100+ Unique girl Name Meaning Sweet and honey

100 Unique Sweet and honey Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Sweet and honey most popular names of 2023 feature Dulce as Number one for girls, and Brecken in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Sweet and honey are Adelaide and Melina and Melissa and for girls, and Alizé and Cheenu and Maisil and for boys. Here is the list for Sweet and honey baby names for boys and girls.

1. Dulce

Meaning: Sweet Daughter
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: DOOL-se
Lucky Number: Dulce Lucky Number Is 9

2. Adelaide

Meaning: Sweet Or Noble
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Ade-laide, Adelaide, Ade-lai-de
Lucky Number: Adelaide Lucky Number Is 5

3. Melina

Meaning: Honey
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Meh-LEE-nə
Lucky Number: Melina Lucky Number Is 9

4. Melissa

Meaning: Honey-bee
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: MElt + LIp + SUpper
Lucky Number: Melissa Lucky Number Is 5

5. Loretta

Meaning: Or Lora Referring To The Laurel Tree Or Sweet Bay Tree Symbolic Of Honor AnD Victory. A Saint's Name.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Loret-ta, Lor-etta, Lo-ret-ta
Lucky Number: Loretta Lucky Number Is 1

6. Elijah

Meaning: Beautyful; Sweet; Smart; Loving
Origin: Hebrew
Elijah Name Meaning By Origin: خوبصورت; میٹھا; چالاک
Pronunciation: Eli-jah
How to be Write: العجہ
Lucky Number: Elijah Lucky Number Is 9

7. Mietta

Meaning: Small And Sweet

8. Via

Meaning: Lord; Sweet; Breeze

9. Amudha

Meaning: Lively; Sweet; Wealth Of Ambrosia
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Amud-ha, Amudha

10. Rimi

Meaning: Sweet; Loving And Caring; Pretty;
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ri-mi, Rimi
Lucky Number: Rimi Lucky Number Is 4

11. Peehu

Meaning: She Is Great; Sweet Sound; Pea-hen
Origin: Hindi
Peehu Name Meaning By Origin: पीहु
Pronunciation: Pee-hu
How to be Write: पीहु
Lucky Number: Peehu Lucky Number Is 1

12. Reshama

Meaning: Silken; Sweet Revenge; Silk
Origin: Algerian

13. Gavivi

Meaning: Money Is Sweet
Origin: African

14. Pavni

Meaning: Honey; Lord Hanuman; True; Holy
Origin: Hindi
Pavni Name Meaning By Origin: पावनी 
Pronunciation: Pavni, Pav-ni
How to be Write: पावनी
Lucky Number: Pavni Lucky Number Is 8

15. Roanne

Meaning: " Sweet"
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Roanne, Ro-an-ne

16. Tiss

Meaning: Honey; Bee
Origin: English

17. Yousriya

Meaning: Sweet
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Yous-riya, Yous-ri-ya
How to be Write: یوسریہ

18. Sherrin

Meaning: Very Sweet
Origin: Algerian

19. Dulci

Meaning: Sweet
Origin: Spanish

20. Laurette

Meaning: Little Laurel; The Laurel Tree Or Sweet Bay Tree Symbolic Of Honor And Victory
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Lau-rette, Laur-ette, Lau-ret-te
Lucky Number: Laurette Lucky Number Is 3

21. Momita

Meaning: Honey Bee; Sweet Friend
Origin: Assamese

22. Misari

Meaning: Sweet
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Mis-ari, Misa-ri

23. Bitti

Meaning: Sweet; Cute
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: बिट्टी

24. Ashalina

Meaning: Sweet; Always Living; Shy; Loving
Origin: Arabic
Ashalina Name Meaning By Origin: میٹھا; ہمیشہ رہنے والے;
Pronunciation: Ashali-na, Ashalina, As-ha-li-na
How to be Write: اشالینا
Lucky Number: Ashalina Lucky Number Is 9

25. Birangi

Meaning: Sweet - Simple; Without Colour
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: बिरंगी

26. Nameera

Meaning: Delicious Water; Pious Woman
Origin: Arabic
Nameera Name Meaning By Origin:
Pronunciation: Nameera, Na-mee-ra
How to be Write: نمرہ
Lucky Number: Nameera Lucky Number Is 6

27. Kun Thea

Meaning: Sweet Smelling; Good Deed
Origin: Cambodian

28. Amudamozhi

Meaning: Sweet Voice
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Amu-damozhi, Amudamozhi, Amu-da-moz-hi

29. UmmeHani

Meaning: Mother Of Sweet Mouth
Origin: Arabic
UmmeHani Name Meaning By Origin: ام ہانی
How to be Write: ام ہانی

