100+ Unique girl Name Meaning Sun and moon

100 Unique Sun and moon Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Sun and moon most popular names of 2023 feature Aylin as Number one for girls, and Amaris in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Sun and moon are Soleil and Londyn and Elianna and for girls, and Ishaan and Avi and Amaris and for boys. Here is the list for Sun and moon baby names for boys and girls.

1. Aylin

Meaning: A Turkish Name Meaning Halo Around The Moon
Origin: Turkish
Pronunciation: EYElin

2. Soleil

Meaning: Soleil Means Bright Sun
Origin: French
Pronunciation: So-LAY

3. Londyn

Meaning: This Alternative Of London; Which Is The Capital City Of England; Is A Lovely Location Name It Also Means From The Great River And Fortress Of The Moon
Origin: English
Pronunciation: LUHNdayn

4. Elianna

Meaning: Daughter Of The Sun
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Elian-na, Eli-anna, Eli-an-na
Lucky Number: Elianna Lucky Number Is 11

5. Kira

Meaning: The Sun; Dark
Origin: Hindi
Kira Name Meaning By Origin: किरा
How to be Write: किरास

6. Elliana

Meaning: Variant Of Eliana Which Is Of Hebrew Origin And Means Sun
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: EhLYEannah

7. Artemis

Meaning: Virgin Goddess Of The Moon; Huntress; Goddess Of The Hunt Mythology; The Equivalent Of The Roman Diana
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Artemis, Ar-te-mis
Lucky Number: Artemis Lucky Number Is 4

8. Marisol

Meaning: Sun And Sea
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: Mah-ree-SOHL
Lucky Number: Marisol Lucky Number Is 6

9. Selena

Meaning: Lunar; Of The Moon
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Seh-LEEN-ah
Lucky Number: Selena Lucky Number Is 6

10. Aileen

Meaning: Halo Around The Moon
Origin: Turkish
Pronunciation: EYE + LEAN
Lucky Number: Aileen Lucky Number Is 5

11. Luna

Meaning: Of The Moon
Origin: Latin
Luna Name Meaning By Origin: چاند
Pronunciation: LOO-nə
How to be Write: لونا
Lucky Number: Luna Lucky Number Is 3

12. Sol

Meaning: The Sun
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: SOHL
Lucky Number: Sol Lucky Number Is 1

13. Selene

Meaning: Lunar; Of The Moon
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Sə-LEE-nee
Lucky Number: Selene Lucky Number Is 5

14. Morag

Meaning: Great; Sun
Origin: Gaelic
Pronunciation: Mor-ag, Morag
Lucky Number: Morag Lucky Number Is 9

15. Elyann

Meaning: Sun
Origin: Latin

16. Evgren

Meaning: Radiance Of The Sun
Origin: Irish

17. Timnath Heres

Meaning: Image Of The Sun; Numbering Of The Rest [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name]
Origin: Biblical

18. Sri Varshini

Meaning: Sun Rays; Bright Light
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: श्री वार्शिनी

19. Shaija

Meaning: The Power From Sun
Origin: Malayali

20. Chantrea

Meaning: Moonlight; Moon-faced
Origin: Cambodian

21. Himarashmi

Meaning: Cold Rayed Moon
Origin: Hindi
Himarashmi Name Meaning By Origin: हिमांरश्मी
Pronunciation: Hi-marash-mi, Hi-marashmi, Hi-ma-ras-h-mi
How to be Write: हिमराश्मी
Lucky Number: Himarashmi Lucky Number Is 9

22. Faalguni

Meaning: The Day Of The Full Moon In The Hindu Month Of Phaalgun Which Falls Between February And March
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: फाल्गुनी

23. Qamarunnisa

Meaning: Moon Of The Women
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Qa-marun-nisa, Qamar-unnisa, Qa-ma-run-ni-sa
How to be Write: قمر النساء

24. Raaka

Meaning: Full Moon
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Raa-ka, Raaka
How to be Write: राका

25. Mahzala

Meaning: Brightness Of Moon
Origin: Urdu
Mahzala Name Meaning By Origin: چاند کی چمک.
How to be Write: مہزلہ
Lucky Number: Mahzala Lucky Number Is 6

26. Faryat

Meaning: Delightful Sun-shine
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Fa-ryat
How to be Write: فریات
Lucky Number: Faryat Lucky Number Is 7

27. Tijay

Meaning: A Strong Ray Of Sun
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: तिजय

