100+ Unique girl Name Meaning Star

100 Unique Star Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Star most popular names of 2023 feature Maryam as Number one for girls, and Ryker in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Star are Estella and Estrella and Mariam and for girls, and Zoroaster and Rakibul and Zeeq and for boys. Here is the list for Star baby names for boys and girls.

1. Maryam

Meaning: Star Of The Sea; Pak Daman; Dosheeza
Origin: Arabic
Maryam Name Meaning By Origin: پاک، دامن، دوشیزہ
Pronunciation: Maryam, Ma-ryam
How to be Write: مریم
Lucky Number: Maryam Lucky Number Is 3

2. Estella

Meaning: DeriveD From The OlD French Form Of The Latin 'stella' Meaning Star. Famous Bearer: The Heroine Of Charles Dickens' Novel 'Great Expectations'.
Origin: Spanish
Lucky Number: Estella Lucky Number Is 2

3. Estrella

Meaning: Like A Star
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Es-TRE-yah
Lucky Number: Estrella Lucky Number Is 3

4. Mariam

Meaning: Star Of The Sea; Pak Daman; Dosheeza
Origin: Arabic
Mariam Name Meaning By Origin: پاک، دامن، دوشیزہ
Pronunciation: MUst + PRay + YUMmy
How to be Write: مریم
Lucky Number: Mariam Lucky Number Is 5

5. Tiana

Meaning: Star
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Tee-AN-ə
How to be Write: ٹیانا
Lucky Number: Tiana Lucky Number Is 8

6. Esther

Meaning: Star-like
Origin: Persian
Esther Name Meaning By Origin: حنا پتا ; ستارہ
Pronunciation: ES-tər
How to be Write: عیستہر
Lucky Number: Esther Lucky Number Is 7

7. Daleyza

Meaning: Daleyza Was Ranked The Fasted Growing Name In 2013; Due To Its Appearance In Larrymania; The Spanish-language Reality TV Show Starring Larry Hernandez
Pronunciation: DahLAYzah

8. Stella

Meaning: Like A Star
Origin: Italian
Pronunciation: STEL-ə
Lucky Number: Stella Lucky Number Is 3

9. Estelle

Meaning: Like A Star
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Es-TEL
Lucky Number: Estelle Lucky Number Is 2

10. Hokulani

Meaning: Divine Star
Origin: Hawaiian
Pronunciation: Hoh-koo-LAH-nee
Lucky Number: Hokulani Lucky Number Is 1

11. Donika

Meaning: Morning Star; From Denmark
Origin: Slavic
Pronunciation: D(o)-ni-ka
Lucky Number: Donika Lucky Number Is 9

12. Tarachanda

Meaning: Silver Star

13. Hester

Meaning: Star Myrtle Leaf A Latinized Form Of Esther Esther Was A Young Hebrew Woman In The Bible Who Married The Persian Ruler Xerxes And Risked Her Life To Save Her People
Origin: American
Hester Name Meaning By Origin: تارہ ; نجم ; ستارہ
Pronunciation: Hester, Hes-ter
How to be Write: ہستر
Lucky Number: Hester Lucky Number Is 3

14. Leofgifu

Meaning: Helper; Freedom Lover; Super Star
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Le-ofgi-fu, Leofgifu, Leof-gi-fu

15. Viviya

Meaning: Raising Star
Origin: Malayali

16. Brayleigh

Meaning: Bright Star On A Cloudy Day; Soothing And Shining
Origin: American
Pronunciation: BrayLEE

17. Ishaisa

Meaning: Fairy; Star
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ishaisa, Is-hai-sa

18. Afsheen

Meaning: Shine Like A Star; Sunehra
Origin: Persian
Afsheen Name Meaning By Origin: چمکتا ستارہ; روشن;
Pronunciation: Af-sheen, Afs-heen
How to be Write: افشین
Lucky Number: Afsheen Lucky Number Is 8

