100+ Unique girl Name Meaning Sister

100 Unique Sister Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Sister most popular names of 2023 feature Aane as Number one for girls, and Moinudeen in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Sister are Kaya and Yekapatala and Geirbjorg and for girls, and Moinuddin and Subaru and Kifeda and for boys. Here is the list for Sister baby names for boys and girls.

1. Aane

Meaning: Sister Name Of Aana
Origin: Finnish

2. Kaya

Meaning: Body; Elder Sister
Origin: Japanese
Pronunciation: Kaya, Ka-ya
Lucky Number: Kaya Lucky Number Is 11

3. Yekapatala

Meaning: Parvatis Sister
Origin: Hindi

4. Geirbjorg

Meaning: Sister Of Bersi The Godless
Lucky Number: Geirbjorg Lucky Number Is 1

5. Umm E Kulsum

Meaning: Daughter Of The Prophet Muhammad; Married To Khalifa Usman (uthman) After The Death Of Her Sister Ruqayya
Origin: Urdu
Umm E Kulsum Name Meaning By Origin: کلثوم کی ماں
How to be Write: امم کلثوم
Lucky Number: Umm E Kulsum Lucky Number Is 9

6. Nsera

Meaning: Assister; Friend; Defender Female Of Naser
Origin: Afghan
How to be Write: نسرا

7. Yekangana

Meaning: Krishnas Sister
Origin: Hindi

8. Fariah

Meaning: Fariah Or Furayah Was The Name Of A Female Companion; Daughter Of Maalik Bin Sanan Al-Ansari And Sister Of Abu Saeed Al-Khudri She Was Called By Either Name
Origin: Arabic
Fariah Name Meaning By Origin: فراہ اور فریا ایک ساتھی کا نام تھا۔مالک بن سنن امام انصاری کی بیٹی اور ابو سعید خدری کی بہن وہ اس نام سے بلایا گیا تھا
Pronunciation: Fari-ah, Fa-riah
How to be Write: فریہ
Lucky Number: Fariah Lucky Number Is 6

9. UmmeHani

Meaning: Name Of The Daughter Of Abu Talib And Sister Of Ali (RA)
Origin: Arabic
UmmeHani Name Meaning By Origin:
Pronunciation: Um-me-hani, Um-meha-ni
How to be Write: ام ہانی
Lucky Number: UmmeHani Lucky Number Is 8

10. Aethelflaed

Meaning: Sister Of King Edward
Origin: Anglo
Lucky Number: Aethelflaed Lucky Number Is 7

11. Siela

Meaning: Sister; Woman
Origin: Irish

12. Boa

Meaning: Sister
Origin: Urdu
Boa Name Meaning By Origin: بہن٬آپا،باجی
How to be Write: بوا

13. Ekodara

Meaning: Sister; Born From Same Womb
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Eko-dara, Ekodara
How to be Write: एकोदरस

14. Chandrasahodari

Meaning: Sister Of The Moon
Origin: Hindi
Chandrasahodari Name Meaning By Origin: चन्द्रसहोदारी 
Pronunciation: Chan-drasa-ho-dari, Chandrasahodari, Chandra-sa-ho-da-ri
How to be Write: चंद्रसाहोदरी
Lucky Number: Chandrasahodari Lucky Number Is 7

15. Rakhee

Meaning: Thread Of Brother Sister Bonding
Origin: Hindi
Rakhee Name Meaning By Origin: राखि
Pronunciation: Rakhee, Rak-hee
How to be Write: राखी
Lucky Number: Rakhee Lucky Number Is 3

16. Usharani

Meaning: Daughter Of Heaven; Sister Of Night; Dawn
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Usha-rani, Ushar-ani, Us-ha-ra-ni

17. Minya

Meaning: Older Sister
Origin: American

18. Adelphe

Meaning: Dear Sister
Origin: French
Lucky Number: Adelphe Lucky Number Is 6

19. Quisa

Meaning: Sister Of Twins
Origin: African

20. Germaine

Meaning: Sister
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Jer-MAYN
Lucky Number: Germaine Lucky Number Is 4

21. Loborwen

Meaning: Sister Of The Flame
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Lobor-wen, Lo-bor-wen

22. Ikha

Meaning: Brotherhood And Sisterhood; For People To Love One Another Like Brothers; Or Like Sisters
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Islam + KHartoum (capital Of Sudan) + SmArt
How to be Write: اکھا
Lucky Number: 2