28. Xalinah

Meaning: Moon; Light; Shine

29. Lillith

Meaning: Variant Of Lilith; Night Owl; Mesmerized By The Moon
Origin: Babylonian
Pronunciation: LI-lith

30. Jaahanvi

Meaning: Moon Light; Ganga River
Origin: Hindi
Jaahanvi Name Meaning By Origin: जाहनवी 
Pronunciation: Jaa-han-vi, Jaa-hanvi
How to be Write: जाह्नवी
Lucky Number: Jaahanvi Lucky Number Is 3

31. Resmy

Meaning: A First Ray Of Sun; Silky; Silken
Origin: Malayali

32. Paulami

Meaning: Ray Of Sun
Origin: Assamese

33. Qamarun Nisa

Meaning: Moon Of The Women
Origin: Algerian

34. Ushassu

Meaning: Sun Rise
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ushas-su, Ushassu, Us-has-su

35. Chaandvika

Meaning: Beautiful Moon
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Chaand-vi-ka, Chaand-vika

36. Bhaanusree

Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi; Bhaanu - Sun
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Bhaanus-ree, Bhaa-nus-ree

37. Helana

Meaning: Sun Ray; Shining Light
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: He-la-na

38. Eilane

Meaning: Sun
Origin: Latin

39. Aynaz

Meaning: Moon
Origin: Persian
Lucky Number: Aynaz Lucky Number Is 8

40. Mahroz

Meaning: One Who Has A Face Like Moon
Origin: Arabic
Mahroz Name Meaning By Origin: جو ایک چاند کی طرح ایک چہرہ ہے
Pronunciation: Mahroze
How to be Write: محرز
Lucky Number: Mahroz Lucky Number Is 9

41. Junah

Meaning: The Sun
Origin: Arabic
Junah Name Meaning By Origin: سورج
Pronunciation: Ju-nah, Ju-n-ah
How to be Write: جناہ
Lucky Number: Junah Lucky Number Is 9

42. Vihanee

Meaning: Early Morning; Ray Of Sun
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: विहानी

43. Revanti

Meaning: Beautiful; Lord Sun (Surya)
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: रेवंती

44. Aoibhegreine

Meaning: Radiance Of The Sun
Origin: Irish

45. Prabhabati

Meaning: Brightness; Radiance; Wife Of Sun
Origin: Assamese

46. Ainaaz

Meaning: Beautiful Like The Moon; Gorgeous
Origin: Algerian

47. Zohal

Meaning: Moon Of Another Planet
Origin: Arabic
Zohal Name Meaning By Origin: زوحل
Pronunciation: Omar
How to be Write: زوہل
Lucky Number: Zohal Lucky Number Is 8

48. Arohshi

Meaning: First Ray Of Sun
Origin: Malayali

49. Uasha

Meaning: Dawn; Sun Rise; Joy
Origin: Kannada

50. Yadani

Meaning: Sun; God Gift
Origin: English

51. Mah Rukh

Meaning: Face As Bright As The Moon
Origin: Algerian

52. Qamarun Nisa

Meaning: Moon Of The Women
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Qa-marun-Nisa, Qamar-un-Nisa, Qa-ma-run-Ni-sa
How to be Write: قمر النساء

53. Aisan

Meaning: Soul Of The Moon
Origin: Algerian

54. Siria

Meaning: " Sun Bright; Glowing"
Origin: Persian

55. Bhavnee

Meaning: The Sun
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Bhavnee, Bhav-nee
How to be Write: भावनी

56. Mahina

Meaning: Moon; Moon Glow
Origin: Urdu
How to be Write: ماہینہ
Lucky Number: Mahina Lucky Number Is 8

57. Suryanshi

Meaning: Ray Of Sun
Origin: Chinese
Pronunciation: Suryan-shi, Sury-an-shi, Su-ryans-hi

58. Tulay

Meaning: New Moon
Origin: Austrailian

59. Jumia

Meaning: Heaven; The Sun
Origin: Algerian

60. Aathavi

Meaning: The Sun Is The Star At The Centre Of The Solar System
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Aathavi, Aath-avi, Aa-tha-vi

61. Avee

Meaning: Sun - Air
Origin: American

62. Solve

Meaning: " The Strong House Or Daughter Of The Sun"
Origin: Scandinavian

63. Sudachan

Meaning: Lady Of The Moon

64. Qamirah

Meaning: Moonlit (something That Has Moonlight On It); White And Radiant Like The Moon
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: IraQ + RUn + MIst + pRay + RUn
How to be Write: قمرہ
Lucky Number: 3