19. Wadduha

Meaning: Light Of Morning When Day Start
Origin: Algerian

20. Whetumoana

Meaning: " Star Of The Sea"
Origin: Maori

21. Aathavi

Meaning: The Sun Is The Star At The Centre Of The Solar System
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Aathavi, Aath-avi, Aa-tha-vi

22. Nazma

Meaning: Star
Origin: Hindi
Nazma Name Meaning By Origin: تارہ; ستارہ;
Pronunciation: Naz-ma, Nazma
How to be Write: نظما
Lucky Number: Nazma Lucky Number Is 9

23. Yahavi Yagavi

Meaning: Bright Star
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: याहवी यागविक

24. Fatihah

Meaning: Opening; Start; And In This Meaning It Is The Name Of The First Chapter Of The Quran
Origin: Arabic
Fatihah Name Meaning By Origin: ۔ فراخی ; کشائش ; کھلنا
Pronunciation: FAn + TIp + HUt
How to be Write: فاتحہ
Lucky Number: Fatihah Lucky Number Is 8

25. Mariyam

Meaning: Pure; Maiden; Virgin; Star Of The Sea
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Mariyam, Mar-iyam, Ma-riyam
How to be Write: مریم
Lucky Number: Mariyam Lucky Number Is 2

26. Estela

Meaning: Like A Star
Origin: Portuguese
Pronunciation: Es-TEH-la
Lucky Number: Estela Lucky Number Is 3

27. Dagny

Meaning: New Day Started
Origin: OlD Norse
Pronunciation: DAG-nee
Lucky Number: Dagny Lucky Number Is 6

28. Catuskarni

Meaning: Helper; Freedom Lover; Super Star
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ca-tuskarni, Catus-karni, Ca-tus-kar-ni

29. Beendu

Meaning: Star
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Been-du, Beendu

30. Astara

Meaning: Star
Origin: Greek

31. Astri

Meaning: Star
Origin: Norse
Pronunciation: As-tri

32. Tarachandea

Meaning: Silver Star

33. Gurpraveen

Meaning: Goddess Of The Stars
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Gur-praveen, Gur-pra-veen
How to be Write: गुरप्रवीण

34. Urmesha

Meaning: Clever; Great Humanity; Super Star
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Urme-sha, Ur-mes-ha
Lucky Number: Urmesha Lucky Number Is 4

35. Pushika

Meaning: Gentle Star
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: पुषिका

36. Svetlina

Meaning: Whiteness; Shining Woman; Star
Origin: English

37. Judamnah

Meaning: Helper; Freedom Lover; Super Star
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Ju-damnah, Judam-nah
How to be Write: جودامنہ

38. Halana

Meaning: Beautiful Star; Joyful Noise; Happy Spirit
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Halana, Hala-na

39. Tarabai

Meaning: " Feminine Star"
Origin: Hindi

40. Hesperee

Meaning: Evening Star

41. Astah

Meaning: Star

42. Hetty

Meaning: Star Myrtle Leaf
Origin: American
Hetty Name Meaning By Origin: تارہ ; نجم ; ستارہ
Pronunciation: Het-ty, Hetty
How to be Write: ہتتے
Lucky Number: Hetty Lucky Number Is 6

43. Gangothry

Meaning: Starting Place Of The River Ganga
Origin: Hindi
Gangothry Name Meaning By Origin: गंगोत्री
Pronunciation: Gan-gothry, Gan-go-thry, Gan-goth-ry
How to be Write: गंगोत्री
Lucky Number: Gangothry Lucky Number Is 7

44. Neelaja

Meaning: River Starting From Blue Mountain (Neel Parvat)
Origin: Hindi
Neelaja Name Meaning By Origin: नीलाजा
Pronunciation: Nee-la-ja, Neelaja
How to be Write: नीलाज
Lucky Number: Neelaja Lucky Number Is 3

