100+ Unique girl Name Meaning Rose

100 Unique Rose Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Rose most popular names of 2023 feature Rosalia as Number one for girls, and Jared in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Rose are Rosalie and Rosalina and Lia and for girls, and Gul and Dah and Velte and for boys. Here is the list for Rose baby names for boys and girls.

1. Rosalia

Meaning: Beautiful Rose
Origin: Italian
Pronunciation: Ro-zah-LEE-ah
Lucky Number: Rosalia Lucky Number Is 2

2. Rosalie

Meaning: Rose
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Ros-alie, Ros-a-lie, Ro-sa-lie
Lucky Number: Rosalie Lucky Number Is 7

3. Rosalina

Meaning: Rose
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Ros-ali-na, Ros-alina, Ro-sa-li-na
Lucky Number: Rosalina Lucky Number Is 8

4. Lia

Meaning: Beautiful Rose
Origin: Italian
Pronunciation: LEE-ah
Lucky Number: Lia Lucky Number Is 4

5. Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: ROZ
Lucky Number: Rose Lucky Number Is 3

6. Rosa

Meaning: Rose Blossom
Origin: Portuguese
Pronunciation: RO-zə
Lucky Number: Rosa Lucky Number Is 8

7. Rosalee

Meaning: Rose Blossom
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: ROZ-ə-lee
Lucky Number: Rosalee Lucky Number Is 7

8. Nastaran

Meaning: A Flower Much Like A Wild Rose
Origin: Persian
Nastaran Name Meaning By Origin: ایک پھول زیادہ سے زیادہ ایک جنگلی گلاب کی طرح
Pronunciation: Nas-taran, Nastaran, Na-sta-ran
How to be Write: ناستران
Lucky Number: Nastaran Lucky Number Is 8

9. Abeera

Meaning: Rose; Sandal Saffron Mixed Together In Fragrance
Origin: Arabic
Abeera Name Meaning By Origin: زعفران
Pronunciation: Abeera, Abee-ra
How to be Write: عبیرہ
Lucky Number: Abeera Lucky Number Is 8

10. Briah Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

11. Amélie Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

12. Rozalia

Meaning: Roses; Feminine
Origin: Hungarian
Rozalia Name Meaning By Origin: گلاب شیریں،گلاب کا پھول
Pronunciation: Roze-uh-lee-uh
How to be Write: روزالیہ

13. Gul Bahar

Meaning: Rose Spring
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Gul-Ba-har
How to be Write: گل بہار

14. Alvart

Meaning: Red Rose

15. Amelia Rose

Meaning: Meaning Imitating; Rivaling; Work (Amelia) Horse; Fame; Rose (Rose) Predominately Used In Dutch; English; German; Italian And Spanish
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: AhMIYLYah-ROWZ

16. Rosa Lee

Meaning: Beautiful Rose
Origin: French
Pronunciation: R(o)-sa-lee

17. Eliana Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

18. Rhody

Meaning: Rose; Woman From Rhodes
Origin: Cuban

19. Peyton Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

20. Lila Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

21. Kalyna

Meaning: Guelder Rose
Origin: Ukrainian

22. Roz

Meaning: Rosalind ROSALIND Pretty Rose
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Roz

23. Erin Rose

Meaning: Combination Of Erin And Rose Meaning Irish Woman And Fame Or Horse And Has Grown In Popularity Following The Rise In Double Barrelled Names
Origin: Celtic
Pronunciation: ER-in-rose

24. Yalaini

Meaning: Rose
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: यालैनी

25. Gul Bahar

Meaning: Rose Spring
Origin: Algerian

26. Wardha

Meaning: Rose
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Ward-ha, Wardha
How to be Write: وردہ

27. August Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

28. Rodante

Meaning: From The Rosebush

29. Charlotte Rose

Meaning: Combination Of Charlotte And Rose Meaning Free Man And Fame; Has Grown In Popularity Following The Increased Use Of Double-barrelled Names
Origin: German
Pronunciation: CHAR-lot-rose

30. Gul Chehrah

Meaning: Rose - Cheeked
Origin: Afghan
How to be Write: گل چھرہ

31. Yadiris

Meaning: Rose
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Yadiris, Yadi-ris, Ya-di-ris
How to be Write: یادرس

32. Kara Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

33. Kyra Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

34. Maya Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

35. Rozabelle

Meaning: Beautiful Rose

36. Lokalia

Meaning: Garland Of Roses

37. Elizabeth Rose

Meaning: Rose Originates From Germanic Language Meaning Horse Elizabeth Is Of Hebrew Origin Meaning God Is Perfection; God Is My Oath
Origin: German
Pronunciation: EL-i-za-beth-ROWS