23. Krisla

Meaning: It’s The Name Of Lord Krishnas Sister Subhadra
Origin: Hindi
Krisla Name Meaning By Origin: क्रीस्ला
How to be Write: क्रिस्ला
Lucky Number: Krisla Lucky Number Is 7

24. Shaqeeqah

Meaning: Real Sister
Origin: Arabic
Shaqeeqah Name Meaning By Origin: حقیقی بہن
Pronunciation: Shaqee-qah, Shaqeeqah
How to be Write: شقیقہ
Lucky Number: Shaqeeqah Lucky Number Is 5

25. Anyko

Meaning: Older Sister

26. Bona

Meaning: King Henry The Sixth, Part III' Sister To The French Queen.
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Bona, Bo-na
Lucky Number: Bona Lucky Number Is 5

27. Adelpha

Meaning: Dear Sister
Origin: Greek
Lucky Number: Adelpha Lucky Number Is 11

28. Aqlimah

Meaning: Intelligent; Wise; Daughter Of Prophet Adam; Sister Of Qabeel
Origin: Arabic
Aqlimah Name Meaning By Origin: ذہین ; عقلمند;
Pronunciation: Aqlimah, Aq-li-mah
How to be Write: قلمہ
Lucky Number: Aqlimah Lucky Number Is 6

29. Khwaher

Meaning: Sister
Origin: Urdu
Khwaher Name Meaning By Origin: ہمشیرہ،بہن
How to be Write: خواہر
Lucky Number: Khwaher Lucky Number Is 3

30. Suchada

Meaning: Good Sister
Origin: Thai

31. Alallah

Meaning: Mars' Sister; War Goddess

32. Madhubaala

Meaning: Sister Of Madhubhala
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: मधुबाला

33. Lynet

Meaning: Sister Of Lyonors
Origin: Celtic
Pronunciation: Lynet, Ly-net
Lucky Number: Lynet Lucky Number Is 22

34. Dyna

Meaning: Sister Of Roma
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Dy-na, Dyna
Lucky Number: Dyna Lucky Number Is 8

35. Abbaasah

Meaning: Lioness; Sister Of Haroon Rashid
Origin: Arabic
Abbaasah Name Meaning By Origin: شيرنی; ہارون رشید کی بہن;
Pronunciation: Ab-baasah, Ab-baa-sah
How to be Write: عباسہ
Lucky Number: Abbaasah Lucky Number Is 3

36. Avaraja

Meaning: Younger Sister
Origin: Hindi
Avaraja Name Meaning By Origin: Avaraja
Pronunciation: Avara-ja, Ava-raja, Ava-ra-ja
How to be Write: अवराज:
Lucky Number: Avaraja Lucky Number Is 9

37. Akia

Meaning: Sister
Origin: Arabic
Akia Name Meaning By Origin: بہن
Pronunciation: Akia
How to be Write: عکیہ
Lucky Number: Akia Lucky Number Is 3

38. Halta

Meaning: Name Of The Sister Of Hazrat Khadija
Origin: Arabic
Halta Name Meaning By Origin: حضرت خدیجہ کی ہمشیرہ کا نام
How to be Write: ہالتہ
Lucky Number: 9

39. Antika

Meaning: An Elder Sister; A Plant
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: एंटीका

40. Yekaparna

Meaning: Parvatis Sister
Origin: Hindi

41. Pushkarinee

Meaning: Elder Sister
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Pushkari-nee, Pushkarin-ee, Pus-h-ka-ri-nee
How to be Write: पुष्करिणी

42. Anuhaya

Meaning: Little Sister
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Anuhaya, Anu-ha-ya
How to be Write: अनुहाय:

43. Anuja

Meaning: Continuous; Younger Sister
Origin: Hindi
Anuja Name Meaning By Origin: अनुजा
How to be Write: अनुजा

44. Myriam

Meaning: Ancient Version Of Mary. In The Bible Miriam Sister Of Moses SaveD His Life When She HiD Infant Moses In A Basket Among The Rushes At The River's EDge For Pharaoh's Daughter To FinD.
Origin: English
Lucky Number: Myriam Lucky Number Is 7

45. Morcades

Meaning: Sister Of Arthur
Lucky Number: Morcades Lucky Number Is 6

46. Shaliqa

Meaning: Real Sister Migraine
Origin: Arabic
Shaliqa Name Meaning By Origin: دردشقیقہ ; شقیقہ ; حقیقی بہن
Pronunciation: Shaliqa, Shali-qa, Sha-li-qa
How to be Write: شلیقہ
Lucky Number: Shaliqa Lucky Number Is 4