30. Anseena

Meaning: Sweet Heart
Origin: Iranian

31. Pam Pamela

Meaning: All Honey
Origin: Filipino

32. Dulcette

Meaning: " Sweet"
Origin: Latin

33. Mishti

Meaning: Sweet Person; Sweet; Surgery
Origin: Hindi
Mishti Name Meaning By Origin: मिष्टी
Pronunciation: Mishti, Mis-h-ti
How to be Write: मिष्टी
Lucky Number: Mishti Lucky Number Is 6

34. Adoncia

Meaning: Sweet; Lord; Ruler

35. Adilyn

Meaning: Variant Of Madilyn; Good Natured; Sweet; Moral
Origin: American
Pronunciation: ADAHlin

36. Ebbani

Meaning: Fog; Honey Dow
Origin: Hindi
Ebbani Name Meaning By Origin: एब्बनी 
Pronunciation: Eb-bani, Eb-ba-ni
How to be Write: एब्बानी
Lucky Number: Ebbani Lucky Number Is 6

37. Mehak

Meaning: Sweet Odor; Sweet Smell; Aura; Fragrance
Origin: Hindi
Mehak Name Meaning By Origin: خُوشبُو ۔ ; مَہَک;
Pronunciation: Me-hak
How to be Write: مہک
Lucky Number: Mehak Lucky Number Is 2

38. Mrudali

Meaning: Soft; Sweet Voice
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: मृदली

39. Umulikhair

Meaning: Good Mother; Sweet Mother
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Umu-likhair, Umu-lik-hair
How to be Write: امولیخیر

40. Rasagna

Meaning: Sweet; Goddess Lalitha Devi
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Rasagna, Ra-sa-g-na

41. Jiya Ushas

Meaning: Sweet Heart
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Jiya Ushas, Ji-ya Us-has

42. Dulcibella

Meaning: Sweet
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Dulcib(el)-la

43. Zuzah

Meaning: Sweet

44. Doncia

Meaning: Sweet

45. Dolcie

Meaning: Of Latin Origin Meaning Sweet; Derived From The Element Dulcis
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: DOL-see

46. Gandhalika

Meaning: Fragrant; Sweet Smelling; Another Name For Paarvati
Origin: Hindi
Gandhalika Name Meaning By Origin: गन्धालिका
Pronunciation: Gand-ha-li-ka, Gand-ha-lika
How to be Write: गंधालिका
Lucky Number: Gandhalika Lucky Number Is 5

47. Greema

Meaning: Sweet
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Greema, Gree-ma

48. Dimanshu

Meaning: Sweet
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Di-man-shu, Di-manshu, Di-mans-hu

49. Rawand

Meaning: Sweet Smelling Plant
Origin: Algerian

50. Laia

Meaning: " Sweet Speaking"

51. Sakarah

Meaning: Sweet One

52. Vevina

Meaning: Sweet Lady
Origin: Hebrew
Lucky Number: Vevina Lucky Number Is 1

53. Naushin

Meaning: Sweet
Origin: Arabic
Naushin Name Meaning By Origin: نوشین
Pronunciation: Naushin, Naush-in, Naus-hin
How to be Write: نوشین
Lucky Number: Naushin Lucky Number Is 9

54. Chasheen

Meaning: Sweet
Origin: Arabic
Chasheen Name Meaning By Origin: مٹھاس،شیریں،بلیغ
Pronunciation: Chasheen, Chas-heen
How to be Write: چاشین
Lucky Number: Chasheen Lucky Number Is 5

55. Modhusmita

Meaning: Sweet Beautiful Smile
Origin: Assamese

56. Deebriana

Meaning: Honey Bee
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dee-bri-ana, Deebri-ana, Dee-bria-na

57. Allaiza

Meaning: Sweet; Love
Origin: Algerian

58. Sakara

Meaning: Sweet One
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: सकारा

59. Umme Hani

Meaning: Mother Of Sweet Mouth
Origin: Arabic
Umme Hani Name Meaning By Origin: حضرت ابو طالب کی بیٹی
How to be Write: ام ھانی

60. Yaasmeen

Meaning: A Sweet-smelling Flower Called Jasmin
Origin: Arabic
Yaasmeen Name Meaning By Origin: چنبیلی کا پھول
Pronunciation: Yaas-meen
How to be Write: یاسمین
Lucky Number: Yaasmeen Lucky Number Is 5

61. Yasmeenah

Meaning: Sweet-smelling Flower Among Er Work Is A Commentry On Surah Al-Baqarah; She Is Mentioned By Salahuddin Al-Safdi In His Book As One Of The Distinguished People Of Egypt
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Yas-meenah, Yas-mee-nah
How to be Write: یاسمینہ
Lucky Number: Yasmeenah Lucky Number Is 4

62. Midhura

Meaning: Sweet; Pleasant
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: मिधुरा

63. Ruhaana

Meaning: Soulful Fragrant; Sweet Basil
Origin: Algerian

64. Rasagnae

Meaning: Tongue; Sweet
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Rasag-nae, Ra-sa-g-nae

