100+ Unique girl Name Meaning Tiger

100 Unique Tiger Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Tiger most popular names of 2023 feature Tigriss as Number one for girls, and Aaiss in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Tiger are Teigra and Teigre and Torah and for girls, and Kaplony and Nimr and Torao and for boys. Here is the list for Tiger baby names for boys and girls.

1. Tigriss

Meaning: Tiger

2. Teigra

Meaning: Tiger
Origin: Greek

3. Teigre

Meaning: Resembling A Tiger

4. Torah

Meaning: Tiger
Origin: American

5. Tigrysse

Meaning: Tiger

6. Anmar

Meaning: Tigers
Origin: Arabic
Anmar Name Meaning By Origin: چیتا; تیندوا; باگھ
Pronunciation: An-mar
How to be Write: انمار
Lucky Number: Anmar Lucky Number Is 1

7. Bipina

Meaning: Sharp; Forest Tiger King
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: बिपिन

8. Denyw

Meaning: The Mother Of St Kentigern
Origin: Welsh

9. Nimerah

Meaning: Tigeress; Beauty; Strength; Power; Modesty
Origin: Algerian
Nimerah Name Meaning By Origin: نمرہ
Lucky Number: Nimerah Lucky Number Is 5

10. Nagaphanisri

Meaning: Jesus; Tiger
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Na-gaphanis-ri, Nagaphan-isri, Na-ga-pha-nis-ri

11. Tigryss

Meaning: Tiger

12. Tigrys

Meaning: Tiger

13. Latora

Meaning: Tiger

14. Shablah

Meaning: Baby Tiger
Origin: Urdu
Shablah Name Meaning By Origin: شیر کی بچی،چھوٹی شیرنی
How to be Write: شبلہ
Lucky Number: 4

15. Thorah

Meaning: Tiger

16. Tigress

Meaning: Tiger
Origin: Irish

17. Indraa

Meaning: The Tiger
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: In-draa, Indraa

18. Tigrisse

Meaning: Tiger