65. Qamra

Meaning: Moon;
Origin: Arabic
Qamra Name Meaning By Origin: ماہ ; چاند ; ماہتاب
Pronunciation: Qam-ra, Qamra
How to be Write: قمرا
Lucky Number: Qamra Lucky Number Is 4

66. Indudala

Meaning: Crescent Moon
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: In-du-dala, In-dud-ala, In-du-da-la
Lucky Number: Indudala Lucky Number Is 3

67. Dilay

Meaning: Gorgeous Moon
Origin: Turkish
Pronunciation: DI-lie
Lucky Number: Dilay Lucky Number Is 6

68. Mah Jabin

Meaning: Beautiful; Brow Like The Moon
Origin: Algerian

69. Baanuraekha

Meaning: Sun Rays
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Baa-nu-raekha, Baa-nur-aekha, Baanuraek-ha

70. Gwendaline

Meaning: Moon; White Circle; Fair Bow
Origin: English

71. Khepry

Meaning: Emerging Sun

72. Hilah

Meaning: Moon' S Halo; Halo

73. Cleliah

Meaning: Moon; Light; Shine
Origin: Latin

74. Clelea

Meaning: Moon; Light; Shine
Origin: Latin

75. Chandira

Meaning: Moon
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Chandi-ra, Chandira, Chan-di-ra
How to be Write: चंडीरा

76. Mahrokh

Meaning: Beautiful; Radiant; Literally Meaning Moon-like
Origin: Arabic
Mahrokh Name Meaning By Origin: حسین ; خوبصورت ; جس کا چہرہ چاند کی طرح ہے
Pronunciation: MAn + Hot + pRay + PUt + KHartoum
How to be Write: مہروخ

77. Mahnush

Meaning: Eternal Moon; Everlasting Moon; Figuratively Meaning Eternal Beauty ( Na Khatam Hony Wala Chand )
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: MAn + Hot + NOOdle + SHop
How to be Write: مہنوش

78. Cira

Meaning: Sun
Origin: Italian
Pronunciation: Ci-ra, Cira
Lucky Number: Cira Lucky Number Is 22

79. Palwasha

Meaning: Light Ray Of Moon; Moonlite
Origin: Pashtun
Palwasha Name Meaning By Origin: چاند کی روشن کرن
Pronunciation: Pal-washa, Pal-was-ha
How to be Write: پلواشہ
Lucky Number: Palwasha Lucky Number Is 7

80. Ush Rani

Meaning: Sun Rays
Origin: Kannada

81. Prabhasini

Meaning: Part Of Sun Light
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: प्रभासिनी

82. Ielin

Meaning: Shining; Moon; Brightness
Origin: Cristian

83. Junali

Meaning: Moon; Bright Light
Origin: Assamese

84. Baddrun Nisha

Meaning: Moon Of Women
Origin: Algerian

85. Badarunnisa

Meaning: Full Moon Of The Women
Origin: Algerian

86. Vihanka

Meaning: First Ray Of Sun
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Vi-hanka, Vi-han-ka

87. Juna

Meaning: Moon; Help

88. Busana

Meaning: Night; Girl Of The Moon
Origin: Chechen

89. Lyan

Meaning: Sun
Origin: Greek

90. Itzella

Meaning: Moon Goddess; She Of

91. Aynaa

Meaning: Possessor Of The Moon; Figuratively It Means Beautiful; Like The Moon
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: EYE + NAp
How to be Write: عینا

92. Aigul

Meaning: Flower Of The Moon; Beautiful; Gorgeous
Origin: Persian
Pronunciation: EYE + Game + PUt + PLay

93. Qammar

Meaning: Moon; Lunar; Lunar Month; Mahtaab
Origin: Arabic
Qammar Name Meaning By Origin: چاند
How to be Write: قمر
Lucky Number: Qammar Lucky Number Is 7

94. Reyansi

Meaning: Ray Of Light; Part Of Sun
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: रेयांसी

95. Ramakshi

Meaning: The Redness Of Sun-rays
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: रमाक्षी

96. Dhrikshana

Meaning: Daughter Of The Sun
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: Dhrikshana

97. Ahoona

Meaning: First Ray Of Sun
Origin: Bengali

98. Almaisha

Meaning: Grace; Desirable As The Moon
Origin: Algerian

99. Odzonta

Meaning: Sun
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Od-zon-ta, Od-zonta

100. Dikita

Meaning: Moon Rays
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Diki-ta, Dikita, Di-ki-ta