65. Kohila

Meaning: Sweet Voiced Like A Koyal (Cuckoo)
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ko-hi-la, Ko-hila

66. Lacchu

Meaning: Sweet
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Lac-chu

67. Dilberjot

Meaning: Sweet Heart
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dil-ber-jot

68. Alizè

Meaning: Graceful; Noble; Sweet
Origin: Hungarian
Pronunciation: A-liz

69. Melaida

Meaning: Bee; Honey

70. Delylah

Meaning: Variant Of Delilah; Sweet And Demure; Careful
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: DehLYlah

71. Noshin

Meaning: Sweet; Pleasant; (ie Dream)
Origin: Arabic
Noshin Name Meaning By Origin: میٹھی
Pronunciation: Noshin, Nosh-in, Nos-hin
How to be Write: نوشین
Lucky Number: Noshin Lucky Number Is 2

72. Midhu

Meaning: Love; Sweet
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: मिधु

73. Latadevi

Meaning: Sweet Like A Flower; Divine Wine
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: लतादेवी

74. Giaa

Meaning: Sweet Heart; Life
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: जिया

75. Sakarea

Meaning: Sweet One

76. Uzaibah

Meaning: Fresh; Sweet
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Oops + Zero + PAY + BUt
How to be Write: عزیبہ
Lucky Number: 4

77. Zulaal

Meaning: Sweet
Origin: Arabic
Zulaal Name Meaning By Origin: میٹھا
How to be Write: زلال
Lucky Number: 5

78. Jeleebi

Meaning: Sweet
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Jelee-bi, Jeleebi, Je-lee-bi
How to be Write: جلیبی

79. Honbree

Meaning: Honey

80. Swity

Meaning: So Sweet; Happiness
Origin: Hindi
Swity Name Meaning By Origin: Sweety, Swity
Pronunciation: Swity, Swi-ty
How to be Write: माशूक़
Lucky Number: Swity Lucky Number Is 6

81. Haanvika

Meaning: Lopper; Honey;
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Haasvika
Lucky Number: Haanvika Lucky Number Is 4

82. Karna Priya

Meaning: Something That Is Sweet To Our Ears
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: कर्ण प्रिया

83. Arjama

Meaning: Lovely; Sweet
Origin: Assamese

84. Dulciana

Meaning: Sweet
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Dul-ciana

85. Dulcine

Meaning: Sweet; Sweetness
Origin: French
Lucky Number: Dulcine Lucky Number Is 5

86. Sadb

Meaning: Good-natured; Sweet
Origin: Gaelic
Pronunciation: SIEV
Lucky Number: Sadb Lucky Number Is 8

87. Khiew Wan

Meaning: Green Sweet
Origin: Thai

88. Midhuja

Meaning: Made Of Honey; Sweetness
Origin: Malayali

89. Chirkut

Meaning: Sweet Voice As Bird
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Chirkut, Chir-kut

90. Naghmah

Meaning: Melody; Song; Sweet Voice
Origin: Arabic
Naghmah Name Meaning By Origin: نغمہ
Pronunciation: Naghmah, Nagh-mah
How to be Write: نغمہ
Lucky Number: Naghmah Lucky Number Is 7

91. Tayyiba

Meaning: Good; Good-natured; Sweet; Agreeable; Generous; Good-tempered; Fem Of Tayyib
Origin: Arabic
Tayyiba Name Meaning By Origin: بھلا; مُتحمل مزاج;
Pronunciation: Tayy-i-ba, Tayy-iba, Tayyi-ba
How to be Write: طیبہ
Lucky Number: Tayyiba Lucky Number Is 3

92. Reyhana

Meaning: Sweet Smelling Flower Of Paradise
Origin: Arabic
Reyhana Name Meaning By Origin: جنت کی میٹھی مہک پھول
Pronunciation: Rey-hana, Rey-ha-na
How to be Write: ریحانہ
Lucky Number: Reyhana Lucky Number Is 8

93. Reichana

Meaning: Sweet-smelling
Origin: Hebrew

94. Priyati

Meaning: Lovable; Sweet Person
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Priy-ati, Priya-ti

95. Lau’Ryn

Meaning: Laurel Or Sweet Bay Tree; Symbol Of Victory
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: La(ur)-yn

96. Tomeka

Meaning: Sweet
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: To-me-ka

97. Afrisham

Meaning: Silk ( Resham Ki Tarah Naram; Soft; Sweet )
Origin: Persian
Afrisham Name Meaning By Origin: افریشم
Pronunciation: Up + Fit + pRay + SEE + SHop + RUn + Moon

98. Gavani

Meaning: Singer With A Sweet Voice
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: गवानी

99. Thulasibai

Meaning: Holy Plant With Sweet Fragrance
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Thu-la-si-bai, Thu-las-ibai

100. Jinas

Meaning: Sweet
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ji-nas, Jinas