47. Geirrid

Meaning: Sister Of Geirrod
Lucky Number: Geirrid Lucky Number Is 7

48. Aneko

Meaning: Older Sister
Lucky Number: Aneko Lucky Number Is 1

49. Ganieda

Meaning: Merlin's Sister.
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Ganie-da, Ganieda, Ga-nie-da
Lucky Number: Ganieda Lucky Number Is 5

50. Adelphie

Meaning: Dear Sister
Origin: Greek
Lucky Number: Adelphie Lucky Number Is 6

51. Dushala

Meaning: (daughter Of Gandhari And Dhritarastra; Lone Sister Of The Hundred Kauravas)
Origin: Hindi
Dushala Name Meaning By Origin: दुशाला
Pronunciation: Dusha-la, Dush-ala, Dus-ha-la
How to be Write: दुशाला
Lucky Number: Dushala Lucky Number Is 3

52. Devaki

Meaning: ' Meaning Having Divine' Divine , LorD Krishnas Mother (Krishna's Mother AnD The Wife Of VasuDeva, A Chief Of The Vrishni Clan. Sister Of Kamsa, She Was ImprisoneD By Him Soon After Her Marriage.)
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: De-va-ki, Devaki
Lucky Number: Devaki Lucky Number Is 7

53. Artika

Meaning: Elder Sister
Origin: Hindi
Artika Name Meaning By Origin: अर्तीका
Pronunciation: Ar-ti-ka, Artika
How to be Write: आर्टिका
Lucky Number: Artika Lucky Number Is 6

54. Ambalika

Meaning: Mother, One Who Is Sensitive (The King Of Kashi's Youngest Daughter. She Was AbDucteD By Bhishma Along With Her Sisters AnD MarrieD Vichitravirya.)
Origin: Hindi
Ambalika Name Meaning By Origin: अंबालिका
Pronunciation: Am-ba-li-ka, Am-ba-lika
How to be Write: अंबालिका
Lucky Number: Ambalika Lucky Number Is 5

55. Meia

Meaning: The Youngest Of Sisters; Beautiful
Origin: Swedish

56. Sesi

Meaning: Sister
Origin: Finnish

57. Freyirah

Meaning: Sister

58. Adelphia

Meaning: Sister

59. Adelfia

Meaning: Sister

60. Shaleeqa

Meaning: Real Sister Migraine
Origin: Arabic
Shaleeqa Name Meaning By Origin: آدھا سیسی ; شقیقہ ; حقیقی بہن
Pronunciation: Shalee-qa, Shaleeqa, Sha-lee-qa
How to be Write: شلیقہ
Lucky Number: Shaleeqa Lucky Number Is 5

61. Gwenddydd

Meaning: Merlin's Sister.
Lucky Number: Gwenddydd Lucky Number Is 9

62. Urmila

Meaning: ' Meaning Having Humble' Humble , Enchantress (Laxman's Wife; Daughter Of King Janak AnD Sister Of Sita)
Origin: Hindi
Urmila Name Meaning By Origin: उर्मिला
How to be Write: उर्मिला
Lucky Number: Urmila Lucky Number Is 11

63. Syster

Meaning: Sister
Origin: Swedish

64. Freirah

Meaning: Sister

65. Alalla

Meaning: Mars' Sister; War Goddess

66. Adelfa

Meaning: Sister
Origin: Greek

67. Perdix

Meaning: Sister Of Daedalus
Lucky Number: Perdix Lucky Number Is 4

68. Saveage

Meaning: Sister Of Lyones
Lucky Number: Saveage Lucky Number Is 6

69. Kundhavai

Meaning: Thanjavur King' S Sister Name
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: कुंडवई
Lucky Number: Kundhavai Lucky Number Is 1

70. Srikhandini

Meaning: Sister Of Draupadi
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: श्रीखंडिनी

71. Ukht

Meaning: Sister
Origin: Arabic
Ukht Name Meaning By Origin: بہن
How to be Write: اُخت
Lucky Number: 2

72. Khawaaher

Meaning: Sister
Origin: Arabic
Khawaaher Name Meaning By Origin: بہن
How to be Write: خواہر
Lucky Number: 2