38. Nathaara

Meaning: Fragments Prose Writer
Origin: Arabic
Nathaara Name Meaning By Origin: نثر نگار ; ٹکڑا
Pronunciation: Nathaara, Nath-aara, Nat-haara
How to be Write: نتھارہ
Lucky Number: Nathaara Lucky Number Is 1

39. Filza

Meaning: A Rose From Heaven
Origin: Arabic
Filza Name Meaning By Origin: جنت سے گلاب
Pronunciation: After + TIp + CUp
How to be Write: فلزا
Lucky Number: Filza Lucky Number Is 9

40. Unaizah

Meaning: Shinning Star; Garden Of Roses
Origin: Algerian

41. Thea Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

42. Emi Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

43. Edie Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

44. Rosabele

Meaning: Beautiful Rose

45. Eleanor Rose

Meaning: Eleanor Is A Alternative Of The Name Helen It Means Bright One Or Shining OneThe Name Rose Is Germanic And Means Horse; Fame And Has Also Come From The Flower
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: EH-lah-NAORROWZ

46. Rosalynn

Meaning: Rosalynn Means Gentle Horse It Is Also Known To Mean Beautiful Rose
Origin: German
Pronunciation: ROE-zah-lin

47. Rosemah

Meaning: One Who Is As Beautiful As A Rose
Origin: English
Lucky Number: Rosemah Lucky Number Is 1

48. Gul Barg

Meaning: Rose Petal
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Gul-Barg
How to be Write: گل برگ

49. Tia Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

50. Selah Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

51. Ayla Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

52. Wilderose

Meaning: " Wild Rose"
Origin: English

53. Jara

Meaning: " Rock Rose Or Earthen Water Jug"
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: Jara, Ja-ra
How to be Write: जरास

54. Rozabela

Meaning: Beautiful Rose

55. Isla Rose

Meaning: Isla Is The Feminine Version Of The Name Islay It Is The Name Of A Scottish River Islay Is The Name If An Island Rose Has Several Meaings Including Horse; Fame And Rose; After The Flower
Origin: Scottish
Pronunciation: IH-lahROWZ

56. Gunalakshmi

Meaning: Rose; Lakshmi The Virtuous
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Gu-nalak-sh-mi, Gun-alak-shmi, Gu-nal-aks-h-mi
How to be Write: गुणलक्ष्मी

57. Eglantina

Meaning: Wild Rose
Origin: French
Lucky Number: Eglantina Lucky Number Is 11

58. Juri

Meaning: The Rose Of Damascus ( Syria )
Origin: Arabic
Juri Name Meaning By Origin: دمشق کے گلاب
Pronunciation: Juri, Ju-ri
How to be Write: جوری
Lucky Number: Juri Lucky Number Is 4

59. Gulrukh

Meaning: Rose Face
Origin: Parsi
Gulrukh Name Meaning By Origin: پھول نظر آنے والی، پھول جیسے رُخسار ۔،محبوب،پھول کے چہرے والی، پھول کا رُخ
Pronunciation: Gul-rukh
How to be Write: گلرخ
Lucky Number: Gulrukh Lucky Number Is 5

60. Aleha

Meaning: A Beautiful Rose ( Aik Khobsorat Phool )
Origin: Algerian
Aleha Name Meaning By Origin: علیھا
Lucky Number: Aleha Lucky Number Is 8

61. Rosetta

Meaning: Rose Blossom
Origin: Italian
Pronunciation: Ro-ZEH-tə
Lucky Number: Rosetta Lucky Number Is 6

62. Lokelani

Meaning: Divine Rose
Origin: Hawaiian
Pronunciation: Loh-keh-LAH-nee
Lucky Number: Lokelani Lucky Number Is 4

63. Rozina

Meaning: Rose
Origin: Latin
Rozina Name Meaning By Origin: روز کی مزدوری
Pronunciation: R(o)-zi-na
How to be Write: روزینہ
Lucky Number: Rozina Lucky Number Is 2

64. Gulistan

Meaning: Rose Land
Origin: Persian
Gulistan Name Meaning By Origin: پھولوں کا گھر،باغ ، پھلواڑی ، چمن
Pronunciation: Gulis-tan, Gulistan, Gu-lis-tan
How to be Write: گلستان
Lucky Number: Gulistan Lucky Number Is 4

