

Meaning: Divine Beauty; Beloved To Shree (Goddess Lakshmi)
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: श्री प्रिया

99. Ishaka

Meaning: Love
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: इशाक

100. Ysmena

Meaning: Intelligence; Great Lover; Strong
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Ys-me-na, Ys-mena