73. Diddaa

Meaning: Sister
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Did-daa

74. Sisko

Meaning: Sister
Origin: Finnish

75. Freyira

Meaning: Sister

76. Numees

Meaning: Sister
Origin: Hebrew
Lucky Number: Numees Lucky Number Is 5

77. Kissa

Meaning: Sister Of Twins
Origin: African
Lucky Number: Kissa Lucky Number Is 5

78. Clarissant

Meaning: Sister Of Gawain
Lucky Number: Clarissant Lucky Number Is 8

79. Amba

Meaning: GoDDess ' Meaning Having Durga' Durga (The King Of Kashi's ElDest Daughter. Bhishma AbDucteD Her From Her Swayamvara Along With Her Two Sisters To Be His Brother's BriDe.)
Origin: Hindi
Amba Name Meaning By Origin: अंबा
Pronunciation: Am-ba, Amba
How to be Write: अंबा
Lucky Number: Amba Lucky Number Is 8

80. Bahina

Meaning: Sister
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: बहिन

81. Shymaa

Meaning: Sister Of Prophet Mohammed
Origin: Algerian

82. Buaa

Meaning: Sister
Origin: Arabic
Buaa Name Meaning By Origin: بہن
How to be Write: بوا
Lucky Number: 9

83. Naja

Meaning: " Boy&#x; S Younger Sister; Success; Or Silver Hands"
Origin: Arabic
Naja Name Meaning By Origin: کامیابی ; حصول مقصد ; کامرانی
How to be Write: نجا

84. Lofnheid

Meaning: Sister Of Otter
Lucky Number: Lofnheid Lucky Number Is 1

85. Gwenhwyfach

Meaning: Guinevere's Sister.
Lucky Number: Gwenhwyfach Lucky Number Is 6

86. Shaqiqa

Meaning: Full Sister
Origin: Arabic
Shaqiqa Name Meaning By Origin: مکمل بہن
Pronunciation: Shaqiqa, Shaqi-qa
How to be Write: شقیقہ
Lucky Number: Shaqiqa Lucky Number Is 9

87. Shalyqua

Meaning: One Who Is Sisterly

88. Shaliqah

Meaning: One Who Is Sisterly

89. Shaleequa

Meaning: One Who Is Sisterly

90. Sireen

Meaning: Wife Of Prophets Companion Hassan Ibn Thabit; She Was The Daughter Of Ibn Abdullah Ibn Masood And A Narrator Of Hadith From The Prophet (SAW); Another Narrator Of Hadith By The Same Name Was The Sister Of Mariah Al-Qabtiyah; Al-Maqooqus Of Egyp
Origin: Arabic
Sireen Name Meaning By Origin: سرین
Pronunciation: Sireen, Sir-een, Si-reen
How to be Write: سائرن کی آواز
Lucky Number: Sireen Lucky Number Is 2

91. Shyma

Meaning: Sister If Prophet Mohammed
Origin: Hindi
Shyma Name Meaning By Origin: श्यमां
Pronunciation: Shy-ma, Shyma
How to be Write: श्यामा
Lucky Number: Shyma Lucky Number Is 3

92. Shurpanakha

Meaning: The WorD Means one Having Finger Nails Like Winnowing Baskets Sup (Ravan's Sister Whose Ears AnD Nose Were Cut By Laxman)
Origin: Hindi
Shurpanakha Name Meaning By Origin: सुरपखा
How to be Write: शूर्पणखा
Lucky Number: Shurpanakha Lucky Number Is 1

93. Poorvaja

Meaning: Elder Sister; Complete
Origin: Hindi
Poorvaja Name Meaning By Origin: पूर्वजा
Pronunciation: Poor-va-ja, Poor-vaja
How to be Write: पूर्वज:
Lucky Number: Poorvaja Lucky Number Is 8

94. Subhodra

Meaning: Sister Of Lord Krishna
Origin: Assamese

95. Umm E Hani

Meaning: Name Of The Daughter Of Abu Talib And Sister Of Ali (RA)
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Umm-E-Hani, Umm-E-Ha-ni
How to be Write: ام ہانی

96. Soredamors

Meaning: Gawain's Sister.
Lucky Number: Soredamors Lucky Number Is 1

97. Surayyaa

Meaning: Cluster Of Seven Brilliant Stars In Taurus; Commonly Known As The Seven Sisters; A Wealthy Lady; Luster; Chandelier
Origin: Arabic
Surayyaa Name Meaning By Origin:
Pronunciation: Su-rayyaa, Surayy-aa, Su-ray-yaa
How to be Write: ثریا
Lucky Number: Surayyaa Lucky Number Is 3

98. Subadra

Meaning: Sister Of Lord Krishna
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: सुभद्रा

99. Sissi

Meaning: God Is Perfection; Blind; Sister
Origin: Finnish

100. Shalyqa

Meaning: One Who Is Sisterly