65. Gulab

Meaning: Pyara Phool; Rose; Flower
Origin: Urdu
Gulab Name Meaning By Origin: پیارا پھول،پھولوں کی ایک قسم ، پھولوں کا بادشاہ
Pronunciation: Gu-lab, Gulab
How to be Write: گلاب
Lucky Number: Gulab Lucky Number Is 7

66. Wardah Wordah

Meaning: Rose
Lucky Number: Wardah Wordah Lucky Number Is 6

67. Rubaba

Meaning: Rose
Origin: Arabic
Rubaba Name Meaning By Origin: گلاب
Pronunciation: Ruba-ba, Rubaba
How to be Write: روبابا
Lucky Number: Rubaba Lucky Number Is 6

68. Gulsheen

Meaning: Garden Of Roses; Flower Garden
Origin: Iranian

69. Sawaniya

Meaning: Rose Flower
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Sawaniya, Sawan-iya, Sa-wa-ni-ya

70. Sela Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

71. Ember Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

72. Myla Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

73. Wildrose

Meaning: " Wild Rose"
Origin: English

74. Vardice

Meaning: Rose

75. Rozabele

Meaning: Beautiful Rose

76. Rosabela

Meaning: Beautiful Rose

77. Rhodante

Meaning: From The Rosebush
Origin: Greek

78. Akasma

Meaning: A White Climbing Rose
Origin: Turkish

79. Millie Rose

Meaning: Copied From Germanic; Meaning Hardworkerand Rose Meaning Fame Or Refering To The Flower Of The Same Name
Origin: German
Pronunciation: MIHLiyROWZ

80. Juwayriya

Meaning: Rose Of Firuzabad; Likely Because The Rose Was Found In This City Or Produced There In The Past
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Jump + PUt + WAY + pRay + SIt + YUmmy
Or Jump + PUt + WAY + pRay + SEE + YUmmy
How to be Write: جویریہ
Lucky Number: Juwayriya Lucky Number Is 8

81. Wardda

Meaning: A Flower Of Rose; Gulab Ka Phool;
Origin: Arabic
How to be Write: وردہ
Lucky Number: Wardda Lucky Number Is 8

82. Gul Bano

Meaning: Rose
Origin: Algerian
Gul Bano Name Meaning By Origin: گل بنو
Lucky Number: Gul Bano Lucky Number Is 9

83. Gulrang

Meaning: Rose-coloured
Origin: Arabic
Gulrang Name Meaning By Origin: پھولوں جیسے رنگ والی، گلاب کی رنگت والی،گلاب کی مانند
Pronunciation: Gul-rang, Gulrang
How to be Write: گل رنگ
Lucky Number: Gulrang Lucky Number Is 1

84. Nurgul

Meaning: Radiant Rose
Origin: Turkish

85. Nevaeh Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

86. Leyla Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

87. Lyla Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

88. Yara Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

89. Nowfaleena

Meaning: Black Rose
Origin: Hindi

90. Ruzha

Meaning: Rose
Origin: Algerian

91. Rozabella

Meaning: Beautiful Rose

92. Rodanthe

Meaning: From The Rosebush

93. Rhodanta

Meaning: From The Rosebush

94. Aiglentine

Meaning: Sweetbrier Rose
Origin: French
Lucky Number: Aiglentine Lucky Number Is 6

95. Gul Pari

Meaning: Rose Fairy
Gul Pari Name Meaning By Origin: گل پر
Lucky Number: Gul Pari Lucky Number Is 3

96. Gul Barg

Meaning: Rose Petal
Origin: Algerian
Gul Barg Name Meaning By Origin: گل برگ
Lucky Number: Gul Barg Lucky Number Is 7

97. Gulbagh

Meaning: ' Meaning Having Rose' Rose ' Meaning Having GarDen' GarDen , ' Meaning Having ParaDise' ParaDise
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Gul-bagh
Lucky Number: Gulbagh Lucky Number Is 4

98. Loshana

Meaning: Combination Of Rose And Anna
Origin: Hindi
Loshana Name Meaning By Origin: लोशाना 
Pronunciation: Loshana, Los-ha-na
How to be Write: लोशाना
Lucky Number: Loshana Lucky Number Is 7

99. Roselle

Meaning: Rose Blossom
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Rə-ZAHL
Lucky Number: Roselle Lucky Number Is 6

100. Rasia

Meaning: Rose
Origin: Latin
Rasia Name Meaning By Origin: مضبوط، ثابت قدم
Pronunciation: R(a)-sia
How to be Write: راسیہ
Lucky Number: Rasia Lucky Number Is 2