45. Itishree

Meaning: Start
Origin: Hindi
Itishree Name Meaning By Origin: इतिश्री
Pronunciation: Itishree, It-ishree
How to be Write: इतिश्री
Lucky Number: Itishree Lucky Number Is 3

46. Dorri

Meaning: A Sparkling Star Glittering Like A Gem
Origin: Persian
Dorri Name Meaning By Origin: چمکتا ہوا ستارہ نگینے کی طرح
Pronunciation: Dor-ri, Dorri
How to be Write: دوری
Lucky Number: Dorri Lucky Number Is 1

47. Stjarna

Meaning: Star
Origin: Swedish

48. Najama

Meaning: Star; Precious; Beautiful
Origin: Algerian

49. Vedete

Meaning: Movie Star

50. Falack

Meaning: Resembling A Star

51. Falac

Meaning: Resembling A Star
Origin: Algerian

52. Soraia

Meaning: A Alternative Of The Name Soraya; Which Is Derived From The Words Thurayya And ThariyaIt Means The Pleiades Which Are A Group Of Seven Stars In The Constellation Taurus
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: So-RAY-yah
How to be Write: سوریا

53. Wichahpi

Meaning: Star
Origin: Hebrew

54. Taína

Meaning: Fire; Star Goddess
Origin: Russian
Pronunciation: T(a)-na

55. Tarachandiya

Meaning: Silver Star

56. Estée

Meaning: Star

57. Ankarida

Meaning: Resembling A Night Star; Shining And Graceful

58. Kelsie Marie

Meaning: Combining The Name Kelsie; Meaning Wished For And Marie; Meaning Star Of Star
Origin: Scottish
Pronunciation: KehLZIy-MahRIY

59. Pradakshina

Meaning: Origin; Starting Point; To Round At Temple Or God
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Pradak-shi-na, Pradak-sh-ina, Pra-daks-hi-na
How to be Write: प्रदक्षिणा

60. Kratika

Meaning: Creation Of Star; A Singer;
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Krati-ka, Kratika, Kra-ti-ka
Lucky Number: Kratika Lucky Number Is 8

61. Tara

Meaning: The Most Brilliant Star; It Is Also A Word That Refers To Any Type Of Visible Celestial Object; Such As A Star Or Planet
Origin: Hindi
Tara Name Meaning By Origin: سب سے زیادہ شاندار; ستارا
Pronunciation: TAsk + pRay + MAn
How to be Write: تارا
Lucky Number: Tara Lucky Number Is 3

62. Aludra

Meaning: Virgin; Maiden; Name Of A Star
Origin: Arabic
Aludra Name Meaning By Origin: دوشيزہ ; کنواری ; پاکیزہ
Pronunciation: Up + Lamp + PUt + Day + pRay + SAnd
How to be Write: علُدرا
Lucky Number: Aludra Lucky Number Is 2

63. Abhinavi

Meaning: Always New; Rock Star; Creative
Origin: Kannada

64. Reboti

Meaning: Prosperity; A Star
Origin: Assamese

65. Roohy

Meaning: Soul; A Star; Of Spirit
Origin: Algerian

66. Suhaifa

Meaning: A Star; Slender; Beautiful Body; A Gift
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Suhaifa, Su-hai-fa
How to be Write: صحیفہ

67. Estar

Meaning: Star
Origin: American

68. Ankareta

Meaning: Resembling A Night Star; Shining And Graceful

69. Celinna

Meaning: Or Selena One Of Seven Mythological Daughters Of Atlas Transformed By Zeus Into Stars Of The Pleiades Constellation
Origin: English
Lucky Number: Celinna Lucky Number Is 4

70. Parvina

Meaning: Shining Star
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Parv-ina, Parvina, Par-vi-na
How to be Write: پروینہ
Lucky Number: Parvina Lucky Number Is 8

