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Ginnie similer names & personality Gina Marie, Ginah, Ginai, Ginamaria, Ginara, Ginata, Gincy, Ginee,

What is the meaning of Ginnie

Origin: Chinese
Meaning: Abbreviation Of Virginia
Gender: Girl
Pronunciation: Gin-nie
Lucky Number: Ginnie Lucky Number Is 4

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  • Ginnie meaning is: Abbreviation Of Virginia


question-name What is the Name Meaning of Ginnie?

answer-name Ginnie name meaning is "Abbreviation Of Virginia".

question-name Is Ginnie a female name or male?

answer-name Ginnie name calling for "Girl".

question-name What is the origin of name Ginnie?

answer-name Ginnie origin is "Chinese ".

question-nameHow to pronounce name Ginnie?

answer-nameThe pronunciation for name Ginnie is "Gin-nie".