71. Chandrapushpa

Meaning: Star; Moon Light
Origin: Hindi
Chandrapushpa Name Meaning By Origin: चंद्रपुश्पा
Pronunciation: Chan-dra-push-pa, Chandrapushpa, Chandra-pu-sh-pa
How to be Write: चंद्रपुष्पा
Lucky Number: Chandrapushpa Lucky Number Is 4

72. Pahel

Meaning: To Start
Origin: Hindi
Pahel Name Meaning By Origin: पहेल
Pronunciation: Pa-hel
How to be Write: पहेली
Lucky Number: Pahel Lucky Number Is 6

73. Danica

Meaning: Star Of The Day
Origin: Slavic
Pronunciation: DAN-ih-kah
Lucky Number: Danica Lucky Number Is 4

74. Roxie

Meaning: Star Of Magnificence
Origin: Persian
Roxie Name Meaning By Origin: چمکتا ہوا ; اُجلا ; طلوع صبح
Pronunciation: RAHK-see
How to be Write: روکسی
Lucky Number: Roxie Lucky Number Is 8

75. Esfir

Meaning: Star-like
Origin: Persian
Pronunciation: YEHS-feer
Lucky Number: Esfir Lucky Number Is 3

76. Durbika

Meaning: Like A Star
Origin: Assamese

77. Ettey

Meaning: Star; House Owner; Lord Of The Manor; Pearl
Origin: Persian
Ettey Name Meaning By Origin: نجم ; ستارہ ; تارہ
How to be Write: عتتے

78. Ankaryta

Meaning: Resembling A Night Star; Shining And Graceful

79. Ankareeta

Meaning: Resembling A Night Star; Shining And Graceful

80. Yakavisri

Meaning: Bright Star; Devotee Ragam
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: यकाविश्री

81. Taraa

Meaning: Star
Origin: Austrailian

82. Begin

Meaning: Starting With
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Be-gin

83. Arundhuti

Meaning: Fidelity; A Star; Loyalty
Origin: Assamese

84. Danikka

Meaning: Morning Star
Origin: Russian
Pronunciation: Danikka, Da-nik-ka

85. Hesperea

Meaning: Evening Star

86. Eister

Meaning: Star
Origin: Irish

87. Parris

Meaning: This Name Often Refers To The French Capital City; SpelledParisIt Also Refers To The Trojan Prince Who Abducted Helen Of Troy; An Act Which Started The Trojan War
Origin: French
Pronunciation: PAH-riss

88. Aruhi

Meaning: Starting; Related To Music
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Aruhi, Aru-hi
How to be Write: अरुही

89. Bidayah

Meaning: Beginning; Start; Inception
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: BIt + Day + MAn + YUmmy
How to be Write: بدائع
Lucky Number: Bidayah Lucky Number Is 4

90. Merilina

Meaning: Star Of The Sea
Origin: Cristian

91. Shezuille

Meaning: Skater; Rock Star
Origin: American

92. Barjesiah

Meaning: Stars
Origin: Arabic
Barjesiah Name Meaning By Origin: ستارے
How to be Write: برجیسیہ
Lucky Number: 2

93. Vrega

Meaning: Starts From Veda
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Vre-ga, Vrega

94. Wisey

Meaning: Star
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Wisey, Wi-sey

95. Unaizah

Meaning: Shinning Star; Garden Of Roses
Origin: Algerian

96. Estralita

Meaning: Little Star
Origin: Spanish

97. Hokulanea

Meaning: Star

98. Etti

Meaning: God Is Perfection; God Is My Oath; Star; House Owner; Lord Of The Manor; Pearl
Origin: Australian
Etti Name Meaning By Origin: ستارہ ; تارہ ; نجم
Pronunciation: Et-ti, Etti
How to be Write: عتتی

99. Daw

Meaning: Of The Stars
Origin: English

100. Ankarita

Meaning: Resembling A Night Star; Shining And Graceful